The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, December 15, 1768. Number 136. Page 2, Column 3

MARLBOROUGH, November 26, 1768.

ALL persons indebted to the estate of the late John Mercer, Esq; of Marlborough, are requested to make payment to Mr. James Mercer, of Fredericksburg, who is fully authorized to settle all matters relative to the said estate. Those who have any demands against the said estate, are also requested to make them known to the said James Mercer.

ANNE MERCER, Executrix.

FREDERICKSBURG, Nov. 27, 1768.

To be SOLD by private sale,

A LARGE and well chosen collection of BOOKS, being all the library of the late John Mercer, Esq; deceased, except such as are reserved for the use of his children. Those to be sold consist of more than 1200 volumes now at home, with which it is hoped may be reckoned upwards of 400 volumes which appear to be missing by the said Mercer's catalogue; as he never sold any, those wanting, are supposed to be lent out. The borrowers are hereby requested to return them before the 19th of December next, the day appointed for the appraising of the estate. After the appraisement a catalogue may be seen, by applying to Mr. Alexander Rose, Attorney at Law, of the county of King George, and the subscriber, who will sell to any inclinable to purchase before the 20th day of April next; after which time, those remaining, will be advertised and sold at Williamsburg.

Also to be sold, about 20 mares and colts, and 40 pair of cows and calves. The colts are the breed of the beautiful horse, Ranter, who is for sale; his pedigree has been formerly published in the Gazette, by which it will appear he is as well related as any horse on the continent. He cost 330 currency at his last sale, about 4 years ago, and is nothing worse except in age, and that can be but little in a horse kept for the sole use of covering. The cows and calves are equal to any in Virginia, and are sold only to reduce the stock to a proper number for the plantation.

Mr. Mercer's account book will be lodged with the subscriber, and may be seen during the intervals of the General Courts, at Fredericksburg, and also at Williamsburg during the sitting of the said courts and the General Assembly. To it any debtor may have access to know his balance, in discharge of which I will take tobacco, corn, or wheat, delivered here or at Marlborough. Those who cannot pay immediately, must give bond payable in a reasonable time, or else suits will be brought.

As the said Mr. Rose has been so obliging as to offer his friendly assistance in transacting any business relative to this estate, if it will be more convenient for any debtor to settle with the said Rose than with the subscriber, he may do so.