Thomas Harrison & Co and Ernest Stoffregen

Fredericksburg, Virginia
Deed Book U, page 511
16 September 1868

Articles of agreement made and concluded this sixteenth day of September one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight between Harrison & Co. of the first part, and Ernest Stoffregen of the second part - as follows- The said Harrison & Co., for the consideration hereinafter mentioned, doth for themselves, their heirs &c convenant with the said Ernest Stoffregen, his heirs &c, that they the said Harrison & Co. shall and will in good and workmanlike manner build and furnish the wood work of a two story brick house fronting on Caroline Street in the town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. The said house to have a plain neat open front with one door and two windows in the same, with panel shutters to the said windows - The whole house to have fifteen windows, twelve lights, 10x15 glass each and ten doors of good white pine four panel plain, one and a half inches thick. The house being nineteen by forty feet in size. The store to be seventeen by twenty feet, a passage room of five feet, a back room fourteen by seventeen feet and one plain stairway in passage. The store and back room and up stairs to be wainscoted four feet high with a plain cap. The second story to be divided into two rooms. The house to have a brick cornice and to be covered with good cypress shingles. All the joists in first and second story to be two by ten inches. The ceiling joists to be 2 x 8. The rafters to be 2 x 7 at bottom and 2 x 5 at top. The first floor joists to be placed twenty inches from center to center, the second floor joists to be placed sixteen inches from center to center. The raising joists to be two feet from center to center. The flooring down stairs to be 1 inches flooring and the flooring up stair to be 1 inch flooring. The windows and door frames to be trimmed off plain. Windows to have blinds of good white pine, with stationary slats. All the aforesaid wood work in said house to be native yellow pine, except the doors, sash and blinds, which are to be of good white pine. All that is done over and above the aforementioned work, or any changes therein, are to be considered extra. In consideration whereof the said Ernest Stoffregen binds himself, his heirs &c to pay to the said Harrison & Co., their heirs &c, the sum of seven hundred & seventy-five dollars within thirty days after completion of the said wood work. The said Ernest Stoffregen furthermore agrees and binds himself to furnish the sheeting plank, lintels, and one keg 10d nails for said wood work and agrees and binds himself that the said Harrison & Co. shall not be delayed or hindered in their work by reason of having to wait for the erection & completion of the brick work of said house.

Whereof we hereunto set our hands and seals the day and year above written.
Thomas Harrison
Benjamin F. Currell
E. Stoffregen

Sealed & delivered in the presence of
Sam'l S. Brooke
G. H. Revere
Chr. Armat