The Virginia Gazette

March 7, 1771. Number 1023. Page 3, Column 2


RUN away from the Sloop Tryal, in Rappahannock River, on the second of December last, a bright Mulatto Man Slave named SAM, the Property of Mr. Charles Yates of Fredericksburg, who bought him last May of Colonel Warner Lewis of Gloucester County, since which Time he has be constantly with me, until he ran off. He is about twenty five Years old, six Feet two Inches high, strong limbed, well made, and a very likely Fellow; he has a Scar on his Forehead once one of his Eyes, I think it is the left, some Colour in his Cheeks when warm, and has a long Shock of Wool on his Head, which he often shears about the Crown. He was bred partly to the Plantation and Farming Business, and sometimes, as he informed me, was employed as an Axe Man and Sawer, about Ship building. His Dress was such as a Sailors wear, and was imported ready made, an under Jacket of spotted Swanskin, or Cotton, and is too short for him in the Arms; he has also a milled double Yarn Cap, of two colours, and took with him his Bedding, a new spotted Rug which he had stolen, and several Yards of mixed coloured Broadcloth, cut from a whole Piece that he had stolen, the Remainder of which he distributed amongst the Sloop's Crew to bribe them to Secrecy. His Thefts were certainly the Cause of his Flight, to avoid the Gallows; for he was never punished whilst with me, nor ever complained, neither had he any Cause to be dissatisfied at his Treatment; and it is probable his Apprehensions will make him endeavour to escape out of the Colony, under the Character of a Seaman. I have heard he was at Norfolk on Christmas Day, and there pretended to have belonged to a Vessel lately wrecked on the Sea Coast. With such a Story some Person in Want of Hands might be induced to engage him. Should it have been so, any One knowing it shall be well rewarded for the information; and, if he is yet in the Colony, whoever apprehends him shall receive FIVE POUNDS on Delivery to me, or to his Master at Fredericksburg, beside what the Law allows for conveying him from the Place where he is taken up.