The Virginia Gazette

April 18, 1766. Number 778. Page 3, Column 2, No. 2

Catherine Rathall, Milliner, Lately arrived from London, at present in Fredericksburg, Virginia, has a large assortment of European and other GOODS, suitable for Ladies and Gentlemen, which she sells very cheap.

Among other things she has the best flowered and plain satins, flowered and plain modes, farcenets, and Persians flowered, striped, and plain English gauze, from 5s. 9d. to 12s. a yard, great variety of blond, minionet, thread, and black lace, joining blonds for Ladies caps and handkerchiefs, black and white gauze handkerchiefs, wedding and other fans from 4s. 6d. to 30s. ready made stomachers and knots, a great variety of ribands, French beads and earrings, Ladies caps from 2s. 6d. to 25s. fly caps and lappets, egrets of all sorts, silk and leather gloves and mits, summer hats and cloaks, cardinals, French tippets, black gauze and catgut love riband for mournings, silk thread, and cotton stockings, for Ladies and Gentlemen, Gentlemen's laced ruffles from 30s to 10. Bags for wigs and solitaires, Irish linens and tapes in variety, garnet and Bristol stone and pearl sleeve buttons set in silver, garnet and gold brooches, a variety of silver shoe buckles, in the newest fashion for Ladies and Gentlement, with knee buckles for the latter, silver thimbles with steel bottoms, pencils in silver cases, enamelled nutmeg graters, best needles sorted in due proportion from the finest cambrick to the largest darning needles, in such variety as never before imported; with some articles of STATIONARY, viz. Blank legers, memorandum and pocket books in great variety, and sundry articles too tedious to mention.

She also makes all sorts of MILLINERY, in the best and newest taste, for the following prices: Full dress suits at 11s. 6d. laced do. at 9s. 6d. plain do. at 7s. 6d. also washes and makes up all sorts of laces and gauzes, so as to be little inferior to new.

As the said Catherine Rathall is but lately come into the country, and her continuance here very uncertain, she sells for ready money only, and at a very low advance; and as she is contented to make a reasonable profit, she assures those who shall favour her with their commands that the fall of the exchange shall be to their benefit. And she flatters herself her goods, and prices, will give general satisfaction; for as they were chosen by herself, and bought with ready money from the best hands, they are both good and reasonable.

N.B. At the same place may be had the genuine Dr. Anderson's pills.