Will of David C. Coyle, deceased

written 8/3/1821
probated 3/7/1827
Record ID 374-143

At a court of Hustings held for the Town & Corporation of Fredericksburg on the 7th day of March 1827.

The last will and testament of David C. Coyle dec'd was proved in Court by three witnesses and the Codicil thereto proved by two witnesses and ordered to be recorded.

In the name of God, Amen

I, David C. Coyle of the Town of Fredericksburg and the County of Spotsylvania being now in perfect health both of body and mind but calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed unto all men once to die, Do make, obtain and declare this instrument which is written with my own hand, to be my last will and Testament revoking all others-Imprinis, I give my Soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the Earth to be Buried in decent Christian like manner nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I Shall receive the Same again by the Almighty Power of God;--And as touching such worldly Estate, wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life--after all my just debts are paid, Which there are but few, and none of magnitude, I give and demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

First, I give and bequeath to my Dearly beloved wife Susannah Coyle, alias Susannah Barry, my three Houses and lotts, Situate on Caroline Street, the first, on the Corner intersection of Caroline and Prussia Street, the Second the House and Lott adjoining John S. Shultice on the north of his House and the third is the House and Lott joining John Fernehows House purchased of Jacob Staires on the north side and my last mentioned Lott on the South side and I also give to the said Susanna my two Small Tenements on the lot purchased of Doct'r. George French and wife together with all that part of the said Lott not yet built on and I also give to the Said Susanna Coyle, alias Barry, my House and Lott leased from John Minor and L. L. his wife, and at her Death, it is my will this Lease shall be conveyed to Alexander Sorrill and I also give to the Said Susanna all my perishable property of every description whatsoever. To have and to Hold the Same together with the above Real property for the term of her Natural life

--As it respects the few Slaves I hold, upon the decease of my wife Susannah Coyle, alias Susannah Barry, it is my particular wish and desire that they then receive their freedom and that in order to prevent them from becoming a burden on the Community, it is my will that ample provision be made for them, that is for My Man Barry and my woman Page and all her offsprings, except James and John who I Have already Emancipated whilst they were Infants and these two James and John at the decease of Susannah Barry the Houses and lotts Held by her Shall be theirs, the two small tenements on the Lott purchased of Doct. George Frence and his wife excepted. These I wish to be the property of my man Barry and my woman Page should they be then living and hope that they may be permitted to occupy them during good behavior, let it be understood that all the property held by Susannah at her death I will it equally between James and John--James being the oldest I wish him to have his choice of the property and I humbly Beg and most solemly enjoin it upon my executors hereafter named to See that this clause respecting my Slaves and every part thereof be religiously fulfilled at the Epoch at which it is directed to take place, without evasion--neglect or delay--and I give unto Ellen Mathesson at my Decease, the house and lot next to me and adjoining Mrs. Lamberth and also the Lott on Caroline Street, Situated between Capt. Machelmar and John Ferneyhow during her natural life and at her decease it is to be the property of Susannah Barry alias Coyle, should she be then living, if not it is up to the property of Elisabeth Barry Daughter of the said Susannah and it is also my will, that when it has been the will and pleasure of the Lord to have taken Susannah and Ellen and Elisabeth. Should my brother be then living that he shall have the property held by Ellen Matheson--if he is departed, it is my will that my boys James and John shall have it and at their decease I will it to their offsprings should they have any, if not and Barry and Page should be living I will it to them or either of them, and when it has pleased Almighty God to Have taken them all and all their offsprings it is my will that all the above property be Sold to the best advantage and the money arising from the Sale thereof be appropriated as follows: One sixth part to the Baptist Missionary Society for foreign mission. One Sixth part to the Society for Carrying the glad tidings of the Gospel to the Indian tribes. One other Sixth part to the benefit of the African School in Boston. One other Sixth part to the school for teaching the Dief and Dumb and the remaining two parts to be appropriated to the benefit of any laudable Institution--the Executors may think proper to apply it--And I do hereby Lastly Constitute and appoint my dearly beloved wife Susannah Coyle alias Susannah Barry, David Briggs, John W Green, Richard Peacock, Sen'r, Bird C. Willis, Colo Hugh Mercer, Horace Marshall Esq'r, Robert Lewis and the Reve'd Samuel B. Wilson [Page 3] Executrix and Executors of this Will and Testament

In witness of all and of each of the things here in contained I have Set my Hand and Seal this third day of August in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty one.
David Coyle (Seal)

William A. Knox

Jno. Tayloe Lomax
J. K. Spooner
Cary J. Mercer
Albert S. Chew
Francis Brooke
Hugh Mercer
Byrd C. Willis
Lewis Willis Jr.
J. Minor
Alfred G. Carter

Capt. Byrd C. Willis having moved from this part of the world I do appoint Mr Thomas Sedder Executor to fill his place, and I also appoint Mr Jones Green my executor to this my last will and Testament-to fill the vacancy occasion'd by the removal of Doctr Lewis Willis.
David C. Coyle
9th Jan'y 1826

And further I do hearby appoint Alex'd Walker to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of one one of the exctor.
13 Febr'y 1826
David C. Coyle


Having purchased a piece of Land in the Count of Stafford, which is not Conveyed or disposed of to any person in my will. I ad this Codicil to to my will at my decease.

I give the Said piece or parcel of land to my wife Susannah Barry Coyle so long as she lives at her decease it Shall be a permanent residence for my man Barry and Page & her increase but it is my wish that Ellen Matheson shall have the management for them and see that they are not interupted during their good behavior and it is my will that Elizabeth Barry who it has pleased the Lord to deprive of both her speach & also her hearing Shall be maintained By those who hold my property so long as she lives-but She is not to be supported in Extravagance having Sold the Small Lot I purchased of Messr's Hackley & Glass & Co and which I had will'd to Ellen Matheson it is my will that She shall have a sufficient interest in the plantation in Staffor to Compensate her for the loss-and it is my will that my wife S. B. Coyle Shall have all the debts due to me by Bond or open acct and also the rents due me.

Witness my hand & Seal this 27 day of Dec'r 1825
David C. Coyle (seal)

Samuel Lucas

N.B. And it is my will that Alex'r Sorrill Shall take possession of the House & Lott I leased from Gen'l J. Minor & Lucy L. his and that the Exctors Convey the Same to him according to law-and that it is further my will that Alex'r Sorrill shall act as Executor Jointly with my wife Susannah and Ellen Matheson as it respects my land in Staffor & Sec to my people

Witness my hand this 10th Day of Febr'y 1826
David C. Coyle

I John Minor attest this codicil on the other side under the name of Wm. B. Hipkins.

[names on other side not transcribed]

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