Price Book.




Carpenters' and Joiners' Society


Printeded by Cottom and Stewart.



The Carpenters and Joiners of Alexandria, having long experienced a variety of difficulties by not having the prices of their work equitably established, and, conscious that their employers are frequently subject to impositions by not having their work finished in a workmanlike manner, having thought proper to arrange the different branches of their trade, with the prices of each annexed, established upon true and mathematical modes of measurement. They hope that it will have a tendency to preserve a good understanding amongst each other, and that their customers may be equally and justly charged by those whom they may employ to execute their work.
Well qualified measurers are appointed to give legal measure and value for the same. Should at any time, the work be not finished in a workmanlike manner, to give value accordingly to the best of their judgment, and who will attest the same if required.


Boxes and Bed Mould Eves
Base and Surbase
Beaufet Doors
Cornice, inside and outside
Cellar Doors, Ceiling Piazzas, and Clock Pin Rails
Covering Walls, Counters
Door and Window Frames
Doors and Partitions
Framing Roofs
ditto. Warehouses
Flat Roofs
Gutters &c. Gates
Linings and Soffits
Shingling and Lathing
Mantle Pieces
Pilasters for Chimneys &c.
Quoin Casings
Racks and Mangers
Inside Shutters
Outside Shutters
Venetian Blinds
Window Frames
Window and Trap Doors
Well Curbs 32
Wooden Bricks And Bond Timbers



WARE, or Lumber House Floors framed with one girder, tusked above, and let in below, per sq. 2 34
Do. with two girders, do. 3 34
Do. with three girders, do. 4 0O
Do. with four girders, do. 4 67
Galloping Joists laid on one girder, per square, 2 00
Do. on two girders, 3 34
Do. laid on walls, 1 67
N. B. The above Joists are supposed to be for Ware Houses, but if for Dwelling Houses, and under eighteen feet long per square, 1 34
Do. over eighteen feet long, do. 1 67
Do. for Dwelling Houses, with one girder tusked, per do. 2 00
Do. with two girders, per do. 2 50
Do. with three girders, do. 3 00
If more than three girders for each, extra, 5 00

If girders are placed in a range 25 ft. In length, it is considered a floor of one girder. - If 50 in length, a floor of two girders - and if 75 ft. a floor of three girders, and for each additional length of 25 feet, one additional girder,
Page 3
Bridging Joists, per foot run, 0 17
Hewing and Dressing girders to be charged by the day,    
Joists cambered per square, extra, 0 50
Counterlaying with scantling, &c. per square, 1 50
Counterlaying for deafening floors per square, 2 00
Plaining Joists lower edge, and corners taken off, per foot run extra, 0 01
Plaining and beading Joists per foot square, 0 02
Story Posts fixed under girders, each, 0 75
If three inch caps to do. each, 0 25
Story Posts fixed up, plained, and corners taken off, per foot square, 0 05
If caps to do. do. do. Each, 0 36

Of Framing Roofs

With purlins and collar beams per square 2 00
Do. With king-posts, purlins and collar beams, 4 18
Do. With king-posts, collar beams, and hammer beams, 5 00
Plain Roofs under 24 feet span, per square, 1 34
Do. Over 24 and under 30, per do. 1 50
Do. From 30 to 36, per do. 1 67
Small Roofs without collar beams per square, 1 00
Laying in sleepers for stable or rough buildings, per square, 1 00
Silling joists per do. 1 00

Of Framing Warehouses

Framing the body of a full framed Warehouse, per square, 2 00
Page 4
Do. The body of Dwelling Houses, do. 1 50
Do. of a lighter kind, such as back buildings, 1 34
Studded partitions, per do. 1 17
Do. If framed of do. Per do. 1 50
Trussed partitions of studs, per do. 5 00
Framing necessary houses, per do. 4 67
Do. If built of brick for joists and rafters, 4 67
Do. Of floors, saites and raisers, per foot superficial, 0 08
Do. For clamped covers to saites and frame to do. 0 25
Raising plates sunk in, and pinned per foot run, 0 08
Do. Sunk in and spiked or nailed, do. 0 06
Spur Pins let into joists passing each other, per do. 0 06

N.B. For dimensions of hipped roofs, take the length of the facia, by the length of the plain rafter on the hipped side, but on the valley side, take the length of the rige by the length of the plain rafter.

