The Virginia Gazette

August 23, 1770. Number 224. Page 4, Column 1

To be RENTED, and entered upon immediately,

THE LONG ORDINARY in Fredericksburg, for the term of three years. Any person inclinable to rent, may be supplied (on reasonable terms) with the furniture in the said house, and a bargain in renting may be depended on, as I have some thoughts of leaving the colony in about 12 months, or as soon as I can settle my affairs. I have for sale several NEGROES, one of which is a valuable house wench, and a very good cook, young, strong, and healthy, who does not breed. Those who have any accounts against me are desired to send or bring them in, in order that I may contrive payment. Those indebted, who doubtless know the occasion of this, will be so kind as to make payment. I take this method to return my sincere thanks, and say I ever have in remembrance, and, when in my power, will repay, with the greatest acknowledgments, to my friends and customers, all former favours, and while I continue in the public way shall be still greatly obliged for a continuance of them; those will, at this time, confer much greater obligations than formerly, therefore will meet with the unfeigned thanks of,

Their most obedient and very humble servant,


P.S. Two very valuable LOTS for sale.