The Virginia Gazette

September 20, 1770. Number 228. Page 3, Column 1


THE DWELLING HOUSE in Fredericksburg, with all the outhouses, and near a lot and a half of ground where I formerly lived; also two lots, with stables for upwards of twenty horses, and a room for carriages; The above would suit a publican extreme well, the house being very commodious for that purpose, as there is a large room 40 by 20, one ditto 17 by 20, two 17 by 10, all with fireplaces, and a hall 20 feet square between the two buildings, with a porch on each side, and five rooms above stairs, three of which have fire places. The large room would make a good ball room or a good store room, and the back building would suit a merchant with a family. For sale also, a large building erected for a BLOOMERY, for making of cast metal, with three lots of ground, which might easily be converted into a glass house, which is much wanted in this colony, which might be plentifully supplied with good cinders and proper sand, on easy terms. The above building would make a good theatre, which might be very beneficial to the town in general, and country adjacent, if proper persons, and of good demeanor, were to perform, it being very circular for a large concourse of audience, which but indifferent hand have experienced For terms apply to the agent, who will return an answer with expedition.