The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, March 23, 1769. Number 150. Page 3, Column 1

FREDERICKSBURG, March 15, 1769.

EXPECTING the decree of the General Court, directing the sale of the lands and slaves mortgaged to the late Col. John Champe, to be on the first day of April, I drew the advertisement which is published, and sent it to Col. William Champe, on Monday the 27th of February, and desired, if he had any amendment to propose, he would let me know it. As he was diverted from calling on me at the works the 28th, as he proposed by a message sent me by a white person, that he would come that afternoon or night, I hope I shall stand excused for my advertisement, as it was necessary some public notice should be given; and as to the difference in facts, the day of the sale will determine which is the rightest. If I had been applied to, I should have had no confusion, I hope I shall not be blamed. All that I can now do is, to give this short notice, that the forge and other lands advertised, will be offered for sale, on Monday the 3rd of April in Fredericksburg.