Mutual Assurance Society Policies 1796-1865
Glossary of Building Description Abbreviations

abh         apothecary shop/boarding house
aca         academy
acd         auction/commission store/dwelling
acg         auction/commission store/general storage
acr         addition/compting room
acs         auction & commission store
acw         apothecary shop/confectionary/dwelling
ada         auction store/dwelling/addition
adc         addition/covered way
add         addition
adg         apothecary shop/dry goods store/dwelling
adi         addition/dining room
adk         addition/kitchen
adl         apothecary shop/dwelling/lumber house
adn         addition/porch/kitchen
adp         addition/porch
ads         apothecary shop/druggist store
adw         apothecary shop/dwelling/wing
ady         auction store/dry goods store
aeh         apprentice's eating house
agr         agricultural store
ais         agricultural implement store
akb         addition/kitchen/bath house
akt         Knights of Templar Hall/apothecary shop
alh         auction store/lumber house
alo         auction store/lumber house/office
aop         addition/office/porch
apb         apothecary shop/bookstore
apc         apothecary shop/compting room
apd         apothecary shop/dwelling
ape         apothecary shop/exchange broker's office
apn         apothecary shop/ware room
apo         apothecary shop/office
app         apparatus
apr         apothecary shop/printing office
aps         apothecary shop
apy         addition/porch/stairway
ard         apothecary shop/printing office/dwelling
art         artist goods store/dwelling/addition
asa         apothecary shop/addition
asd         apothecary shop/store/dwelling
ash         auction store/storage house
asi         apothecary shop/silversmith shop
ask         addition/stairway/kitchen
asl         apothecary shop/lumber house
asp         apothecary shop/saddler's shop
ass         apothecary shop/shoe store
ast         store/addition
asw         addition/stairway
asy         asylum
ath         apothecary shop/temperance hall
ats         attorney's office/shop
att         attorney's office
aua         auction store/addition
auc         auction & clothing store
aud         auction store/dwelling
auf         auction store/office
aug         auction store/grocery
aus         auction store
auw         auction store/warehouse
awc         addition/water closet
awt         apothecary shop/warehouse/telegraph office
baa         bake house/addition
bab         back building
bac         banking & cashier's house
bad         bake house/dwelling
baf         banking house/office
bag         barbershop/grocery
bah         banking house
bak         barricks
bal         bale house
bam         barn/machine
ban         book bindery/addition
bao         bake house/office
bap         bakery/printing office
bar         barn
bas         barbershop
bat         bathing room
baw         barn/wheat house
bay         bakery
bba         bookstore/bindery/addition
bbb         barbershop/boarding house
bbd         book binder's shop/dwelling
bbf         bell & brass foundry
bbf         tobacco store/office
bbh         bookstore/boarding house
bbl         blacksmith shop/boiler room/lumber room
bbo         barbershop/office
bbo         barbershop/telegraph office
bbr         blacksmith shop/boiler room
bbs         boat builder's shop
bbw         bookstore/bindery/dwelling
bcc         blacksmith shop/carpenter's shop/compting room
bcd         bread/cracker/dwelling
bcg         bonart store/confectionary/dwelling
bch         back house/shop
bcl         bindery/coal house
bcm         cabinet maker's shop/boarding house
bco         boarding house/coffee house
bcs         beam house/currying shop
bcw         barn/cow house
bda         brewery/distillery/additions
bdc         barbershop/dwelling/cabinet maker's shop
bdd         bookstore/dwelling/addition
bdg         blacksmith shop/dwelling/grocery
bdh         boarding house
bdk         boarding house/dwelling/kitchen/addition
bdl         bark mill/drying loft
bds         barbershop/dwelling/shed
bdw         brush store/dwelling
bdy         bath house/dairy
bea         beam house
bfh         blacksmith shop/forge/hammer
bgh         bath house/green house
bgp         broker's office/agricultural store/printing office
bgr         barn/granary
bha         banking house/addition
bhc         bark house/currying shop
bhd         bank/dwelling
bhm         brush manufactory
bho         bath house/office
bhr         boarding house/reading room
bhs         bath house or bathing house
bht         boarding house/store
bhw         boarding house/wing
bhy         bath house/privy
bib         billiard room/bar
bih         billiard house
bir         billiard room
bjd         bookstore/jeweler's store/dwelling
bjo         bookstore/jeweler's/dry goods/office/dwelling
bka         baker's store/dwelling/addition
bkd         bakery/dwelling
bke         boarding house/kitchen/store
bkf         broker's office/office
bkg         basketmaker shop/dwelling
bkh         bake house
bkm         bark mill
bkn         brewery/kitchen
bko         bake house/oven
bkr         baker's store/dwelling
bks         blacksmith shop
bkt         blacksmith shop/trimming shop
bkw         bookstore/wing
bky         book and stationary store
bld         building (generic)
blm         blockmaker's shop
blr         banking house/lodging rooms
blu         bowling alley/lumber house
blw         barbershop/dwelling/warehouse
bmg         bark mill/granary
bmh         Baptist Meeting House
bmr         boot maker's store/shop
bms         barn/machine/stable
boa         broker's office/attorney's office
bob         book binding establishment
boc         bookstore/compting room
bod         bookstore/dwelling
bof         boarding house/office
bog         boarding house/grocery
bok         bake oven/kiln
bol         bookstore/lodging rooms
bom         boot maker's shop/dwelling
boo         bookstore
bop         bookstore/post office
bos         boiler shop
bot         bottling house
bow         boarding school/dwelling
box         box manufactory/ hanging house
boy         bookstore/bindery
bph         butcher's packing house
bpo         boarding house/post office
bpr         broker's office/printing office
bps         boring mill/pattern shop
bpt         book and paper store
brd         broker's office/dwelling
brf         brass foundry
brg         brass bell & grate factory
brh         brewer's house
brk         bark house
brm         bark house/mill
bro         bar room/kitchen
brr         bar room
brs         bread store/dwelling
bru         Bruffington (w&m)
brw         brew house
bry         brewery
bsc         barn/stable/carriage house
bsd         blacksmith shop/dwelling
bsg         boarding house/storage
bsh         back building/store/storing house
bsk         barbershop/kitchen
bsl         boarding school
bsm         bath house/smoke house
bso         book bindery/servant's rooms
bsr         barbershop/shoemaker's store
bss         barn/stable/slaughter house
bst         boot store/dwelling
bsw         barbershop/dwelling
btd         botanic store/dwelling
btw         book bindery/tailor's shop/dwelling
buc         Buckskin hall
bud         butcher's shop/dwelling
bul         bullet factory
bum         bellows & umbrella manufactory
bus         burr stones
but         butcher's shop
bwg         banking house/wing
bwh         blacksmith shop/wheelwright shop
bwm         barn/wheat machine
bws         bath house/coal & wood/servant's house
bww         boarding house/dwelling/wing or addition
byh         black yarn house
byk         bakery/kitchen
cab         cabinet shop
cac         carriage house/coal house
cad         carpenter's shop/dwelling
caf         cabinet & furniture warehouse
cag         cage
cah         carriage house
cai         cabinet shop/storage house
cak         carpenter's shop/kitchen
cal         caw shop/lumber room
cam         cabinet maker's shop
can         candlemaker's shop
cao         carpenter's shop/office
cap         carpet room
car         carriage house/horse shed
cas         carpenter shop
caw         caw shop
cay         carriage repository
cba         cabinet maker's shop/addition or shed
cbd         cabinet maker's shop/dwelling
cbg         clothing store/boarding house/dwelling
cbh         clothing store/boarding house
cbk         coach maker's shop/blacksmith shop
cbl         cabinet maker's shop/lumber house
cbm         cabinet maker's shop/cabinet workshop
cbo         cabinet shop/office/dwelling
cbt         confectionary/bread store
cbu         collonade building
cbw         confectionary/bread store/dwelling
cca         cabinet & chair shop
ccd         cabinet & chair shop/dwelling
ccf         court house/clerk's office
ccg         china & crockery store/dwelling
cch         coach house or shop
ccl         chacler?
