The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, December 7, 1769. Number 187. Page 3, Column 3

THE creditors of Benjamin Grymes are desired to meet at John Carter's, in the back street; Williamsburg, on Thursday the 14th of December, at six o'clock in the evening, to settle matters of importance relative to the estate made over to them; which renders their attendance very necessary. As there have been several disappointments, which have been prejudicial to the estate, owing to base reports, it is necessary to say, that as much has been raised within the last two years as the slaves and what land is left would have sold for, and that it may reasonably be expected as much may be raised next year, as has been the last two, as will appear by the accounts, which will be then ready to lay before the creditors. The report of sundry persons, who live in or near the town of Fredericksburg, have agreed with Col. William Campe for the works, is too true, but as the works were engaged prior to that agreement, by Col. Campe, for the benefit of the creditors, there is no doubt but on the agreement being punctually complied with next April, the works will be secured, and the stock provided in consequence of the agreement, turned into cash, for the benefit of the estate.