The Virginia Gazette

January 7, 1773. Number 1119. Page 3, Column 1, no. 1

FREDERICKSBURG, January 1, 1773

The short Notice of my Sale preventing the Attendance of Purchasers, I propose selling the same Slaves at the same Place (Fredericksburg) on the 3d of February, if fair, otherwise next fair Day. Credit will be allowed for one Half till the 1st Day of May, and for the other Half till the 1st of November next; the Purchasers to get the Engagement of some Merchant to undertake for Payment at the Time appointed. The few that attended the former Sale can testify that they never saw so many young and likely Slaves at one Sale. As I sell forty three, and twenty more are now appointed to be sold the same Day, and as I shall have a Dozen to hire out, it is supposes any Person that wants may suit himself. Those that hire to give Bond and Security for the Payment of the Hire, and delivering up the Slaves at the Expiration of the Year.