ccn         china & crockery store/addition
cco         china & crockery store/office
ccp         coach maker's shop
ccr         corn/carriage house
ccs         corn/carriage house/stable
cct         carpet & curtain store
ccw         china & crockery store/warehouse
cda         compting room/dairy
cdb         confectionary/boarding house/dwelling
cdc         clothing store/dwelling/covered way/addition
cdd         coach depository/dwelling
cde         coal/lodging rooms
cdg         carriage depository/general storage
cdh         confectionary/shoe store/dwelling
cdi         cook shop/dwelling
cdk         commission store/dwelling/kitchen
cdl         candle house
cdo         clothing store/shoe store/dwelling
cdp         coach depository
cdr         currying shop/drying room
cds         carriage depository/saddler's shop
cdt         clothing store/dwelling/kitchen/tailor's workshop
cdw         coffee house/dwelling
cdy         confectionary/dwelling/stairway
cfa         confectionary/dwelling/addition
cfb         confectionary/book binding
cfd         confectionary/dwelling
cff         commission store/office
cfg         confectionary/fancy store
cfh         coffee house
cfi         confectionary/wing
cfl         confectionary/lottery office/dwelling
cfm         carpenter's shop/office/storing room
cfo         carpenter & finishing shop/smith shop
cfp         carriage factory/shop
cfr         confectionary/school rooms
cfs         confectioner's shop
cft         confectionary/fruit store
cfw         cabinet maker's shop/furniture warehouse
cfy         confectionary/dry goods store
cga         clothing store/daguerrean gallery
cgc         china & glass & crockery store/warehouse
cgd         carver & gilder's store/dwelling
cgf         commission store/general storage/office
cgg         compting room/general storage
cgh         compting/scale house
cgl         carriage house/lodging rooms
cgo         clothing store
cgr         clothing store/grocery
cgs         commission store/general storage
cgy         commission store/general storage/grocery
cha         chapel
chc         cow house/coal house
chd         china store/dwelling
che         coal/hen house
chf         chair factory
chg         chairmaker's shop/dwelling
chh         chicken house
chl         church/lecture room
chm         chairmaker's shop
chn         church/addition
cho         chocolate house/dwelling
chp         coal house/porch
chr         chair house
chs         china shop or store
chs         compting house/currying shop
cht         carriage house/hay loft
chu         church
chw         counting house/warehouse
chx         coach and saddle shop/dwelling
chy         china & crockery store
cid         cigar store/dwelling
cig         cigar store
cih         city/town hall
cim         cigar manufactory
cip         cigar store/printing office
ciw         cigar manufactory/dwelling
ckd         cake shop/dwelling
cki         collonade/kitchen
cks         counting house/kitchen/smoke house
ckt         tobacco factory/counting room/dwelling/kitchen
cla         clay house
cld         clothing store/dwelling/wing or addition
clf         cooper shop/lumber house/office
clg         carriage maker's shop/lumber house/granary
clh         coach/lumber house
cli         classical institute
cll         clothing store/lumber house
clm         car shop/lumber house
clo         clerk's office
clp         chapel/school house
clq         commission store/liquor store
clr         cellar
cls         class rooms
clt         clothing store/dwelling
clu         china store/lumber house
clw         coal/wood house
cma         comb manufactory
cmb         carriage maker's shop/blacksmith
cmc         commission store/compting rooms
cmd         counting house/dwelling
cme         millinery shop/confectionary store/dwelling
cmg         comb manufactory/dwelling
cmh         compting house/counting house
cmi         chair manufactory/dwelling
cmk         cabinet maker's shop/kitchen
cml         commission store/lumber house
cmm         commission store
cmn         coach maker's shop/addition
cmp         coach maker's shop/paint room
cmr         compting room
cms         carriage maker's shop
cmt         commission house/dwelling/store
cmw         carriage maker's shop/dwelling
cmx         coach maker's shop/carriage room
cmy         cabinet manufactory
cmz         cabinet manufactory/dwelling
cnf         canal office
cns         constable's office/dwelling
coa         coal house
cob         cooper's shop/basketmakers
coc         cotton factory/compting room/office
cod         coach maker's shop/depository
coe         cooper shop/office
cof         cotton factory
cog         cooper shop/dwelling
coh         court house
cok         corn kiln
col         college
com         country mill
con         convalescent house
coo         cook house/shop
cop         cow house/privy
cor         counting house or room
cos         cooper shop
cot         custom house/storage room/office
cov         core oven
cow         covered way
cpb         carpenter's shop/bake house
cpc         carriage house/paint room/currying shop
cph         cooper's house
cpk         compting room/kitchen
cpl         cooper shop/lumber house
cpr         car shop
cps         cooper shop/stable
cpt         carpentry/planing/turning shop
cpy         coal house/privy
cra         crockery store/addition
crb         corn house/barn
crc         corn crib
crd         crockery store/dwelling
cre         coach ware room/dwelling
crg         carriage house/shed
crh         carriage room/shop
crk         compting house/bath house/kitchen
crl         currying shop/leather store
crm         corn mill
crn         corn house
cro         compting room/office
crp         carriage shop
crr         carriage house/store room
crs         corn crib/stable
crt         cart house
crw         carriage house/workshop
cry         crockery store
csa         clothing store/shoe store/dwelling/addition
csb         counting room/sleeping room
csc         carriage shop/currying room
csd         cashier's dwelling
cse         cabinet shop/dwelling
csf         cabinet shop/office
csg         commission store/grocery
csg         copper smith's shop/dwelling
csh         custom house
csi         cooper shop/lodging rooms
csk         cooper shop/kitchen
csl         cabinet shop/lumber house
csm         candle & soap manufactory or factory
csn         commission store/dwelling
cso         clothing store/office
csp         c shop
csr         currying shop/counting rooms
css         cabinet shop/shed
cst         corner store
csv         carriage house/servant's rooms
csw         coach maker's shop/ware room
csx         coal house/servant's room/smoke house
csy         counting house/stemmery
ctd         clothing store/tailor's shop/dwelling
ctg         corset maker's shop/dwelling
cth         cartman's house
ctm         cotton manufactory
ctp         confectionary/tailor's shop/dwelling
cts         carriage maker's trimming shop
ctw         confectionary/store/dwelling
cud         custom house/dwelling
cul         currying shop/lodgings
cum         custom house/lumber house
cup         curryier's shop
cus         currying shop/room/house
cut         cutler's & instrument maker/dwelling
cuw         cabinet maker's shop/furniture room/dwelling
cvd         confectionary/restorative/dwelling
cvp         china & variety store/printing office
cvr         church/vestry room
cvw         confectionary/dwelling/variety store
cwa         cotton warehouse
cwb         coal/wood house/stable
cwd         cabinet ware room/dwelling
cwf         car wheel foundry
cwg         carriage ware room/dwelling
cwh         cow house
cwi         coal/wood house/lodging rooms
cwk         coal house/work shop
cwl         cotton store/dwelling
cwm         cabinet ware room/house
cwo         carriage house/wood house
cwr         cabinet maker's shop/ware room
