The Virginia Gazette

November 8, 1770. Number 1016. Page 4, Column 1

To be SOLD, on Monday the 19th of November, if fair, otherwise next fair day, at Marlborough, the seat of the late John Mercer, Esq; deceased,

THE greatest part of his personal estate (except slaves) consisting of a variety of articles of household furniture too tedious to mention; a number of well chosen books, in good condition; a very large and choice stock of horses, brood mares, and colts, all blooded, and mostly from that very beautiful and high bred horse Ranter; a great number of black cattle, esteemed the best in the colony, equal in size to any beyond the Ridge, but superior to them, because they will thrive in shorter pastures; also 700 ounces of fashionable plate, and a genteel family coach, not more than seven years old, seldom used, with harness for six horses. Those articles were appraised, in December 1768, to 1738. The horses and black cattle are since increased, and now are in very good order; so that any person inclinable to purchase may depend on having enough to choose out of .

Also will then be sold several articles belonging to a BREWERY, viz. a cooper that boils 500 gallons, several iron bound buts that contain a whole brewing each, coolers, &c. &c. and a quantity of new iron hoops and rivets for casks or different sizes, lately imported.

RANTER is also for sale; he is as high bred as any horse on the continent, and is allowed by all that know him to be the handsomest they ever saw. He cost 300 about six year ago, has been well used, and is remarkable healthy.

Purchasers above 6. will have credit until the Fredericksburg September fair, on giving bond with security, with interest from the day of the sale, but if the money is paid when due, the interest will be abated.

Proper vessels will attend at Pasbytansy, for the conveyance of such as come from the side of Potowmack creek.