The Virginia Gazette

Friday, March 9, 1739. Number 136. Page 4, Column 1.

February 25, 1738

Ran away from the Subscribers, living at Fredericksburg, in Spotsylvania County, on the 24th Inst. At Night, two servant men. The one belonging to Col. Willis named William Kitchingman, a middle siz'd man, wears his own black, bushy hair: Had on, when he went away, a brown Kersey Coat, and a red one, a light colour'd Pair of Breeches, a pair of leather ditto, grey Stockings, 3 checkt Shirts, and 2 Dowlass ditto, new Shoes, a new Hat, and a Gun. The other belonging to James Boyd, named William-Cole Barnet, a middle siz'd man, red headed, but wears a Wigg; and had on, when he went away, a brown colour'd Kersey Coat, a light colour'd Kersey Jacket, green Worsted shag Breeches, grey stockings, 5 checkt Shirts, good shoes, and a good hat: They are both Englishmen and Convicts. Whoever secures the said Runaways, so as their Masters may have them again, shall have for each, or either of them, Two Pistoles reward, besides what the Law allows.

Henry Willis
James Boyd

N.B. The above Runaways being furnish'd with money, may disguise themselves by getting other cloaths. Their masters are well assur'd that they have forged passes.