Fredericksburg, Virginia
City Directory

published by Chas. Insco Williams

an asterisk [*] was used in the orginal to identify an African American resident.

Abbey, C A (Constance), mgr, Princess Anne Hotel
Abbey, Marika Susanne, Princess Anne Hotel
Abbis, H, fruit store, Main
Adams Book Store, 205 Commerce
Adams, J W (Belle T), clerk corp court, 1500 Main
Adams, Marian V, student, 1500 Main
A No 1 Cafe, G Virvos-owner, 212 Commerce
Addington, Frank (Myrtle), government work, Doswell Field
Alcorn, Charles, blacksmith, 307 Charles
Alexander, A D, mechanic, Hanover Apts
Alexander, Mabel, stenographer, Hanover Apts
*Alexander, Henry, barber, 310 Charles
*Alexander, Nannie, 310 Charles
*Alexander, George (Fanny), laborer, 107 Amelia
*Alexander, Julia, 1513 Charles
*Alexander, Josephine, servant, 1513 Charles
*Alexander, Leonard, chauffeur, 1105 Douglas
*Alexander, Lena, 1105 Douglas
*Alexander, Margaret, cook, 321 Charlotte
*Alexander, Peter (Mary), laborer, 1103 Douglas
*Alexander, Sallie, laundress, 321 Charlotte
*Alexander, Rose, 1513 Charles
Aldrich, Annie P, 906 Main
Aldrich, Hilda P, 1306 Main
Aldridge, Fred, cashier frt office, 608 Hawke
Aldridge, John, 411 Commerce
Aldridge, Kate, stenographer, 608 Hawke
Aldridge, Melvin, commercial traveler, 608 Hawke
Alford, Willard (Priscilla), 413 Pitt
Allen, James M (Minnie), horseshoer, 1304 Water
Allen, Temple, laborer, 807 Main
Allison, Annie E, Lee av
Allison, Clifton, clerk, Princess Anne Hotel, Lee av
Allison, Doris E, Lee av
Allison, Edward V, Lee av
Allison, Emmett C (Pearl), shipping clerk, 803 Charlotte
Allison, John W, real estate, (125 Main), Lee av
Allison, Jeannette, Lee av
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Allison, Emmett L, foreman, shoe factory, Lee av
Allison, Mary, stenographer, Lee av
Allison, Sallie, Lee av
Allison, Thelma, Lee av
Allison, William, foreman, shoe factory, Lee av
*Alsop, Aubrey (Nellie), driver, 1407 Charles
Alsop, Bernard (Edith), laborer, 221 Charles
*Alsop, Carlisle (Gladys), laborer, 1111 Winchester
Alsop, Clarence (Anne), laborer, Mayfield
*Alsop, Daisy, washerwoman, 522 George
*Alsop, Emmett, laborer, 908 Liberty
*Alsop, Gladys, 510 Amelia
*Alsop, Howard, 1111 Winchester
*Alsop, Murray (Lizzie), laborer, 519 Hanover
*Alsop, Wallace (Rose), laborer, 1111 Winchester
Alsop, Waverly, laborer, 521 Hanover
American Railway Express Co, Main at R R
*Anderson, Edward (Mary), 519 Princess Anne
Anderson, Geraldine, 1404 Main
*Anderson, Mary E, 519 Princess Anne
Anderson, Maria, washerwoman, Wolfe
Anderson, Roberta, 1404 Main
Anderson, Sallie, 1403 Prince Edward
Andrews, Frank (Cora), laborer, 706 Main
Angel, James, 208 Main
Armstrong, Ashton, salesman, 503 Nat Boulevard
Armstrong, Casey, clerk, Lafayette
Armstrong, Charles, student, Lafayette
Armstrong, George (Maud), Lee av
Armstrong, J Casey, meat market, Lafayette
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Armstrong, James E, boarding house, 411 Commerce
Armstrong, Eliza, 411 Commerce
Armstrong, Elsie, Lafayette
Armstrong, Mollie, Lafayette
Armstrong, Mitchell, chauffeur, 503 Nat Boulevard
Armstrong, Lewis, 503 Nat Boulevard
Armstrong, Mabel, bookkeeper, 555 Nat Boulevard
Armstrong, Nellie, stenographer, 411 Commerce
Armstrong, Ollie M (Inez), merchant, 503 Nat Boulevard
Armstrong, Willie T (Annie), farmer, 555 Nat Boulevard
Asche, Albert, clerk, 1200 Prince Edward
Ashby, Minnie, 209 Hanover
Ashby, Charles, 209 Hanover
Ashley, Edwin, employed creamery, 1611 Princess Anne
Ashley, Helen, 1611 Princess Anne
Ashley, Julian, shoemaker, 1611 Princess Anne
Athens Hotel, 800 Main
Atkins, Ada, laundress, 916 Hanover
Atkins, John W (Gertrude), switchman, 317 Charles
Authon, Charles J (Columbia), carpenter, 125 Main

Baccinglupo, Mary, tel operator, 900 Hanover
Bailey, Eugene, salesman, 912 Nat Boulevard
Bailey, Flossie, stenographer, 912 Nat Boulevard
Bailey, Genevieve, stenographer, 912 Nat Boulevard
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Bailey, Mary, stenographer, 603 Fauquier
Bailey, Mattie, 912 Nat Boulevard
Bailey, Raymond C (Nellie), electrician, Wolfe
Baker and Wallace, wholesale dry goods, 913 Main
Baker, Annie D, 1410 Main
Baker, Anna M, 1410 Main
Baker, Clifton, silk mill, Doswell Field
Baker, Eddie, silk mill, Doswell Field
Baker, Edward, Doswell Field
Baker, Elsie, student, 608 Main
Baker, Ethel, Doswell Field
Baker, George (Callie), stone cutter, Doswell Field
Baker, Joseph, hauling etc, 205 Hawke
Baker, Lola, Doswell Field
Baker, Louis H, 608 Main
Baker, Mary A, Doswell Field
Baker, Lucy, maid, 612 Lewis
Baker, Minnie, pants factory, Doswell Field
Baker, Margaret, 130 Main
Baker, Flossie, laundress normal, Doswell Field
Baker, Richard (Elma), fireman at foundry, Doswell Field
Baker, Robert, planing Mill, Doswell Field
Ball, Harry, laborer, 543 Willis
*Ball, Mary, servant, 317 Prince Edward
Ball, Rena, 543 Willis
Ball, Sidney, plumber, 543 Willis
Baldwin, Daniel (Effie), bricklayer, 905 Charles
Baldwin, Edith, 905 Charles
Baldwin, Frank C, Snowden Farms
Ballard, Arthur (Ida), drayman, Charlotte
Ballard, Claude (Mary), laborer, Charlotte
Ballard, Estelle, saleswoman, Charlotte
Ballard, James, machinist, Charlotte
Ballard, James (Adelaide), watchman, Canal
Ballard, Ida, pants factory, 1711 Charles
Ballard, Harold, printer, Charlotte
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Ballard, Joseph (Annie), tie inspector, 601 Wolfe
Ballard, Percy, Charlotte
*Bankett, Carrie, 1117 Douglas
*Bankett, Freda, 1117 Douglas
Bankard, Harry (Mary), carpenter, 312 Frederick
Banner Store, dry goods, 926 Main
Barney, Josephine, student, 1014 Princess Anne
Barney, Julia A, boarding house, 1014 Princess Anne
Barney, Dr J N, surgeon U S A, 1014 Princess Anne
Barney, Etta, teacher, 203 Pitt
Barney, Carrie, nurse, 203 Pitt
Barney, Helen W, nurse, 203 Pitt
*Barger, Mary, servant, Washington av
Barrett, Bertha V, 103 Hawke
Barrett, Earnest, laborer, 103 Hawke
Barton, Lucy, silk mill, 1610 Princess Anne
Baseler, Emma, seamstress and organist, 612 Main
*Bass, May F, 508 Amelia
*Bass, Maud, 508 Amelia
*Bass, Rosetta, teacher, 304 Wolfe
Bauman, Cordelia, 216 Main
Bauman, Kuzner, office city manager, 216 Main
Bauman, Mary E, 216 Main
*Baylor, Charles, barber, 232 Princess Anne
*Baylor, Chester, barber, 232 Princess Anne
Baylor, Irving, 1017 Winchester
*Baylor, Mary, dressmaker, 232 Princess Anne
*Baylor, Virginia, 232 Princess Anne
*Baylor, William, barber, 232 Princess Anne
*Baylor, Mary, 215 Ferdinand
*Baylor, Melachi, laborer, 1513 Charles
*Baylor, Wm H (Cora L), barber, Third
Beacher, Anne, 503 Main
Beasley, Claude, servant, 519 Hanover
Beckwith, Allie M, 816 Main
Beckwith, B M, Lee av
Beckwith, A J, electrician, Lee av
Beckwith, Hayes, tel operator, Lee av
Beckwith, Hayes Jr, Lee av
Beckwith, Mary B, Lee av
Beckwith, M W, Lee av
Bedford, George A, boarding house, 706 Main
Bell, Eddie C (Madge), furniture etc, 1107 Prince Edward
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Bell, Irma, student, 1107 Prince Edward
Bell, John, road constructor, Washington av
Bell, Russell G, carpenter, 801 Charlotte
Bell, Wm A, Bell Furniture Store, (914 Main), 1107 Prince Edward
Bell, Willie H (Annie), carpenter, 801 Charlotte
Bell, Willis C, 225 Charles
Bellamy, Emiley (Leola), carpenter, 800 Charlotte
Ballman, Madgett, clerk, 501 Main [Mageed Belman, in 1921 owned the business at 501]
Bennett, Lottie L, 809 Charlotte
Bennett, George, clerk, 809 Charlotte
Bennett, Bertha, garment cutter, 912 Mercer
Bennett, Clarence, 912 Mercer
Bennett, Elizabeth, seamstress, 912 Mercer
Bennett, John, steward steamer, 912 Mercer
Bennett, Rosabelle, 912 Mercer
Bernard, Constance, student, 703 Prince Edward
Bernard, Elbert (Julia), barber, 312 Princess Anne
Bernard, Isabelle, student, 703 Prince Edward
Bernard, Wm (Lucy Y), insurance, 703 Prince Edward
Bernard, Wm Jr, student, 703 Prince Edward
Berry, Allen (Mary), clk silk mill, 1610 Princess Anne
Berry, Clara M, 205 Third
Berry, D B, Lee av
Berry, Edwin L, 205 Third
Berry, Harry, 205 Third
Berry, Hattie L, 205 Third
Berry, Howard, plumber, 1600 Princess Anne
Berry, Glensmore, 207 Factory
Berry, John S, 1208 Charles
Berry, John W (Emily), asst supt silk mill, 1318 Main
Berry, Isabel, 205 Third
Berry, Leonard, foreman pants factory, 207 Factory
Berry, Margaret, emp silk mill, 1600 Princess Anne
Berry, Maude, 524 Water
Berry, Olive Ann, student, 1318 Main
Berry, Susan K, 1600 Princess Anne
Berry, Thomas, clerk, 524 Water
Berry, Richard (Lillian), butcher, 205 Factory
Berry, Walter M, carpenter, 205 Third
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Berry, William S (Rebecca), watchman, 524 Water
Berry, Will, carpenter, 221 Charles
*Beverly, Charlie, laborer, 203 Ferdinand
*Beverly, Tilda, laundress, 211 Charles
*Beverly, Leonard, laundryman, 211 Charles
*Beverly, Maggie, 1105 Douglas
*Beverly, Thomas, laborer, 211 Charles
Beverly, Thornton (Kate), barber, 1308 Princess Anne
Bibbs, Henry, laborer, 621 Main
Billingsley, A G, city collector, Cornell
Billingsley, Cecil, laborer, 309 Dixon
Billingsley, Bladen, plumber, 504 Dixon
Billingsley, Addison (Susie), inspector, 504 Dixon
Billingsley, Clemmie, 309 Dixon
Billingsley, Ernest L, Cornell
Billingsley, Frances, Cornell
Billingsley, John D, student, Cornell
Billingsley, Sarah E, Cornell
Billingsley, William B, Cornell
Billingsley, Mary V, 504 Dixon
*Bingham, Hannah, cook, 602 George
Binns, Charles D (Francis), hardware, Weedon
Birckhead, Edward F (Mary Eloise), Supt, schools, 1025 Main
Biscoe, Alvin W, bank clerk, Washington av
Biscoe, H Curtis (Julia), auto salesman, 1210 Charles
Biscoe, Mamie L, teacher, Washington av
Biscoe, Myrtle, student, Washington av
Biscoe, Robert L (Emma L), real estate, Washington av
Biscoe, Virginia, student, 1210 Charles
Bishop, Edna M, nurse, 1500 Main
Black, Ethel, teacher normal, 1200 Prince Edward
*Black, James, laborer, Princess Anne
*Black, Susan, washerwoman, 515 Princess Anne
Black, Willie (Neona), Wolfe
Blackley, Eustace, merchant, 921 Main
Blackley, Nelly, clerk, 921 Main
Blair, Beulah, nurse hospital, 1308 Water
Blake, Edward, student, Washington av
Blake, William, traveling salesman, Washington av
Blake, Virginia, teacher high school, Washington av
Bland, Edward, Doswell Field
*Bland, Chas, bootblack, 603 Commerce
*Bland, Bertha, 602 Spottswood
*Bland, Florence, 602 Spottswood
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*Bland, Mattie, 602 Spottswood
*Bland, Susie, 602 Spottswood
*Bland, Susie, Mayfield
Bland, Tom, conductor, 602 Spottswood
Bland, Ruth, 502 Dixon
Bland, Sallie, 502 Dixon
Blanton, Virginia, Willis
Bleight, Fanny C (wid), 205 Main
Bleight, Mary, 205 Main
Bode, Florence, 407 George
Bode, Richard (Carrie), auto salesman, 1104 Charles
Boggs, Ann H, 1119 Main
Boggs, Eugene, laborer, 521 Main
Boggs, Herbert (Nellie), laborer, 1609 Princess Anne
Boggs, Nannie, 1119 Main
B and O Ten Cent Store, 305 Commerce
Bolling, Arthur, 1205 Main
Bolling, Ellis, Doswell Field
Bolling, Landon, 1027 Main
Bolling, Mary Lou, 1205 Main
Bolling, Maurice, contractor painter, 1027 Main
Bolling, Medora, 1205 Main
Bond, Catherine, 1205 Prince Edward
Bond, Elma, 1205 Prince Edward
Bond, Wm E (Kate), druggist, 1205 Prince Edward
Bond's Drug Store, Main and Commerce
Bonner, Jacob (Sarah), clothier, 314 Commerce
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Bonner, Lena, stenographer, 314 Commerce
Bonner, Mamie, student, 314 Commerce
Bonner, Mollie, 314 Commerce
*Boome, John W (Annie), janitor, 323 Wolfe
*Boome, Ossie, 323 Wolfe
Botts, Mrs. A B, 612 Prince Edward
Botts, Blanche, government clerk, 710 Amelia
Botts, Flossie, boarding house, 710 Amelia
Botts, Violet, government, 710 Amelia
Botts, A B & Co, insurance, 312 Commerce
Boulware & Son, 513 Commerce
Boulware, Ada, Washington av
Boulware, D J, Maryes Heights
Boutchyard, Annie, 813 Hanover
Boutchyard, Bernard, 813 Hanover
Boutchyard, Edna, emp shirt factory, 1620 Main
Boutchyard, Frank H, emp shirt factory, 1620 Main
Boutchyard, Jake (Carrie), laborer, 813 Hanover
Boutchyard, Quinton, student, 1620 Main
Boutchyard, W T (Matilda), 1620 Main
Bowering, A B (Annie G), comm revenue, 700 Prince Edward
*Bowes, Fred D (Maggie), mail carrier, 1310 Charles
*Bowes, John, hotel waiter, 1310 Charles
*Bowes, Douglas, hotel waiter, 1310 Charles
*Bowes, Nannie, student, 1310 Charles
Bowie, Cassidy M, delivery man, 111 Hawke
Bowie, Edna, 111 Hawke
Bowie, George R (Bertha M), salesman, 1408 Main
Bowie, George C, student, 1408 Main
Bowie, Leona C, emp pants factory, 111 Hawke
Bowie, Maria, seamstress, 111 Hawke
Bowie, Murray (Claris), laborer, 710 Main
Bowling Alley, 807 Main
Bowling, Andrew (Margaret G), laborer, 700 Main
Bowling, Bettie, 812 Weedon
Bowling, Charles L, painter, 812 Weedon
Bowling, Charles R (Daisy), laborer, 104 Wolfe
Bowling, Frederick, laborer, 213 Princess Anne
Bowling, Harry, laborer, 213 Princess
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Bowling, Geo W, laborer, 308 Princess Anne
Bowling, John, 314 Frederick
Bowling, Joseph, laborer, 213 Princess Anne
Bowling, Lewis (Dorothy), laborer, 213 Princess Anne
Bowling, Sidney, 213 Princess Anne
Bowling, Williamson, laborer, 308 Princess Anne
Bowling, John S (Carrie G), timber inspector, Nat Boulevard
Bowler, Riley (Annie), foreman silk mill, 714 Commerce
Bowler, Virginia, 714 Commerce
Bowler, W N, blacksmith, 709 Liberty
Bowman, Anna R, dressmaker, Chewning Building
Bowman, Dewitt C (Laura M), druggist, 304 George
Bowman, Lavalette, asst cashier, 304 George
Bowman, Clinton, clerk, 304 George
Bozel, Eugene, 204 Main
Bozley, Eugene (Sophia), engineer, 825 Main
Bradford, S S, retired, 406 George
Bradley, Wm E, Free Lance, Star, 1106 Prince Edward
Bradley, Susie, 1106 Princess Anne
Bragdon, Charles (Lilla), railway inspector, 919 Main
Brannan, Wm I (Sarah), Brannan Baking Co, Washington av
Brascon, Guy (Lulu), salesman, 554 Nat Boulevard
Brauer, David, chauffeur, 917 Hanover
Brauer, Fred, salesman, 917 Hanover
Brauer, George, salesman, 917 Hanover
Brauer, Hilda, student, 917 Hanover
Brauer, J J, salesman, 917 Hanover
Brauer, John T (Louise), merchant, 917 Hanover
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Brauer, Lee R, produce, Liberty
Brauer, Mary, stenographer, 917 Hanover
Brauer, Lois, milliner, 917 Hanover
Braxton, Annie, 206 Main
Braxton, Bessie, Princess Anne
Braxton, Mary, 206 Main
Braxton, Wistar, 206 Main
Braxton, Sallie, 206 Main
Bridwell, M E, seamstress, 101 Fauquier
Bridwell, Thornton (Ella), farmer, 124 Main
*Briggs, James (Mary), laborer, 103 Hanover
Briggs, Leonard (Jaunita), cattle dealer, Washington av
Brent, Thomas N, dry goods, 1208 Prince Edward
Briscoe, David, butler, 515 Princess Anne
Bristow, John, watchman, 603 Water
*Brittenham, Lee A (Natalie), 509 Princess Anne
*Brock, Julia, servant, Washington av
*Brock, Martha, servant, 1120 Prince Edward
Brooks Meat Market, 419 Commerce
Brooks, Barney (Carrie D), fisherman, 107 Hawke
*Brooks, Clarence, chauffeur, 325 Wolfe
Brooks, Ella, Doswell Field
Brooks, Elliott E, real estate, off Law Building, res Law Building
*Brooks, Ernest (Olive), laborer, 325 Wolfe
*Brooks, Florence, 325 Wolfe
Brooks, Ida, emp shirt factory, Doswell Field
Brooks, J V, real estate, 415 Commerce
Brooks, Lynn, flour mill, Doswell Field
Brooks, Laura E, emp shirt factory, 107 Hawke
Brooks, Mary, Doswell Field
*Brooks, Mary, 302 Charlotte
Brooks, Mollie, dressmaker, Doswell Field
Brooks, Monroe, Doswell Field
Brooks, Ray, emp pants factory, 107 Hawke
Brooks, Walker, pants factory, Doswell Field
Brown Auto Co, Princess Anne
Brown, Alexander (Parrelie), laborer, 310 Princess Anne
*Brown, Alberta, 414 Dunmore
*Brown, Anita, 518 Princess Anne
*Brown, Armstead, 809 Hanover
*Brown, Arthur (Hattie), mechanic, 518 Princess Anne
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Brown, Ashton, 617 Nat Boulevard
Brown, Beatrend, clerk, 549 Nat Boulevard
*Brown, Carroll, 414 Dunmore
*Brown, Carter M, 506 Princess Anne
Brown, Christopher, insurance agt, 617 Nat Boulevard
*Brown, Cora, 506 Princess Anne
*Brown, Douglas G, 506 Princess Anne
*Brown, Dennis, 414 Dunmore
*Brown, Fanny, cook, 1011 Winchester
*Brown, French, manager, 506 Princess Anne
Brown, Harold, 115 Main
*Brown, Henry, 809 Hanover
*Brown, Howard, 518 Princess Anne
Brown, J Fred (Mary W), Brown & Crismond, 510 Fauquier
Brown, John F, government clerk, 710 Amelia
Brown, John F (Ella), carpenter, 549 Nat Boulevard
Brown, Lillie D, saleswoman, 549 Nat Boulevard
Brown, Lucian, salesman, 809 Hanover
Brown, Lucy, 1513 Princess Anne
*Brown, Mackey, 518 Princess Anne
*Brown, Margaret, 1011 Winchester
Brown, Martha, 115 Main
Brown, Mary, 1204 Charles
Brown, Mary, 518 Princess Anne
Brown, Mary L, 506 Princess Anne
Brown, Mildred, 518 Princess Anne
Brown, Quarles, laborer, 549 Nat Boulevard
Brown, Raleigh (Rosie), section hand, 809 Hanover
Brown, Robert, 115 Main
*Brown, Rufus, waiter, 518 Princess Anne
*Brown, Sallie, 520 Princess Anne
*Brown, Samuel, 414 Dunmore
Brown, Samuel B (Martha), carpenter, 115 Princess Anne
*Brown, Shepherd, waiter, 506 Princess Anne
Brown, V E, 220 Charles
Brown, Warner (Josephine), barber, 513 Main
Brown, William S, student, 510 Fauquier
*Brown, William S, 506 Princess Anne
Brown, Wm H, janitor, 217 Ferdinand
Bruce, Jane, 1200 Prince Edward
Bruce, Robert (Ellen), laborer, 521 Main
Bruce, Viola, 1200 Prince Edward
Brumley, Charles L, 701 Main
Brumley, John L, 701 Main
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Brumley, Lillian D, 701 Main
Bryant, Dorsey (Virginia S), clerk, 516 Main
*Buckner, Eugene (Emily), chauffeur, 506 Spottswood
*Buckner, Frances, laundress, 313 Charles
*Buckner, M, oysters and fish, 1006 Water
*Buckner, Martha, laundress, 313 Charles
Buffington, Ralph R (Mary E), jeweler, 623 Main
Bullock, Alfred H (Hattie H), 713 Main
Bullock, Carrie, Doswell Field
Bullock, Charles, laborer, Doswell Field
Bullock, Edith, cutter shirt factory, 600 Nat Boulevard
Bullock, George, 550 Nat Boulevard
Bullock, Grace N, 1306 Water
Bullock, Mabel, Doswell Field
Bullock, Ruth, Doswell Field
Bullock, S J (Mary B), boarding house, 115 Main
*Bumbray, & Coleman, oysters and groceries, 410 Commerce
*Bumbray, Benjamin, merchant, 209 Fauquier
*Bundy, Asbury (Mary), laborer, 912 Liberty
*Bundy, Hetty, washerwoman, 916 Liberty
Bunnell, Alice, saleslady, 604 Hawke
Bunnell, Annie, saleslady, 604 Hawke
Bunnell, William, carpenter, 604 Hawke
Burdette, Margaret, nurse hospital, 1308 Water
Burgess, Alelia, nurse hospital, 1308 Water
Burgess, Anna, housekeeper, 919 Main
Burgess, Byard (Alice), mail carrier, 708 Lewis
Burgess, Jesse L, barber, 919 Main
Burgess, John W (Jeanette), 1402 Main
Burgess, Vincent (Carwen), 708 Lewis
Burgess, Virginia, 1401 Main
Burke, Hazel G, 903 Hanover
*Burnett, Clarence, 509 Amelia
Burnett, Lawrence (Nancy), emp lumber co, 509 Amelia
*Burnett, Robert, 509 Amelia
*Burrell, Helen, 703 Amelia
*Burrell, Margaret, 703 Amelia
Burrell, Maude Embrey, Hanover
Burruss, Andrew (Rebecca), 317 Prince Edward
Burruss, Ara, 317 Prince Edward
Burruss, Betty, servant, 501 Hanover
Burruss, Christine, laundress, 317 Prince Edward
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Burruss, Mary, 317 Prince Edward
Burruss, Thomas, salesman, 1104 Main
Burruss, Thomas (Matilda), laborer, 317 Prince Edward
Burruss, Walter, attorney at law, (Law Bldg), 1404 Main
Burruss, Walter L, grocer, (816 Main), 1404 Main
Burton, C A (Flossie), insurance agt, 415 Commerce
Burton, Major (Fleeta), laborer, 124 Main
Burton, Raymond, shipping clerk, 704 Amelia
Burton, Reynolds, laborer, 600 Nat Boulevard
Burton, Willie R, traveling salesman, 704 Amelia
*Bushrod, James (Martha), laborer, 306 Charles
*Bushrod, Julia, teacher, 306 Charles
Byram, William, clerk, 208 Charles
*Byrd, Audrey, 207 Ferdinand
*Byrd, Broady, whitewashing, 208 Charles
*Byrd, Josephine, cook, 207 Ferdinand
*Byrd, Mason, 207 Ferdinand
Cadot, Elizabeth, student, Lee av
Cadot, Lillian, stenographer, Lee av
Cadot, Lillian, Lee av
Cadot, Nellie, stenographer, Lee av
Cadot, Seymour, express agt, Lee av
Cain & Bell, plumbers, 211 Commerce
Cain, E J (Mildred), plumbers, 1603 Princess Anne
Cain, Frances, 1603 Princess Anne
Cain, Mary, 1603 Princess Anne
Calamos, George (Marie), fruits, 600 Commerce
Calamos, James (Ida), manager, 502 Main
Calamos, Catherine, 502 Main
Calampas, Constantinos, waiter, 800 Main
Calhoun, Rhett (Emily), clerk, 721 Main
Calhoun, William E (Nettie), 307 Frederick
*Campbell, Bertha, 924 Liberty
*Campbell, Northea, 924 Liberty
*Campbell, Rosa, operator, 924 Liberty
*Campbell, Ruth, 924 Liberty
Canady, Lucy, servant, 704 Prince Edward
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Cannon, Emma C, Nat Boulevard
Carmichael, Coulter, salesman, Hanover
Cardwell, Edward, laborer, 313 Princess Anne
Carmichael, Fanny F, Hanover
Carmichael, Lucy, 705 Prince Edward
Carmichael, Nellie S, Hanover
Carmichael, Virgie, 709 Main
Carneal, Annie, 419 Pitt
Carneal, C (Malise), laborer, 110 Lafayette
Carneal, Catherine, 419 Pitt
Carneal, Claiborne, laborer, 608 Nat Boulevard
Carneal, E H (Lettie), laborer, 213 Ferdinand
Carneal, Fleming (Rubie), salesman, 903 Hanover
Carneal, Florence, 110 Lafayette
Carneal, Frank, 419 Pitt
Carneal, Herman, laborer, 608 Nat Boulevard
Carneal, Herman, silk mill, 419 Pitt
Carneal, James (Maggie), laborer, 419 Pitt
Carneal, Josie, student, 924 Nat Boulevard
Carneal, Lester (Betty), engineer, 924 Nat Boulevard
Carneal, Lillian, machine operator, 608 Nat Boulevard
Carneal, May, 419 Pitt
Carneal, Patrick, 419 Pitt
Carneal, Robert, drayman, 608 Nat Boulevard
Carneal, Sadie, 608 Nat Boulevard
Carneal, Thomas, foreman, 924 Nat Boulevard
Carneal, Willie, laborer, 419 Pitt
Carner, Christine, railway clerk, 1213 Prince Edward
Carner, Elsie, school teacher, 1213 Prince Edward
Carner, Grace, school teacher, 1213 Prince Edward
Carner, Tacy, student, 1213 Prince Edward
Carner, Wallace (Carrie), traveling auditor, 1213 Prince Edward
Carpenter, Earl, cashier, Dunmore
Carpenter, James, ticket agt, Dunmore
Carpenter, James S (Martha), sec foreman, Dunmore
Carpenter, Mary, Dunmore
Carpenter, Thelma, tel operator, Dunmore
Carpenter, William, Dunmore
Page 15