cws         carriage ware room/ harnessing shop
cws         carriage ware room/workshop
cwt         cow house/servant's rooms
cww         cow house/wood house
cwy         coal/wood house/privy
cyf         candy factory or house
cyh         confectionary/hat store
cys         commisary/store house
cyw         cigar factory/wing
dai         dairy
dam         dairy/meat house
dap         dwelling/addition/porch
das         dairy/smoke house
dat         dairy/store room
daw         dwelling/addition/wing
day         dwelling/addition/stairway
dbh         dwelling/boarding house
dbk         dwelling/bake shop
dbo         dwelling/boarding house/office
dbp         dwelling/boarding house/office/paint shop
dbr         distilling/brew house
dbu         dwelling/building
dbv         dwelling/boarding house/vault
dbw         dwelling/bath house/wing
dcd         dry goods store/clothing store/dwelling
dcg         dry goods store/china store/dwelling
dch         dining room/chamber/kitchen/servant's room
dck         dwelling/compting room/kitchen
dcp         dwelling/work shop
dcr         dwelling/compting room
dcs         dwelling/currying shop
dcw         dwelling/coal & wood house
dcy         dwelling/covered way
dda         dwelling/dairy
ddd         dry goods store/drug store/dwelling
dde         dry goods store/shoe store/dwelling
ddg         dry goods store/dwelling/carpet room
ddi         drug store/dwelling/addition
ddm         dwelling/dairy/smoke house
ddn         dry goods store/dwelling/addition
ddr         dwelling/dining room
dds         dry goods store/dwelling/store room
ddt         drug store/dwelling/store
dem         demijohn manufactory
den         dentist office/dwelling
dep         depository/pattern house
dey         dining room/entry
dga         dry goods store/apothecary shop
dgc         dry goods store/clothing store
dgd         dry goods store/dwelling
dge         dry goods store/sleeping rooms
dgf         dry goods store/furniture exhibition room
dgg         dry goods store/grocery
dgh         dry goods store/boarding house
dgi         dry goods store/addition
dgk         dry goods store/kitchen
dgl         dry goods store/lumber house
dgm         dry goods store/millinery store
dgn         dwelling/green house
dgo         dry goods store/office
dgp         dry goods store/compting room
dgr         dry goods store/ware room
dgs         dry goods store
dgu         gunsmith shop/dwelling
dgw         dry goods store/grocery/dwelling
dhs         dry goods store/hardware store
dib         distillery/bake house
dic         dwelling/ice house
dih         dining house/room
dir         dining room/servant's rooms
dis         distillery
dka         dwelling/kitchen/addition
dkc         dwelling/kitchen/covered way
dkm         dwelling/kitchen/collonade
dkr         dining room/kitchen/servant's rooms
dks         dairy/kitchen/smoke house
dkw         dining room/kitchen/wood & coal house
dlg         dwelling/lumber house/grocery
dlh         distillery/lumber house
dlo         dry goods store/lodging rooms
dls         dairy/smoke house/laundry
dlu         dwelling/laundry
dlw         dwelling/stairway/wing
dmd         dry goods store/compting room/dwelling
dms         drug store/music saloon
dmw         dairy/meat house/well
dnk         dining room/kitchen
dob         dentist office/boarding house
dod         domestic store/dwelling
dog         doctor's shop/office/dwelling
dok         dwelling/office/kitchen
dop         dispatch office/printing establishment
dor         dormatories
dpb         dwelling/porch/water closet/bath house
dpc         dwelling/porter's cellar
dpg         dwelling/porch/wing or shed
dph         dwelling/porter's house
dpk         dwelling/porch/kitchen
dpo         depository for ornaments
dpw         dwelling/porter's cellar/wings
drb         Doric building
drc         dining room/covered way
drd         drug shop/dwelling
dre         dress making shop/dwelling
dro         drug store/office
drp         dressing shop
drr         dining house/chamber
drs         drug store
drt         tailor's shop/doctor's shop
drw         driving wheel
dry         drying house
dsa         dwelling/store room/kitchen/wing or addition
dsc         dwelling/stairway/porch
dsd         dwelling/shed
dse         doctor's shop/store/dwelling
dsg         dwelling/school room/wing
dsh         doctor's shop
dsi         drug store/silversmith shop/dwelling
dsk         doctor's shop/kitchen
dsl         doctor's shop/lumber house
dsm         dwelling/servant's rooms
dsn         dwelling/shed/addition or wing
dso         dwelling/store house or room
dsp         doctor's shop/office/apothecary
dsr         doctor's shop/ware room
dss         doctor's shop/store
dst         dwelling/study
dsu         drug store/store/lumber house
dsw         doctor's shop/dwelling
dsy         dwelling/stairway
dte         dwelling& tenement
dtf         tobacco factory/dwelling
dtp         doctor's shop/tinner's shop
dts         discount store/dwelling
duh         duck house
dw#         dwellings
dwa         dwelling/addition
dwb         dwelling/stairway/wing/bath house
dwc         dwelling/coal house
dwe         dwelling
dwg         dwelling/grocery
dwh         dry well house
dwk         dwelling/kitchen
dwl         dwelling/wing/kitchen/laundry
dwn         dwelling/wing/kitchen
dwo         dwelling/office
dwp         dwelling/porch
dwr         dwelling/wing/porch
dws         dwelling/shop
dwu         dwelling/wash house
dwv         dwelling & vault in front
dww         dwelling/wing
dwx         dwelling/wing/passage
dyd         dying and cleaning establishment/dwelling
dye         dying establishment/dwelling
dyr         dying rooms
dyw         dairy/washhouse
eat         eating house
ebj         exchange & broker's office/jewelry store
ecd         exchange clothing store/dwelling
ech         exchange
edd         eating house/dwelling/addition
egd         eating house/dwelling
end         engraver's shop/dwelling
eng         engine house
enk         entry/kitchen
enm         engine manufactory
ent         entry
epo         examiner's printing office
ess         earthen & stoneware store
eti         Electro Therapeutic Institute
ets         engine house/turning shop
exb         exchange & broker's office
exc         exchange coffee house
exd         exchange office/dwelling
exh         exhibition room or hall
exp         exchange office/pistol gallery
ext         exchange tavern
exw         express office/dwelling
fac         female academy
fad         fancy store/dwelling
fal         fancy store/lodging rooms
fam         fancy store or room
fav         fancy/variety store
fay         family room
fcd         female academy/dwelling
fda         furniture store/dwelling/addition
fee         foundry/engine house
feh         feeding house
fei         female institute
fes         female seminary
ffa         foundry/furnace/air stack/shed/addition
ffd         foundry/furnace/addition
ffh         foundry/furnace house
fic         finishing & carpenter shop
fid         finding store/dwelling
fig         flour inspector's office/dwelling
fih         fisherman's house
fin         finishing shop
fip         finishing/pattern shop
fis         fish house
fla         flour mill/addition/shed
fld         flour mill/shed
flm         flour mill
fls         flour store
fmb         finishing shop/model room/blacksmith shop
fmd         frame maker's shop/dwelling
fmm         finishing shop/model room/boring mill
fmr         finishing shop/model room
fms         fancy & millinery store
foa         female orphan asylum
fom         foundry/moulding rooms
fos         foundry/shed
fou         foundry
fpd         fancy & picture store/dwelling
fps         foundry/pattern shop
frb         front building
frd         furniture store or room/dwelling
frg         forge
frl         french lodge
fsd         female seminary/dwelling
