The Virginia Gazette

June 25, 1767. Number 840. Page 3, Column 2

To be SOLD at the store-house of William Scott and Company, in the town of Fredericksburg, on the 3d of August, being Spotsylvania court day, between the hours of two and four in the afternoon,

ONE half acre LOT in the said town, near the quarry landing, extending to the river, where may be made a good wharf, and convenient landing. There is on said lot a very good dry cellar, lately built with free stone, 70 feet long and 24 feet wide, on which may be erected any building the purchaser may choose.

Also will be sold, at the same time and place, a Negro man, two wenches, a young child, and two girls, one 14 and the other 6 years old, and some household furniture, the whole being the property of the said William Scott and Co. Six months credit will be allowed, on giving bond and security to

One of the surviving partners.