Carper, I R (Medora), 1027 Main
Carper, Marian, 1027 Main
Carr, Craig P (Lillian), emp pants factory, 1418 Princess Anne
Carr, Highter, carpenter, Doswell Field
*Carter, Adelle, 310 Water
*Carter, Agnes, cook, 306 Charles
*Carter, Albert (Bartara), track walker, 311 Charles
*Carter, Alberta, dishwasher, 303 Prince Edward
Carter, Charlie (Irene), laborer, 504 Spottswood
Carter, David, 217 Charles
*Carter, Ellen, laundress, Mayfield road
Carter, Florence, 202 Water
Carter, Frank, painter, 202 Water
Carter, George, 202 Water
Carter, Hazel, student, 202 Water
Carter, Imogene, student, 202 Water
*Carter, Jacob (Louise), 219 Ferdinand
*Carter, John, pumper, 211 Prince Edward
*Carter, John (Mary), farmer, 303 Prince Edward
Carter, John F, 202 Water
Carter, Julia (wid), 202 Amelia
*Carter, Lelia, 513 Princess Anne
Carter, Louis H (Ella), laborer, 533 Nat Boulevard
Carter, Mamie, Mayfield road
*Carter, Mandy, Mayfield road
Carter, Marion, 310 Water
*Carter, Martha, 303 Prince Edward
*Carter, Mary, chambermaid, 217 Charles
*Carter, Mary J, 303 Prince Edward
Carter, Paul, 202 Water
Carter, Randolph (Lucy E), carpenter, 405 Main
Carter, Robert, 310 Water
*Carter, Sarah, servant, 1107 Princess Anne
*Carter, Virgie, dishwasher, 303 Prince Edward
Carter, W D (Julia), atty at law, Washington av
Carter, Walter R, 202 Water
Carter, William, 310 Water
*Carter, William, laborer, 306 Charles
Carter, William B, laborer, 310 Water
Carver, Benjamin J (Lulie), lineman, 1403 Main
Carver, Horace (Fanny), laborer, 115 Hawke
Carver, J W (Mary L), salesman, 1513 Main
Page 16

Carver, John, 115 Hawke
Carver, Verner, 115 Hawke
Cary, Charles (Thelma), jeweler, 1008 Main, Hanover
*Cary, Edward, laborer, 107 Fauquier
*Cary, Ernest, laborer, 107 Fauquier
*Cary, Martha, cook, 107 Fauquier
*Cary, Mary Ann, 107 Fauquier
*Cary, William, farm hand, 908 Water
Cash Variety Store, 220 Commerce
Cash, Jennie, shirt inspector, 306 Charlotte
Cassiday's Drug Store, 622 Main
Cassiday, Dr F T (Gabrielle), physician, 622 Main
*Catlett, James (Mary), laborer, 308 Pitt
Catlett, Theodore (Lucy), emp matt factory, 1115 Main
Catterjohn, Frederick, 1517 Main
Catterjohn, O A (Cornelia), miller, 1517 Main
Cattlett, French, machinist, 550 Nat Boulevard
*Caulk, George, laborer, 523 Princess Anne
*Caulk, John E, 523 Princess Anne
*Caulk, Sarah E, 523 Princess Anne
Cavanaugh, Edward, 913 Hanover
Cavanaugh, Eve, dressmaker, 913 Hanover
Cavanaugh, Frederick, 913 Hanover
Cavell, Franklin
Cevleman, Mary, servant, 1405 Charles
Cevleman, Rosie, servant, 1405 Charles
Chaffee, Mary F, 104 George
*Chambers, Welford (Josephine), laborer, 622 George
Chancellor, Sanford, farm implements etc, res 1108 Charles
Chancellor, Susan M, 300 Main
Chesapeake & Potomac Tel Co, 916 Princess Anne
Chesley & Garner, wholesale grocers, 319 Commerce
Chesley, Elizabeth, 1011 Princess Anne
Chesley, Henry G, clerk, 304 Main
Chesley, James P, woodworker, 607 Spottswood
Chesley, Mary F, 1011 Princess Anne
Chesley, William (Ella), mgr shoe factory, Washington av
Cheslorn, Annie, 1107 Princess Anne
Chew, John, Princess Anne Hotel
Chew, Mary B, 1117 Prince Edward
Chewning, Agnes E, 404 Hanover
Chewning, George H (Mary L), dentist, 914 Main, 404 Hanover
Page 17

Chewning, Dr W J (Anne P), physician, 404 George
Chewning, W J Jr, student, 404 George
Chichester, Alice, Washington av
Chichester, Edward, Washington av
Chichester, Frank H (Lena), atty at law, 503 Lewis
Chichester, John C, city sergeant, Washington av
Chichester, Mary, Washington av
Chichester, Judge R H, law building, Princess Anne
Childs, Dallas, 541 Nat Boulevard
Childs, Frank D (Daisy), laborer, 541 Nat Boulevard
*Childs, John (Ellen), merchant, Mayfield road
Childs, Mabel, 520 Main
Childs, Myrtle V, 801 Main
Childs, Ruth, saleslady, 541 Nat Boulevard
Chinn, Jas M, hauling, 103 Commerce
Chinn, Mark (Ethel), chauffeur, 103 Commerce
City Hall, all city officers, Princess Anne
Clark, Leo, emp pants factory, 1709 Charles
Clark, Walker, laborer, 215 Prince Edward
Clarke, Delma, 1016 Main
Clarke, Emma F, 1512 Main
Clarke, Fenton (Florence), 921 Main
Clarke, Jane, 508 Amelia
Clarke, Julian, bookkeeper, 801 Hanover
Clarke, Madeline, bookkeeper, 1016 Main
Clarke, Mary V, milliner, 1512 Main
Clarke, Roger E, bank clerk, 1512 Main
Clarke, Thomas A (Annie L), garage wood coal, 1016 Main
Clayton, Emily, 1411 Main
Clayton, Frank M, 1411 Main
Clayton, Lillian S, 1411 Main
Clayton, Lula M, 528 Main
Clayton, Ruth, 1411 Main
Clayton, Simpson (Lucy E), 528 Main
Cleft, Delamore (Mollie), mgr lumber yard, 1501 Main
Cleft, Eliza, 1501 Main
Cliff, Howard, clerk, 1208 Winchester
Coakley, Nelson, laborer, 101 Main
Coates, Franklin, bookkeeper, Hanover
Coates, Franklin Jr, student, Cornell
Coates, George H, bricklayer, 305 Prince Edward
Coca-Cola Bottling Co, L G Roach, mgr, Wolfe
Coghill, Alice, 214 Main
Page 18

Coghill, Elizabeth, stenographer, 214 Main
Colbert, Emmett, mgr Fbg Motor Co, 304 George
Colbert, Ruth, hospital, 1308 Water
Cole, Aileen, tel operator, 1200 Prince Edward
Cole, Alice G, Washington av
Cole, Chas E (Catherine), 1017 Prince Edward
Cole, Clarence, 601 Hawke
Cole, E Dorsey (Virginia), com traveler, 1306 Main
Cole, John E, physician, 1017 Prince Edward
Cole, Virginia, chief operator, C & P Tel Co, 1200 Prince Edward
Cole, William B F, 1017 Prince Edward
Cole, Willie, 408 Frederick
*Coleman, Alvin (Pearl), grocer, 306 Canal
*Coleman, Adeline, 713 Amelia
*Coleman, Arthur, laborer, 713 Amelia
*Coleman, Catherine, 713 Amelia
*Coleman, Benj (Lillian), cleanser, 1511 Princess Anne
*Coleman, Edith, 713 Amelia
Coleman, Edna F, 1009 Prince Edward
Coleman, Evangeline, Mayfield
Coleman, F W, atty at law, 1009 Prince Edward
Coleman, Harry, carpenter, 1409 Charles
*Coleman, Helen, seamstress, 1307 Charles
*Coleman, Herman, 713 Amelia
*Coleman, Henry (Emily), janitor, 711 Amelia
Coleman, Ida, servant, 1025 Main
*Coleman, Irene, washerwoman, 313 Wolfe
Coleman, Isabid, 1009 Prince Edward
*Coleman, Jas H, hotel waiter, 513 Amelia
*Coleman, Jas M, 713 Amelia
*Coleman, John E, laborer, 713 Amelia
*Coleman, John S, 713 Amelia
*Coleman, Levinia, 905 Liberty
*Coleman, Marcellus (Jennie), laborer, 1511 Princess Anne
*Coleman, Mary E, school teacher, 1307 Charles
Coleman, Minor, 1607 Princess Anne
Coleman, Myrtle, 1607 Princess Anne
*Coleman, Phillis, laundress, 1409 Charles
Coleman, Sadie, cook, 1607 Princess Anne
*Coleman, R D (Lizzie), cleanser, 1420 Princess Anne
Page 19

Coleman, Samuel, sexton, 716 Main
*Coleman, Thelma, 905 Liberty
*Coleman, William, laborer, 711 Amelia
*Coleman, Willie, 713 Amelia
*Coleman, Wistar, laborer, 711 Amelia
Collawn, Allen M (Daisy), fireman stationary, Wolfe
Colonial Bedding Co, Water
Colston, William, laborer, 809 Water
Colton, Chas E, 1508 Main
Colton, Meredith, student, 1508 Main
Colton, Virger B, 1508 Main
Combs, Fanny, emp pants factory, Doswell Field
Combs, James, 623 Hanover
*Combs, Joseph, laborer, 515 Water
Combs, Margaret, 623 Hanover
Combs, Robert (Annie), laborer, 623 Hanover
Combs, Robert L, 623 Hanover
Compton, William C (Nannie S), clerk, 109 Main
Compton, Annette, student, 109 Main
Conner, Birdie P, 103 Hawke
Conner, Ella, 103 Hawke
Conner, Eugene, shoemaker, 103 Hawke
Conner, George W, mender, 103 Hawke
Conner, John, tel lineman, 103 Hawke
Conner, Randolph, rwy fireman, 103 Hawke
Conner, Randolph (Roberta), fireman, 1611 Charles
Conway, Mary V, high school teacher, 808 Charles
Conway, P V D (Lillian Y S), 808 Charles
Cook, Harold, 1109 Prince Edward
Cook, Justus Lee (Mildred), physician, 1109 Prince Edward
Cooksley, Lena, cashier hotel, 503 Elizabeth
Cooper, Alvin (Linnian), laborer, 1406 Princess Anne
Page 20
Cooper, Daisy, pants factory, Doswell Field
Cooper, E H (May), salesman, 1605 Charles
Cooper, Jas E, sawyer, 1509 Princess Anne
Cooper, James H (Elma), carpenter, 1509 Princess Anne
Cooper, Melinda, pants factory, Doswell Field
Cooper, Willard, student, 1605 Charles
Cooper, William, clerk rwy office, 1605 Charles
Copenhaver, Annie, 1008 Prince Edward
Corbin, C W (Alberta), carpenter, 1407 Princess Anne
Corbin, Edmonia, 308 Lewis
Corbin, Jas L, pants factory, 1407 Princess Anne
Corbin, Robert, teamster, 201 Charles
Corbin, Thomas W, student, 1407 Princess Anne
*Corps, George, laborer, 206 Charles
*Corps, John, laborer, 206 Charles
*Corps, Sarah, servant, 206 Charles
Courtney, Elizabeth, high school teacher, Lee av
Courtney, Ethel, operator silk mill, 303 Fauquier
Courtney, Lillian, operator silk mill, 303 Fauquier
Covey, F T (Sadie), florist, 819 Main, Lee av
Covington, Lucy, 511 Princess Anne
Cowis, Helen, 613 Wolfe
Cowis, John (Nellie), engineer, 613 Wolfe
Cox, Annie (wid), 203 Factory
Cox, Belle, 307 Charles
Cox, Blaine (Ida), clerk, 550 Nat Boulevard
Cox, Blanche, 203 Factory
Cox, Carl W (Edith), barber, 808 Main, 612 Spottswood
Cox, Clarence (Callie), barber, Shepherd
Cox, Ed W (Josephine), fireman, 912 Hanover
Cox, George C (Lizzie), painter, 539 Willis
Cox, Gertrude, sponger, 600 Nat Boulevard
Cox, Horace, 912 Hanover
Cox, Ida, clerk, 1208 Winchester
Cox, James W (Julia), painter, 716 Main
Cox, Jennie, saleslady, 807 Charlotte
Cox, Margaret, 612 Spottswood
Cox, Martha, stenographer, 807 Charlotte
Page 21