fsm         furniture store/manufactory
fss         foundry/smith shop
fst         foundry/stove manufactory
fud         furniture depository
fum         furniture manufactory
fus         furniture store
fut         furniture manufactory/tavern
fwm         furniture wareroom/manufactory/lumber house/store
gad         grocery/addition
gap         grocery/addition/porch
gaw         granary/dwelling
gbc         grocery and bread store/carriage maker's shop
gbd         grocery/bacon store/dwelling
gbm         gun boring machine
gbr         grocery and bread store/dwelling
gbt         glass store/book bindery/tin shop
gbw         grocery/boarding house/dwelling/wing
gcc         glass & crockery store/compting room
gcd         glass/china store/dwelling
gce         grocery/confectionary/dwelling
gcf         grocery/coffee house
gcg         grocery/compting room
gch         granary/cow house
gci         grocery/commission store/dwelling
gcl         glass & crockery lumber house/ladies working room
gcm         grocery/commission store/lumber house
gcn         grocery/confectionary
gco         grocery/commission store
gcu         glass & crockery lumber house
gcw         glass & crockery store/dwelling
gda         granary/dairy
gdc         grocery/dwelling/chandling shop
gdc         grocery/dwelling/compting room
gdd         grocery/dwelling/addition or shed
gdh         gardener's house
gdi         grist mill/distillery
gdk         grocery/dwelling/kitchen
gdl         grocery/lumber house/dwelling
gdn         granary/dwelling/addition
gds         grocery/dwelling/shed/addition
gdv         grocery/dwelling/covered way
gdw         grocery/dwelling/wing
gdy         green house/dairy
gec         gear clipping house
ged         general storage/dwelling
gen         general storage
ggd         grocery/granary/dwelling
ggp         grocery/gunsmith shop
ggs         grocery/general storage house
ghd         grocery/hatter's shop/dwelling
ghn         granary/hen house
gid         gilding store/dwelling
gih         granary & iron house
glc         glass & crockery store
gld         glassware shop/dwelling
glg         grocery/lumber house/wing
glh         grocery/lumber house
glk         glass works
glm         glass manufactory
gly         glass depository
gmd         grocery/meal store/dwelling
gmh         granary/machine house
gml         grocery/meal store
gms         grocery/metal store
gnd         grocery/gun store/dwelling
gof         grocery/office
got         Gothic building
gpd         grocery & pipe store/dwelling
gpo         grocery/porter's house
gra         granary
grc         granary/carriage house
grd         grocery/dwelling
gre         green house
grh         garden house
gri         grain house
grl         grocery/liquor store
grm         grist mill
gro         grocery
grp         green house/porch
grs         granary/shed
grt         granary/threshing machine
grw         green house/wine house
gry         green house/privy
gsd         grocery/shoe store/dwelling
gse         grocery/shed
gsh         granary/spinning house
gsk         gun smith shop/kitchen
gsn         grocery/stairway/dwelling/wing
gso         grocery/saddle shop
gsp         grocery/painter's shop
gss         gun smith shop
gst         granary/store house
gsw         grocery/stairway/dwelling
gsy         general storage/stemmery
gtd         grocery/tailor's shop/dwelling
gtm         grocery/tobacco manufactory
gto         grocery/tobacco house
gts         grocery/tailor's shop
gud         guard house
guk         gun store/kitchen
gus         gun store/storage house
gwa         grocery/warehouse
gwh         granary/ware house
gwo         glass works/office
gys         granary/servant's house
hac         hat & cap store
had         hatter's shop/dwelling
haf         hat factory
hak         hatter's shop/kitchen
hal         hatter's shop/lumber house
ham         hardware store/millinery shop
hao         hardware store/office
hap         hotel/apothecary shop
has         hatter's shop
haw         hall & dwelling
hay         hay house
hcd         hardware store/compting room/dwelling
hco         hardware store/compting room/office
hcr         hardware store/compting room
hcw         hat & cap store/ware house/vault
hda         hardware store/dwelling/addition
hdd         hardware store/dentist office/dwelling
hdg         hatter's store/Daguarrean Gallery
hdo         hotel/dining room/office
hdw         hatter's dye & wash house
hem         hemp mill
hen         hen house
hes         hotel stable
hgs         hardware store/general storage
hle         hat & leather store
hls         hotel/stores
hmd         harness maker's shop/dwelling
hmh         hemming house
hml         hat manufactory/lumber house
hms         harness maker's shop
hod         hotel/dwelling
hoe         house of entertainment (private)
hof         hat store/office
hom         horse mill
hos         hospital
hot         hotel
how         hotel/wings
hsa         hardware store/addition
hsc         hatter's shop/clothing store
hsd         hardware store/dwelling
hse         house [only if listed in pol]
hsg         hat store/wing
hsh         house/shed
hso         hat & shoe store
hsp         hatter's shop & store
hss         hatter's & saddler's shop
hst         hatter's store
hsw         hat store/ware house
htd         hatter's shop/tailor's shop/dwelling
hts         harness & trimmings shop
htw         hat & tin ware store
htw         hotel tavern & wing
hud         huckster's shop/dwelling
hus         huckster's shop
hwh         hardware store/ware house
hwk         hat ware room/kitchen
hws         hardware store
ibf         iron & brass foundry
icd         ice house/dairy
icg         inspector's counting house
ich         ice house
idc         iron depository/cutting house
imp         improvement
inl         iron & nail store/lumber house
ins         insurance office
iod         insurance office/dwelling
iof         inspector's office/
irf         iron foundry
isc         ice house/stable/carriage house
ish         inspector's office/scale house
iso         iron store/dwelling
isr         iron store/lodging rooms
iss         insurance office/saloon
itv         Italian villa
jbd         jeweler's store/butter depot
jbh         jeweler's store/boarding house
jcs         joiner's shop/chair maker's shop
jda         jeweler's store/dwelling/addition
jdd         jeweler's store/dry goods store/dwelling
jew         jeweler's workshop
jfa         jeweler's store/fancy store/addition
jld         jeweler's store/lottery office
jll         jeweler's store/library/lodging rooms
jls         jeweler's store
jod         joiner's shop/dwelling
joh         joiner's house
jos         joiner's shop
jpd         jeweler's store/piano store/dwelling
jsc         jail/stable/carriage house
jsd         jeweler's store/dwelling
jso         jeweler's store/office
jud         junk store/dwelling
kba         kitchen/bathing room
kbb         kitchen/back building
kbd         kitchen/bath house/addition
kbh         kitchen/bake house
kbl         kitchen/bake house/oven/lumber house
kbo         kitchen/bake house/oven
kbs         kitchen/bake house/oven/lumber house/sweat house
kby         kitchen/bath house/privy
kca         kitchen/carriage house
kcd         kitchen/coal/wood house
kce         kitchen/cellar
kcl         kitchen/carriage/lumber house
kco         kitchen/coal house
kcr         kitchen/cooking range
kcs         kitchen/coal house/smoke house
kcw         kitchen/covered way
kda         kitchen/dairy
kdi         kitchen/dining room
kdp         kitchen/dining room/shop
kds         kitchen/dairy/smoke house
kga         kitchen/gangway
kgh         kitchen/green house
kgr         kitchen/granary
khm         kitchen/horse mill
kia         kitchen/addition
kii         kitchen/ice house
kip         kitchen/pantry
kit         kitchen
kiy         kitchen/necessary
