The Virginia Gazette

December 24, 1767. Number 85. Page 3, Column 4

[torn] made, [torn]

lops, a ridge mane and bob tail newly trimmed. He also stole and carried with him, a pair of new leather boots, and a pair of silver buckles. His dress, as well as can be remembered, was a dark mix'd coloured cloth coat, with blue waistcoat and breeches, a common half wore hat, and a black bob wig; but, as he had collected money amongst my customers, he may probably buy other cloaths. However, as his person is remarkable, and he is apt to get often drunk, at which times he talks much of what he has seen in the East-Indies, and calls himself the person that petitioned his Majesty, after receiving sentence of transportation, that would be graciously pleased to have him hanged, I hope he will not be able to escape unnoticed. He has been traced as far as Mr. Anthony Hay's in Williamsburg, where he quartered on the Thursday night following; but which road he took afterwards is not known. Whoever apprehends the said convict servant, and conveys him to me at Fredericksburg, shall receive, on delivering him up, five pounds current money; and two pounds more, if the horse is brought with him. If he is taken up in Carolina, a greater reward will be given, and that in proportion to the distance. All Captains of ships are requested to stop him, should he offer himself as a seamen, which business he pretends to understand.


P.S. He writes tolerably well, and may furnish himself with letters of recommendation, or passes. [3w.]