Plan of Fredericksburg Virginia

Plan of Fredericksburg Virginia
Drawn in accordance with a resolution of the Common Council passed February 21, 1890. Under direction of the Committee on Finance, J.S. Knox, H.R. Gouldman and E.D. Cole, by L.R. Grabill, Civil Engineer. October, 1890

This map is based upon a special survey of the more important street lines, with additions from the present official map, (Braxton's, 1867), Gray's Map, 1878 and from various records in the Clerk's Office. The Maps of 1850 and earlier are missing. The system of numbers for squares or blocks is used for the first time in this map. The numbers of squares 120 and 135 are omitted for subsequent insertion if needed.

The original plan of the town provided for squares 264 ft. by 330 ft., with streets 66 ft. wide. Later additions are less regular. Boundary Stones are found only at A' and C'. The recorded courses of the boundaries on the Map of 1867 do no agree with the lines as shown thereon and as shown in this map; which are approximately parallel to the axes of the original system of streets.
The length of Caroline Street between the lines A'B' and C'D' is about 8470 ft.
The length of William Street from the east side of Sophia Street to the western boundary is about 3790 ft.
Where the number of a lot is inclosed in brackets, thus: (213), it has been wanting or is illegible in the Map of 1867 and has been supplied by me, without entire certainty.
[notes are as printed by L. R. Grabill, civil engineer]

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