The Virginia Gazette

December 11, 1766. Number 31. Page 3, Column 2

ON the Thirteenth of December, 1766, will be a CONCERT of MUSICK in Fredericksburg, for the Entertainment of all Gentlemen and Ladies, who will favour the Subscriber with their Company. Several of the best Hands in Virginia will assist in the Concert, which will be composed as follows, viz.

3 Violins,
1 Tenor,
1 Bass,
2 Fluits,
1 Hautboy,
1 Horn,
1 Harpsichord.

The Concert to begin precisely at Six o'Clock in the Evening. A genteel Supper, and Liquor suitable for such an Occasion, will be prepared. After Supper, a BALL, which will be free to all Encouragers of the above Scheme, as long as the Ladies stay. Tickets at 7s. 6d. which may be had a Port Royal, Fredericksburg, Falmouth, and of the Subscriber,