The Virginia Gazette

October 25, 1770. Number 1014. Page 2, Column 3

FREDERICKSBURG, October 2, 1770.

WHEREAS my husband, William Paul, has thought fit to publish an advertisement forewarning all persons from trusting me on his account, and not to harbour me, I think it necessary to acquaint the publick that we some time ago parted by mutual consent, upon his delivering me a part of his personal estate, I at the same time, at his request, giving him two sufficient and undeniable securities that I would not run him in debt. If I have acted to the contrary since our separation, which he knows to be otherwise, he can have his remedy against my securities; and as to doing it before that period, of which he accuses me, the falsity of it will appear from the following certificate, dtate Sept. 28, 1770. "We the subscribers, merchants in Fredericksburg, do hereby certify that Fanny Paul, wife of William Paul, tailor, hath not contracted, with us, any debts on her said husband's account. Signed by William Porter, Neil McCoull, Henry Mitchell, William Reid, George Mitchell, James Duncanson, James Robb, John Mitchell, James Maury, Heslop & Blair." Neither am I concealed, but appear as usual; and I am resolved to recover, what is legally due, from William to