kkh         dining house/chambers/kitchen
klc         kitchen/laundry/carriage house
kld         kitchen/laundry/dairy
klg         kitchen/laundry/green house
klh         kitchen/lumber house/shed
kll         kitchen/laundry/lodging rooms
klm         kitchen/laundry/smoke house
klo         kitchen/lodging rooms
klp         kitchen/laundry/privy
kls         kitchen/laundry/servant's rooms
klt         kitchen/lodging rooms/stairway
klu         kitchen/lumber house
kmh         kitchen/miller's house
kms         kitchen/smoke house
knd         kitchen/negro dwelling
knu         kitchen/nursery
knw         kitchen/nursery/coal & wood house
kph         kitchen/porter's house
kpi         kitchen/piazza
kpl         kitchen/porter's cellar/lumber house
kpo         kitchen/porch
kps         kitchen/smoke house/privy
ksc         kitchen/servant's room/coal house
ksd         kitchen/shed
kse         kitchen/servant's room/shed/work room
ksh         kitchen/servant's house or room
ksi         kitchen/sitting room
ksp         kitchen/shop
ksr         kitchen/storeroom
kss         kitchen/smoke house/shed
kst         kitchen/stable
ksw         kitchen/servant's room/cow house/wood & coal house
ksy         kitchen/servant's room/privy
kt#         kitchen tenements
kte         kitchen/entry
ktl         kitchen/laundry
kts         kitchen/spinning house
ktw         kitchen/washhouse
kwa         kitchen/watch house
kwc         kitchen/water closet
kwh         kitchen/wood house
kwp         kitchen/workshop
kws         kitchen/washhouse/smoke house
lad         lawyer's office/dwelling
lah         lard house
lal         leather store/addition/lumber house
las         Lancastrian school house
lau         laundry
law         lawyers house or office
lba         lager beer saloon/boarding house/addition
lbd         lager beer saloon/dwelling
lbf         lottery & broker's office
lbg         lottery office/boarding house
lbh         laundry/bath house
lbi         library/recitation rooms
lbo         leather store/boarding house
lbt         lodging rooms/bath house
lca         lumber house/compting/addition
lcd         lumber house/compting/dwelling
lch         lumber house/carriage house
lco         lumber house/coal house
lcs         lumber house/carriage house/stable
lda         laundry/dairy
ldc         leather store/lumber house
lde         lumber house/depository
ldg         leather store/dwelling/wing
ldk         laborer's dwelling & kitchen
ldm         larding machine
ldr         lottery office/doctor's shop
lds         leather dressing shop
lds         lottery office/dry goods store
ldw         loan office/dwelling
lec         leather store/compting room
led         leather shop/dwelling
leh         leather & hardware store
ler         lecture rooms
les         lecture room/study
let         lumber house/general storage/tobacco stemmery
lfh         locomotive finishing house
lga         lumber house/granary
lgd         lumber house/grocery/addition
lgl         looking glass room/laundry
lgs         lumber house/general storage
lhb         lottery office/hat store/boarding house
lhc         carpenter's shop/lumber house
lhd         lumber house/shed
lhl         lumber house/lodging rooms
lhs         lumber house/stable
lih         lumber house/ice house
liq         liquor store
lis         livery stable
llc         lumber house/laundry/kitchen
lld         lodging rooms/dwelling
llh         leather store/dwelling/compting room
llr         laundry/lodging rooms
loa         loan office
loc         locomotive house
lod         lodging rooms/house
loe         lottery & exchange office
lof         lottery office
loh         lumber house/office/shed
lop         lodging rooms/privy
lor         lodging/recitation rooms
los         lodging/society rooms
lot         lottery office/dwelling
low         lawyer's office/wing
lro         leather store or room
lsc         stable/carriage house/laundry
lsd         liquor store/distillery
lsg         store/dwelling/library room
lsh         lumber house/storage house
lsh         lumber house/storage house/addition
lsl         lumber house/servant's lodging rooms
lso         livery stable/office
lsp         laundry/servant's rooms/porch
lsr         laundry/servant's rooms
lss         laundry/servant's rooms/stable
lst         lithographic office/store
lsw         leather store/ware house
ltm         tobacco manufactory/lumber house
ltr         lottery office/tailor's store/reading room
lts         lawyer's office/tailor's shop
ltv         lawyer's office/tavern
lua         lumber house/addition or wing
lub         lumber house/bacon house
luc         lumber house/counting house
lud         lumber house/dairy
lug         lumber house/grocery
luh         lumber house
lul         lumber house/laundry
luo         lumber house/office
luv         lumber house/vinagre house
luw         lumber house/dwelling
lwd         lumber house/wood house
lwh         lumber house/warehouse
lwk         lumber house/work shop
lwo         lawyer's office/store/addition
lww         lumber house/wheat ware house
lyc         lyceum
maa         market house/addition
mab         mane building(generic)
mac         machinery
mad         mantau store/dwelling
mah         masonic hall or lodge
mal         malt house
mam         manufacturing mill
man         mansion
mao         masonic hall/office
mas         machine shop
mat         marble tombstone shop
mau         mantau maker shop/dwelling
may         manufactory house
mbe         Methodist book establishment
mcd         merchant coffee house/dwelling
mce         machine shop/carpenter/engine room/pattern shop
mch         mechanic's hall
mcp         machine shop/pattern house
mcs         manufactory/carpenter's shop
mda         millinery shop/dwelling/addition
mdd         mantilla store/daguerrean gallery/dwelling
mdk         millinery shop/dwelling/kitchen
mec         merchant mill/corn kiln
med         medical store/dwelling
meg         machine shop/engine room
meh         meat house
mel         merchant mill/lumber house
mem         merchant mill
mes         medical shop
mew         meat house/dwellling
mgd         millinery shop/grocery/dwelling
mgm         manufacturing & grist mill
mgs         meat & grocery store
mhb         music store/hat store/boarding house
mhd         mill house/distillery
mhl         meeting house/lecture rooms
mho         meeting house
mhp         malt house/pump house
mhs         meeting house/school house
mid         millinery shop/dwelling
mih         mill house
mil         mill
mim         mill house/machinery
mir         miller's house
mis         millinery shop or establishment
mkh         market house/town hall
mls         masonic lodge/school house
mlu         mill/lumber house
mmd         matress maker/dwelling
mmh         Methodist Meeting House
mno         manufactory office
mpd         music & piano store/dwelling
mpf         machine shop/printing foundry
mpt         masonic hall/post office/telegraph office
mrd         marine insurance office/dwelling
msc         merchant mill/corn/saw mill
msd         machine shop/dwelling
mse         meat store
msh         mill stone house
mss         mill stone shop
mst         mill/still house
mta         merchant tailor store
mtd         merchant tailor store/dwelling
mts         millinery shop/tailor's shop/school room
mtw         millinery shop/tailor's shop/dwelling
mud         music store/dwelling
mus         music building
mwd         millinery shop/watch maker's shop/dwelling
mwh         mill/water wheels
mws         millwright's shop
myf         millinery shop/fancy store
naa         nail factory/addition
nam         nail manufactory/factory
nec         negro cabin
neh         negro house
nej         negro jail
nek         negro kitchen
neq         negro quarters
ney         necessary
njd         negro jail/dwelling
njo         negro jail/office
