The Virginia Gazette

October 29, 1767. Number 858. Page 2, Column 2

To be SOLD, on Wednesday the 25th day of November (if fair, otherwise next fair day) on the premises,

SIXTEEN hundred acres of LAND, in the counties of Orange and Culpeper, lying on both sides the Rapidan river, just below the mouth of the Robinson river, and equal in quality to any of the lands in that part of the country. On the Orange side are all convenient buildings for cropping, chiefly new, and one of the most agreeable situations in the back country. The land will be laid off in lots and the purchase money to be paid at three equal payments; the first to be on the day of the next Fredericskburg June Fair, the second that time twelve month, and the remainder the June Fair in the year 1770, giving satisfactory security to