Tax Exempt Properties in Fredericksburg for the year 1850

Name No of Lots Building Bldg + Land Location
Episcopal Church & Bury Ground 276 22,500 25,000 E side Pr Anne between George & William Sts
Presbyterian Church pt 58 9,000 10,000 West Cor Pr Anne & George Sts
Baptist Church (Col'd) pt 4 2,500 3,000 Cor Sophia & Hanover Sts
Reformers Church pt 32 1,500 2,000 E side Caroline between Amelia & Lewis Sts
Methodist Episcopal Ch (North) pt 33 4,250 5,000 S side Hanover between Pr Anne & Charles Sts
Methodist Episcopal Ch (South) pt 309 5,000 6,000 Cor Charles & George Sts
Court House pt 42 2,000 3,000 E side Pr Anne between George & Hanover Sts
Clerks Office pt 42 750 1,000
Jail pt 44 6,500 7,500
Union Fire Co office pt 42 750 1,000
Hope Fire Co office pt 44 500 750
Masonic Burying Ground 125 1,000 W side Charles between George & William Sts (62 & 56)
Corporation Burying Ground 137,138,139,140 2,500 Between William & George Sts
Town Hall, market below pt 305 7,000 8,000 E side Pr Ann between William & George Sts
Female Orphan Asylum 123 7,500 9,000 E side Caroline between Lewis & Amelia Sts [lined through with the following substituted] Cor Charles & Amelia Sts
Female Charity School pt 32 2,000 2,500
Female Charity School & Masonic Hall pt 42 3,500 4,000
Male Charity School pt 42 750 1,000 N side Hanover between Caroline & Pr Anne Sts
Thos Hansons Academy pt 145 1,750 2,000
Fredericksburg Cemetery [lined through 1,000 fronting William St West of Washington Avenue
Shiloh Baptist Church Cold. [lined through] Cor Sophia & Hanover Sts
St Mary's Catholic Church 125 W side Pr Anne between Hanover & Charlotte Sts
Masonic Burying Ground, Lodge No. 4 William Street near cor Liberty St
Potters Field Burying Ground W side Barton Street
Baptist Church E Cor Pr Anne & Amelia Sts
St Mary's Catholic parsonage W side Pr Anne between Hanover & Charlotte Sts (Sandy Hack Sheet[?])
Confederate Cem. N of Fredericksburg Cemetary & W Washington Avenue
St George's Benevolent Society S Cor William & Pr Edward Sts (Johnston, Herndon, Barton agts)
Methodist E. Church Parsonage N side Hanover between Charles & Pr Edward
Directory (?) S side Hanover between Pr Anne & Charles sts
Methodist Burying Ground N side George St.
Fredericksburg Cemetery N side William St & west of Washington Ave.

This page is in the back of the 1850 land book bound in volume "1850-1856", properties without Lot numbers were later added in pencil.
The printed form has columns for Residence and Estate which were not used and have not been included in this transcription.

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