The Virginia Gazette

April 21, 1768. Number 883. Page 3, Column 1

I PURPOSE to reside in the county of Culpeper, as soon as I can sell my habitation and estate in and near Fredericksburg for near its value. I therefore now offer it for sale; and, although the great worth of it is well known, yet it may not be amiss to describe it, that it may be more generally known. The dwelling-house is very pleasantly situated on the main street, in a retired part of the town, and near the river, where a ship may lie close to the shore. There are three very good rooms, a large airy passage, and two large closets, below stairs, and three commodious dry cellars, with stone walls; and up stairs are four good chambers, with three fire-places, and a large closet. The out-houses are, a new built kitchen and laundry under one roof, with two good whitelimed rooms and fire-places above stairs; two other common kitchens for servants to lodge in, two dairies, one of them built with freestone, with several steps under ground; there are many other conveniences, such as a smokehouse, hen houses, a well of water, and several yards for wood, fowls, &c. a large coach house, with stables at each end, and two other stables and a large stable yard, and a cooper's and shoemaker's shop. These improvements are fix on three lots and a half of ground, consisting of half an acre each; the garden contains an acre of ground, is well paled in with locust posts, and the nort-west end has a high freestone wall, and is well stocked with fruits and everything necessary for a family. The land adjoining contains about 300 acres, the value of which is difficult to estimate; but, that the publick many form some judgment of it, I assure them that I received 2000. for not more than 50 acres of it, laid off in lots in the town, and I make not the least doubt but in a few years the like quantity may be worth the same price, as Fredericksburg (being at the head of navigation) commands a very extensive trade in the back country. On the land are several fine quarries of good free stone; for the liberty of raising stone there I seldom got less than 30 a year, which must increase in value, as the fund appears to be almost inexhaustible. The whole tract of land is fertile, and has about 40 acres of rich meadow ground on the river and Hazel run, and makes a complete little farm, and very profitable; on it are two good barns and a young orchard, in fine order for farming, and with proper management (as I have bestowed a good deal of manure on it, and had it well fallowed, under the methodical directions of a good farmer) 30 a hand may with ease be cleared every year. I have also 200 acres of land, well wooded, about two miles distant from the above tract, which I am also improving into a farm, and will sell it with the other, but not without it. It may be naturally asked why I would part with so agreeable and profitable a seat: I answer that I choose to get clear of debt; and besides, it is an estate that cannot admit of a division among seven children, five of them daughters, and is in too small a compass and of too great a value, for one.

I have a large store, compting house, warehouse, salt sheds, and cellar, under one roof, one the main street near my dwelling-house, on half a lot of ground, which I would sell separately from the rest, unless any Gentleman in trade would choose to purchase the whole square of two acres, with all my houses.

I also intend to sell the following parts of my estate, viz. A complete water mill, within 200 yards of my house, and not a quarter of a mile from the landing, the profit of which is about 200 a year in the flower manufactory, in the winter season; there are two bolting cloths, and a fine large granary, belonging to it.

My ferry lot and ferry, which now only rents for 15 a year, but must increase in value as the town grows.

The dwelling-house and two lots where Mrs. Crawford now lives, on the main street.

Also 15 vacant lots, within the bounds of the town of Fredericksburg.

Also 3000 acres of land, or thereabouts, in the county of Albemarle, on the three forks of Pretty's creek, which form a large quantity of rich low grounds, on which are three plantations in good order, with tobacco houses, &c. they generally produce good crops of tobacco and grain, and fine cattle and hogs; I seldom kill a beef from those quarters that weighs less that 180 wt. a quarter. I will also sell the Negroes on that land (about 20 in number) with the stocks, corn &c. and deliver them next Christmas to any Gentleman who will make me a tolerable offer for that whole estate.

I will also sell 1500 acres of very good land in Culpeper county running three miles on the Hedgman river.

Also my tavern at Culpeper court-house, which rents now only at 45 a year, and would be worth much more in better times.

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