Cox, Wilmore, mgr steam laundry, 612 Spottswood
Cox, Van Buren (Addie), clerk, 1510 Princess Anne
Cox, Wm J (Lucy), mgr baking co, 1208 Winchester
Cox, Willie S, barber, 307 Charles
Craig, Blanche, operator silk mill, 303 Fauquier
Crawford, Alma, 710 Main
Crawford, Edna, 710 Main
Crawford, Leonard H (Virginia), clerk, 710 Main
Crawford, Viola, 710 Main
Cridlin, Lydia, 1201 Prince Edward
Crismond, Horace F (Mary), Brown & Crismond, 602 Lewis
Crismond, Horace Jr, student, 602 Lewis
Cross, Elizabeth H, student, 700 Princess Anne
Cross, Guy T (Blanche H), agt Standard Oil Co, 700 Princess Anne
Cross, James H, student, 700 Princess Anne
Crouchen, Arilia, Hanover
*Crutchfield, Albert, laborer, 1115 Winchester
*Crutchfield, Bettie, washerwoman, 511 Princess Anne
Crutchfield, Elizabeth, 1106 Charles
*Crutchfield, John, 209 Charles
Crutchfield, Margaret, 1106 Charles
*Crutchfield, Mildred, laundress, 209 Charles
*Cunningham, Arthur D, Mayfield
Cunningham, Elsie, 1013 Charles
*Cunningham, Gracie, cook, Mayfield
Cunningham, Hugh D, bookkeeper, 1013 Charles
Cunningham, Thomas (Ann), 1013 Charles
*Curry, Bessie, janitress, 606 George
*Curry, Liza, washerwoman, 606 George
Curtis, Bertie, 222 Charles
Curtis, Bessie, saleslady, 1015 Main
Curtis, Charles J (Lillie G), 1401 Main
Curtis, Ernest C, mechanic, 516 Main
Curtis, Elizabeth, housekeeper, 1015 Main
Curtis, Elmer, laborer, 222 Charles
Curtis, Emmett M (Grace M), clothier, 1013 Princess Anne
Curtis, Eugene, janitor, Normal School, Doswell Field
Curtis, Ervan, messenger, 516 Main
Curtis, Harriett, 1015 Main
Curtis, Hugh A, machinist, 1015 Main
Curtis, Jack, Doswell Field
Page 22

Curtis, Joanna, Doswell Field
Curtis, John C, foreman, Master Lumber Yard, 1015 Main
Curtis, John W, laborer, 516 Main
Curtis, Jos T (Mary), Taka-Cola works, 204 Hawke
Curtis, Louis, clerk, 1401 Main
Curtis, Lloyd, 1401 Main
Curtis, Marian, Doswell Field
Curtis, Mary, Doswell Field
Curtis, Nelson, pants factory, Doswell Field
Curtis, Nimrod C, driver exp co, 1015 Main
Curtis, Viola, student, 1015 Main
Cussons, Joseph L (Carrie H), tel operator, 623 Prince Edward
Cussons, Vivian L, student, 623 Prince Edward
*Dabney, Percy G, physician, 306 Princess Anne
Dale, Raymond, 513 Willis
Dalton, Carolyn G, 610 Main
Dalton, Georgia, dressmaker, 610 Main
Dalton, Josephine, student, 610 Main
Dalton, Waller, student, 610 Main
Dameron, Harry, clerk, 211 Main
*Dandridge, Clarence, 521 Princess Anne
*Dandridge, David, cleanser and presser, 1606 Main
*Dandridge, Douglas M, 107 Hanover
*Dandridge, James, presser, 207 Charles
*Dandridge, Rosenar, 107 Hanover
*Dangerfield, Eugene, laborer, 515 Princess Anne
Daniel, Peter V (Marion), shipping clerk, 1300 Charles
Daniel, Vivian, 1300 Charles
Dannehl, Cregust, machinist, 501 Nat Boulevard
Dannehl, Elizabeth, stenographer, 551 Nat Boulevard
Dannehl, Henry (Mary), bookkeeper, 551 Nat Boulevard
Dannehl, Henry Jr, bookkeeper, 551 Nat Boulevard
Dannehl, Olive V, bookkeeper, 501 Nat Boulevard
Dannehl, Robt V, machinist, 501 Nat Boulevard
Dannehl, Theresa, teacher, 551 Nat Boulevard
Page 23

Dannehl, Valentine (Adelaide), machine shop, 501 Nat Boulevard
Dannehl, Vance B, 501 Nat Boulevard
Davenport, Chas E, saw mill, 610 Commerce
Davenport, Dorsey W (Clara), wood yard, 306 Charlotte
Davenport, Edward, 306 Charlotte
Davenport, Floyd (Eva), driver ice wagon, 211 Pitt
Davenport, Harry, lumber co, 610 Commerce
Davenport, Ira D, 610 Commerce
Davenport, John, blacksmith, Doswell Field
Davenport, Joseph, Doswell Field
Davenport, Kate, Doswell Field
Davenport, Katherine, 306 Charlotte
Davenport, Laura, shirt factory, Doswell Field
Davenport, Lena, Doswell Field
Davenport, Lula, 610 Commerce
Davenport, Roy, Doswell Field
Davenport, Thomas, Doswell Field
Davis, John (Lucy C), pilot, 201 Princess Anne
*Davis, John H (Lucinda), (washerwoman), 917 Liberty
Davis, Lucy, 201 Princess Anne
Davis, Mattie M, student, 201 Princess Anne
Davis, Minnie, 201 Princess Anne
Davis, Nelson, 201 Princess Anne
Davis, Sarah, 201 Princess Anne
*Dawson, Eliza, 1007 Winchester
*Dawson, Fanny, servant, 322 Wolfe
*Dawson, James, teamster, 1007 Winchester
Dawson, Jinny, 619 Main
'Dawson, Matthew (Mary), teamster, 322 Wolfe
*Dawson, Teresa, bookkeeper, 322 Wolfe
*Day, George, plasterer, 217 Ferdinand
*Day, Major (Lizzie), laundry, 315 Wolfe
Decatur, Edith, Nat Boulevard
Decatur, Elmer, Nat Boulevard
Decatur, Leo (Lottie), laborer, Nat Boulevard
Decker, Julia, student, 304 Main
Decker, Mary N, 304 Main
Decker, Nelson C (Fannie C), manager, 304 Main
Decker, Richard H, 304 Main
Decker, William C, 304 Main
DeFores, Hombert (Josephine), bookkeeper, Fair
Page 24

DeJarnette, Henry, physician, 804 Princess Anne
Dempsey, James P, 1303 Main
Deshazo, Ada, clerk, 620 Main
Diamond, Rev John C (Theresa), pastor, Old Site Church, Col, 517 Amelia
Dickerson, Betty, Sunken road
Dickinson, Fanny M (wid), 701 Prince Edward
Dickinson, Frank P (Myrtle A), physician, 210 Main
Dickinson, Halsey, wood and coal, Charlotte, 701 Prince Edward
Dickinson, John F (Nell), clerk, 210 Main
Dickinson, Lucy, stenographer, 1108 Prince Edward
Dickson, Flinn T, salesman, 806 Charles
Dickson, Mattie, 806 Charles
Dillard, Aileen, 415 Pitt
Dillard, Carlton (Irene), laborer, 110 Main
Dillard, Carlton W Jr (Irene), shoe cutter, Wolfe
Dillard, Cora, silk mill, Doswell Field
Dillard, Cornelia, Doswell Field
Dillard, Elizabeth, 415 Pitt
Dillard, Francis, drayman, 110 Lafayette
Dillard, Grace, 415 Pitt
Dillard, James (Dora), drayman, 415 Pitt
Dillard, Jessie, carpenter, Doswell Field
Dillard, Mason, Doswell Field
Dillard, Pauline, 415 Pitt
Dillard, R T (Nettie), lumberman, 1516 Main
Dillard, Ricie, silk mill, Doswell Field
Dillard, Ruby, student, 1516 Main
Dillard, Ruth, student, 1516 Main
Dillard, Virginia, student, 1516 Main
Dillon, Edward (Susie), carpenter, Doswell Field
Dillon, Inez, Doswell Field
Dillon, John, carpenter, 205 Third
Dillon, Kathleen, Doswell Field
Dillon, Sadie, Doswell Field
Dillon, Susie, Doswell Field
Dillon, William, 1405 Princess Anne
*Dobson, William, plasterer, 1107 Douglas
Dobyns, James W (Agatha), flagman, 402 Dunmore
Dobyns, Minnie, 402 Dunmore
Dobyns, Pearl, garment cutter, 402 Dunmore
Dodd, L Ashton (Bessie), bookkeeper, 508 Lewis
Page 25

Dodd, Ethel, 915 Hanover
Dodd, Herman, 915 Hanover
Dodd, Hilda, 915 Hanover
Dodd, Leslie, 915 Hanover
Dodd, Lother, 508 Lewis
Dodd, Lucy, 915 Hanover
Dodd, Stuart, electrician, 915 Hanover
Donahoe, J L (Mary), laborer, 303 Main
Donahoe, John T, harness, 811 Main
Donalson, Mamie, 126 Main
Doomas, Theodore, A No 1 Cafe, 208 Main
*Dounican, James (Mary), laborer, 306 Charles
*Dounican, Mildred, 306 Charles
Downes, Willard (Rosalie), painter, 611 Wolfe
Downes, Willard Jr, 611 Wolfe
Downey, E L (Rena), bicycles, 801 Mercer
Downey, Robert L (Mattie), mechanic, 732 Main
Downing, Bell, stenographer, 510 Main
Downing, Florence, 510 Main
Downman, Mary Anne, 1021 Main
Dudley, Arthur, carpenter, 708 Lewis
*Dudley, Fanny, 1015 Winchester
Dulsey, Harry, laborer, 307 Main
*Dunlop, C, seamstress, 321 Charlotte
Dunmark, Sophia, 1021 Main
Dunn, Chas (Helen), supt shoe factory, Cornell
Dunn, T B (Sallie), miller, 1700 Princess Anne
Dunnington, Gracie, student, 1512 Princess Anne
Dunnington, Lizzie A, ins pants factory, 1512 Princess Anne
Dunnington, Thos R (Hannah), farmer, 1512 Princess Anne
Dunnington, Virginia, emp pants factory, 1512 Princess Anne
*Dutton, Paul (Emily), laborer, 405 Dunmore
*Dutton, Samuel (Susie), deckhand on boat, 919 Liberty
Dye, Margaret, 1011 Charles
Eberts, Dorothea, 918 Hanover
Eberts, Mary, merchant, 918 Hanover
Eckenrode, Elizabeth, Washington av
Eckenrode, Frances, student, 600 Lewis
Eckenrode, Hamilton (Kate), dentist, 901 Main, 605 Lewis
Page 26

Eckenrode, Mary, Washington av
Edrington, Fanny, Lee av
Edward, Pearle, pants factory, 918 Liberty
Edwards, Decatur (Rev) (Georgie), Spottswood
Edwards, Josephine, 417 Pitt
Edwards, Mary N, 417 Pitt
Edwards, Nelson (Lillian), 417 Pitt
Electric Shoe Shop, 710 Main
Elks' Home, 621 Main
Ellington, John L (Lottie), drayman, Doswell Field
Ellis, Annie J, cash, E M Young, 814 Weedon
Ellis, Herbert, sign painter, 814 Weedon
Ellis, Stuart (Charlotte), manager, 111 Main
Embrey, Judge Alvin T (Lila), atty at law, Law Bldg, res 501 Hanover
Embrey, A W (Annie), W S Embrey Inc, 306 Hanover
Embrey, A W Jr, student, 306 Hanover
Embrey, Addie, 1407 Main
Embrey, Alton, chauffeur, Weedon
Embrey, E J (Addie B), shoe merchant, 921 Main, Weedon
Embrey, Elizabeth, 306 Hanover
Embrey, Emma, 304 Fauquier
Embrey, Ethel, Weedon
Embrey, J N, 303 Fauquier
Embrey, Letitia, 1407 Main
Embrey, Lillian, emp shirt factory, 303 Fauquier
Embrey, Lucy, student, 501 Hanover
Embrey, Melvin P, bookkeeper, Weedon
Embrey, Minnie, emp shirt factory, 303 Fauquier
Embrey, Susie Y, student, 306 Hanover
Embrey, Sue, seamstress, 607 Spottswood
Embrey, Thelma, Weedon
Embrey, Wistar H, grocer, police justice, 1407 Main
Embrey, W S, 306 Hanover
Embrey, W S Inc, Timber, ties, etc, Nat Boulevard
England, Elizabeth, Mary Washington House, 1200 Charles
England, Nora, 1200 Charles
English, A M, grocer, 715 Commerce
English, Dora V, telephone operator, 715 Commerce
English, Glender M, silk mill, 715 Commerce
English, Montgomery, merchant, 715 Commerce
English, Robert, 715 Commerce
English, Virginia, 715 Commerce
Page 27

Ennis, Charles (Lillie), fisherman, 1309 Main
Ennis, John O, auto mechanic, 1309 Main
Ennis, Mary E, 1309 Main
Estes, Anna M, 1509 Main
Estes, Charles A (Lena L), clerk, 413 Princess Anne
Estes, Charles D, 413 Princess Anne
Estes, John (Ella), 1509 Main
Estes, Joseph C, 413 Princess Anne
Estes, Richard E (Virginia), manager, 217 Princess Anne
Estes, Walter F, moulder, 1509 Main
Eubank, Ernest, laborer, 101 Main
Evans, Harry, plumber, 706 Main
Evans, John M (Mollie), clerk, 918 Hanover
Evans, Leslie, 307 Prince Edward
Evans, Sarah, 307 Prince Edward
Everatt, Herman, telephone lineman, 710 Amelia
Fairle, Alvin M, 1312 Water
Fairle, Win J (Ola Lee), rwy brakeman, 1312 Water
Farish, Robert, salesman, 209 Hanover
Farmers and Merchants Produce Co, 919 Liberty
Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Commerce & Princess Anne
Farmers Cream Co, Wolfe
Farmers Union Store, 600 Main
Farmer, Dora E, 608 Princess Anne
Farmer, Edward W, 608 Princess Anne
Farmer, Harry, laborer, 106 Lafayette
Farmer, Irene, bookkeeper, 106 Lafayette
Farmer, Jos C, 608 Princess Anne
Farmer, Jos C (Bessie), 608 Princess Anne
Farmer, Sallie K, servant, 308 George
Fatta, Frank, barber, 620 Main
Fellahann, George (Rosa) (Geo Jr), agt, Hanover
*Ferguson, Eddie, teamster, 321 Wolfe
*Ferguson, Geo, porter, 604 George
*Ferguson, James, laborer, 321 Wolfe
*Ferguson, Kate, washerwoman, Charlotte
*Ferguson, Rachael, cook, 321 Wolfe
*Ferguson, Rena, laundress, 321 Wolfe
Ferneyhough, John, salesman, 311 Fauquier
Ferneyhough, Leon, 311 Fauquier
Ferrara, D, fruit store, 1005 Main, 1003 Main
Page 28

Ferrell, John H, mail carrier, Hanover
Feuerherd, F W (Edith), confectioner, 829 Main
Feild, Rev J F W, rector, Trinity Church P E, 706 Prince Edward
Feild, Mary, 706 Prince Edward
Ficklen, Julia, 303 Amelia
Ficklen, Burrell, supt construction, 303 Amelia
Ficklen, Conway, foreman, 303 Amelia
Ficklen, Elise, mgr telephone office, 303 Amelia
Field, Jos R (Loretta), foreman lumber yard, 101 Hawke
Finch, Edith, clerk, 504 Main
Finer, Mary, 301 Hanover
Fines, Alma, student, 1616 Princess Anne
Fines, Jno B (Lulu), clk, post office, 1616 Princess Anne
Finger, Carolyn, 301 Hanover
Finney, Mary, machine operator, 302 Charles
Finny, Daisy, Washington av
Finny, John (Linny), laborer, Washington av
Fire Department, 803 Princess Anne, Emergency phone 116
Fish, Frank, machinist, 822 Nat Boulevard
Fish, Naomi K, typist, 822 Nat Boulevard
Fish, Samuel S (Lydia), chauffeur, 822 Nat Boulevard
Fisher, John J (Eva H), canner, Princess Anne
Fisher, Anna M, Princess Anne
Fitchett, Wm, R R engineer, 1006 Liberty
Fitzhugh, Mary A, Washington av
Fitzhugh, Mattie, bookkeeper, 620 Princess Anne
Fitzhugh, Nettie, 401 Hanover
Fitzhugh, Samuel, merchant, 620 Princess Anne
Fitzhugh, St George R, attorney at law, 401 Hanover
Fitzpatrick, Lizzie, stenographer, 126 Main
Fitzpatrick, Nannie, stenographer, 126 Main
Fleming, Emilyn, 503 Hanover
Fleming, George (Lillie), bookkeeper, 1603 Canal
Fleming, Harry, 712 Main
Fleming, Ida B, 712 Main
Fleming, Oscar (Belle), carpenter, 712 Main
Fleming, V M, insurance, 503 Hanover
Page 29

*Fleming, William (Alice), laborer, 1106 Douglas
Fletcher, Grace, 1402 Charles
Flippo, Roddy (Josie), laborer, Mayfield
Folden, Vergil A (Mamie), bookkeeper, 606 Main
Fones, Melvin (Madie), driver for bakery, 1006 Douglas
Forbes, James F (Sallie), manager, Princess Anne
Ford, Anna, housekeeper, 1019 Main
*Ford, Gurley, chauffeur, 716 Water
Ford, John W, 1019 Main
Ford, Josephine, student, 1019 Main
Ford, Katherine, student, 406 Hanover
*Ford, Mary, 716 Water
*Ford, Sadie, 1107 Douglas
Ford, W J (Belle H), cashier, Planters Bank, 406 Hanover
*Forrest, Clarence, 1009 Winchester
*Forrest, Henry, laborer, 1009 Winchester
*Forrest, John (Mary J), laborer, 1009 Winchester
*Forrest, John M, 1009 Winchester
*Forrest, Louis, 1009 Winchester
*Forrest, Lucinda, 1009 Winchester
*Forrest, Martha, 1009 Winchester
Foster, Claude (Nettie), clerk, 309 Main
Foster, Dallas, 309 Main
Foster, Spottswood C (Mary), supt elec plant, 1510 Main
*Fox, Arthur, 403 Elizabeth
*Fox, Robert, 403 Elizabeth
Franklin, Elizabeth, 1612 Princess Anne
Franklin, Frederick (Bessie), Fbg School of Music, 1202 Prince Edward
Franklin, George, bank runner, 1612 Princess Anne
Franklin, Helen, 1612 Princess Anne
Franklin, James B, student, 1712 Princess Anne
Franklin, Marjory, music teacher, 1202 Prince Edward
Franklin, Maude, stenographer, 1612 Princess Anne
Franklin, Maybelle, student, 1712 Princess Anne
Franklin, Myrtle, stenographer, 1612 Princess Anne
Franklin, Thomas, 715 Main
Franklin, Virginia, student, 1712 Princess Anne
*Frazer, Preston (Rosa), chauffeur, 604 George
*Frazier, Annie, washerwoman, 511 Amelia
Page 30
Frazier, Decatur (Sallie), 705 Amelia
*Frazier, George, laborer, 511 Amelia
Frazier, lack, machinist, 411 Commerce
*Frazier, Peter (Martha), laborer, 1411 Charles
Frederick, Maurice, foreman, G & H Co, Charlotte
Free Lance-Star Office, Commerce
Freeman, Audrey, student, Fair
Freeman, Carrie, 313 Commerce
Freeman, Cephas, student, Fair
Freeman, Eliza, 907 Hanover
Freeman, George, 313 Commerce
Freeman, George F (Mary), grocer, Fair
Freeman, Jennie (wid), 313 Commerce
Freeman, John (Ethel), salesman, 812 Nat Boulevard
Freeman, John, chauffeur, 321 Charlotte
Freeman, Louise, 907 Hanover
Freeman, Lya, laundress, 314 Charles
Freeman, Lyle, Washington av
Freeman, Mary, student, Fair
Freeman, Philip W (Margaret), mgr, Jones Mot Co, 611 Main
Freeman, Steuart, Washington av
Fugit, Delphin, 415 Pitt
Fugit, Lloyd, 415 Pitt
*Furgerson, Blanche, 105 Hanover
*Furgerson, Hallie, maid, 105 Hanover
*Furgerson, Martha, 105 Hanover
*Furgerson, Robert, 105 Hanover
*Furgerson, Sarah F, cook, 105 Hanover
Fredericksburg Bottling Works, Nat Boulevard
Fredericksburg Cereal Mill, Main near RR
Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce, City Bldg, Princess Anne
Fredericksburg City Offices, City Bldg, Princess Anne
Fredericksburg Elementary School, Main
Fredericksburg Hardware Co, 311 Commerce
Fredericksburg High School, Barton and George
Fredericksburg Lumber Co, [no address]
Fredericksburg Motor Co, Princess Anne
Fredericksburg Shoe Co, Nat Boulevard
Fredericksburg Steam Laundry Co, Main
Fredericksburg Tie Co, Water
Page 31

