The Virginia Gazette

August 13, 1772. Number 1098. Page 2, Column 3


RUN away, on the 8th of July last, from the Subscriber's Plantation near Frederick Zimmerman's Ordinary, in Culpeper, an English Convict Servant Man named JOHN BOOKER, about thirty three Years old, five Feet six Inches high, with a narrow Visage, ruddy Countenance, a little pitted with the Smallpox, dark Hair untied, was born in Yorkshire, speaks broad, is fond of liquor, and talkative; he has been about two Years in the Country, is a good Ditcher, and well acquainted with the Country Business. He had on, and took with him, two brown coloured Coats, one with Twist, and the other with plat Metal Buttons, a lapelled Scarlet Jacket, his Breeches much the same with the Coats, several Shirts, two Pair of Shoes, Yarn Stockings, and brown Trousers; he had with him a Box of Wafers, a Parchment covered Memorandum Pocket Book, will probably have some Kind of Pass, and change his Name. This Fellow, with one belonging to Mr. William Allan of Culpeper, ran away last April, and were advertised in this Gazette; Booker delivered himself to a Man in Albemarle, who brought him home, but the other made his Escape, and my Fellow has now made another Elopement, without any Kind of Provocation. I will give the above Reward to any Person who will deliver him to Mr. Edward Stevens at Culpeper Courthouse, to the Overseer at my Plantation, or to me in Fredericksburg; or FORTY SHILLINGS if secured in any Jail, so that I get him again.