The Virginia Gazette

April 14, 1768. Number 101 Supplement. Page 2, Column 2

A scheme of a Lottery for disposing of a tract of Land, Slaves, &c. belonging to the subscriber: and as it is intended to raise a sum of money to discharge my debts, I hope it will meet with that encouragement due to an honest intention.

Prize Val
1 of 250 To consist of a valuable tract of land, lying in Spotsylvania county, on one of the branches of Mattapony river, containing four hundred acres, with pretty good improvements, viz. A dwelling house with four rooms on a floor, kitchen, dairy, meat-house, &c. a garden about one hundred and fifty feet square, and yard newly paled in. There are three valuable apple orchards on the said land. The plantation now rents for 12 per annum.
1 of 75 A Negro man named John, about 37 years old, Virginia born, and an extraordinary good planter.
1 of 45 A Negro wench named Judy, about 34 years old; she has had four children, and it is imagined is now with child.
4 of 5 20 To consist of valuable household furniture, to be valued by three indifferent men.
4 of 5 20 To consist of cattle, to be valued as above.
4 of 10 40 To consist of horses, to be valued as above.

15 Prizes.
75 Blanks.
90 Tickets, at 5 each is 450.

The land may be entered upon the first day of December next, and the Negroes, &c will be delivered at the same time.--The drawing will be at Fredericksburg, on the first day of the next June fair. The managers are Mr. Roger Dixon, and Mr. Alexander Wodrow, of whom tickets may be had; as also of Capt. William Johnston, near Caroline court-house, Mr. Benjamin Johnston in Fredericksburg, and the subscriber at Culpeper court-house.