The Virginia Gazette

January 7, 1773. Number 1119. Page 3, Column 1, no. 2

JANUARY 1, 1773

The Sale of Mr. Roger Dixon's Estate, after three Days, being interrupted by bad Weather, and another Day being appointed, on which Nobody came, Wednesday the 20th of this Instant, and the following Days, will be sold the Remainder of the said Estate, consisting of a Number of Lots in the Town of Fredericksburg, some of which have improvements, near three Hundred Acres of LAND adjoining the Town, and a Tract of about three Hundred Acres, three Miles distant, payable the 15th of December next, with a Variety of good HOUSEHOLD and KITCHEN FURNITURE, and a few SLAVES, for which Credit will be allowed only until the 10th of June, upon Bond, with approved Security, being given to

JOHN DIXON, Administrator