The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, July 19, 1770. Number 1000. Page 3, Column 2


I HAVE just completed a MERCHANT MILL within 200 yards of Fredericksburg, and convenient to a landing where sea vessels may quickly load that do not draw more than ten feet water. I expect to be above to manufacture upwards of 20,000 bushels of wheat in a year, which is more than my present stock can afford to supply the mill with, without some assistance of my friends. I therefore propose to manufacture wheat for merchants, or others, on the following moderate terms: I will grind, bolt, and pack the flower, coarse and fine, for 4d. sterling for every bushel of wheat delivered to me, and deliver all the bran, or for 3d. sterling if the brand is left as my own; and I shall charge no more than 1s. 8d. sterling for each bread barrel and nailing, and I will deliver it at the landing or mill, as the owner may choose. I cannot undertake to manufacture a less quantity than 100 bushels for any one person on the above terms, a less quantity I shall require the usual toll for; and if the merchants in my neighbourhood, or elsewhere, will encourage me largely, I will agree not only to take my pay in wheat for manufacturing (if they choose it) at the market price, but for whatever flower or ship bread they may buy of me I will agree to take one third part of the price in West India or other goods, at the market price, and the other two thirds in cash on three months credit. I am am ready to treat with any Gentleman who may be willing to make a trial of this trade, which I think would be to our mutual advantage, especially as the people of this country, now going largely on making wheat, will pay the merchants in that commodity. I would recommend to all dearlers in wheat to buy none but what is threshed or trod out on a plank floor, and to weigh it; if it turns out 60 wt. per bushel the profit will be worth while, as well to the maker as the buyer, but if under that standard the real loss will be equal to a penny a pound for what it falls short of that weight in each bushel. I am willing to contract for a number of years for the purchase of wheat, and for the sale of flower and ship bread. [3m]