The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, February 2, 1769. Number 143. Page 3, Column 3

LEEDS, Jan. 14, 1769.

RAN from a vessel at Fredericksburg, three convict me imported in the JUSTITIA, Capt. Somervell, named John Abbott, Philip Clerk, and Thomas Conner. The first is a tall, stout, well made fellow, light hair'd, and of a smooth complexion, and has on his left arm IA, maked with Indian Ink. Clerk is a middle sized man, wears his own black hair, and is a little marked with the small-pox. The other is also middle sized, light hair'd, and of a fair complexion. All three are Irishmen, and Conner retains much of the brogue. It is in vain to describe their dress, as they took with them sundry cloaths belonging to other servants. They will probably endeavour to pass for sailors. If taken up any where convenient to Leeds town, and they be there delivered to Capt. Somervell, he will pay for each FORTY SHILLINGS, besides what the law allows: But as John Abbot belongs to Mr. John Strother, of Culpeper county, the same reward will be given if he is delivered to him; and the other two belonging to Mr. Richard Woods, of Albemarle county, the same reward will be given on the delivery of either or both to him.