The Virginia Gazette

April 22, 1773. Rind Number 363. Supplement Page 2, Column 1

There is now at my house at Capahosick ferry a Negro man about 26 years of age, by trade a carpenter and sawyer, an dis of a yellowish complexion. This fellows nearly answers the description of one that I advertised some time ago as run away from me, and was brought to me as such, having confessed, when taken up, that he was my property. However, as he has had the smallpox during the time he was absent from me, which makes a considerable alteration in him, and as he now says he does not belong to me, I am unwilling to claim him, and therefore desire any person, who may think himself entitled to him, will appear in a reasonable time after this notice, for which purpose I have advertised him. He says he passed at Baltimore, in Maryland, as a free man, by the name of George Green, and at Annapolis, in said province, by that of Charles Chevier, and that he lived in North Carolina upwards of three years. He has prevaricated much with respect to the person whom he belongs to, having first said that he was the property of Thomas Nelson, Esquire, of York, then that he belonged to one White on the Eastern Shore, and afterwards, to Samuel Sowerbutt's a butcher in Fredericksburg. He has been much whipped by constables, since run away, for his irregular behavior.