not         no information
nuh         nurse's house
nus         nursery
nvd         navy agent's office/dwelling
och         office/coal & wood house
ocp         office/coal house/privy
odk         office/dwelling/kitchen
odp         office/depository/pattern shop
odr         office/dining room
ods         office/dwelling/shop
ofa         office/addition
ofb         odd fellow's building or hall or lodge
ofc         office/conservatory
ofd         office/dwelling
off         office
ofg         office/green house
ofk         office/kitchen
ofl         office/library
ofp         office/foundry/finishing, pattern & smith shop
ofr         office/lodging rooms
ofr         office/servant's rooms
ofs         office/smoke house
oft         office/tenements
ofw         office/wash house
ofy         office/privy
ogm         oil & grist mill
okl         office/kitchen/lodging rooms
okw         office/kitchen/wood house
olp         office/lodging rooms/portico
ols         office/lodging rooms/stable
olw         office/lumber house/ware house
onh         office/negro house
opd         optician store/dwelling
ord         ordinance store
osc         office/school room
osh         office/store house
otb         other building
oub         outbuilding
out         out house
ovh         overseer's house
ovk         overseer's kitchen
ovl         overseer's house/lumber house
owh         office/ware house
ows         office/wood house
oyd         oyster's house/dwelling
oyh         oyster house
oys         oyster & fish store
pah         pauper's house
pai         paint shop
pao         painter's shop/office
pap         paper mill
par         parsonage
pat         piano tuner/dwelling
paw         pantry/wash house
pbh         pop shop/boarding house
pbs         printing office/barber shop
pdd         printing office/addition
pdo         pattern depository/office
pds         printing office/doctor's shop
pdt         post office/dwelling/store
pdw         paper store/dwelling
pel         porter establishment/lumber house
pen         penitentiary store
peo         periodical store/office
pes         printing & engraver's shop
pew         pewterer's shop
pfg         picture frame & gilding store/dwelling
pgd         print shop/grocery/dwelling/
pgg         penitentiary store/grocery/general storage
pgs         printing office/general storage
phd         paper hanging store/dwelling
phr         porch rooms
phs         president's house
phu         paper hanging & upholsterer's store
phw         poor house/wing
pia         piazza
pib         piano & book store
pic         picking house
pid         piano manufactory/dwelling
pih         pidgeon house
pim         piano manufactory
pla         plane manufactory/dwelling
pld         plough depository/manufactory
plk         plane manufactory/kiyvhrn
plm         plaster mill
pln         Portsmouth Naval Lodge
plo         printing office/lottery office
pls         plater's shop
pme         plough & machine store
pms         plough maker's shop
poa         porch/addition
pob         printing office/bookstore
pod         post office/dwelling
pof         post office
poh         poor house
poi         paint & oil store/shop
pol         post office/lumber house
pom         Powhite Mills
poo         printing office/office
pop         pop shop
por         porch or portico
pos         store/printing office
pot         potter's shop
pow         powder mills
ppd         portrait painter/dwelling
ppo         post/printing office
pra         printing office/attorney's office
prd         printing office/dwelling
prh         porter house
pri         prison
prk         printing office/kitchen
pro         painter's room
prr         printing office/reading room
prs         printing office/storage house
prt         printing office
prz         prizing house
psa         printing office/saddler's shop
psc         printing office/school room
psd         painter's shop/dwelling
pse         plough & seed store/dwelling
psh         picking/storing house
psm         plough store/manufactory
pso         physican's office/office
psp         printing office/shoe shop
pss         penitentiary store/saddler's shop
pst         printing office/dwelling/store
psw         painter's shop/shoe maker's shop/dwelling
pta         printing office/agricultural store/addition
pth         potter's house
pti         printing office/tin shop
pto         passenger shed/ticket office
ptp         porter's shop/store
pts         physican's office/tailor's shop
ptt         packing/storage and sweat house
pud         paper hanging & upholsterer's store/dwelling
puh         pump house
pvs         public vendue store
pvy         privy
pwa         privy/water closet/addition
pwo         piano store/work shop/dwelling
pwo         piano ware room/office
qtr         quarter
qts         quarter/stables
rah         rabbit house
ras         refectory/apothecary shop
rcc         Roman Catholic Church
rda         restorative/dwelling/addition
rdg         restaurant/dwelling
rdh         restaurant/dwelling/hat store
rds         restorative/dwelling/store
rdw         restorative/dwelling
reb         rectifying liquor store/dwelling
red         retail store/dwelling
res         repairing shop
ret         retail shop/store
rew         refectory/dwelling
rhm         rough manufactory
rlh         restorative/lumber house
rma         rooms above alley or arch
rmf         rolling mill & furnaces with water wheel
roh         rope house
rom         room (generic)
rop         rope walk/pump house
row         rope walk
roy         rope/yarn house
rsm         rolling & slitting mill
rsn         restaurant
rst         restorative
rwh         receiving ware house
sab         sailor's boarding house
sac         saddler's & tallow chandler's shop
sad         saddler's shop or saddlery
sag         saw mill/grist mill
sah         shoe & clothing store/addition
sak         savings bank
sal         salt house
sam         saw mill
sao         saddler's shop/office
saw         saw house
sba         store/barbershop
sbd         shoe/boot store/dwelling
sbh         stable/bath house
sbk         stable/wood house/coal house
sbl         savings bank/lawyer's office
sbm         stable/meat house
sbn         shoe & boot store/addition
sbo         store/boarding house
sbr         shoe/boot store/manufactory
sbs         stable/shed
sbt         stable/tobacco house
sbu         saddler's shop/boarding house
sbw         store/boarding house/wing
sby         store/backery
sca         scale house
scb         stable/carriage house/bath house
scc         stable/carriage house/cow house
scd         smoke house/cider house
sce         screw house
scf         stable/carriage house/office
scg         stable/carriage house/granary
sch         school house
sci         stable/carriage house/smoke house/privy
sck         school house/kitchen
scl         school house/laundry
scm         store/compting house
scn         stable/cow house/servant's rooms
sco         stable/cow house
scp         smoke house/coal house/privy
scr         school house/lecture rooms
scs         school house/servant's rooms
scs         sweat house/cooper's shop
sct         screw house/sweat house
scu         scouring shop/dwelling
scv         stable/carriage house/coal vault/servants rooms
scw         school house/dwelling
scx         stable/carriage house/wood & lumber house
scy         stable/carriage house/privy
scz         store house/coal house/rooms/smoke house
sda         store/dwelling/addition
sdb         store/dwelling/boarding house
sdc         store/dwelling/compting room
sdd         shoe store/dwelling/addition or shed
sde         store/dwelling/eating house
sdg         store/dwelling/wings
sdh         store/dwelling/shed
sdk         store/dwelling/kitchen
sdl         smoke house/dairy/lumber room
sdm         store/dining room
sdn         saddler's shop/manufactory
