The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, April 24, 1746. Number 508. Page 3, Column 2.

Ran away from the Subscriber, in Fredericksburg, on Saturday Night the 12th Instant, a servant Man, named Henry-Valentine Beveradge: He is an Englishman, and came into the Country last July, in the Dorsetshire, Capt. Bowman, a Convict; a middle siz'd Fellow, of a ruddy complexion, aged about 28, with dark Hair. Had on when he went away, a light colour'd Kersey Coat, an Oznabrig Shirt, a pair of Oznabrig Trowsers, a Felt Hat, Shoes and stockings, and is a Skinner or Tanner by Trade. It's suppos'd he has forg'd a Pass. Whoever brings the said servant to me, shall have three Pistoles reward, and all reasonable charges

Samuel Hilldrup.