The Virginia Gazette

October 22, 1772. Number 1108. Page 2, Column 2

FREDERICKSBURG, October 18, 1772.

AS HORSE-STEALING is become so common, and the Difficulty of Conviction so great (as proved by a recent Instance) in Justice to myself, I am obliged to inform all Gentlemen who put up with me that I cannot be answerable for the forthcoming of Horses put into my Pasture or Stable thereafter, the Profits being very inadequate to the Risk. In the Instance now alluded to, I was within five Minutes of being answerable for two Beasts worth a Hundred Pounds; and though my Stable and Yard are as well secured as possible, a Villain found Means to possess himself of two valuable Mares, the Property of Mr. Henry Whiting and Mr. John Throckmorton of Gloucester. He was taken within fifteen Minutes after he had committed the Robbery, with the Creatures in his Possession; and yet he has escaped! It may be relied on that the best Care which human Prudence can suggest shall be taken, as formerly; but I will not be answerable for Robberies.


FREDERICKSBURG, October 18, 1772.

The Gentlemen of this Place and Falmouth have raised, by Subscription, the Sum of FIFTY POUNDS, which is deposited with Mr. George Weedon, as a Reward for apprehending and bringing to Justice any Person or Persons who shall, after the Date hereof, steal any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, the Property of the Subscriber. Twenty five to be paid on the County Court's committing the Thief for farther Trial, and twenty five Pounds on Conviction at the General Court.