Of Weather-Boarding

Weather-boarding with the boards sprung, rabbeted or beaded, per square 2 08
Do. with narrow boards, single rabbeted, 3 00
Do. double rabbeted, per do. 3 67
N.B. the width of the boards to be from 4 to 6 inches show,    
Do. Rough, full width, sprung or rabbeted, per do. 1 75
Do. Jointed and lapped only, 1 25
Do. Lapped only, doors and window slips included, 1 00

Page 5

Of Lathing and Shingling

Shingling courses 4 inches show, per square, 2 84
Do. Do. 5 inches, do. 2 58
Do. Do. 6 inches, do. 2 34
Do. Do. 7 inches, do. 2 0
Do. Do. 9 inches, do. 1 67
N.B. The above shingles to be ready dressed to the workman's hand, but if rough, per square extra, 0 50
Shingling of Valleys without lead or copper, &c. per foot running, 0 25

Stripping off old roofs, shifting of lathing, raising of scaffold, &c. to be charged by the day.

Of Dormer Windows and Trap-Doors

Arched dormers, if three lights wide double cornice and open pilasters full capped and based with shingled of boarded cheeks each, 23 25
If architrave and key, charge extra,    
Plain arched dormers, 16 67
Plain ridged dormers with single cornice, shingled or boarded cheeks, 10 00
If any of the above dormer windows should be more than three lights wide charge for each width extra, 1 67
Flat dormers shingled or boarded cheeks, 8 71
Do. Plain boarded cheeks, 5 84
Trap Doors done in the best manner, 4 00

Of Outside Cornice

With a plain bedmould for a two or three story building, per foot superficial, 0 25
Raking do. 8 00
Page 6
Level modillion cornice to a two or three story Building per do. 0 36
Raking do. per do. 0 50
Level do. With a fret in the bed mould, 0 50
Raking do. With fret do. 0 62
Level do. With a fret in the bedmould to a one story building per do. 0 60
Raking do. With do. 0 70
Level modillion cornice to a one story building, with a plain bed mould per do. 0 50
Raking do. per do. 0 60
Plain double cornice to a one story building, per foot superficial, 0 34
Raking do. Per foot, 0 42
Plain block cornice, per do. 0 37
Raking do. per do. 0 46

Of Box And Bed-Mould Eves

Box eve with a Bedmould, per foot superficial, 0 20
Box eve per foot runnning, 0 12
Back and Verge Boards per foot do. 0 06
Do. If rough per do. 0 04

Of Inside Cornice

Modillion cornice without a fret per foot superficial, 0 55
Do. With a fret, 0 66
Plain double cornice, 0 34
Do. With a fret, 0 46
Do. With mutules and plain bedmould, 0 67
Do. With a fret in the bedmould, per foot superficial, 0 80

N.B. Add for each break in the cornices the price of one foot of its measurement.
For dimensions of cornices, take the length of the facia by the girth of the mouldings, indenting the line into all its members
Page 7
If any of the above cornices have a fancy faced frieze, to be valued according to the trouble taken.
But if fluted with patrasses in the spaces, festoons, drapery, or any other enrichments, charge per foot running, 0 20
Plain single cornice per foot do. 0 17
Do. If an astragal on the edge of the facia, 0 20

N.B. If the facia should be ornamented in any way, charge in proportion.

