The Virginia Gazette

January 18, 1770. Number 193. Page 4, Column 2, No. 2

To be SOLD, on Monday the 9th day of April, at the Poplar Quarter, in the County of Stafford, about 12 miles above Falmouth.

THIRTY-FIVE lots of LAND, containing from 150 to 200 acres each, under leases. The rents from ten to five pounds. Also ten unimproved lots of 200 acres each. Credit will be given to the 1st day of April, 1771, giving bond and good security.

On Wednesday the 11 of April, will be sold on the same terms, at Covington's ordinary, n the county of Fauquier, nine lots, containing from 100 to 150 acres, lying on Red Oak run.

And at the Fredericksburg June fair, will also be sold, two lots of land under the tenure of the late George Gray, lying on the Horsepen run, in Culpeper.

On the above terms will be sold, at Herod's ordinary, about six miles above the falls, 1500 acres of land, in lots of 100 acres, lying on Rappahannock river, about 12 miles above Falmouth, commonly called Richland, on the 3d day of May. Also on the 10th day of May, it being Caroline court day, a compleat new mill, on a stream that never was known to fail in the driest season; she was finished at Christmas, about 5 miles from Port Royal, and convenient to as fine a grain country as is perhaps to be met with.