The Virginia Gazette

February 4, 1768. Number [91?]. Page 4, Column 1

DECEMBER 10, 1767.

RUN away, last night from the subscriber, four convict servant men, named William Alexander, Edward Williams, Henry Johnson, And George Mckay, all of them Englishmen.

ALEXANDER is about 5 feet 10 inches high, of a dark complexion, and much pitted with the small-pox. Had on when he went off a blue coat with metal buttons, red scarlet jacket, and red plush breeches. He appears to a stranger at first view to wear a very sober face, and talks but little.

WILLIAMS, about 5 feet 9 inches high, of a fair complexion, wore a light coloured wig, and fine hat, with a black riband and metal buckle round the crown, a blue Surtout or Newmarket coat, a claret coloured coat and jacket, buckskin breeches, and very bad shoes.

JOHNSON is about the same height with Williams, but a little darker in the complexion. He had on a blue Newmarket coat with a large cape to it, jacket and breeches of the same colour, double breasted, and trimmed with black horn buttons; he has a large scar on his head, talks much, coarse and hoarse, and is very quarrelsome when drunk.

McKAY is about 5 feet 3 inches high, of a fair complexion, well look'd, very brisk, lively, and full of spirit. Had on a Dutch cap, a small curled brown wig, a white duffil jacket with lapels, and a flannel jacket under it, a pair of light coloured everlasting breeches, new shoes, and odd buckles in them.

As they have robbed the rest of the servants of sundries, they may change their dress. Whoever apprehends the above servants, and delivers them to Mr. James Anderson at Port Micou, Mr. William Woddrop at Hobb's-Hole, or to the subscriber at Fredericksburg, shall have FIVE POUNDS reward.

Robert Phillips.