sdo         store/dwelling/office
sdp         shoe store/dwelling/store room/workshop
sdr         shoe store/dwelling/store room
sds         school house/dwelling/shop
sdt         store/dwelling/tailor's shop
sdu         shoe store/daguerrean galley
sdw         saddler's shop/dwelling
sdx         shoe store/dwelling/shoe maker's shop
sdy         shoe store/doctor's shop/lawyer's office
sea         seed & agricultural store
sec         servant's house/coal house
sed         servant's dwelling
see         sewing machine establishment
sef         servant's & feed house
seg         sewing machine store/dwelling
seh         seal house
sem         seminary
sen         steam engine
sep         servant's room/privy
seq         servant's quarters
ser         servant's room
ses         servant's house/stable
sew         servant's rooms/coal & wood house
sff         shoe store/office
sfs         store/finishing shop
sgc         stable/granary/carriage house
sge         straw goods establishment/dwelling
sgh         stemming house
sgm         steam grist & saw mill
sgr         stable/smoke house/lodging rooms
sgs         wholesale straw goods store
sha         servant's hall
shb         shoe & boot store
shc         smoke house/carriage house
shd         shed (generic)
she         shoe & hat store/dwelling
shf         school/hall/office
shg         store house/wing
shh         stable/coach house
shi         shop change store
shk         shaking out room/kitchen
shl         smoke house/coal house
shm         saddler & harness maker's shop/dwelling
shn         store house/lodging rooms
sho         servant's house
shp         shop [generic]
shs         shoe store or shop
sht         shoe store/addition
shw         shoemaker's shop/dwelling
shx         shoe & hat store/office
sid         silversmith shop/dwelling
sik         sitting room/kitchen
sil         silversmith shop
sip         ship broker's office
sit         sitting room
sjs         silversmith/jewelry store
skh         shaking out house or room
skl         shoemaker's shop/lumber house
sks         smoke house/shed
skt         sweat house/kitchen/stable
sky         servant's room/smoke house/privy
sla         store/laundry
slb         sail loft/lumber house
slc         store/lumber house/compting room
sld         store/lumber house/dwelling
sle         sabbeth school/lecture room
slf         store/lumber house/office
slg         saddler's shop/lumber house/dwelling
slh         slaughter house
sli         stable/carriage house/lumber house
slk         smoke house/lock room
sll         servant's lodging rooms/laundry
slm         smoke house/lodging rooms
sln         store/lumber house/addition
slo         store/lodging rooms
slp         store/lumber house/printing office
slr         stable/lodging rooms
sls         shoe/leather store
slt         store/sail loft
slu         smoke house/laundry
slw         sail maker's loft/warehouse
sly         servant's rooms/laundry/coal & wood house
sma         smoke house/addition
smb         seminary/boarding house
smc         smoke house/meat house
smd         smoke house/dwelling
smf         shoe store/manufactory
smg         smoke house/granary
smh         smoke house
smi         steam mill
smk         smoke house/chicken house
sml         smoke house/lumber house
smn         smoke house/necessary
smo         store house/smoke house/necessary
smp         smoke house/shop
sms         shoemaker's shop
smt         smith shop
smw         steam mill/wing
smy         stemmery
snd         snack house/dwelling
soa         soap factory
soc         smoke house/coal & wood house
sod         store/shed
sof         store/oil factory
sol         stage office/lodging house
son         school house/addition
soo         shoe store/store room/work shop
sop         saloon/office/paint shop
sos         stable/carriage/office/servant's house
sow         smoke house/wood shed
spb         sail maker's shop/painter's shop/carpenter's shop/blockmakers shop
spd         spring house/dairy
sph         spinning house
spo         store/post office
spp         steel workshop
spr         spring house
spw         spinning/weaving house
spy         smoke house/privy
sra         storage house or room
src         stable/carriage house/cow house/servants rooms
srl         store house/lumber house
srm         store house/servant rooms
sro         servant's lodging rooms
srp         store room/workshop
srw         store/compting room/wing
ssa         store/coal house
ssb         stationary & book store
ssc         smith shop/compting room
ssd         shoe store/dwelling
sse         salting/storing house
ssg         stable/spring house
ssh         sunday school house or room
ssk         shoe shop/kitchen
ssl         store/school
ssm         servant's room/smoke house
sso         store/storing house
ssp         stable/shop
ssr         stable/carriage/servant's sleeping room
sss         store/stables
sst         stove store/dwelling
ssu         shoe store/lumber house
ssv         stable/servant's rooms
ssw         saddler's shop/store house/dwelling/
ssx         store room/servant's rooms/coal house
ssy         smoke house/store room/dairy
sta         stable
stb         stable/barn
stc         stable/carriage house
std         store/dwelling
ste         steward's house
stf         store house/office
stg         stable/granary
sth         store house/room
sti         still house
stk         store/kitchen
stl         store/lumber house
stm         stable/smoke house
stn         stable/corn house
sto         store
stp         stable/pigeon house
str         storing house
sts         store/smoke house
stt         store house/counting room
stu         study
stw         stable/dwelling
stx         store/exchange
sty         stable/tobacco factory
sug         sugar refinery
suh         summer house
suk         student rooms/kitchen
svw         servant's room/wood house
swa         servant's room/wash house
swc         store/warehouse/compting room
swd         dwelling/shop/wing
swe         sweat house
swf         sweat house/office
swg         saddler's shop/dwelling/wing or addition
swh         store/warehouse
swi         store/wing
swk         sweat house/kitchen
swl         sweat house/lumber house
swm         stable/windmill
swn         stable/wings
swo         shoe store/ware house
swp         shed with press
sws         sweat house/stable
swt         sweat house/compting room
sww         store/dwelling/ware house
swy         servant's room/smoke house/wood house/privy
swy         stairway
syd         shoe manufactory/dwelling
syn         synagogue
tab         tailor's shop/boarding house
tad         tailor's shop/dwelling
tag         tanning shop
tak         tailor's shop/kitchen
tan         tanning house
tao         tavern/office
tas         tailor's shop
tat         tavern/tailor's shop
tau         tavern/auction store
tav         tavern
tbd         tanner's shop/dwelling
tbd         tobacco store/dwelling
tbh         Tanbark Hall
tbm         tobacco box manufactory
tbo         tavern/bookstore
tbp         turner's & blacksmith's shop
tbs         tobacco manufactory/sweat house
tbw         tobacco store/ware house
tca         turner's & carpenter's shop
tcf         tobacco/cigar factory or manufactory
tcg         tailor's shop/clothing store
tch         tavern or coffee house
tck         tobacco manufactory/covered way/lock room
tcl         tobacco factory/covered way/lock room
tcm         tavern/cigar manufactory
tco         tavern/confectionary shop
tcp         tin & copper manufactory/private entertainment
tcr         tin and coppersmith's shop/counting rooms
tcs         tin and coppersmith's shop
tcy         tin and coppersmith factory
tda         tavern/dwelling/addition
tdc         tanning/drying/currying shop
tdd         tailor's shop/dry goods store/dwelling
tdf         tavern/dwelling/office
tdg         tavern/dry goods store