G & H Clothing Co, office 107 Commerce, factory Hanover
*Gaines, George (Martha), farm hand, 910 Water
*Gaines, Charles, laborer, 910 Water
*Gaines, Katherine, 910 Water
Gallahan, Alantha, 1302 Water
Gallahan, Athawana, 1302 Water
Gallahan, Carl E, 823 Main
Gallahan, Douglas, silk mill, 1302 Water
Gallahan, Elliott M, 214 Princess Anne
Gallahan, F E (Edith), watchman, 1410 Princess Anne
Gallahan, Frank, silk mill, 1320 Main
Gallahan, Helen, 1302 Water
Gallahan, Howard E (Mattie M), painter, 823 Main
Gallahan, Howard W, 823 Main
Gallahan, James H (Allie), drayman, 525 Willis
Gallahan, Tames H (Ada), machinist, 1302 Water
Gallahan, John E (Jeanette), electric wiring, 910 Hanover
Gallahan, John W, 1320 Main
Gallahan, Judson (Anna), laborer, 1406 Princess Anne
Gallahan, Leonard, laborer, 525 Willis
Gallahan, Lillie, emp silk mill, 1320 Main
Gallahan, Mamie, 525 Willis
Gallahan, Martha, 1320 Main
Gallahan, Milton, clerk, 525 Willis
Gallahan, Norman, sta fireman, 525 Willis
Gallahan, Ruth E, 823 Main
Gallahan, Sadie, 823 Main
Gallahan, Vivian H, 823 Main
Gallahan, Wallace, emp silk mill, 1320 Main
Gallahan, William (Ida), shoemaker, 214 Princess Anne
Gallant, Dora, student, 604 Fair
Gallant, Doris, 708 Main
Gallant, Irwin, student, 604 Fair
Gallant, Maurice (Bessie), mgr, G & H Co, 604 Fair
Gallant, Mitchell (May), laborer, 708 Main
Gardner, Edward T, carpenter, Doswell Field
*Gardner, Emma, servant, 1416 Princess Anne
Gardner, Flossie, 818 Water
Gardner, George E, laborer, Doswell Field
Gardner, Katherine M, 301 Hanover
Gardner, Mamie, 818 Water
Page 32

Gardner, Massie, farmer, 818 Water
Gardner, Muriel, mch operator, 502 Dunmore
Gardner, Nathan, laborer, 502 Dunmore
Gardner, Robert, chauffeur, 502 Dunmore
Gardner, Virginia, Doswell Field
Gardner, Willie A, Doswell Field
Garett, Alfred W, merchant, Hanover
Garner, Annie E, 201 Charles
Garner, Flossie, operator, 211 Princess Anne
Garner, Julian (Susie B), manager, 224 Princess Anne
Garner, Wm T (Mary A), carpenter, 211 Princess Anne
*Garnett, Alfred, Mayfield
*Garnett, Ella, Mayfield
Garnett, Evelyn, stenographer, 606 Hawke
*Garnett, Fanny, servant, 604 Spottswood
Garnett, Henry (Mary), salesman, 606 Hawke
Garnett, Janie, waitress, Princess Anne
Garnett, Jasper bell boy, 604 Spottswood
*Garnett, Lewis, laborer, Mayfield
*Garnett, Margie, servant, 604 Spottswood
*Garnett, Raymond, Mayfield
*Garnett, Robert, Mayfield
Garrett, Carlton, 1310 Winchester
Garrett, L C (Margaret), dry goods, 209 Commerce, 1310 Winchester
Garrett, Myrtle A, 207 Third
Garrett, Preston, 1310 Winchester
Garrison, Betty, Doswell Field
Garth, Margaret, 1204 Charles
Garth, Margaret Jr, 1204 Charles
Gaydash, Henry, carpenter, Cornell
Gayman, Sarah, 307 Charles
Gensberger, Michael, junk, 107 Amelia, 925 Main
Gensberger, Lee, 925 Main
Genther, Bernard, stenographer, 903 Nat Boulevard
Genther, Elsie, bookkeeper, 611 Main
Genther, Francis, 611 Main
Genther, Henry, manager, 611 Main
Genther, Henry, student, 611 Main
Page 33

Genther, Ida, seamstress, 903 Nat Boulevard
Genther, John, harness maker, 611 Main
Genther, Oscar, salesman, 903 Nat Boulevard
George, Jenevieve, 105 Main
Germania Mills, office 317 Commerce, mills upper Main
Gibbs, Henry, 1409 Charles
Gibson, Anne Brooke, 304 Amelia
Gibson, George, hostler, 1019 Main
Gibson, Herman D, 304 Amelia
Gibson, Holcombe, clerk, 304 Amelia
Gibson, May F, 304 Amelia
Gibson, Mennis L, clerk, 304 Amelia
*Giles, Jane, 313 Prince Edward
Gill, Anna, Main
Gill, Margaret A, student, Main
Gill, Thomas J, student, Main
*Gillis, Alice, 809 Water
*Gillis, Celia, 809 Water
*Gillis, Cordelia G, 511 Princess Anne
*Gillis, Edna, 809 Water
*Gillis, Henry, laborer, 309 Water
*Gillis, Lillian, waitress, 809 Water
Gillis, Mary C, 809 Water
*Gillis, Page, delivery boy, 809 Water
*Gillis, Preston, 511 Princess Anne
Gilmore, Mollie, 304 George
Gillmore, Rev R C (Estelle M), Presby pastor, 402 George
Gillmore, Virginia R, 402 George
Ginder, Chester, drayman, 817 Nat Boulevard
Ginder, Louise, collector, 817 Nat Boulevard
Glowin, Joseph A (Mary J), laborer, 217 Princess Anne
Goings, Elwood M, clerk, 813 Water
Golden, Andrew, clerk, 207 Lafayette
Golden, Leroy, oyster shucker, 1113 Winchester
Goldin, Carrie, cook, 512 Princess Anne
Goldsmith, Caroline, 1110 Charles
Goldsmith, Charles F, laborer, 815 Water
Goldsmith, Helen, 815 Water
Goldsmith, Jos M (Ernestine), clothier, Main, Stafford Heights
Goldsmith, Mary E, 815 Water
Goldsmith, Pearl V, student, Stafford Heights
Goldsmith, Wm H, 815 Water
Goldsmith, Wm H Jr, 815 Water
Goodman, Donald V, 309 Princess Anne
Goodman, Eleanor, 309 Princess Anne
Goodrick, Edgar H, steamfitter, 543 Nat Boulevard
Page 34

Goodrick, James (Alice), machinist, 701 Nat Boulevard
Goodrick, Lillian, stenographer, 701 Nat Boulevard
Goodrick, Lucy R, 543 Nat Boulevard
Goodrick, Mabel, 701 Nat Boulevard
Goodrick, Margaret, stenographer, 701 Nat Boulevard
Goolrick, Bruce C, supt hospital, 1308 Water
Goolrick, Celia N, 607 Water
Goolrick, C O'Conor (Nannie), atty at law, 611 Fauquier
Goolrick, Chester B (Jennie), 1015 Princess Anne
Goolrick, Chester B Jr, 1015 Princess Anne
Goolrick, Frances, 611 Fauquier
Goolrick, John T (Frances B), corporate judge, Washington av
Goolrick, John T Jr, Washington av
Goolrick, K N, druggist, 901 Main, 607 Water
Goolrick, Wm K (Page W), atty at law, 406 Amelia
Goodwin, Betty, 1200 Charles
Goodwin, Nannie, 1200 Charles
Goolsby, Kate, seamstress, Spottswood
Gordon, Alice, 1023 Main
Gordon, Jennie, 1106 Princess Anne
Gore, Charles A, fireman, 415 Main
Gore, Edward, 415 Main
Gore, Elizabeth, student, 415 Main
Gore, Emma, dressmaker, 415 Main
Gould, Maude, student, 824 Main
Gouldin, Wirt, Lee av
Gouldman, Adele, 501 Fauquier
Gouldman, Alma, 501 Fauquier
Gouldman, Carr C, 501 Fauquier
Gouldman, Emma, 609 Spottswood
Gouldman, Francis, 1307 Winchester
Gouldman, Frank (Fatima B), clerk, 130 Main
Gouldman, George S, florist, 716 Main
Gouldman, Gordon (Mary), bank cashier, 603 Fauquier
Gouldman, Gordon D, 603 Fauquier
Page 35

Gouldman, Grover C, bank cashier, 1307 Winchester
Gouldman, Harry R (Margaret A), clerk, 132 Main
Gouldman, Harvey, painter, 619 Spottswood
Gouldman, John F, bookkeeper, 501 Fauquier
Gouldman, John F, bank cashier, 1307 Winchester
Gouldman, Lottie, student, 130 Main
Gouldman, Lucy, 619 Spottswood
Gouldman, Mabel, 1307 Winchester
Gouldman, Margaret A, stenographer, 132 Main
Gouldman, Nellie M, stenographer, 132 Main
Gouldman, Preston, 619 Spottswood
Gouldman, Ruth, student, 619 Spottswood
Gouldman, Sarah E, teacher, 132 Main
Gouldman, Virginia, student, 603 Fauquier
Gourley, Edwin M, Princess Anne
Gourley, James A, Princess Anne
Gourley, James D (Susan W), clerk, Princess Anne
Gourley, Susan C, Princess Anne
Grady, Bertha, 519 Water
Grady, Duff, cattle dealer, Cornell
Grady, Edward E (Sarah E), shoe repairer, 1306 Water
Grady, Gordon, government clerk, Cornell
Grady, Jack, embalmer, Cornell
Grady, Jennie, servant, 519 Water
Grady, Lena, clerk, 519 Water
Grady, Maud, Cornell
Graninger, John (Mary), machinist, Cornell
*Grant, Jason (Evelyn), principal, Colored School, 1314 Charles
Graube, Charles (Grace), carpenter, 526 Shepherd
Gravatt, Dabney L, mechanic, 610 Princess Anne
Gravatt, H H (Nettle), auto painting, 612 Princess Anne, Mercer
Graves, Forrest, automobile agent, 304 George
*Gray, Caroline, 524 Ninth
Gray, Charles (Minnie), laborer, 516 Amelia
Gray, Emma J, 101 Main
*Gray, Evie, 507 Amelia
Gray, Frank G, 101 Main
Gray, Herman, 516 Amelia
Page 36

Gray, John E (Sarah), laborer, 814 Water
Gray, John R (Emma B), blacksmith, 101 Main
*Gray, Lizzie, 1013 Winchester
*Gray, Mary, 1013 Winchester
*Gray, Mary E, 507 Amelia
Gray, Mason M, 101 Main
Gray, Norton, 516 Amelia
Gray, Robert W, 101 Main
Gray, Rosa L, 101 Main
*Gray, Thomas (Emmeline), janitor, 520 George
Gray, William, 1013 Winchester
*Grayson, Bertha, Wolfe
*Grayson, Izette, 304 Wolfe
*Grayson, Thornton (Patsy), manager, Princess Anne
*Grayson, William (Ada), waiter, Wolfe
*Green, Agnes, 211 Charles
Green, Amy, 910 Charles
Green, Bessie, saleslady, 1108 Water
Green, Anna P, 408 Hanover
Green, Anna Paige, student, 610 Prince Edward
Green, Della, 1108 Water
Green, Duff (Mary), 616 Prince Edward
Green, Duff Jr, 616 Prince Edward
Green, Earl H, engineer, 1108 Water
Green, Emma, Doswell Field
Green, F L W (Elizabeth), accountant, 408 Hanover
Green, John M W (Pauline), 612 Prince Edward
Green, Peter, 1108 Water
Green, Roy, engineer, 1108 Water
Greenleaf, Louise, laundress, 1413 Charles
Gregory, Lois, hospital nurse, 903 Main
Grey, Ada, cook, 1310 Main
*Griffin, Alice, servant, 211 Prince Edward
*Griffin, Armistead, 211 Prince Edward
*Griffin, Leonard, janitor, 211 Prince Edward
*Griffin, Mary, 307 Main
*Griffin, Susie, laundress, 211 Prince Edward
Griffith, Luellwyn, student, 1201 Winchester
Page 37

Griffith, Rosa (wid), 1201 Winchester
Griffith, William T, student, 1201 Winchester
*Grimes, Ellis (Rebecca), chauffeur, 205 Prince Edward
Grimes, George (Ruth), laborer, 535 Nat Boulevard
Grogan, Kennedy, prop auto shop, 901 Main
Grove, Middy, operator, 1512 Princess Anne
Groves, Wilmar, Lee av
Guess, Fred M, shipping clerk, 1208 Winchester
Gumpanos, Alex, waiter, 800 Main
Guss, Alfred (Alberta), laborer, Princess Anne
Guss, Joe, baker, Princess Anne
Hafner, Alice, emp pants factory, 1602 Main
*Hailstalk, America, 1305 Charles
*Hailstalk, Caroline, servant, 1305 Charles
*Hailstalk, Charles, 1305 Charles
Haislip, Mabel, mch operator, 302 Charles
Haislip, Mary, 302 Charles
Haislip, Walter, barber, 302 Charles
Haislup, A S, City Motor Co, Princess Anne, Law Building
Haislup, Hobson, emp City Motor Co, Law Building
Haislup, John, pool room, Law Building
*Hailstark, Lulu, 1006 Liberty
*Hailstark, Marvin, emp Fbg Motor Co, 1006 Liberty
*Hailstark, William (Daisy), hotel waiter, 1316 Charles
Hall, Alfreda, Canal
Hall, Clarence (Alma), dynamite blower, Canal
Hall, Colvin, Canal
Hall, De Witt, laborer, Canal
Hall, Paul, machinist, Canal
*Hall, Roxie, laundress, 318 Wolfe
*Hall, Willie, fireman, 318 Wolfe
Hall, W W (Annie), farmer, 1516 Main
Hallberg, Adolph (Jennie), carpenter, 813 Weedon
Hallberg, Ethel, student, 813 Weedon
Hallberg, Gladys, student, 813 Weedon
Hallberg, Helen, student, 813 Weedon
Hallberg, Richard, student, 813 Weedon
Halsey, Forrest, playwright, 701 Main
Page 38

*Halstork, Bruce, washerwoman, 919 Liberty
Hamilton, Hugh H, salesman, Brit Amer Tob Co, 305 Main
Hamilton, Janet (wid), 305 Main
Hancock, Alice, Weedon
Hancock, Dabney, machinist, Weedon
Hancock, David A, electrician, 1306 Water
Hancock, John H (Sisie D), 1306 Water
Hancock, Lucy, Weedon
Hancock, Pearl, 1306 Water
Hancock, Sophia W, seamstress, Weedon
Happel, Carl, student, 1011 Main
Happel, Helena, student, 1011 Main
Happel, John (Margaret), tailor, 1011 Main
Happel, Ralph, student, 1011 Main
Harding's Grocery, Commerce and Liberty
Harding, Alice, Doswell Field
Harding, Beatrice, Doswell Field
Harding, Edith M, Doswell Field
Harding, Frances, Doswell Field
Harding, George E (Maude), foundry, Doswell Field
Harding, Marie, Doswell Field
Harding, Robert, Doswell Field
Harding, Thaddeus (Fanny), gardener, Doswell Field
Harding, Wallace (Anna), grocer, Doswell Field
Hardy, Anna and Emma, 602 Main
Harper, R T (Zelma), machinist, 302 Pitt
Harris, Annie, Amelia
Harris Bros, grocery, 615 Commerce
*Harris, Charles, mechanic, 528 George
*Harris, Dewey, clerk, 528 George
*Harris, Elizabeth, 1105 Winchester
*Harris, Hannah, servant, 706 Prince Edward
Harris, Elizabeth, 905 Nat Boulevard
*Harris, Helen, 1105 Winchester
Harris, Grace, 1004 Douglas
Harris, Herman, commercial traveler, 1004 Douglas
Harris, Howard, bookkeeper, 205 Main
Page 39

Harris, Isaiah (Nettie), plumber, 1105 Winchester
Harris, Jessie, 700 Amelia
*Harris, John, laborer, 528 George
Harris, Lillian, Amelia
*Harris, Lizzie, washerwoman, 528 George
Harris, Louise, 205 Main
*Harris, Martha, maid, 515 Princess Anne
Harris, Preston, salesman, 700 Amelia
Harris, Robert (Susie), grocer, 1308 Winchester
Harris, Robt Jr, 1308 Winchester
Harris, T H (Mary E), Harris Store, 906 Main
*Harris, W L, dentist, Princess Anne
Harris, Virginia, 205 Main
Harrison, Elizabeth, student, 503 Main
Harrison, Francis M (Amanda), 1108 Charles
Harrison, Dr G Blight, physician, 1014 Princess Anne
Harrison, Gilmore W (Viola), operator W U, 709 Main
Harrison, George (Mary), carpenter, 220 Princess Anne
Harrison, Jas G (Addie), ticket agent, R F & P, 503 Main
Harrison, Leona, 1108 Charles
Harrison, Pauline, Stenographer, 503 Main
Hart, Bettie, 701 Fair
*Hart, Betty, 707 Amelia
Hart, Ferdinanda, 1200 Prince Edward
Hart, Lucy, Mayfield
Hart, Robert C, carpenter, 701 Fair
*Hart, Warden, waiter, 707 Amelia
Hartley Hall, boarding, Lewis and Prince Edward
Haskill, Cleveland, laborer, Hanover
Haskill, Lou I, Hanover
Haskill, Thomas S, agent, Hanover
Page 40
Hassan, Awbis, clerk, 822 Main
Hassan, George M (Freda), merchant, 202 Charles
Hassell, Charles M, cashier, Fbg Motor Co, 1108 Prince Edward
*Hawkins, James (Lizzie), laborer, 319 Wolfe
Hawkins, J H, optometrist, 819 Main
Hawkins, John H (Callie), carpenter, 110 Main
Hawkins, Marguerite, student, 110 Main
Hawkins, Mary, 510 Lewis
*Hayes, Helen T, 513 Amelia
*Hayes, James H (Mamie C), plasterer, 513 Amelia
*Hayes, Thomas C, bell boy, 513 Amelia
Hazel Hill Canning Co, Water
Hazzard, Ira (Agnes), engineer, Charlotte
Heckman, Eva, saleslady, 1300 Main
Hedges Shaving Parlor, 714 Main
Heflin, Alice, student, 901 Nat Boulevard
Heflin, Bessie, bookkeeper, 901 Nat Boulevard
Heflin, Bettie E, 331 Main
Heflin, Broaddus, 515 Nat Boulevard
Heflin, Carter, 331 Main
Heflin, Elizabeth, stenographer, 515 Nat Boulevard
Heflin, Elizabeth A, 905 Nat Boulevard
Heflin, Elizabeth M, 903 Nat Boulevard
Heflin, Elmer G (Laura), contractor, Law Bldg, 901 Nat Boulevard
Heflin, Florence, bookkeeper, 331 Main
Heflin, Francis, 331 Main
Heflin, George W, plumber, 900 Main, 331 Main
Heflin, Gladys, stenographer, 515 Nat Boulevard
Heflin, John J (Emily), P O clerk, 508 Willis
Heflin, Levinia, saleslady, 515 Nat Boulevard
Heflin, Laura, 512 Willis
Heflin, Mary, bookkeeper, Va Motor Co, 508 Willis
Page 41

