The Virginia Gazette

June 29, 1769. Number 945. Page 4, Column 1

STRAYED from the subscriber, on Tuesday the 13th of this inst. (JUNE) a lare bodied dark bay mare, which at a distance appears to be black, about 15 hands high, one of her hind footlocks white, has large ears, and an uncommon large space between them, a bushy flowing mane and short tail, of an unequal length, some malicious person about six weeks ago having tied brush to it and set it on fire, shod before, has some saddle spots on her back, supposed to be hurt with a bad saddle, the hair off her breast, occasioned by drawing in a single chair, and branded on the near buttock TN, but not very observable. As the subscriber bought her of Col. John Rose, on Tye river, in which neighborhood she was bred, it is supposed she has made up thecountry. Whoever delivers her to Mr. Neil McCoull, merchant in Fredericksburg, shall have 20s. reward; or if delivered to Mr. James Anderson, merchant at Port Micou, or the subscriber in Hobb's Hole, shall have 40s. upon her being delivered, or 20s. and all necessary expenses the person may have been at, paid. Or if any person will acquaint either of the above Gentlemen, by post or otherwise, where the mare is, the expenses of keeping her will be paid, and the mare sent for, which intelligence will be acknowledged as a favour done