The Virginia Gazette

August 20, 1767. Number 848. Page 3, Column 2

To be SOLD at publick auction, on the 8th of September next, at the town of Norfolk, by Mr. Gilchrist of Norfolk, Vendue Master, on six months credit,

THE sloop MAYFLOWER, with her tackle and apparel, as she now stands. She carries about 80 hhds. of tobacco, is fit for sea or country service, and is about 5 years old.

Also to be SOLD, on the 10th day of September next, on the premises, on twelve months credit,

A WELL improved PLANTATION, in Spotsylvania county, whereon John Collins now lives, containing about 730 acres, on which is a small tub mill, with all the stocks of horses, cattle and hogs, waggons and carts, and plantation utensils; also a Negro fellow, two Negro wenches, and a child.

Likewise will be SOLD, to the highest bidders, on Wednesday the 7th of October next (being Fair day) at the town of Fredericksburg, in the county of Spotsylvania, on two years credit, with interest from the day of sale,

SEVERAL LOTS, and parts of LOTS, in the said town, whereon are many improvements, viz. The brick storehouse now occupied by Mr. Neil McCoul, two very commodious dwelling-houses, kitchens, meat-houses, &c. the same to be set up separately, by certain bounds to be shown on the day of sale, or at any time before. Also one half acre LOT, on the river side, next below Royston's warehouses, on which is a very good stone dry warehouse and salt house. Likewise two half acre lots near the river, opposite to the Quarry Landing, whereon is a large and convenient stable, corn housee, and granary; the said lots lately well enclosed with good paling.--The above premises being the property of the late William Scott and Co.

One of the surviving partners.