Heflin, Robert (Maggie), carpenter, 515 Nat Boulevard
Heflin, Ruth, 331 Main
Heflin, Walter, 331 Main
Heflin, William B, salesman, 512 Willis
Heflin, Wilmer, 515 Nat Boulevard
Helferstay, Annie B, 816 Main
*Heiges, Cora, waitress, 1200 Prince Edward
*Heiges, Rose, waitress, 1200 Prince Edward
*Henderson, Amanda, cook, 1004 Winchester
Henderson, Columbia, 509 Main
Henderson, Edwin B (Margaret), 514 Willis
Henderson, George W (Elizabeth), wood yard, 522 Willis
Henderson, Horace (Mary B), agent, 114 Main
Henderson, Lizzie, cutter, 600 Nat Boulevard
Henderson, Piercy (Louise), Doswell Field
*Henderson, Roberta, 1004 Winchester
*Henderson, Rufus, laborer, 1004 Winchester
Henderson, Virginia, 522 Willis
Henderson, Vivian, clerk, 509 Main
Henning, Oren (Floribel), butcher, 226 Princess Anne
*Henry, Nancy, 1117 Douglas
Herndon, Caywood B, 134 Main
Herndon, Charles, 409 Hanover
Herndon, Hugh (Mary), laborer, 507 Nat Boulevard
Herndon, Jack, lining cutter, 507 Nat Boulevard
Herndon, John (Mattie), clerk, 700 Main
Herndon, John B (Jennie A), foreman pants factory, Doswell Field
Herndon, John M, Doswell Field
Herndon, Kendrick, 310 Princess Anne
Herndon, Lucia W, 409 Hanover
Herndon, Lucy T, 409 Hanover
Herndon, Margaret, 513 Princess Anne
Herndon, Mary A, Doswell Field
Herndon, Mason, salesman, 134 Main
Herndon, Nellie S, 134 Main
Herndon, Nelson, 507 Nat Boulevard
Herndon, Raleigh N, 134 Main
Herndon, Turner W (Annie W), laborer, 134 Main
Herndon, Willie M, clerk, 134 Main
*Hevelow, Charles E (Pagie), fireman, 308 Wolfe
*Hevelow, George M, 308 Wolfe
Page 42

*Hevelow, John G, 308 Wolfe
Hewlett, Clinton, miller, 1515 Princess Anne
Hewlett, Eddie (Ida V), timekeeper, Quantico, 1515 Princess Anne
Hicks, Adra V, 521 Main
Hicks, Anna, Doswell Field
Hicks, Dr Du Val (Helen G), dentist, 1016 Charles
Hicks, Francis H, 521 Main
Hicks, George E (Grace), plumber, 606 Main
Hicks, George T (Jennie), salesman, 407 Dixon
Hicks, Hunter, 504 Spottswood
Hicks, James R (Mary Q), locomotive engineer, 1016 Charles
Hicks, John, ice factory, Doswell Field
Highsmith, Herbert (Agnes), bricklayer, 706 Main
Hill, Carl, bank runner, 703 Commerce
Hill, Edward, bank runner, 703 Commerce
Hill, John (Elizabeth), laborer, 1313 Charles
Hill, Mary, stenographer, 703 Commerce
Hill, Richard B, 703 Commerce
Hill, Trevor (Miwine), R R mail clerk, 703 Commerce
Hilldrup Livery, Commerce and Liberty
Hilldrup, R G (Sarah), liveryman, 710 Lewis
Hilldrup, Bessie, clothing factory, 715 Commerce
Hines, Chas H, American Life Insurance Co
Hines, Ruth, Hanover
Hirsh & Son, feed, 304-308 Commerce
Hirsh, David (Jeanetta), 1011 Prince Edward
Hirsh, Isaac & Co, ladies furnishings, 924 Main
Hirsh, Maurice (Minnie), 1125 Main
Hirsh, Simon, Hirsh & Son, 1011 Prince Edward
Hitt, Snowden (Laura), foreman, 209 Main
Page 43

Hogan, Henry, laborer, 818 Nat Boulevard
Hogan, William, 818 Nat Boulevard
Holland, Francis, maid, 800 Main
*Holmes, Bernard, laborer, 524 George
*Holmes, Bessie, washerwoman, 524 George
*Holmes, Celia, laundress, 309 Prince Edward
*Holmes, Daisy, washerwoman, 534 George
Holmes, Gilbert W (Bessie), conductor, 516 Willis
Holmes, John H (Nannie), insurance, 1207 Main
*Holmes, Lewis, laborer, 319 Prince Edward
*Holmes, Mildred, servant, 1021 Main
*Holmes, Mildred, cook, 510 Princess Anne
Holt, Kate, nurse, 308 George
Home Beneficial Ins Co, B S Pates, F & M Bank bldg
Honey, Harrison (Mary), laborer, 819 Water
Honey, Maggie L, teacher, 1209 Main
Honey, Nannie, 104 Lewis
Hopkins, James, truck farmer, Cornell
Hopkins, Robert, teamster, Cornell
Horn, tailor, 802 Main
Horst, Mattie, emp shirt factory, 1200 Prince Edward
Horton's Auto Supply House, 801 Main
Horton, A D, 601 Spottswood
Horton, auto mechanic, Spottswood
Hoskins, Ada G, 202 Frederick
Hoskins, Effie M, 202 Frederick
Hoskins, Fannie, 219 Princess Anne
Hoskins, Hugh, laborer, 219 Princess Anne
Hoskins, Hugh T, 219 Princess Anne
Hoskins, Mary F, 219 Princess Anne
Page 44

Hoskins, Oliver W, 219 Princess Anne
Hoskins, Richard C, engineer, 202 Frederick
Hough, Jessie, 510 Fauquier
Houston, Lemuel W, student, 1203 Winchester
Houston, Levin J Jr, city manager, 1203 Winchester
Houston, Levin J 3rd, student, 1203 Winchester
Houston, Mary W, student, 1203 Winchester
Hout, Beulah, 403 Hanover
Hout, Burton C, clerk, 403 Hanover
Hout, Rev Harry L, Methodist pastor, 403 Hanover
Hout, Harry L Jr, student, 403 Hanover
Howard, Agnes E, student, 407 George
Howard, Clara M, Nat Boulevard
Howard, Clarence R (Mary F), city treasurer, 306 Amelia
*Howard, Emanda, 512 Princess Anne
*Howard, Essie, merchant, 512 Princess Anne
Howard, Francis K, student, 407 George
Howard, Jas E, laborer, Nat Boulevard
*Howard, Jas H (Clara V), laborer, 324 Wolfe
Howard, Mary B, Main
*Howard, Teresa, servant, 324 Wolfe
Howard, W Key (Florence), electrician, 407 George
Howe, Edna, 1424 Princess Anne
Howe, Robert E Jr, grocer, 1424 Princess Anne
Howe, Robert E Sr (Mabel), chief fireman, 1424 Princess Anne
Howe's Grocery, 1422 Princess Anne
Hoyt, Doris E, 701 Main
Hoyt, Jay V (Ella A), laborer, 701 Main
Hoyt, John H, mgr lumber Co, 1200 Prince Edward
Hudson, Chas L (Lettie), engineer, 615 Spottswood
Hudson, Helen (student), 615 Spottswood
Hudson, Louis (Julia), teamster, 1418 Princess Anne
Hudson, Olie, chauffeur, 717 Water
Page 45

Hudson, Paul, student, 615 Spottswood
Hudson, Philip J (Lucy), laborer, 717 Water
Hudson, Raymond, clerk, 1418 Princess Anne
Hudson, Sidney, foreman, 1418 Princess Anne
Hudwell, Nannie, nurse, 1100 Main
Huffman, Mae, 819 Water
Huffman, Pearl, student, 1007 Water
Hughlett, Charles L (Martha), salesman, 318 Princess Anne
Hughlett, Charlotte, 201 Prince Edward
Hughlett, Robt (Lottie), laborer, 201 Prince Edward
Hughlett, Robt B (Ella), blacksmith, 411 Elizabeth
Hughlett, William, laborer, 201 Prince Edward
*Humphreys, C M (Allene), garage and cafe, 603 Commerce
*Humphreys, Clem Jr, 603 Commerce
Humphreys, J W (Josephine), dentist, 903 Main
Humphreys, J W Jr, 903 Main
Humphries, Mary, seamstress, 1300 Main
Humphries, William (Margaret), fireman, 1800 Princess Anne
Hundley, Alwyn (Lottie), mail clerk, 204 Main
Hundley, Alwyn Jr, student, 204 Main
Hunt, Geo M (Mary), carpenter, 822 Main
Hunt, Gilbert, printer, 822 Main
Hunt, Jennie May, 822 Main
Hunt, Mary E, 822 Main
Hunt, Samuel, 822 Main
Hunter, Charles, student, 704 Princess Anne
Hunter, Chas E, pharmacist, 1218 Main
Hunter, Charles S (Jessie B), asst postmaster, 704 Princess Anne
Page 46

Hunter, George L (Lillie P), painter, 1218 Main
Hunter, Geo L Jr, student, 1218 Main
Hunter, John W, dentist, 1218 Main
Hunter, Nannie, 1218 Main
Hunter, Nellie, stenographer, 1218 Main
Hunter, Sarah, student, 704 Princess Anne
Hunter, Sullivan (Rose), painter, 1614 Main
Hurkamp, Charles H, mgr mine, 1019 Main
Hurkamp, Charles H Jr, student, 1019 Main
Hurkamp, Luola, student, 1019 Main
Ingram, Andrew, baker, 1405 Princess Anne
Ingram, Lena, emp pants factory, 1405 Princess Anne
Ingram, Nannie, 1405 Princess Anne
*Jackson, Andrew, laborer, 1511 Princess Anne
Jackson, Barnard (Mary), Star office, 1506 Main
*Jackson, Caroline, 901 Barton
*Jackson, Charles, laborer, 910 Barton
Jackson, Clarence, 1606 Main
*Jackson, Fannie, 308 Wolfe
Jackson, Fannie, 113 Main
*Jackson, Fannie, maid, 521 Princess Anne
*Jackson, Frank, cook, 910 Barton
Jackson, Florence, 1601 Princess Anne
*Jackson, Georgia, washerwoman, 519 Hanover
Jackson, Harry, clerk R R, 1601 Princess Anne
*Jackson, James, blacksmith, 608 George
*Jackson, John, 512 Princess Anne
*Jackson, Julius, chauffeur, 901 Barton
*Jackson, Lillian J, 1511 Princess Anne
*Jackson, Lina, servant, 519 Hanover
Page 47

Jackson, Love, 412 Dunmore
*Jackson, Lucy, washerwoman, 608 George
Jackson, Louis, 1601 Princess Anne
Jackson, Maria, clerk, 512 Princess Anne
*Jackson, Mary, 1107 Douglas
Jackson, Moses, laborer, 519 Hanover
Jackson, Rena, 603 Commerce
Jackson, Susan E, 1403 Prince Edward
Jackson, Wesley, 208 Charles
*Jackson, William (Nellie), laborer, 1606 Main
Jackson, William, clerk post office, 1601 Princess Anne
Jackson, Willie, 901 Barton
Jackson, W R, 1601 Princess Anne
Jacob, Edward, machinist, 1309 Winchester
Jacob, Eva, 1309 Winchester
Jacob, Mary, 1309 Winchester
Jacobs, Anna, 913 Liberty
Jacobs, Arthur (Dulcie), grocery and wagon yard, 913 Liberty
Jacobs, Arthur J, salesman, 913 Liberty
Jacobs, Beatrice, 913 Liberty
Jacobs, Bernard A, clerk, George
Jacobs, B H, clothing, 821 Main, 212 George
Jacobs, Helen, 414 Commerce
Jacobs, Isidore, 414 Commerce
Jacobs, Joseph, grocer, 414 Commerce
Jacobs, Robt L, salesman, 913 Liberty
Jacobs, Rose, 414 Commerce
James, Allen, 811 Water
James, Bertha, 901 Hanover
James, Blanche, 901 Hanover
James, Bunny, machinist, 901 Hanover
James, Christopher, laborer, 901 Hanover
James, Clifton (Alice P), James Motor Co, 709 Main
Page 48

James Motor Company, garage, Nat Boulevard
James, Frank, 811 Water
James, Floyd, 606 Main
James, Jack, 811 Water
James, Joe, 901 Hanover
James, John, laborer, 811 Water
James, Lilly, 811 Water
James, Lucia, 811 Water
James, Susie, 811 Water
James, Susie, 901 Hanover
Janney, Charlotte, 511 Fauquier
Janney, Edith, student, 511 Fauquier
Janney, McPherson, 511 Fauquier
Janney, Samuel M (Maude), wholesale grocer, 511 Fauquier
Janney Marshall Co, wholesale grocers, Princess Anne at R R
Jaynes, Dorothy G, 301 Hanover
Jaynes, Corinna G, 301 Hanover
Jarrett, Sallie, 529 Main
Jefferson, Alice, 1011 Charles
Jefferson, Allen, machinist, 1602 Princess Anne
Jefferson, Edith, 1602 Princess Anne
Jefferson, Eugene, baker, 1011 Charles
Jefferson, Harold, app printer, 1602 Princess Anne
Jefferson, James, laborer, 1602 Princess Anne
Jefferson, Margaret, student, 1011 Princess Anne
Jefferson, Wesley, 1602 Princess Anne
Jefferson, Whitman, app baker, 1011 Princess Anne
Jefferson, Wm E (Delia), painter, 1513 Main
Jefferson, Winnie, clerk, 1011 Charles
Jeffries, Thomas L (Ellie), printer, 529 Main
Jenkin, Sarah, Doswell Field
Jenkins, Anna, 401 Water
Jenkins, Annie, 401 Water
Jenkins, Arthur, laborer, 401 Water
Jenkins, Bernard (Eleanor), laborer, 504 Water
Jenkins, Bertha, 306 Charlotte
Jenkins, Bessie, 1323 Main
Jenkins, Catlett, policeman, 306 Charlotte
Page 49

Jenkins, Carrie, saleslady, 1323 Main
Jenkins, Dollie, 101 Frederick
Jenkins, Elizabeth, clerk, 1409 Main
Jenkins, Eugene, 401 Water
Jenkins, Hugh M D (Alice), printer, 306 Charlotte
Jenkins, Ida, emp pants factory, 1323 Main
Jenkins, Jerome, 101 Frederick
Jenkins, Kate L, 1409 Main
Jenkins, Lucy, Water
Jenkins, Markwell W (Mary A), laborer, 303 Main
Jenkins, Mary, 401 Water
Jenkins, Maude, student, 306 Charlotte
Jenkins, Nannie, 1321 Main
Jenkins, Pinkie, laborer, 101 Frederick
Jenkins, Raymond, laborer, 401 Water
Jenkins, Samuel (Martha), clerk, 101 Frederick
Jenkins, Sarah, 101 Frederick
Jenkins, Taylor (Effie), laborer, Water
Jenkins, Thomas, 101 Frederick
Jenkins, Thomas, grocer, 101 Commerce, 1321 Main
Jenkins, W B (Sarah), garage, 1111 Princess Anne
Jenkins Motor Co, Princess Anne near Wolfe
Jennings, Arthur, 708 Main
Jennings, Judson G (Velma), carpenter, 708 Main
Jennings, Wilba, 708 Main
Jensen, George, plumber, 908 Hanover
Jenson, Marian, machine operator, 908 Hanover
Jergins, Mertha, 1017 Winchester
Jett, Admol L, carpenter, 507 Willis
Jett, Bernard, 408 Main
Jett, Beulah, 408 Main
Jett, Dessie, 105 Main
Jett, Ernest, 507 Willis
Jett, Frank (Ada), fireman, 613 Spottswood
Jett, Joe, laborer, 105 Main
Jett, John J (Hattie), 507 Willis
Jett, John S, Doswell Field
Jett, John T, laborer, 408 Main
Jett, Lora, 1015 Charles
Jett, Lulu, 408 Main
Jett, Mabel, 408 Main
Jett, Nelson, clerk, 507 Willis
Jett, Robert, 408 Main
Jett, Robert, clerk, Water
Jett, Snowden, 408 Main
Jett, Willis, laborer, 701 Water
Page 50
Johnson, Albert, merchant, 521 Hanover
*Johnson, Anna A, laundress, Dunmore
Johnson, Annie, 1107 Douglas
Johnson, Annie H, saleswoman, 407 Elizabeth
Johnson, Arthur L (Nannie), laborer, 216 Princess Anne
Johnson, Arthur, 317 Wolfe
*Johnson, Austin (Evelina), laborer, 312 Wolfe
*Johnson, Carrie D, bookkeeper, 1300 Winchester
Johnson, Converse (Eliza), salesman, 1300 Winchester
Johnson, Dalia, 317 Wolfe
Johnson, Dorothy, music teacher, 521 Hanover
*Johnson, Ella, 903 Barton
Johnson, Elva, clerk, 708 Main
Johnson, Emmett, painter, 111 Lafayette
Johnson, Emmett, painter, 407 Elizabeth
Johnson, Fanny, 307 Hawke
Johnson, Trenton C (Emma), tool dresser, 307 Charles
Johnson, Florence, 713 Water
Johnson, Francis, 207 Princess Anne
*Johnson, George (Maria), laborer, 707 Water
Johnson, George, painter, 207 Princess Anne
Johnson, George E, 207 Princess Anne
Johnson, Golsworth, 307 Charles
Johnson, Helen, 1115 Douglas
Johnson, H H, 509 Hanover
Johnson, H Stuart, clerk, 509 Hanover
Johnson, Irene, 111 Lafayette
Johnson, Irene, 407 Elizabeth
Johnson, James, 215 Prince Edward
Johnson, James, laborer, 1115 Douglas
*Johnson, Jas D (Lucy), Mayfield Road
Johnson, Jas E, laborer, 714 Water
*Johnson, John (Ella), drayman, Guest
Johnson, Joseph, painter, 407 Elizabeth
Johnson, Julia, servant, 404 Hanover
*Johnson, Lucy, teacher, Mayfield Road
Johnson, Marjory, 207 Princess Anne
Page 51

Johnson, Malcolm, laborer, 1603 Canal
*Johnson, Marshall G (Sarah), laborer, 713 Water
Johnson, Mary, servant, 513 Water
Johnson, Mary, 111 Lafayette
Johnson, Mary E, 1513 Charles
*Johnson, Mildred, laundress, 303 Charlotte
Johnson, M S, 1603 Canal
Johnson, Ora A, cook, 714 Water
Johnson, Otto, machine operator, 407 Elizabeth
Johnson, Ralph, clerk, 708 Main
Johnson, Robt, laborer, 215 Prince Edward
*Johnson, Robert, laborer, 903 Barton
Johnson, Robert G (Katherine), machinist, Mayfield Road
Johnson, Rodgers, 216 Princess Anne
Johnson, Sallie, laundress, 215 Prince Edward
Johnson, Sarah, 510 Lewis
Johnson, Susie, 1106 Douglas
*Johnson, Walter, laborer, 903 Barton
*Johnson, William (Mary), laborer, 518 Princess Anne
Johnson, William (Annie), blacksmith, 407 Elizabeth
*Johnson, William F, laborer, 317 Wolfe
Johnson, William R, machine operator, 407 Elizabeth
Jones, A Stuart (Laviolette), clerk, C W Jones, 1006 Prince Edward
Jones, Alice, 522 Main
Jones, Allie (Effie) laborer, 507 Princess Anne
Jones, Annie, 813 Water
Jones, Bertie, seamstress, Spottswood
Jones, Basil (Josephine), farmer, Spottswood
Jones, Bessie, 302 Charles
Jones, Bessie, Barton
Jones, Bright, 522 Main
Jones, C W, dry good, 902 Main
Jones, Dan, merchant, Hanover
Jones, Dorothy C, 202 Princess Anne
Jones, E L, lumber and building material, 311-313 Commerce
Page 52

Jones, Ernest, Barton
Jones, Edward E, laborer, 202 Princess Anne
Jones, Edward E (Ida), farmer, 202 Princess Anne
Jones, Effie, 727 Main
Jones, Ethel, 405 Main
Jones, Fannie, 813 Water
Jones, Frank C (Grace), clerk, 212 Dixon
Jones, Harris (Lizzie B), fireman silk mill, 1700 Princess Anne
Jones, Harry L (Mollie), Weedon
Jones, Hazel, 212 Dixon
Jones, Henry, 212 Dixon
Jones, Henry, laborer, 907 Barton
Jones, Ida, emp shirt factory, 1606 Princess Anne
Jones, Ira H, mechanic, 727 Main
Jones, Ivan, 522 Main
*Jones, James (Nannie), laborer, 515 Princess Anne
Jones, James T (Laura), P O clerk, 902 Nat Boulevard
Jones, James W, mechanic, 727 Main
Jones, Julia C, 727 Main
Jones, La Prade, clerk C W Jones, 1303 Main
Jones, Linda, Hanover
Jones, Lizzie, 1107 Douglas
Jones, Lucian F, ticket agent, Lee av
Jones, Lynn, 1004 Prince Edward
*Jones, Mamie, cook, 517 Water
Jones, Mark, mechanic, 522 Main
Jones, Margaret, 701 Amelia
Jones, Mary V, 302 Charles
Jones, Mildred, 212 Dixon
Jones Motor Company, Commerce and Prince Edward
Jones, Olive, 701 Amelia
Jones, Othello, 701 Amelia
Jones, Paul, 522 Main
Jones, Paul, Hanover
Page 53

