The Virginia Gazette

September 7, 1769. Number 955. Page 3, Column 2

To be SOLD at Fredericksburg October fair next, agreeable to the will of Dekar Thompson, deceased,

PART of a LOT, containing a quarter of an acre of ground, in the town of Falmouth, whereon is a convenient storehouse, a large warehouse, and a stable, all very conveniently situated for carrying on an extensive business, which the late Mr. Thompson did for several years past there. Also a half acre lot in the said town of Falmouth, with a good storehouse, and a large brick kitchen, the latter not quite finished. Mr. Thompson kept store on this last lot several years before he removed to the other. Credit will be allowed to the purchasers until October 10th 1770, and possession of the lots delivered on the first day of March next, the purchasers giving bond and approved security to