Of Base And Surbase

Base and surbase pedestal mouldings, per foot running, 0 25
If sunk or opened with fancy mouldings, to be charged extra in proportion to the labor.    
For all mitus occasioned by projections or recesses, add one foot to its measurement.    
Such as pedestal mouldings, 2 cents for every inch girth, for every foot in length.    
Common surbase per foot running, 0 11
Plain skirting, per do. 0 06
Do. With a belection or any other moulding per do. 0 07
If the facia of the above surbase shold be ornamented, charge as above stated in the cornice,    
Charge for plinth in base moulding per foot running, 0 07
Grounds under base and surbase, per do. 0 04

Of Small Mouldings

Mouldings from 3-8 to 3-4 of an inch per foot running, 0 01
Do. From 3-4 to 5-4. 0 02
Corner beads or strips for do. 0 04

Page 8

Of Architraves

Double faced architrave per foot running, 0 14
Do. sunk and quirk mouldings, do. 0 20
Single do. 0 10
Circular architrave, Four prices of straight,    
For each knee in do. Architraves, 0 25
Grounds under architraves, per set, 0 67
Plinths under architraves, per set, 0 34
Single faced architraves, per foot running, 0 10

Of Jamb Linings And Soffits

Wainscoat jambs and soffits for doors and windows, per foot super. If raised, 0 25
Do. flat pannel 0 21
If ornamented on the pannels with astragal, &c 0 26
Do. Bead and flush 0 27
Do. Flat pannel ogee and bed 0 25
Circular soffits charge four prices,    
If double rabbeted per and beaded on edge extra per foot, 0 14
Do. single rabbeted per do. 0 08
If splayed, per foot extra, 0 04

Of Quoin Casings

From 4 to 9 inches, per foot running 0 07
Do. From 10 to 14 do. 0 10
Do. Beaded and mitred on the edge, 0 11
If any of the above are splayed extra per foot, 0 03

Of Inside Shutters

Inside shutters made in the best manner, the folds framed--bead and butt on the back, raised or flat on front, per foot superficial, 0 37

Page 9
If cut at the meeting rail, per do. 0 42
Do. With the back flyers clamped, do. 0 29
Plain do. Clamped throughout, 0 20
Soffits to be measured as narrow wainscoat.    
Do. Splayed or flewed, per do. 0 34

Of Outside Shutters

Outside pannel shutters, framed and raised pannels, per foot superficial, 0 25
Charge for lining, per do. 0 06
Bead and flush thick stuff, stiles rabbeted to receive the linings per do. 0 37
Do. Bead and flush on both sides, 0 50
Bead and butt shutters, per do. 0 25
Batton Shutters per do. 0 20
Double boarded do. per do. 0 17
Ledged shutters, per do. 0 10

Of Door And Window Frames

To full trimmed, solid or cased per foot running, 0 12
If with moulding sill, charge extra each 0 42
If boxes for weights, per foot, do. 0 06
If with parting slips, per do. do. 0 04
Door frames made of large stuff, per foot running, 0 14
Letting in of bars, of either wood or iron, 0 08
Plain door or window frames, per foot running, 0 08
Do. with shutter rabbets, per do. 0 10
Do. with mouldings, and no shutter rabbets, 0 11
Window stools of pine per foot run, 0 12
If cedar or locust, per do. 0 75
If worked with washes, extra per foot, 0 12

Of Reveal Window Frames

Reveal window frames per foot, 0 17

Page 10
If double hung, charge for the parting bead per do. 0 04
If solid, per foot, 0 12
Hanging stiles, 0 06


Ovolo sash 8 by 10 glass, including all under that size, per light, 0 12
Do. 9 by 11 per do. 0 13
Do. 10 by 12 per do. 0 15
Do. 12 by 14 per do. 0 17
Do. 12 by 16 per do. 0 19
Do. 14 by 19 per do. 0 21
If any of the above should be stuck with astragal and hollow, charge per light extra, 0 06
If any of the above sash is double franked, add per light, 0 04
If single franked, add per light extra, 0 02
If any of the above sashes is more than 5-4 stuff, for each 1-4 in thickness, add per light, 0 01
Hanging sash double hung with weights, 1 50
Do. Single do. 0 75

