The Virginia Gazette

January 7, 1773. Number 348. Rind. Page 3, Column 3

To be SOLD, on the 1st day of February next, if fair, if not the next fair Day, at the Dwelling house of the late Mrs. McPherson of Caroline county,

The tract of LAND whereon she lived, containing 252 Acres, with a good dwellinghouse and other outhouses, the whole in good repair, and fit for cropping. Also 27 exceeding valuable SLAVES, together with Stock of black CATTLE, HORSES, and SHEEP, being the donation of the late Mr. Archibald McPherson, and now vested in the Trustees of the Town of Fredericksburg, for charitable Uses. The stocks, and part of the other estate, will be sold at short credit, to raise three Hundred Pounds to pay off the debts of Mr. McPherson, and the remainder to be sold of the following terms: Purchasers of a hundred pounds to have credit for seven years, paying interest annually from the date, on giving landed security, at the charge of the purchaser; but if annual Interest be unpaid for two Months after it is due, the principal to be called in. Purchasers under a hundred pounds to have credit for one year, bearing interest from the sale, on giving bond and security to the Trustees of Fredericksburg.