The Virginia Gazette

December 10, 1772. Number 1115. Page 3, Column 2, No. 2

Fredericksburg, December 1, 1772.

HAVING still a very large Assortment of European and other GOODS on Hand, many of which were imported from London, etc., this Summer, I would willingly lump off the Whole, or in Parcels, at a very low Advance, for Cash, Tobacco, Bills of Exchange, or at a short Credit, with Security. -- Mean Time I will sell them in smaller Parcels, or by Retail, at fifty per Cent. Advance on first Sterling Cost (by real Invoice) for ready Money, or Tobacco. Among the above is a full assortment of striped duffils, of various Prices, Blankets and Rugs of almost all Kinds and Prices, also Coverlides, &c.


N.B. I must earnestly request all those whose Bonds and Accounts are due to make speedy Payment, and save me from the disagreeable Necessity I am under of putting to immediate Diligence all Bonds and Accounts, over due, that are not paid this Fall, or very early next Spring, and that without Respect of Persons. The Gentlemen, and others indebted, paying a particular Attention to this, will very greatly oblige.
G. M.