The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, May 9, 1745. Number 458. Page 4, Column 2.

Whereas a free Ferry has been supported, for 3 Years past, from Anthony Strother's Landing, in King George County, to the publick Lot or Landing in Fredericksburgh, and as the Time at first agreed on is now expired, and the said Strother refuseth to undertake the same on the Terms agreed on by the first Subscription; and as this Proposal was at first set on Foot, as well for the publick Good in general, as the Town of Fredericksburgh in particular, who are sensible of the Advantage from such an undertaking: and since the Liberty at that place is denied, Mr. Gordon has agreed, by subscription to keep a good Ferry Boat, with an able-bodied man, constantly to attend at his Ferry, from Williams's landing to Mrs. Washington's. These are therefore to give Notice to all persons whatsoever, that they may go and come over the said ferry, free form any charge of Ferriage.