Outside Doors

Double margin doors extra per yard, 0 33
Ledged doors of 4-4 stuff, per foot supr. 0 08
Do. slit boards per do. 0 09
Do. made 5-4 stuff per foot, 0 11
Hanging doors or shutters with H.L. hinges, 0 17
Do. with hooks and hinges or parliament Hinges each 0 30
Mortice locks put on, 1 00
Common locks put on, 0 25
Latches or bolts each put on 0 12
Putting on bars, with staples each, 0 62
Putting on handles, rappers, &c. to outside doors, 0 75

Page 11
Putting on iron bars each 0 25
Eight pannel doors, made of two inch stuff, the stiles rabbeted for the reception of the lining, and double hung, per yard, 2 75
Do. Single hung and lined, per do. 2 42
Eight pannel doors, made of common stuff, lined and double hung per do. 2 42
Do. Single hung and lined, per do. 2 08
Six pannel doors, lined and double hung, 2 08
Do. Single hung and lined, per do. 1 83
Four pannel doors, lined and double hung, per do. 1 75
Do. single hung, per do. 1 42
Bead and flush eight pannel doors made of thick stuff, lined and double hung, per yard, 3 17
Do. Single hung, and lined per do. 2 67
Do. Unlined, and double hung with mouldings planted on back of pannels, per yard, 2 92
Do. unlined, and single, done as above, per yard, 2 42
Bead and flush six pannel doors, lined and double hung, per do. 2 83
Do. single hung and lined, per do. 2 50
Double hung and unlined, per do. 2 42
Do. Single hung, per do. 2 08

N.B. All the above unlined doors, are supposed to have mouldings planted on the back.

Inside Six Pannel Doors

Six pannel doors, made of thick stuff, stuck with quirk-ogee and bead, flat pannel and double worked, per yard, 2 62
Do. Single worked, of common stuff, do. 1 83
Ovolo or ogee doors, worked on both sides, per do. 2 42

Page 12
Do. single worked of common stuff, do. 1 67
Do. double worked and single raised, do. 2 25
Do. raised on both sides, do. 2 50
Four pannel doors, either raised or flat pannels, do. 1 50
Do. framed, square & flat pannel, do. 1 08
Carpet sills if sunk into the floor, each 1 00
Do. nailed on in the best manner, each 0 62
Common, do. do. 0 34
If mahogany, charge extra, 0 25

Beaufet Doors

Made in four parts, either ogee or ovolo, four pannels above and two below, per yard, 2 00
Frames to closets where there is no breast work, take door and frame, per do. 2 00
If the above should be stuck with a quirk ogee and bead, charge, per do. 2 17

Mantle Pieces

Plain mantle cornice, per foot superficial, 0 50
Do. With a fret or dentule in bedmoud per do. 0 58
If trusses add for each break in bedmould, per do. 0 34
If cornice and bedmould are both broke, for each break, 0 58
For a tablet, 0 58
For a set of grounds, 1 00
If any of the above should have an ornamented frieze, facia or achitrave, charge per foot running, 0 25
If cheese mouldings or any other mouldings, buttoned or carved, for each member, add per foot running, 0 25
Flat trusses fluted each, 0 42
Plain do. do. 0 25
Swelled trusses with drops, 1 00

Page 13
All quirk or fancy mouldings, or mouldings worked by hand in cornices or bedmoulds, charge extra in proportion to the labor; also in same manner, charge for all columns or half columns.

Pilasters For Chimney Pieces

Fluted do. Full capped and based per set, common size, 5 00
Open do. Full capped and based per do. 3 00
Tabernacle frames where there is no breast, per foot, 0 17
Do. On frames, charge as double architrave, and for each knee charge, 0 25

If columns or half columns, charge for extra labor.


