Hodge Index to the Weekly Recorder

The Weekly Recorder newspaper was published semi-weekly from 1844 to 1847 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Originally owned by J. M. Campbell and J. C. Campbell.

In 1976 the Wallace Library of Fredericksburg, Virginia possessed a bound volume of newspapers labeled, on the spine, DEMOCRATIC RECORDER, 1842-1847. When examined, it was found that the volume actually contained forty-two issues of the DEMOCRATIC RECORDER, representing six volumes covering the time span September 9, 1842 to June 12, 1848 AND twenty-eight issues of the WEEKLY RECORDER, representing four volumes covering the time span May 11, 1844 to August 27, 1847. This volume was stolen from the library before 1979.

The index was prepared by Robert Hodge. The weekly, four-page, six-column issues were scanned for items deemed of value to the LOCAL historian and genealogist. Each entry consists of essentially four parts: Name, Reason for being, Publication date, and Page/Column numbers. The electronic version was created by the Center for Historic Preservation at Mary Washington College by scanning a copy of the text and then modifying the format to fit a table.

Note: There is no microfilm, nor any library copies of Weekly Recorder issues in Fredericksburg between 1844 and 1847.

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