The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, January 18, 1770. Number 974. Page 4, Column 2

FREDERICKSBURG, December 9, 1769.

NEWMARKET, a plantation on Pamunkey river, in Spotsylvania county, will be sold on the premises, to the highest bidder, the 1st of March next. It contains about 800 acres, equal in quality with the lands adjoining it. There are very good improvements, the house, which has brick chimneys, is large and neat, is situated on the main road to Hanover, and is one of the best country places in the colony for an ordinary. And on the 8th of the said month a plantation near Mr. Acquila Johnson's ordinary, in Caroline, and within 20 miles of Fredericksburg, formerly occupied by Mr. Morrison, will be sold at Caroline courthouse. It contains about 4 or 500 acres, and has a very good house, with other necessary improvements, and is a healthy agreeable situation. I propose the purchasers shall have three years credit, on giving bond with good security, bearing interest after a twelvemonth. They may be entered on immediately.