Framed wainscoat against walls with quirk-ogee, flat pannel, per yard, 1 25
Do. Stuck with ovolo or ogee, and raised pannels per do. 1 25
Plain dado under surbase, per do. 0 92
Angular wainscoat with a single pannel do. 2 50
If more than one pannel, per do. 3 00
Angular dado, per do. 1 50


Outside do. without ornaments to a three feet opening, each, 8 34
Do. 4 feet do. do. 9 17
Do 5 feet do. do. 10 00
Do. With a fret or dentule in a bedmould to a three feet opening, 9 58
Do. with a do. to a 4 feet do. 10 83

Page 14
Do. With a do. To a 5 do. 12 08
Open pediments to a 3 feet opening, 9 17
Do. to a 4 feet do. 10 00
Do. to a 5 feet do. 10 83
Do. with a fret or dentule to a 3 feet do. 10 00
Do. with do. To a 4 feet do. 11 25
Do. with do. to a 5 feet do. 12 50
And for each truss, charge as in chimney pieces.    
Scroll pediments to a 3 feet opening, 20 00
Do. do 4 feet do. 22 50
Do. do 5 feet do. 25 00
Straight caps to a 3 feet opening, 3 00
Do. Do. to a 4 do. 3 50
Do. Do. to a 5 do. 4 00
Do. with a fret or dentule bedmould to a 3 feet opening. 3 50
Do. do. do. to a 4 feet do. 4 00
Do. do. do. to a 5 feet do. 4 50


Plain Tuscan columns, girth the shafts by the length, per foot superficial, 0 25
The base and capital to be girt indenting in the flutes by the circumference in the largest, per foot do. 1 00
The level cornice, frieze and architrave to be girt by the length, per do. 0 34
The pediment must be measured, per do. 0 50
If the above pediments be supported by pilasters, measure and charge as above, except in the pilasters, for which deduct one third of the price of the shaft, and for each ground under frontispiece. 3 00
Dorick frontispieces to be valued and measured as above, if the columns be plain, but if fluted, 0 42
Bases and capital per foot, 1 08

Page 15
Architrave, frieze and cornice, per do. 0 50
Raking cornice, per do. 0 58
If ornamented with trigleaves, mutules and drops, per foot superficial, 1 00
N.B. Charge per carving extra.    
Pediment part of the cornice per do. 1 25
Ionic frontispieces to be measured and valued as above, the capitals for each of which, charge, 4 00

If any of the above columns be set in piazzas, charge as above,
But for the architraves, friezes and cornices, charge in the same manner as directed for the same kind of work, in other parts of a building.


Best doweled floors from 3 to 5 inches wide at per square, 7 50
Do. From 5 to 6 per do. 6 67
Tongued and grooved, and secret nailed, from 3 to 5 per do. 6 67
Do. From 5 to 7 per do. 6 17
Do. Nailed in sight, 5 to 6 per do. 3 75
Do. From 6 to 9 per do. 3 34
Do. square joints, 4 to 7 per do. 2 64
Do. do. 6 to 9 per do. 2 34
Inch full width planed, tongued and grooved, per square, 2 00
Slit tongued and grooved per do. 3 34
Rough, full width, per do. 1 50
Do. Planed and jointed, 1 67
Two inch plank, planed, tongued and grooved, full width per do. 4 00
Do. Planed and jointed, per do. 3 00
Do. tongued and grooved only, per do. 3 00
Do. jointed only, per do. 2 00
1 inch tongued and grooved, per do. 2 00
Jointed only, per do. 1 42
Page 16
Straight Joints, 5-4 tongued and grooved floors, nailed in sight, planks shewing from 5 to 6 inches per sq. 5 00 Do. 4-4 Ripd. From 5 to 6 do. do. 4 50 Do. 5-4 tongued and grooved rough, do. Shewing from 5 to 9 inches per square, 2 50 Rough square joints do. From 5 to 9 1 75 Fire borders to hearths each, 0 66 If of mahogany each, 1 00


