The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, March 28, 1771. Number 255. Page 3, Column 3

FREDERICKSBURG, March 2, 1771.

THE badness of the weather obliged me to postpone the sale of the LOTS belonging to the estate of Doctor Sutherland, in Fredericksburg, agreeable to my former advertisement; I shall sell them on the 8th of April, on the terms formerly mentioned.

WILL be exposed for sale, at the May fair, 800 acres of LAND, belonging to the estate of Doctor Sutherland. It is situate and lies on the south side of Rappahannock river, about 4 or 5 miles from Fredericksburg. It is remarkably well timbered and watered, with a neat box of an house on one part of it, and on another an excellent plantation, with every conveniency for the planter, or farmer. It will be parcelled, or sold together, as may suit the purchasers. Credit will be given for one half the money till Sept. fair, and the other half till May follwing. An indisputable title will be made to the purchasers, on giving bond, with approved security.