The Virginia Gazette

September 5, 1771. Number 278. Page 4, Column 1

FREDERICKSBURG, September 5, 1771.

To be SOLD at the town house in Fredericksburg, on the 24th day of September next (being the second day of the fair)

SEVERAL articles belonging to the estate of the late John Mercer, Esq; deceased, for the particulars see this Gazette of the 29th of August. Credit will be allowed, for all sums above six pounds, till the 25th day of April next, being interest from the sale, to be abated if the principal is paid when due. Five per cent. discount will be allowed for ready money. All persons to give bond and security. Those who delay to do so, will be considered as not entitled to any credit.

I have reserved the first day of the fair for my clients, and request they will be so obliging as to do their business with me on that day, as it will be impossible for me to attend to any other business than this sale on the other days.

I beg leave to remind the purchasers at the last sale that their bonds will become payable the 23d of September next. As the money is really greatly wanting, I earnestly request them to be punctual in their payments.