Open newel strairs, string hand-rail and bannisters, per step, 1 75
Do. with plain bracket and two bannisters to a step, 2 34
Do. with three bannisters, per do. 2 50
If a scroll or open bracket, per do. 2 75
If the steps and riser mould are glued together, charge for each step extra, 0 42
For each ramp in hand-rail, 4 00
For each circular rail, 4 00
For an ogee ramp, 5 00
For a twist rail of one revolution, 20 00
For do. Of one and a half do. 26 67
Do. for 2 do. 33 34
Half hand-rail, per foot running, 0 17
For a ramp in do. 2 00
For a plain open pilaster on a stair case, 1 00
For a pilaster full capped and based on do. 1 50
Raking wainscoat on stairs, per yard 2 00
For each ramp pannel in do. extra, 1 50
Level wainscoat on stairs, per yard, 1 34
Quarter or half spaces each, 2 50
The flooring of the spaces measured at the rate of other flooring of its kind.    
For fluting a pilaster on staircases, each, 0 75
For newel posts fluted, each, 1 67
For a plain half post, 0 50

Page 17
If any of the above stairs are more than 3 feet 3 inches wide, charge for every inch the steps is longer over
Common winding stairs all under 3 feet going 0 67
Do. All above 3 to 4 feet long, per step 0 75
Raking skirting, per foot running 0 17
Do. If on windows, per do. 0 25
Preparing Newels for the turner, &c. for stairs per do. 0 06
Steps of two inch plank planed each 0 75
Do. Rough do. 0 58
Level rail and balisters per foot running 0 62
If mahogany rails, per foot running extra 0 25
Moulded caps to newels each 0 75
Knee to handrails each 0 75

Of Partitions Boarded

Rough partitions of 1 plank, per square 1 17
Do. of 5-4 per do. 1 50
Do planed on one side, and grooved of 1 inch plank full width; per foot superficial 0 03
Do. Planed on both sides, per do. 0 04
Do planed on both sides and grooved of 5-4 plank, per do. 0 05
Do. Planed on both sides, per do. 0 06

Of Lattices and Chinese Doors and Partitions

Lattice partitions of a plain kind, per foot superficial, 0 08
Chinese door if sprigged, per do. 0 34
Do. If morticed, per do. 0 50
Do. if in partitions, platforms or round walks as fencing per foot, if sprigged per do. 0 29
Do. If morticed as above, per do. 0 46
Do. if the above is fixed on platforms or galleries on roofs, charge for the rail only per foot running, 0 25
Do. For working knowels, per do. 0 08

Page 18

Of Fencing

Circular palisade fencing, per foot running 1 42
If a ramp in do. For each extra 2 00
Do. Straight, per foot running 0 83
Do. with pailings moulded heads and let in rails per do. 0 66
Do. Sharpened and let in rails 0 50
Do. Moulded and not let in rails per do. 0 50
Do. planed on one side only 0 25
Do. Planed and sharpened and not let in per do. 0 34
Do. Rough per do. 0 17
N.B. The above railings is supposed to have the posts and railing dressed on both sides.    
Rough board fencing, per square 0 67
Do. Sprung and beaded, per do. 1 17
Do. Planed on one side, grooved or sprung, per do. 1 67
Do. planed on both sides, grooved and sprung per do 2 17
The posts of each of the above kinds is supposed to be faced on one side but if they are dressed all round, charge for each 0 29
For digging post holes charge for each 0 12
Fences boarded perpendicular, notched on the tops, per square 1 50
Do. if planed, jointed and beaded on one side, per do 2 00
Do. if with a facia, capped and nailed on the top, per do 3 14

Of Flat Roofs

Double boarded, the under laying grooved, and the upper square joint, grooved and thicknessed, per square, 7 50

Page 19

Of Trunks, Gutters &c

Gutters on roofs prepared for lead or copper, per foot running 0 17
Do. Made and fixed under eves, per do. 0 17
Square trunks fixed against walls, do 0 20
Do. Circular on front, wrought out of the solid, per do. 0 42
Add for each joint in the above, extra 0 34

Add for each cap, four timed the price of foot.

