List of Merchants Licenses issued within the District of Fredericksburg from the 2d day of May 1808 untill the 1st day of May 1819 inclusive.

Date Name License Tax
May 2d Shepherd, John M $15.00
6 Christy, Joseph $14.75
20 Dixon, James & Co $14.16
Dec 4 Wm T. Williams $6.12
J. Robt Crutchfield Recpts $50.03
May 1st Gordon, William & Co $15.00
Gordonk, Samuel Junr $15.00
Buck, Anthony $15.00
Coakley, John $15.00
Parrott, Robert $15.00
Stairs, Jacob $15.00
Cox, George $15.00
Peacock, Richard $15.00
Young, James & Co $15.00
Marshall, Horace $15.00
Goodwin, Thomas $15.00
Johnston, Thomas S $15.00
Marstin, Mordecai $15.00
Taylor, William $15.00
Patton, Robert $15.00
Mackey, Robert $15.00
Brownlow, John $15.00
Chewning, Tinsley $15.00
Mark, John $15.00
Murray, G & Mandell $15.00
Scott, John $15.00
Smock, Peter $15.00
Jones, Charles Senr $15.00
Jones, Chs Junr $15.00
Shepherd, John M $15.00
Porter & Farish $15.00
Rawlings, John H & Co $15.00
Total $455.03
Amount Brought Up $455.03
Wellford, William $15.00
Coupar, Robert $15.00
Smith, John Junr $15.00
Thom, T Reuben $15.00
Hardia, William $15.00
Donaldson, Adam $15.00
Newby, James $15.00
Cook, Adam $15.00
Lucas, Zachariah $15.00
Brown, William B $15.00
Patterson, John & Co $15.00
James, William $15.00
Shultice, John L $15.00
Christy, Joseph $15.00
Jones, James R $15.00
Dixon, James & Co $15.00
Stone, Willam S $15.00
Caldwewll, William $15.00
Henderson, David $15.00
Duncan, Alexander $15.00
Chewning, Samuel $15.00
Davis, Porter $15.00
Johnston, Richard & Son $15.00
Steward, William $15.00
Welch, George $15.00
J M Herndon's Recpts $780.00
Total Amt $830.02

Fredericksburg, May 1st 1809
Geo W. B. Spooner
Comr of Revenue for the District of Fredg

Fredericksburg 15th May 1809
Annexed is a list of Merchants Licenses granted by me to the persons whose names are therein mentioned, upon their presenting the receipts of the Collectors or Sheriffs of the County of Spotsylvania -- Which list I now transmit to you in obedience to an Act of the General Assembly
I am Respectfully
Your Obt
Geo W B Spooner
Comr of Revernue for the District of Fredericksburg

Mr. Samuel Sheppard

Fred'g 11 May 1809
Annexed is a list of taxes which I have rec'd on Merchants Licenses in Fred'g
I shall send you the money by Mr. Botts or Gen'l Minor when they go to the High Court of Chancery about the first, or from the 1st to the 10th of next month, which I hope will be in time. If not write me immediately by mail & I will try to remit it by an earlier opportunity
Yr Hble Servt
Jno. M. H[erndon]

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