Jones, Raymond, laborer, 1510 Princess Anne
Jones, Robert, 701 Amelia
Jones, Robert, clerk, Hanover
Jones, Ross (Elizabeth), bridge carpenter, 701 Amelia
Jones, Roy (Virginia), laborer, 1305 Fauquier
Jones, S J (Julia), mgr, Burruss Grocery, 1305 Main
Jones, Sallie, emp pants factory, 201 Factory
Jones, Sallie C, 721 Main
Jones, Susie, 813 Water
*Jones, Susie, servant, 324 Wolfe
Jones, Walter A (Viola), blacksmith, Charlotte
Jones, Walter F, 1305 Main
Jones, William P (Mollie F), flagman, 727 Main
Jung, Lee, mgr, Chinese laundry, Main
Karsten, Paul Sr, bookkeeper, 618 Prince Edward
Karsten, Paul Jr (Grace), asst cashier, 618 Prince Edward
Kaufman's Jewelry Store, 823 Main
Kaufman, Belle, clerk, 704 Prince Edward
Kaufman, Rosa, 704 Prince Edward
Kaufman, Sidney S, jeweler, 704 Prince Edward
*Kay, D M (Gussie), undertaker, 1317 Charles
Keck, William, laborer, 521 Main
Keene, Fannie E, Weedon
Keene, Rev J S, clergyman, Weedon
Page 54

Keim, J M (Theodora), Federal Hill Hanover
Keim, P R, 406 Hanover
Kelly, Annie, servant, 1024 Princess Anne
Kelly, Elfen F, cook, 613 Main
Kelly, Elizabeth L, 802 Princess Anne
Kelly, Sarah, Doswell Field
Kemp, Harold (Lucy), laborer, 105 Main
Kemp, Walter, laborer, 105 Main
Kemper, Fontaine (Sallie), 1204 Charles
Kendall, Alma, 521 Main
Kendall, Alice, 105 Lafayette
Kendall, Arthur, laborer, 521 Main
Kendall, Clinton, laborer, 401 Water
Kendall, Donald, laborer, 105 Lafayette
Kendall, Dorothy, 401 Water
Kendall, Edward, 401 Water
Kendall, Frank (Grace), foreman, 311 Dixon
Kendall, Grace, 521 Main
Kendall, Harold, traveling salesman, 105 Lafayette
Kendall, James (Helen), laborer, 505 Lafayette
Kendall, Kirby, laborer, 401 Water
Kendall, Mary, 521 Main
Kendall, Mary, 401 Water
Kendall, Mary, 505 Lafayette
Kendall, Raymond, clerk, 105 Lafayette
Kendall, Samuel (Mary), laborer, 110 Lafayette
Kendall, Vernon, 401 Water
Kendall, Vernon, 505 Lafayette
Kennedy, Carroll, dentist, 1105 Prince Edward
Kennedy, Wm F, Weedon
*Keyes, Melvina, cook, 616 George
*Keys, Ernest, 603 Amelia
*Keys, Emily, 603 Amelia
*Keys, Emmett, laborer, 603 Amelia
*Keys, Mary, cook, 603 Amelia
Kidwell, Audrey, 824 Main
Kidwell, Belle, 824 Main
Kidwell, Goldie, 824 Main
Kidwell, John, 824 Main
Kidwell, Laurice, 824 Main
Kidwell, Madeline, 824 Main
Kidwell, Wilber, 824 Main
Page 55

King, Annie, dressmaker, 618 Main
King, Annie M, school teacher, 507 Fauquier
King, Bessie, clerk, 618 Water
King, Edward, carpenter, 618 Main
King, Elizabeth, student, 400 Main
King, Elmer M, student, 400 Main
King, Ermine, stenographer, 507 Fauquier
King, Everette, student, 400 Main
King, Francis M, 1108 Charles
King, French (Lula), laborer, 313 Princess Anne
King, Garnett Jr, student, 1105 Prince Edward
King, George H S, 1108 Charles
King, George P (Cora), merchant, 1108 Charles
King, George W (Mary W), 406 Main
King, J Garnett (Nannie), dentist, 906 Main, 1105 Prince Edward
King, Joel M, salesman, 507 Fauquier
King, Mabel V, student, 400 Main
King, Marion H (Ada V), clerk, 400 Main
King, Marshall, student, 1105 Prince Edward
King, Ruby, student, 400 Main
King, Susie, 313 Princess Anne
King, Thelma, 313 Princess Anne
Kishpaugh's Stationery Etc, 918 Main
Kishpaugh, Frank, salesman, 1201 Prince Edward
Kishpaugh, Mary E, 1201 Prince Edward
Kishpaugh, Robert A, merchant, 1201 Prince Edward
Kline, Bertie, 400 Charles
Kline, Mary, laundress, 400 Charles
Klock, Myrtle, 513 Main
Klock, William, laborer, 513 Main
Klos, Stanley, 614 Prince Edward
Klots Throwing Co, silk mill, Main and New
Knighton, Horace, teamster, 914 Mercer
Knox, Luola B, 1017 Prince Edward
Knox, Lucy, Red Cross, Quantico, 1017 Prince Edward
Kramer, Helen, 706 Commerce
Kulley, Mary E, 1111 Princess Anne
Lacy, William (Nora G), pharmacist, Goolricks, 607 Water
Lanabee, Comphort, Wolfe
Page 56

Lanabee, W C (Hazel), blacksmith, Wolfe
Lancaster, Betty, servant, 1108 Charles
Landhan, Fred B (Gertrude), baker, 1611 Charles
Landram, James, flagman, 613 Spottswood
Lane, Augusta, Washington av
Lane, Harry B, asst cashier bank, Washington av
Lang's china and glass ware, 825 Main
Lang, Ida, 307 Amelia
Lang, Mary F, 307 Amelia
Lang, W E, merchant, 307 Amelia
Lanier, John J, salesman, 303 Hanover
Lanier, Rev John J (Susie), rector, St Georges, 303 Hanover
Lanier, Richard N, student, 303 Hanover
Larkin, Blanche, 103 Amelia
Larkin, Mrs Fanny P, 103 Amelia
Larkin, John B, salesman, 103 Amelia
Larkin, Ruth T, 103 Amelia
Larkin, Sophronia, 222 Princess Anne
Lathram, Mack L, carpenter, 706 Amelia
Lathrom, Helen, emp silk mill, Doswell Field
Lawson, Annie, 703 Water
Lawson, Mary, 703 Water
Lawson, Neville, 806 Charles
Lawson, R B, 806 Charles
Layton, Andrew, watchman, 225 Charles
Layton, Anne, Lafayette
Layton, Evelyn, student, 908 Nat Boulevard
Layton, Everett, student, 908 Nat Boulevard
Layton, Lydia, 225 Charles
Layton, Lynn E, merchant, 1205 Main
Layton's Clothing, 906 Main
Layton, Marion, 1205 Main
Layton, Walker W, teamster, 225 Charles
Layton, Willard, 908 Nat Boulevard
Layton, Willard T (Sadie W), machine operator, 908 Nat Boulevard
Leacock, Nellie, student, 811 Hanover
Leacock, Preston (Sarah), baggage master, 811 Hanover
Page 57

Leacock, Welford, salesman, 811 Hanover
Leary, Hazel, student, Lee av
Leary, P H (Adah), engineer, Lee av
Leary, Willard, student, Lee av
Lechler, Inez, 140 Main
Lechler, Jessie H, agent, 140 Main
Lechler, Elmore, 140 Main
Lee, Alice, 1406 Charles
Lee, Bettie, 717 Water
Lee, Clarence R, painter, 818 Water
Lee, Mary, servant, Washington av
Lee, Nellie, 818 Water
Lee, Norman, laborer, 1405 Charles
*Lee, Samuel, student, 914 Barton
*Lee, Thomas (Clara), handles mail, 1406 Charles
Lee, Thomas Jr, 1406 Charles
*Lee, Warren (Virgie), mail carrier, 914 Barton
*Lee, Warren Jr, student, 914 Barton
Leitch, Carey P (Maggie), freight clerk, Shepherd
Leitch, F P (Annie), clerk, 511 Hanover
Leitch, James R, 905 Nat Boulevard
Leitch, Maurice (Mae), auto mechanic, 511 Hanover
Lesher, Margaret, 306 New
Lesher, Stuart, 306 New
Levering Motor Co, Dodge automobiles, 809 Main
*Lewis, Alfred (Louisa), drayman, 1106 Winchester
Lewis, Alice, dressmaker, 716 Commerce
Lewis, Annie, 321 Wolfe
Lewis, Archie, chauffeur, 310 Pitt
Lewis, Arthur, laborer, 304 Pitt
Lewis, Blanche, 503 Hanover
Lewis, Charles, student, 1108 Prince Edward
Lewis, Clarence, printer, 610 Nat Boulevard
Lewis, Clemencia, laundress, 203 Ferdinand
Lewis, Cordelia, 610 Nat Boulevard
Lewis, Dora, servant, 525 Hanover
Lewis, Elsie, 1108 Prince Edward
*Lewis, Fanny, chambermaid, 532 George
*Lewis, Faybelle, washerwoman, 534 George
Lewis, France, 503 Hanover
Lewis, Frances, 912 Water
*Lewis, Hattie, chambermaid, 905 Barton
*Lewis, Hester, servant, 308 Pitt
Lewis, James, 525 Hanover
Lewis, Joe, painter, 411 Commerce
Page 58

Lewis, Laura, 317 Prince Edward
Lewis, Linwood, office boy, 317 Prince Edward
*Lewis, Lucy, servant, 1111 Winchester
Lewis, Magnus M, druggist, 1108 Prince Edward
Lewis' Drug Store, 301 Commerce
Lewis, Magnus Jr, salesman, 1108 Prince Edward
*Lewis, Mary, 310 Pitt
*Lewis, Martha, servant, 310 Pitt
Lewis, Randolph, 317 Prince Edward
Lewis, Randolph, drayman, 1106 Winchester
*Lewis, Richard, laborer, 1111 Winchester
Lewis, Sallie, saleswoman, 514 Willis
*Lewis, Sanford, hospital orderly, 912 Water
*Lewis, Sarah, washerwoman, 534 George
Lewis, Thornton, laborer, 1607 Princess Anne
Lewis, Tilda, 304 Pitt
*Lewis, Ulysses, laborer, 532 George
*Lewis, W H (Martha), watch repairer, 912 Water
Liebenow, William F (Mary V), bookkeeper, Lee av
Lightner, Charles (Janie), 1502 Main
Limberick, John B, laborer, 613 Main
Limerick, Harvey, laborer, 1706 Princess Anne
Page 59

Limerick, Joe, 604 Commerce
Limerick, John, 1706 Princess Anne
Limerick, Lizzie, 1706 Princess Anne
Limerick, Mercer (Maggie), mail carrier, 1209 Main
Limerick, Nannie, emp pants factory, 1706 Princess Anne
Limerick, Sanford B, 1706 Princess Anne
Link, Adolph, high school teacher, 801 Hanover
Linthicum, Amelia, 1012 Prince Edward
Linthicum, Olan, machinist, 1012 Prince Edward
Little, Mrs M B, 405 Hanover
Little, Belle, 405 Hanover
Littrell, Cora, emp silk mill, 1505 Princess Anne
Littrell, Dora, emp silk mill, 113 Hawke
Littrell, Hilda, 113 Hawke
Littrell, Ida, emp silk mill, 1505 Princess Anne
Littrell, Joseph, emp pants factory, 113 Hawke
Littrell, Melvin, laborer, 609 Amelia
Littrell, Myrtle, emp pants factory, 113 Hawke
Littrell, Nellie, emp silk mill, 113 Hawke
Littrell, Sallie, 609 Amelia
Littrell, William, laborer, 113 Hawke
Lloyd, Walter, chauffeur, Charlotte
Logan, Ida, servant, 207 Ferdinand
*Lomax, Ella, 810 Water
*Lomax, Ella, 810 Water
*Lomax, Everett, 810 Water
*Lomax, Fannie, nurse, 810 Water
*Lomax, James (Emma), laborer, 810 Water
*Lomax, John (Ella), baker, 810 Water
Long, Catherine, 1302 Winchester
Long, Catherine, stenographer, 1302 Winchester
Long, John M, salesman, 1302 Winchester
Long, William (Ellen), traveling salesman, 111 Main
Louvett, Annie, 607 Wolfe
Louvett, Henry, laborer, 607 Wolfe
Louvett, Kate, 607 Wolfe
Louvett, Lewis, laborer, 607 Wolfe
Love, Belle, bookkeeper, 311 Fauquier
Loveridge, Carl, 916 Mercer
Loveridge, Lillian, machine operator, 916 Mercer
Loveridge, Robert, janitor, 916 Mercer
Loving, Sanford, laborer, 315 Dixon
Lowery's Dry Goods Store, 818 Main
Lowery, Gertrude E, 306 Main
Page 60
Lowery, Mary, 306 Main
Lowery, Nellie G, 306 Main
*Lowery, Pearl, waitress, 308 Wolfe
Lowery, William, 306 Main
*Lucas, Adele, chambermaid, 612 Lewis
*Lucas, Allene, 612 Lewis
*Lucas, Andrew (Catherine), drayman, 518 Amelia
*Lucas, Annie, waitress, 306 Wolfe
*Lucas, Betty, washerwoman, 919 Barton
*Lucas, Carrie, washerwoman, 710 Water
*Lucas, Chrissie, washerwoman, 526 George
*Lucas, Cornelius, preacher, 1110 Douglas
*Lucas, Cornelius Jr, laborer, 526 George
Lucas, Dollye, 411 Pitt
*Lucas, Eddie, laborer, 306 Wolfe
Lucas, Edith G, 411 Pitt
Lucas, Edna, 411 Pitt
*Lucas, Elizabeth, 1006 Liberty
*Lucas, Ellen, 306 Wolfe
Lucas, Elmer, 207 Lafayette
*Lucas, Frances, 518 Amelia
Lucas, Frances, silk mill, 411 Pitt
*Lucas, Frances, 510 Amelia
*Lucas, Frank (Lina), laborer, 532 George
*Lucas, Frank, 408 Frederick
Lucas, George, 411 Pitt
Lucas, Gurena, 411 Pitt
Lucas, James L, 912 Charles
*Lucas, Janie, 912 Charles
Lucas, John C, 411 Pitt
*Lucas, John, plasterer, 912 Charles
*Lucas, John, blacksmith, 1006 Liberty
*Lucas, Joseph, 912 Charles
Lucas, Katie, 411 Pitt
Lucas, Mary A, 207 Lafayette
*Lucas, Mary A, 912 Charles
Lucas, May, 411 Pitt
*Lucas, Maynard, mechanic, 526 George
*Lucas, Monroe (Lina), barber, Mayfield Road
*Lucas, Mollie, 912 Charles
*Lucas, Mollie, laundress, 408 Frederick
Lucas, Matelda, 409 Elizabeth
*Lucas, Newton, 518 Amelia
Page 61

*Lucas, Pauline, 912 Charles
*Lucas, Sallie, washerwoman, 612 Lewis
Lucas, Taylor (Esther), carpenter, 520 Princess Anne
Lucas, Thomas, laborer, 710 Water
*Lucas Transfer Co, 518 Amelia
*Lucas, Warner, 912 Charles
Lucas, Wesley, 207 Lafayette
*Lucas, William, 912 Charles
Lucas, William, fireman, 409 Elizabeth
Lunsford, Hunter, laborer, Charlotte
Lunsford, Maud, saleswoman, Charlotte
Lyson, Adelaide, Doswell Field
Lyson, Charles, Doswell Field
Lyson, Elie, Doswell Field
Lyson, Freda, Doswell Field
Lyson, Helen E, Doswell Field
Lyson, John, moulder at foundry, Doswell Field
Lyson, Lillian, emp silk mill, Doswell Field
Lyson, Mack, laborer, Doswell Field
Lyson, Ollie, Doswell Field
Lyson, Robert, painter at foundry, Doswell Field
Lyson, Sidney, Doswell Field
Maher, John, 126 Main
Major, Nora, bookkeeper, 708 Main
Mander, Kate, private school, 1020 Main
*Manuel, Annabel, 912 Liberty
Manuel, Jane, servant, 912 Liberty
*Manuel, Levinia, waitress, 213 Charles
*Manuel, Mabel, 912 Liberty
Margaret, Frank H (Catherine), foreman, G & H, 515 Willis
Markham, Samuel, 101 Frederick
Marsh, Clen, laborer, 415 Dixon
Marsh, Flossie, saleslady, 306 Prince Edward
Marsh, Frank M (Loulie), supt gas plant, 400 Charles
Marsh, James (Mattie), plumber, 306 Prince Edward
Marsh, Marie, 400 Charles
Page 62

Marsh, Maude, tel operator, 400 Charles
Marsh, Melvin, 400 Charles
Marshall, Booker (Kate), 1008 Prince Edward
Marshall, Cary G, bookkeeper, 713 Main
Marshall, Clayton, 508 Main
Marshall, Elizabeth, stenographer, 713 Main
Marshall, Florence, 606 Main
Marshall, Henry D, laborer, 721 Main
Marshall, James E, plumber, 606 Main
Marshall, John C, plumber, 606 Main
Marshall, Marian E, student, 713 Main
Marshall, Mason, 508 Main
Marshall, Maude B, 721 Main
Marshall, Ola, 606 Main
Marshall, Sarah A, 606 Main
Marshall, Wallace (Celeste), laborer, 209 Ferdinand
Marston, Grace E, 1304 Main
Marston, William, mgr, T N Brent store, 1304 Main
Martin, Arthur (Mattie), supt, P F & P R R, 553 Nat Boulevard
Martin, Ashby (Nora C), painter, 914 Hanover
Martin, Bertie M, teamster, 604 Commerce
Martin, Emily, 301 Main
Martin, Everette H, 604 Commerce
Martin, John T, salesman, 604 Commerce
Martin, Louis (Alice), lumber co, Doswell Field
Martin, Mary, 706 Princess Anne
Martin, Mattie, 517 Amelia
Martin, Rose E, cutter, 604 Commerce
Martin, Roy A (Hortense), conductor, 537 Nat Boulevard
Martin, Ruth E, clerk, 604 Commerce
Martin, Rev Father Thomas B, St Mary's R C, 706 Princess Anne
Martin, Thomas, 604 Commerce
Martin, William H, 604 Commerce
Martino, Anne, housekeeper, Princess Anne Hotel, 1713 Charles
Martino, Frank, pants factory, 1713 Charles
Martinczeh, Louise, Bookkeeper, 1200 Prince Edward
Martinczeh, Louise, student, 1200 Prince Edward
Mary Washington Hospital, Miss Bruce Goolrick supt, 1308 Water
Mason, H R (Margaret), U S M C, 705 Prince Edward
Page 63

Mason, John E (Carrie), laborer, 700 Main
Mason, Nena, clerk, 708 Main
Massey, Louise, servant, 501 Hanover
Masters, J W, building material, 606 Main
Masters, Ada C, student, 1107 Princess Anne
Masters, Howard M D, physician, 1107 Princess Anne
Masters, J W (Ada B), building material, 1107 Princess Anne
May, Abner E (Alma), laborer, 721 Main
May, Earl F, 202 Frederick
May, Evelyn H, 202 Frederick
May, Hazel L, 721 Main
May, Horace B (Ada B), 202 Frederick
Maxwell, E H (Beatrice), 316 Commerce
Meek, Josephine, 316 Commerce
Melchers, Gari, artist, Belmont Falmouth
Melton, Bernard L (Mary E), clerk, 134 Main
Melton, Bernard L Jr, student, 134 Main
Melton, Edward M, student, 134 Main
Melton, Virginia, student, 134 Main
Mercer, Nelson W (Alice), carpenter, 1402 Charles
Merchant, Rufus, printer, 606 Hawke
Merton, Josephine, 1310 Princess Anne
Merton, Mary, student, 1310 Princess Anne
Messick, Adelaide, Washington av
Metal Egg Crate Co, Wolfe
Metropolitan Life Ins Co, Law Building
Meyers, Leonard M, foreman, 101 Hawke
Middleton, Andrew, operator, 507 Main
Middleton, Isaac H (Mae B), jeweler, 1006 Main, 507 Main
Middleton, Billy, 507 Main
Middleton, Hester, student, 507 Main
Middleton, Ikey, 507 Main
Page 64