tdh         tavern/dwelling/shed
tdi         tavern/dining room
tdl         tailor's shop/dwelling/wing or addition
tdn         tin shop/dwelling/addition
tdo         tailor's shop/dwelling/office
tdp         tin ware depository store/dwelling
tdr         trimmer's shop/deposit room
tds         tavern/dwelling/store
tdt         tavern/dwelling/hat store
tdu         tavern/drug store
tdv         trimming & variety store/dwelling
tdw         tin and coppersmith's shop/dwelling/wing
ted         tea store/dwelling
teg         telegraph office/grocery
teh         towell house
tel         telegraph office
ten         tenement
tfc         tobacco factory/counting room
tff         tailor's shop/office
tfl         tobacco factory/office/stemmery/lumber house
tfo         tobacco factory/office
tfs         tobacco factory/sweat house
tfw         tobacco factory/ware house
tfy         tobacco factory/stemmery
tga         tavern/grocery/addition
tgd         tavern/grocery/dwelling
tgo         tavern/dry goods store/office
tgr         tavern/grocery
tgs         tinner's shop/dry goods store
tha         tavern/hardware store
thc         town hall/school house
thd         tavern/hardware store/dwelling
the         tavern/hat store
thi         Tompsonian Infirmary
thl         town hall
ths         tobacco hanging house/store
thw         telegraph office/dwelling
tia         tin & iron store/manufactory/dwelling/addition
tid         tin shop/dwelling
tig         tin & iron store/dwelling
tik         tin shop/kitchen
tim         tin manufactory
tio         tobacco warehouse/inspection office
tip         tinner's store/workshop
tis         tinner's shop or tinner's workshop
tit         tin & sheet iron store
tiw         tinsmith's workshop
tkc         tailor's shop/kitchen/covered way
tld         tin shop/lumber house/dwelling
tle         tailoring establishment
tlh         tobacco/lumber house
tlq         tobacco factory/liquorice room
tlu         tailor's shop/lumber house
tmc         tobacco manufactory/commission store
tmd         tobacco manufactory/dwelling
tmg         tin manufactory/dwelling
tmp         temperance hall
tms         temperance hall/store
tmw         tobacco manufactory/wing
tnc         tan/currying house
tnd         tobacco warehouse/negro dwelling
tn#         tenements
toa         tobacco manufactory/office/carpenters shop
tob         tobacco barn
toc         tobacco screw
tod         Tompsonian Infirmary/dwelling
toe         tobacco shed
tof         tobacco factory
toh         tobacco house
tol         toll house
tom         tobacco manufactory
top         tobacco packing house
tos         tobacco shop or store
tov         tobacco manufactory/vault
tow         tobacco warehouse
tpf         temperance hall/offices
tph         tobacco prizing house
tpo         tavern/storehouse/wing/post office
tpt         tavern/post office
tpw         tailor's shop/printing office/dwelling
tra         trimming store/addition
trd         tailor's shop/store/dwelling
trg         trimming store/dwelling
trh         transfer house
trs         tailor's shop/store
trw         tin & iron warehouse
tsb         tavern stable
tsc         tin shop/counting room
tsd         tavern/saloon/dwelling
tse         tailor's shop/saddler's shop/store house
tsf         tobacco storing/finishing house
tsg         tin shop/shoe store/dwelling
tsh         tobacco factory/screw house
tsi         tavern/store/wing
tsm         tobacco manufactory/snuff mill
tso         tailor's shop/printing office
tsp         tobacco stemmery/prizing house
tsq         tobacco factory/screw room/sweat house
tsr         tavern/saddler's shop
tss         tailor's shop/shoemaker's shop
tst         tobacco stemmery
tsu         tobacco factory used as sunday school
tsv         tin & stove store/dwelling
tsw         tailor's shop/wing
tui         turner's shop/ice house
tum         turner's shop/store room
tuo         turner's shop/office
tur         turner's shop/dwelling
tus         turner's shop
tva         tavern/addition
tvc         tavern/clothing store
tvd         tavern/dwelling
tvg         tavern/grocery/dwelling/shoe store
tvh         tavern/hotel
tvj         tavern/jeweler's store
tvm         tin & iron store/manufactory/dwelling
tvp         tavern/printing office
tvr         tavern/restorative
tvs         tavern/store
tvw         tavern/wing
twd         tailor's shop/watch maker's shop/dwelling
twh         tobacco manufactory/ware house
twl         tobacco warehouse/dwelling
twp         tin & iron work shop
tws         tavern/watchmaker's shop
twt         twist room
twu         tobacco warehouse/lumber house
tww         tavern/dwelling/wing
ubi         upholsterer's shop/bindery
udk         upholsterer's store/dwelling/kitchen
uno         unoccupied
usc         United States collector's office/store house
usd         upholsterer's shop/dwelling
usk         upholsterer's shop/kitchen
usl         upholsterer's workshop/lumber house
usp         upholsterer's shop/store/carpet room
uud         upholsterer's & undertaker's shop/dwelling
vad         variety store/dwelling
vas         variety store
vdk         variety store/dwelling/kitchen
vdw         variety store/dwelling/wing
ved         vendue office/dwelling
ven         vendue office
vfi         Virginia Female Institute
vlr         vestry & lecture rooms
vls         vestry/lecture rooms/sunday school rooms
vmm         Virginia Museum
vra         vestry room/addition
vso         vendue store/office
waa         ware house/addition
wac         water closet
wad         watchmaker's shop/dwelling
wah         ware house
wam         wash house/meat house
was         wash house
wat         watchmaker's shop
waw         water wheel & gears
wcr         ware house/compting room
wdg         wholesale dry goods store
wdk         ware room/dwelling/kitchen
wdr         ware house/dining room
wds         wood house [wood storage]
wdw         ware room/dwelling
wdy         dairy/well house
weh         weaving house
wel         well house
wgb         wholesale grocery store/bacon store
wgc         wholesale grocery store/commission store
wgd         waggonmaker's shop/dwelling
wgg         wholesale grocery store/dwelling
wgh         white yarn house
wgl         wholesale grocery store/lumber house
wgs         waggonmaker's shop
wgw         waggonmaker's house
whe         wheel house
whf         ware house/oil factory
whg         wholesale grocery store
whk         ware house/kitchen
whl         wood house/lodging rooms
whm         wheat house/machine room
who         wholesale store
whr         wheel house/rope walk
whs         ware house/shed
wht         ware house/general storage
whw         ware house/wing
wia         wing/addition
wif         wing/office
wih         washing & ironing house
wik         wing/kitchen
wim         windmill
win         wing
wip         wing/porch
wjd         watch & jeweler's store
wjl         watch/jeweler's store/lottery office/lodging rooms
wjw         watch & jeweler's store/dwelling
wkh         work house
wks         work shop
wlb         wine & liquor store/boarding house
wld         wing/lodging rooms
wlr         ware house/lodging rooms
wls         wine & liquor store
wpd         work shop/dwelling
wps         work shop/stable
wrt         warehouse/retail store
wsa         ware house/sales room
wsc         work shop/coal house
wsd         wing/shed
wsh         ware house/scale house
wsk         washhouse/smoke house
wsl         work shop/lodging
wsm         ware house/smoke house
wsr         ware house/servant's rooms
wss         watchmaker's shop/silversmith shop
wst         ware house/stable
wsw         watchmaker's shop/silversmith shop/dwelling
wwd         wheelwright's shop/dwelling
wwr         wholesale ware room
wws         wheelwright's shop
yar         yarn house
ymc         YMCA rooms/town hall

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