Of Gates

Pasture gates ten feet wide per bar, 1 00

Gates of a smaller size, such as garden gates, &c. charge double according to the price of the fence.
N.B. Hewing posts and digging holes to be separate charges.

Of Centers

Charge for each foot of length on the base line 0 25
For each, above two ribs, per foot extra 0 12
Centers with more than two ribs, for each rib extra per foot 0 12
Cutting and fixing do. For straight arches of brick each 0 35
Do. do. for stone do. 0 40

Of Cellar Doors

Cellar doors of cedar or locust cheeks lined or ledged 8 00
Do. With pine cheeks, do. 6 00
Do. if single hung, cedar or locust cheeks, per do. 6 00
Do. if pine cheeks, per do. 4 00

Of Ceiling Piazzas

Planed, tongued and grooved, per square, 4 67
Circular do. do. 8 34
Do. For cutting and fixing of ribs for circular ceiling, per do. 3 00

Page 20

Of Clock-Pin Rails

Plain clock-pin rails, beaded on both edges, per foot 0 06
If a belection or other mouldings planted on 0 08
Rabet strips, per foot running 0 03

Of covering Walls

From 9 to 14 inches, with shingles, facia and single cornice on both sides, per foot running 0 67
Do. Boarded up and down, facia and cornice, per foot running, 0 47
Do. Lengthways, per foot do. 0 47

Of Shelving

Closet shelves, per foot superficial 0 08
Do. scollopped, per do. 0 11
Closet lining, per do. 0 06
Rabet slips per do. 0 08
Store shelves with an astragal stuck on the edge, and halved per do. 0 08
Do. beaded on the edge per do. 0 06
Do. square edge per do 0 04
Do. stove linings in large spaces, 0 03

Of Counters

Counters with framed fronts, charge as wainscoat,
Do. For a mahogany top, per foot superficial, 0 08
if the flaps are clamped, for each flap extra 0 67
Framing each trussed, under framed counters, 0 25

Circular do. Four prices
Page 21
Common counter tops of 1 inch stuff, per foot superficial, 0 07
Do. of one inch do. 0 05

Of Drawers

Drawers dovetailed, measuring 2 feet superficial, per foot superficial each 0 75
Do. 3 feet superficial, per do. 1 00
Do. 4 feet do. Do 1 25
Do. 5 feet do. Do. 1 50
Do. 6 feet do. Do. 1 75

N.B. measure the drawers, all round, including the bottom.
Do. For frames or casings of drawers per foot running
0 05
Do. for front frames to do. per foot, 0 08

Of Outside Venetian Blinds

Double hung, the bars to stand fast, per foot superficial, 0 42
Do. Double hung, the bars to shift on a center, per do. 0 50
Do. single hung, the bars fast per do. 0 34
Do. the bars to shift on a center do. 0 42
If the slats are morticed into stiles of 5-4 stuff per foot superficial, 0 54
If six quarter stuff, and do. per do. 0 56

Of Wooden Bricks And Bond Timber.

Wooden bricks prepared to lay in a wall per hundred, 2 08
Bond timbers, lintels and wall plates per foot running 0 03
Bond timbers, lintels and wall plates of three inch stuff, per foot running 0 04

Do. If thicker, charge in proportion.
Page 22

Of Well Curbs

Well curbs of one inch plank, doubled, each, 2 08
Lined with one inch plank round the curbs, or ribs, per square, 2 00
Upper well curbs, with a windlays 6 00

Of Racks And Mangers

Mangers the front of thick stuff, per foot running, 0 25
Do. of common stuff, per do. 0 20
Do. rough, 0 17
Racks done in the best manner, the spars morticed in, per foot running, 0 67
Do. done in the common way, per foot running, 0 42
Lintels over cellar doors, dressed, each, 1 00
Hewing of cedar or locust posts, for cellar steps, &c. per foot running, 0 06
Cedar or locust lintels dressed in best manner each, 1 50

Charge for all circular four prices.
N.B. all kinds of hewing (sawed stuff excepted) to be charged for by the time spent in labour.