Miller, Chas, laborer, 610 Lewis
Miller, Columbia, 721 Main
Miller, Eddie W, laborer, 721 Main
Miller, Elease, 324 Wolfe
Miller, Emma, 301 Hanover
Miller, Kemper (Mary), 1204 Charles
Miller, Marguerite, 211 Main
Miller, Mrs R B, 1103 Prince Edward
Mills, Ada, garment cutter, 317 Charles
Mills, Addie L, silk mill, Doswell Field
Mills, Anna, 1007 Water
Mills, Annie, emp clothing factory, 1022 Main
Mills, Aubrey, Doswell Field
Mills, Beatrice, shirt factory, Doswell Field
Mills, Bertie, 317 Charles
Mills, Bragdon, student, 207 Main
Mills, Bryon, pants factory, Doswell Field
Mills, C J, painter, 1220 Fauquier
Mills, Carlisle, clerk, 1618 Main
Mills, Charles H, 220 Charles
Mills, Dorothy, Doswell Field
Mills, Edward, laborer, 220 Charles
Mills, Elizabeth, emp pants factory, 1220 Fauquier
Mills, Ella M, emp pants factory, 1220 Fauquier
Mills, Ennis T (Annie), butcher, 1618 Main
Page 65

Mills, Fanny P, 1303 Fauquier
Mills, Fanny P, clerk, 1220 Fauquier
Mills, Eugene, drayman, Doswell Field
Mills, Frank, painter, Doswell Field
Mills, Harvey, Doswell Field
Mills, Howard W, student, 1220 Fauquier
Mills, Ida, Doswell Field
Mills, Inez, Doswell Field
Mills, Joe, laborer, 220 Charles
Mills, John D, Doswell Field
Mills, John, cement contractor, Doswell Field
Mills, John H (Jane E), 511 Willis
Mills, Madge, emp pants factory, 1220 Fauquier
Mills, Nannie, Doswell Field
Mills, Nellie, 220 Charles
Mills, Nellie M, 207 Main
Mills, Randolph, butcher, 1618 Main
Mills, Rosa, forewoman pants factory, 1007 Water
Mills, Sallie, 1022 Main
Mills, Sidney, Doswell Field
Mills, Sarah E, Doswell Field
Mills, Stark (Nannie), car inspector, 900 Nat Boulevard
Mills, Summer, 1220 Fauquier
Mills, Warden C, student, 1220 Fauquier
Mills, Willie F silk mill, Doswell Field
Minor, A R (Estelle), bookkeeper, 612 Prince Edward
Minor, Dan (Lucy), foreman, 310 Wolfe
Minor, Howard, 2127 Princess Anne
Minor, Joseph (Emily), 215 Ferdinand
Minor, Katherine, 2127 Princess Anne
Minor, Maria, servant, 310 Pitt
Minor, Mattie F, 208 Princess Anne
Minor, Page, 2127 Princess Anne
Minor, William (Emma), electrician, 2127 Princess Anne
Minor, William H, laborer, 604 George
Minor, Willie, cook, 604 George
Mitchell, James H, baker, 1018 Main
Mitchell, Mary L, 1018 Main
Modern Shoe Repair Shop, 210 George
Moeller, Benjamin, 214 Main
Moeller, John, 214 Main
Page 66

Moeller, Millard R, Cornell
Moncure, Dora, Washington
Moncure, Margaret, Washington
Moncure, Richard (Mary), revenue collector, Washington
Moncure, Richard C L, shipping clerk, 1301 Prince Edward
Moncure, William (Mary), 1301 Prince Edward
Montague, Belle (wid), hairdresser etc, 904 Main
*Montague, Louise, washerwoman, 917 Barton
Montgomery & Co, coal, 106 Commerce
Montgomery, Harrison, coal dealer, 1004 Prince Edward
Monroe, Fanny, cook, 521 Main
Moody, Thomas, laborer, 313 Princess Anne
Moon, Victor (Bessie), traveling salesman, Washington
Moore, Henry, pharmacist, 304 George
Moore, Rachel, 214 Main
Moore, Robert C, 1301 Prince Edward
More, Richard, laborer, 523 Water
Morgan, Clarence, 812 Water
Morgan, Ernest (Frances), 812 Water
Morgan, Ernest H (Edna M), clerk, 812 Water
Morgan, Edward R, 314 Princess Anne
Morgan, Gladys M, 812 Water
Morgan, Larance, 314 Princess Anne
Morgan, Marie V, 314 Princess Anne
Morgan, Randolph (Nellie), laborer, 314 Princess Anne
Morgan, Silvanus, 812 Water
Morgan, Stansbury, 314 Princess Anne
Morris, Dorothy D, clerk, 405 Main
Morris, George W, 405 Main
Morris, George A (Wille), Nat Boulevard
Morris, James R, carpenter, Wolfe
Morris, Lloyd (Emma), laborer, 618 Princess Anne
Morris, Lou D, 405 Main
*Morris, Lucy, washerwoman, 107 Hanover
Page 67

Morris, Mary, 603 Wolfe
Morris, Olive, Nat Boulevard
Morris, Ossa (Nora), emp, R F & P R R, 1606 Princess Anne
Morrison, Oliver E (Carrie), tie inspector, 800 Weedon
Morrison, Oliver E Jr, 800 Weedon
Morrison, Thomas, 800 Weedon
Morrison, Thomas F, 800 Weedon
*Morton, Blanche, cook, 918 Liberty
*Morton, Iueta, 107 Hanover
*Morton, Liza, cook, 107 Hanover
*Morton, Robert, laborer, 312 Wolfe
Moss, Lloyd, 1306 Winchester
Moss, Lloyd A (Edna), tie inspector, 1306 Winchester
Moss, Margaret, 1306 Winchester
Moulter, Bessie, 221 Princess Anne
Moulter, John (Bessie), laborer, 221 Princess Anne
Moulter, Laura, 221 Princess Anne
Mulcahy, Eleanor, 607 Water
Mullen, Archie, emp pants factory, 1513 Princess Anne
Mullen, Callie, student, 1513 Princess Anne
Mullen, Daniel, 1513 Princess Anne
Mullen, Robert, 1601 Main
Mullen, W A (Carrie), mgr, Warden Estate, 1601 Main
Mullen & Williams, stone cutters, Washington av and Canal
Murphy, Bessie, servant, Washington av
Murphy, Robert, watchman, 312 Frederick
Murray, Robert, 1512 Princess Anne
Murray, Rudolph (Fannie), bootblack, 410 Frederick
Musselman, Albert, 1608 Charles
Musselman, Annie L, dressmaker, 204 Amelia
Musselman, Cleveland, operator, 1608 Charles
Musselman, Claudie, 1606 Charles
Musselman, Emily, Doswell Field
Musselman, Everett, 1606 Charles
Musselman, Gordon (Grace L), stone cutter, 1606 Charles
Musselman, J W (Mary), 1301 Main
Musselman, John S (Pocahontas), driver, 204 Amelia
Musselman, Maud, 1608 Charles
Musselman, Ralph, 1608 Charles
Myer, Annie, Washington av
Myers, Annie, student, 817 Water
Myers, Berta, 1403 Prince Edward
Page 68

Myers, Bessie, garment cutter, 204 Charles
Myers, Douglas, chauffeur, 206 Main
Myers, Edward, sponger, Lee av
Myers, Lillian, 204 Charles
Myers, Mollie, seamstress, 204 Charles
Myers, Walter, 817 Water
Myers, Wayne (Lizzie), laborer, 817 Water
McCalley, Blanche, 923 Main
McCalley, Caroline, 911 Hanover
McCalley, Charlotte, 911 Hanover
McCalley, Edna M, 911 Hanover
McCalley, Harvey, painter, 923 Main
McCalley, Jeannette, teacher, 922 Hanover
McCalley, Joseph (Edna), post office clerk, 911 Hanover
McCalley, Joseph M (Maria L), carpenter, 922 Hanover
McCalley, Mattie, 922 Hanover
McCarty, Lemuel (Alice), drayman, Commerce extended
McCarty, Mary, shirt factory, Commerce extended
McCarty, Murray, laborer, Commerce extended
McCarty, Oscar, Commerce Extended
McCarty, Robert, shoe cutter, 550 Nat Boulevard
McCarty, Willie, government clerk, Commerce Extended
McCarthy, Sarah, 903 Hanover
McCauley, George (Willie), watchman, 100 Hanover
McClaren, Jesse (Susan), laborer, 535 Nat Boulevard
McClarin, Sarah, 512 Fauquier
McCleary, Nannie, stenographer, 801 Hanover
McCleary, William B, clerk, Hanover
McCoy, Robert (Malie), printer, Weedon
McCoy, Russell, student, Weedon
Page 69

McCord, Jacob (Palestine), watchman, 512 Fauquier
McCord, James S, painter, 512 Fauquier
McDonald, James, concrete contractor, 921 Hanover
McDonald, James W (Lizzie), carpenter, 1200 Main
McDonald, Joe, commercial traveler, 1515 Princess Anne
McDonald, Thomas, stone mason, 921 Hanover
McDonnell, Elizabeth, teacher, Lee av
McDonnell, Ida, Lee av
McDonnell, Michael, carpenter, Lee av
McDonnell, Robert, machinist, Lee av
McGaha, Edna, student, 523 Willis
McGaha, Oda W, salesman, 523 Willis
McGhee, Absolom D, plumber, 602 Main
McGhee, Catherine, 704 Amelia
McGhee, Earl, plumber, 604 Main
McGhee, Edward (Margaret), Doswell Field
McGhee, Grace, 1304 Winchester
McGhee, Henry L, mgr, Montgomery & Co, 1307 Main
McGhee, Henry W, 1307 Main
McGhee, Ida B, 704 Amelia
McGhee, James, plumber, 604 Main
McGhee, Jessie P, teacher, 1307 Main
McGhee, Lillian, lining cutter, 304 Prince Edward
McGhee, Mae, 314 Prince Edward
McGhee, Mary, 704 Amelia
McGhee, Mildred, 1304 Winchester
McGhee, Myrtle, 1307 Main
McGhee, Rachel E, bookkeeper, 1307 Main
McGhee, Reuben (Ada), foreman, 304 Prince Edward
McGhee, Robert, 304 Prince Edward
McGhee, Ruth N, clerk, pants factory, 1307 Main
McGhee, Sadie, Doswell Field
McGhee, T J (Mary V), merchant, 507 Hanover
McGhee, Wallace J, emp pants factory, 1307 Main
McGhee, Walter A (Nella), laborer, 604 Main
McGhee, William (Lillie), sect woolen mills, 1304 Winchester
McGrath, Sallie, 1023 Main
McGregor, Hugh, plumber, Wolfe
McIver, Henry B (Viola C), mgr, C & P Tel Co, 605 Fauquier
McKenna, Frank, 209 Princess Anne
Page 70

McKenna, John H (Ruth), salesman, 209 Princess Anne
McKenna, John H, 209 Princess Anne
McKenna, Mildred, 209 Princess Anne
McMullen, George, millwright, Wolfe
McShea, Frank, carpenter, 600 Commerce
McWhirt, Jennie, waitress, 915 Nat Boulevard
McWhirt, Joe Ellen, mch operator, 915 Nat Boulevard
McWhirt, Joe W (Susie), 915 Nat Boulevard
McWhirt, Wilson (Elizabeth), laborer, 915 Nat Boulevard
Nari, Vincenzo (Angeleno), laborer, 927 Main
Nail, Samuel, drayman, Doswell Field
Nash, Allen 11, chauffeur, 719 Main
Nash, James H (Mary E), carpenter, 719 Main
Nash, Leonard T, painter, 719 Main
Nash, Robert, laborer, 719 Main
Nelson, Gaynell, Hanover
Neos, Ago J, chef, 800 Main
Newman, Fanny, 1112 Prince Edward
Newton, Benjamin H (Beatrice), electrician, 109 Hawke
Newton, Gus, teamster, 311 Charlotte
Newton, Rodgers, laborer, 700 Princess Anne
Nicholson, George, 814 Weedon
Ninde, Anne Marie, actress, 1208 Princess Anne
Ninde, E C (Lucy), furniture dealer, 1208 Princess Anne
Ninde, Eugene, reporter Star, 1208 Princess Anne
Ninde, Evelyn D, actress, 1208 Princess Anne
Ninde's Furniture Store, 917 Main
Ninde, Louise, physical director Normal School, 1208 Princess Anne
Ninde, Lucy, student, 1208 Princess Anne
Page 71
*Nokes, Charles (Annie L), laborer, 1108 G [Douglas]
Norbray, Maggie, cook, 608 Commerce
Norbray, Morris, salesman, 608 Commerce
*Norbrey, John, grave digger, Guest
*Norbrey, John C, laborer, Guest
*Norbrey, William, Guest
*Norman, Liza, cook, 304 George
Norris Jewelry Store, 615 Main
Norris, Hannon E, student, 623 Main
Norris, Helen, student, 623 Main
Norris, John R, student, 623 Main
Norris, Sallie, 623 Main
Norris, Thos B, clerk, 623 Main
Nossit, Peter, night watchman, Commerce
O'Bannon, Dulcie, 311 Fauquier
O'Bryhum, Lizzie, sponger, 507 Willis
O'Bryhum, Nellie, garment cutter, 507 Willis
Odell, Lee, plasterer, 1300 Main
O'Leary, Mary, Washington av
Olive, William, bookkeeper, 1309 Winchester
Opera House, cor Main and Commerce
Opera House Fruit Store, 105 Main
Oppenheim Oberndorf & Co, clothing mfgrs, Wolfe and Princess Anne
Osborne, James (Margaret), 507 Hanover
Owens, Albert (Lucy), laborer, 556 Nat Boulevard
Owens, Carrie, garment cutter, Weedon
Owens, Herbert W (Nettie), merchant, 529 Main
Owens, Laurence (Maggie), carpenter, Doswell Field
Owens, Meta, garment cutter, Weedon
Owens, Nellie, saleswoman, Weedon
Owens, W Warren, electrician, 609 Fauquier
Page 72
Palmer Robt C, auto mechanic, 610 Princess Anne
Pappandreau, John (Katherine), prop Athens Hotel, 800 Main
Parcell, Claude, mgr, Farmers' Cream Co, Lee av
Parcell, Katherine, Lee av
Parcell, Raymond, laborer, Lee av
Parcell, Sallie, Lee av
Parham, Ella, 1403 Prince Edward
*Parker, Albert, servant, 1107 Princess Anne
Parker, Frank (Patsy), laborer, 1107 Winchester
Parker, Nettie, cement contractor, Doswell Field
Parr, Frank (Mary), machinist, 1115 Main
Parr, William (Nellie), plumber, 124 Main
Parsons, Josephine, 307 Main
Pastre, George, music teacher, Hanover
Pates, Augustus (Eunice), laborer, 408 Main
Pates, Bailey S (Josephine), insurance agt, Lee av
Pates, Dora B, 517 Main
Pates, Doris, stenographer, Lee av
Pates, Fannie, 517 Main
Pates, Fitzhugh, laborer, 524 Shepherd
Pates, Henry N, 517 Main
Pates, Katie L, 517 Main
Pates, Mason, carpenter, 517 Main
Pates, Richard (Lettie), laborer, 524 Shepherd
Patrick, Lewis, carpenter, 411 Commerce
Patton, Edward (Bessie L), laborer, 110 Lafayette
Patton, Ivan L, 110 Lafayette
Patton, J D, plumber, 1603 Princess Anne
Patton, James E, 110 Lafayette
Patton, John W, 110 Lafayette
Patton, Margaret K, 110 Lafayette
Patton, Virginia B, 409 Hanover
*Patterson, Annie, chambermaid, 919 Liberty
*Patterson, Elizabeth, 919 Liberty
Patterson, Elizabeth, shirt factory, 1200 Prince Edward
Payne, Addie, Commerce
Payne, Adgar, fireman at mill, Doswell Field
Payne, Alford (Rena), salesman, Doswell Field
Page 73

Payne, Bettie, 1006 Prince Edward
Payne, Carrie, Doswell Field
Payne, Chas, Doswell Field
Payne, Edgar, Doswell Field
Payne, Elizabeth, garment cutter, 814 Hanover
Payne, Elizabeth, Doswell Field
Payne, Elizabeth, student, 402 Hanover
Payne, Elmer, 109 Hawke
Payne, Emily, washerwoman, 523 Hanover
Payne, Ernest (Lucy), laborer, 417 Dunmore
Payne, Fannie, 523 Hanover
Payne, Frances, Doswell Field
Payne, George W (Elsie), plasterer, Doswell Field
Payne, Inez, Doswell Field
Payne, Inez, clerk, 814 Hanover
Payne, Jas B, barber, Hanover
Payne, Judson (Virginia), drayman, 817 Nat Boulevard
Payne, Leslie, lumber co, Doswell Field
Payne, Lizzie, pants factory, 109 Hawke
Payne, Mary S, 202 Charles
Payne, Maud, stenographer, 1110 Charles
Payne, Nancy, student, 402 Hanover
Payne, O C, carpenter, 313 Commerce
Payne, Pierson (Bettie), carpenter, 814 Hanover
Payne, Pierson G, clerk, 814 Hanover
Payne, Preston, plumber, Doswell Field
Payne, Raymond, pants factory, Doswell Field
Payne, Robert B, student, 402 Hanover
Payne, Robert H, 523 Hanover
Payne, Robert J (Dr) (Anna), physician, 402 Hanover
Payne, William, Doswell Field
Peden, Margaret, student, Washington av
Peden, William (Emily), manufacturer, Washington av
Peden, William, student, Washington av
Peden's Excelsior Mill, Prince Edward and Prince [sic] Elizabeth
Peden's Pickle factory, Prince Edward and Wolfe
Pelton, Guy W (Mildred), electrician, Fairview
*Pendleton, Fanny, 1113 Douglas
Pepmeier, Adella, Doswell Field
Pepmeier, Caroline, Doswell Field
Pepmeier, Edgar, Doswell Field
Pepmeier, Elsie, Doswell Field
Pepmeier, Harold, Doswell Field
Page 74

Pepmeier, Helment (Margaret), Doswell Field
Pepmeier, Herman, Doswell Field
Pepmeier, John L (Anna), auto mechanic, Doswell Field
Pepmeier, Julia, Doswell Field
Perkins, Grace, Weedon
Perkins, H H (Cora), hotel porter, Weedon
Perry, Allie, carpenter, Doswell Field
Perry, Annie, emp pants factory, 1604 Main
Perry, Beatrice, 505 Main
Perry, Cary, Doswell Field
Perry, Charles, Doswell Field
Perry, Charles (Mary A), engineer power house, Doswell Field
Perry, Claude E, student, 309 Canal
Perry, David, 505 Main
Perry, David, baker, 603 Commerce
Perry, Ernest (Eva), laborer, Wolfe
Perry, Edna, 505 Main
Perry, Edna (wid), laundress, 309 Canal
Perry, Edna, Wolfe
Perry, J L (Edith), moulder, 1408 Princess Anne
Perry, James W (Laura), moulder, 1604 Main
Perry, John, moving pictures, Doswell Field
Perry, Jas F (Mary), brakeman, 505 Main
Perry, Katherine, student, 815 Weedon
Perry, Lillian, silk mill, Doswell Field
Perry, Louise, Wolfe
Perry, Margaret, 519 Main
Perry, Nalley (Ida), grocer, Doswell Field
Perry, Robert (Fannie), laborer, 519 Main
Perry, Robert O, clerk, 614 Main
Perry, Robert R (Anna D), tailor, 717 Main, 614 Main
Perry, Samuel C, 817 Hanover
Perry, Samuel, student, 815 Weedon
Perry, Silas B (Carrie), Chief of Police, 815 Weedon
Page 75

Perry & Sons, tailors, 717 Main
Perry, Virginia, Doswell Field
Perry, Wallace, 505 Main
Perry, Walter, Wolfe
Perry, William, Doswell Field
Perry, William, 817 Hanover
Perry, W S (Della), laborer, 311 Canal
Peyton, Aubrey, student, 811 Weedon
Peyton, Edward (Hattie), freight agent, 811 Weedon
Peyton, J M, 805 Weedon
Peyton, Kate A, Weedon
Peyton, Louise, student, 811 Weedon
Peyton, Thomas (Sarah), laborer, 805 Weedon
Peyton, Willie, 811 Weedon
Phillips, Edith G, student, 1504 Main
Phillips, George C, student, 1504 Main
Phillips, Helen, 1504 Main
Phillips, W J (Edith M), salesman, 1504 Main
Pickett, Jackson, machinist, 411 Commerce
Pierce, Harry (Mattie), painter, 912 Mercer
Piercy, M W (wid), 618 Prince Edward
Pitts, Benjamin T (Eleanor), manager, 514 Main
Pitts Leader Theater, motion pictures, 915 Main
Pitts, C L (Victoria), emp Pitts Leader, 1608 Main
Pitts, Daniel (Lulie), auto dealer and garage, 1612 Main
Pitts Motor Co, Studebaker automobiles, 913 Main
Pitts, Harry H, 408 Main
Pitts, Helen R, 408 Main
Pitts, J G, shoemaker, 1608 Main
Pitts, Lena, agent, 1608 Main
Pitts, Margaret, cook, 515 Princess Anne
Pitts, Ruth, 1608 Main
Page 76

Pitts, Warren, student, 1612 Main
Planters' National Bank, Bradford Building
Pollock, Mary, Mayfield Road
Pollard, Freda, stockkeeper, G & H, 533 Nat Boulevard
Pollard, Gertrude, garment cutter, 533 Nat Boulevard
Pollard, Thomas, fireman, 533 Nat Boulevard
Pollard, Willie (Alice), engineer, 558 Nat Boulevard
Pool, Charles, laborer, Princess Anne
Pool, Richard, mechanic, Princess Anne
Porch, Jennie, emp pants factory, 205 Factory
Porch, Lula, emp pants factory, 205 Factory
Porch, Susie, emp pants factory, 205 Factory
Portch, Lucy L, 309 Princess Anne
Pose, Gladys, 1105 Douglas
Postal Telegraph & Cable Co, 813 Main
Pounds, Mary D, 619 Spottswood
Pounds, Sidney, teamster, 905 Nat Boulevard
Powell, Clarice, Dunmore
Powell, Ellen, 512 Fauquier
Powell, Fremont, 607 Amelia
Powell, James, 512 Fauquier
Powell, Hon S P, Commonwealth's atty Spottsylvania Co atty at law, real estate, res Spottsylyania C H
Powell, James E (Daisy), laborer, 503 Elizabeth
Powell, Joe (Nettie), Dunmore
Powell, Leola, Dunmore
Powell, Lillie, silk mill, 409 Pitt
Powell, Marshall, drayman, 914 Mercer
Powell, Mary, shirt factory, 607 Amelia
Powell, Mason, 409 Pitt
Powell, Myrtle, 512 Fauquier
Powell, Ophas, laborer, 600 Nat Boulevard
Powell, Orvid, Dunmore
Page 77

Powell, Richard (Mary E), laborer, 220 Princess Anne
Powell, William, 512 Fauquier
Powell, William (Theresa), carpenter, 502 Fauquier
Powell, William T, 503 Elizabeth
*Pratt, David (Helen), laborer R R, 521 Amelia
*Pratt, David W, 521 Amelia
*Pratt, Ella, 521 Amelia
*Pratt, Elizabeth, 521 Amelia
Pratt, Dr Frank C (Katherine), phys and surgeon, 305 George
*Pratt, Henry, 521 Amelia
*Pratt, James M, 521 Amelia
Pratt, Lee, laborer, Mayfield
Pratt, William T, real estate agt, Law Bldg, 1116 Prince Edward
*Price, Henry (Sarah), teamster, 618 George
*Price, Mary, 618 George
*Price, John, 618 George
Price, William E (Lilly), carpenter, Spottswood
Prince, Rachel, cook, 103 Hanover
Princess Anne Hotel, Princess Anne
Pritchett, Allie, student, Wolfe
Pritchett, Karl, pants examiner, Wolfe
Pritchett, Maude, tel operator, Wolfe
Pritchett, Nora, saleslady, Wolfe
Pritchett, R H (Allie V), carpenter, Wolfe
Pritchett, Richard, Wolfe
Pritchett, Rolfe, Wolfe
Proctor, Frances, Lee av
Proctor, Geo B (Mary), carpenter, 533 Willis
Proctor, Harvey W, 1300 Princess Anne
Proctor, Lizzie L, 1300 Princess Anne
Proctor, Thos F (Bettie), street watchman, 900 Hanover
Proctor, Thomas T J (Eva), Lee av
Purcell, Alexander (Ella), grocer, 302 Princess Anne
Parks, Lucy, 1022 Main
Parks, Melinda, laborer, 550 Nat Boulevard
Purks, Willie, laborer, 1022 Main
Purvis, Benjamin, 1316 Main
Quarles, Cora, 601 Amelia
Quarles, Daniel, drayman, 601 Amelia
Quigley, Charles (Augusta), manager, 214 Main
Page 78

Raines, Clara, 810 Nat Boulevard
Raines, Floyd, 810 Nat Boulevard
Raines, Willard (Gertie), machinist, 810 Nat Boulevard
Ramsey, John W (Effie), carpenter, 513 Nat Boulevard
Rappahannock Electric Lt & Power Co, Charles and Amelia
Rawlings, Florence, Washington av
Rawlings, J B (Alice), hardware, 422 Commerce, Washington av
Rawlings, J R (Lula), Postmaster, 1112 Charles
Rawlings, Lucile, school teacher, 1112 Charles
Ray, Annie, 211 Main
Ray, Archie F (Mabel), purser, M D & V, Lee av
Ray, Edward, 211 Main
Ray, Ellen, 1025 Main
Ray, Ester, 211 Main
Ray, Fleming, student, Lee av
Ray, Francis, student, Lee av
*Ray, Lucinda, 1115 Douglas
Real Estate Loan & Investment Co, Law Building
Record Auto Supply Co, 718 Main
Redmond, Charles, Doswell Field
Redmond, Elwood, Doswell Field
Redmond, Henry (Hazel), steamfitter, Doswell Field
Reed, Lewis (Emma), bridge builder, 1015 Main
Reeves, Clarence, baker, 1307 Charles
Reeves, Clifton, laborer, Doswell Field
Reeves, Henrietta M, 1116 Main
Reeves, Walter (Annie), laborer, Doswell Field
Reid, Caroline G, 1205 Charles
Rennels, Willard H (Lizzie P), 822 Nat Boulevard
Rennolds, Lizzie G, 301 Main
Revere, Frank (Nellie G), 103 Main
Revere, James H (Minnie), painter, 223 Princess Anne
Rice, Percy L, clerk, Hanover
Rice, Thomas Odell, student, 201 Main
Rice, William H (Mary H), clerk R F & P, 201 Main
Ricker, Eleanor, student, Spottswood
Ricker, Evan O (Alice), vulcanizer, 113 Main
Ricker, Henry C (Jennie), vulcanizer, Spottswood
Page 79

Ricker, William, student, Spottswood
Richards, Edgar, supt city works, Law Building
Richards, Mrs Florence, 1015 Charles
Richards, George W, gen mgr, P F & P R R, Nat Boulevard
Richards, Maria, 207 Lafayette
Richards, Mason, student, 1200 Charles
Richards, William (Edna), 1200 Charles
*Richardson, Blanche laundress, 310 Frederick
*Richardson, Caroline, washerwoman, 612 George
Richardson, Eddie, laborer, Barton
Richardson, Eddie, laborer, 522 George
*Richardson, James, laborer, 612 George
*Richardson, James, delivery boy, 612 George
Richardson, Jeanette, Barton
Richardson, Lee, laborer, 908 Liberty
Richardson, Lila, washerwoman, 313 Wolfe
*Richardson, Lizzie, washerwoman, 612 George
Richardson, Owen, janitor, 103 Hanover
Richardson, Patsy, washerwoman, 908 Liberty
Richardson, Walker (Janie), drayman, 1108 Douglas
Ridge, Lottie, silk mill, Doswell Field
Riley, Anne V, 602 Main
Riley, Grace, servant, 1109 Prince Edward
Riley, Janie, clerk, 602 Main
Riley, Mattie, clerk, 602 Main
Rixey, Alice K, 1311 Winchester
Rixey, Anna, 1311 Winchester
Rixey, Joseph W, bookkeeper, 1311 Winchester
Rixey, Louise W, stenographer, 1311 Winchester
Rixey, Randolph P, 1311 Winchester
Roach, Agnes, boarding house, Hanover
Roach, Beatrice, student, 817 Weedon
Roach, Constance, student, 817 Weedon
Roach, Ellsworth, student, 817 Weedon
Roach, Lindsay G (Elizabeth), mgr, Coca-Cola wks, 817 Weedon
Roach, Lindsay Jr, 817 Weedon
Roane, Robert A (Violette), 505 Fauquier
Roberts, C C, car repairer, 601 Wolfe
Roberts, Ida E, 601 Wolfe
*Roberts, Landorine, waitress, 314 Wolfe
*Roberts, Newell, watchman, 314 Wolfe
Roberts, Roberta, ins agt, 317 Wolfe
*Robinson, Annie, 712 Water
Page 80

*Robinson, Charles, laborer, 722 Water
*Robinson, Charley, 722 Water
*Robinson, Elizabeth, 712 Water
Robinson, Frederick, clerk, Hanover
*Robinson, Henry, laborer, 213 Prince Edward
Robinson, John, laborer, 211 Prince Ed ward
*Robinson, John, laborer, 924 Liberty
*Robinson, Johnnie, 712 Water
*Robinson, Lewis (Liza), 712 Water
*Robinson, Louise, 712 Water
Robinson, Margaret, 213 Prince Edward
*Robinson, Maria, 305 Prince Edward
*Robinson, Minnie, nurse, 712 Water
Robinson, Narcissus, servant, 801 Hanover
*Robinson, Nellie, 924 Liberty
*Robinson, Nettie, 712 Water
*Robinson, Sallie, 722 Water
*Robinson, Sophia, cook, 712 Water
Robinson, Tom (Lillian), machinist, 509 Nat Boulevard
Robinson, Thomas, supt, National Cemetery, end of Nat Boulevard
Robinson, Willie, 612 Lewis
Robinson, Willie, 213 Prince Edward
Roday, John (Harriett), laborer, 813 Water
Roday, John, 813 Water
Roday, Joseph, 813 Water
Rodgers, Alvin, painter, 225 Princess Anne
Rodgers, Archie, Charles
Rodgers, Charlie H, laborer, 312 Princess Anne
Rodgers, Elsie, clerk, 225 Princess Anne
Rodgers, Fannie, 225 Princess Anne
Rodgers, Frank, operator, 225 Princess Anne
Rodgers, Hettie E, 312 Princess Anne
Rodgers, George F, manager, Princess Anne
Rodgers, John L, laborer, 312 Princess Anne
Rodgers, John W (Ellen), painter, 227 Princess Anne
Rodgers, Louise, 225 Princess Anne
Rodgers, Thomas, Charles
Rodgers, Thos F (Elizabeth), Charles
Rodgers, Thos L (Rosa L), painter, 225 Princess Anne
Rodgers, Virgie, 312 Princess Anne
Rodgers, William H, laborer, 312 Princess Anne
*Rogers, Edward (Delphin), driver, 1009 Winchester
Page 81

*Rogers, James, 1009 Winchester
*Rollins, Ambrose, 207 Charles
*Rollins, Carrie, servant, 207 Charles
Rollins, Carrie, emp pants factory, 1424 Princess Anne
*Rollins, Ella, servant, 207 Charles
*Rollins, Emma, laundress, 211 Prince Edward
*Rollins, Evelyn, 211 Prince Edward
*Rollins, Mattie, cook, 310 Frederick
*Rollins, Sally, laundress, 207 Charles
*Rollins, Sylvester, cook, 310 Frederick
Rollins, William T, 313 Prince Edward
Rose, Blanche, emp pants factory, 1802 Princess Anne
Rose, Contee S, bookkeeper, 504 Main
Rose, Harriett, 504 Main
Rose, Linwood (Lula), carpenter, Hanover
Rose, Liza, 1802 Princess Anne
Rose, Lola, saleslady, 504 Main
Rose, Susie, bookkeeper, 504 Main
Rosebro, Courtland (Frances), Washington av
Rosebro, Courtland Jr, Washington av
Rosenberger, Kate, Wolfe
Ross, Julia, agt, 311 Hawke
Rosson, Ruth, 520 Main
Rosson, William B (Parthina), clerk, 520 Main
Rowe, Absolom P (Blanche M), mgr Star, Washington av
Rowe, Adelaide, student, Washington av
Rowe, Alvin T (Macon), merchant, 1108 Princess Anne
Rowe, Alvin T Jr, student, 1108 Princess Anne
Rowe, Carter R, student, 1108 Princess Anne
Rowe, Emily C, 606 Princess Anne
Rowe, Esther, 606 Princess Anne
Rowe, Frances (Mary C), clerk, Charlotte
Rowe, George B, 606 Princess Anne
Rowe, George D, physician, 801 Hanover
Page 82

Rowe, Hansford H, veterinary surgeon, 801 Hanover
Rowe, James C (Cornelia), printer, 606 Princess Anne
Rowe, Josiah P (Julia), merchant, 801 Hanover
Rowe, Josiah Jr, agent, 801 Hanover
Rowe, Julia M, student, 801 Hanover
Rowe, Reginald, salesman, 801 Hanover
Rowe, Taylor, student, 801 Hanover
Rowser, Mary, cook, 611 Fauquier
Roy, M C, 1501 Main
Royal Palace Cafe, 1003 Main
Royer, Steuart (Corbin), civil engineer, Washington av
Royster, Gene (Lillie), laborer, 1507 Princess Anne
Russell, Blanche, student, 300 Princess Anne
Russell, Daniel R (Susan), 301 Hanover
Russell, Eleanor, clerk, 301 Hanover
Russell, Elizabeth, 301 Hanover
*Russell, Hattie, washerwoman, 602 George
Russell, John, laborer, 300 Princess Anne
*Russell, Lewis, laborer, 602 George
Russell, Mary B, 300 Princess Anne
Russell, William, student, 300 Princess Anne
Rutter, Clement S (Elizabeth), RFD carrier, 612 Prince Edward
Rutter, Clement Jr, 612 Prince Edward
Ryan, John J (Josephine), clerk, 812 Weedon
Ryerson, Ernest (Mary), grocer, Main, 205 Canal
Sacrey, Bertha, 719 Water
Sacrey, Elizabeth, student, 719 Main
Sacrey, Emmett, mechanic, 719 Main
Sacrey, Ethel, 719 Water
Sacrey, Evelyn, student, 719 Main
Sacrey, Gene, student, 719 Main
Sacrey, George, laborer, 719 Water
Sacrey, James (Carrie), laborer, 719 Water
Page 83
Sacrey, James E, laborer, 719 Water
Sacrey, Kate, 312 Frederick
Sacrey, Mary, 312 Frederick
Sacrey, Mildred, student, 719 Main
Sacrey, Nymat, clerk, 719 Main
Sacrey, Nymat, undertaker, 719 Main
Sacrey, Nymat (Margaret), news dealer, 721 Main
Sage, Albertina, 309 Main
Sage, Lillie A, 309 Main
Sale, Andrew B (Mary C), chauffeur, 513 Willis
Sale, Aubrey, 560 Nat Boulevard
Sale, Evelyn, 513 Willis
Sale, Floyd F (Sallie), salesman, 306 Prince Edward
Sale, J B (Lucy), laborer, 560 Nat Boulevard
Sale, Robert, 513 Willis
Sales, Clarence (Abbie), gas house, Doswell Field
Sales, William, Doswell Field
Sales, Virginia, Doswell Field
Salvation Army Hall, Ensign Coleman in charge, 803 Main
Samuel, Sadie, 910 Charles
Sanders, Fannie, 200 Main
Sanders, John (Elva), laborer, 109 Lafayette
Sanders, Mary A, 200 Main
Sanders, Sallie P, laborer, 200 Main
Sanders, Virginia E, 200 Main
Satterwhite, Charles E (Caroline), lineman, 539 Nat Boulevard
Satterwhite, Grace, student, 539 Nat Boulevard
Satterwhite, Henry A, 539 Nat Boulevard
Satterwhite, L A (Ida), carpenter, 918 Mercer
Satterwhite, Randolph, 918 Mercer
Satterwhite, Walter C (Ellie M), baggage man, 907 Nat Boulevard
Saunders, Addie, 410 Dunmore
Saunders, Annie, 618 Princess Anne
Saunders, Cissy, laborer, 410 Dunmore
Saunders, Conway, agent, 304 George
Saunders, Dorothy, 618 Princess Anne
Saunders, Elizabeth, M W Hospital, 1308 Water
Saunders, Hazel, 618 Princess Anne
Saunders, Robert (Effie V), fisherman, 618 Princess Anne
Saunders, Robert, 618 Princess Anne
Saunders, Susan, Washington av
Page 84

Savage, Jos L (Susan), bank clerk, 1101 Prince Edward
Scaggs, Georgiana, 1210 Charles
Scales, Harold (Beatrice), laborer, 123 Main
Scales, Robert, 123 Main
Scaperdas, Christ, A-1 Cafe, 208 Main
Scaperdas, Sam, A-1 Cafe, 208 Main
Schiller, Chas and Son, merchants, 705 Commerce
Schiller, Bessie, student, 705 Commerce
Schiller, Celia, saleslady, 705 Commerce
Schiller, Chas (Annie), grocer, 705 Commerce
Schiller, Jacob, merchant, 705 Commerce
Schiller, Sarah, 705 Commerce
Schooler, Barton, Doswell Field
Schoonover, W C (Hazel), planing mill, 510 Willis
Scott, Albert D (Dosia), 513 Water
Scott, Alice M, 1107 Charles
*Scott, Bertha, mgr cafe, 207 Lafayette
*Scott, Carrie, laundress, Mayfield
Scott, D William, successor Doggett & Scott, 1100 Charles
*Scott, Early (Effie), laborer, 203 Charles
*Scott, Edward, Mayfield
Scott, Elizabeth, cook, 407 Dunmore
Scott, Ethel, Mayfield
Scott, Frances, 1207 Prince Edward
Scott, George (Nellie), bank clerk, 1109 Charles
Scott, George, laborer, Mayfield
Scott, George H, salesman, 1208 Charles
Scott, Gilbert, laborer, 316 Charles
Scott, Henrietta, 1116 Main
Scott, Howard, laborer, 614 Spottswood
Scott, Hugh D (Lola), cashier, Nat Bank, 1107 Charles
Scott, Hugh D Jr, 1107 Charles
Scott, Irene, Princess Anne
Scott, Jeanette, 1011 Charles
Page 85

Scott, John B, salesman, 1208 Charles
Scott, John C (Maggie), salesman, 614 Spottswood
Scott, John C Jr, chauffeur, 614 Spottswood
Scott, John J (Annie), laborer, Mayfield
Scott, John, 407 Dunmore
Scott, Maggie, 614 Spottswood
Scott, Marin, 1110 Charles
Scott, Marion, 1116 Main
Scott, Nannie, shirt factory, 708 Amelia
Scott, Nat, laborer, 407 Dunmore
Scott, Randolph, 614 Spottswood
Scott, Dr Samuel, physician, 1208 Charles
Scott, Samuel, laborer, Princess Anne
Scott, Sarah, laundress, 407 Dunmore
Scott, Seymour, laborer, 708 Amelia
Scott, Dr Sidney L (Marion), physician, 1116 Main
Scott, Sidney L Jr, student, 1116 Main
Scott, William D (Blanche), agent M D & V, 300 Princess Anne
Scott, William, merchant, 1100 Charles
Scott, William (Emma), laborer, 316 Charles
Scott, Willie (Kate), janitor, 311 Charles
*Scott, Willie ( Jane), laborer, 908 Charles
*Scrannage, George (Susie), laborer, 1401 Prince Edward
*Scrannage, George, janitor, 1401 Prince Edward
*Scrannage, Louise, 1401 Prince Edward
*Scrannage, Vivian, 1401 Prince Edward
Searles, Fred C (Carrie), machinist, 814 Nat Boulevard
Self, Boyd W (Olive), merchant, 400 Princess Anne
Self, Clara, student, 400 Princess Anne
Self, Clinton, student, 400 Princess Anne
Page 86

Self, Lois, student, 400 Princess Anne
Service Motor Co, garage, Nat Boulevard
Seward, Otis P, 908 Main
Shackleford, Ada, machine operator, 222 Charles
Shackleford, Claude, 222 Charles
Shackleford, Evelyn, 417 Dixon
Shackleford, Gertie, 222 Charles
Shackleford, Julia, 222 Charles
Shackleford, Laura, 417 Dixon
Shackleford, Linda, 222 Charles
Shackleford, Nat, laborer, 222 Charles
Shackleford, Willie H, foreman, 417 Dixon
Shaddock, Bettie C, bookkeeper, 1008 Main
Shaddock, John (Mary B), hauling, 1008 Main
Shaddock, John Jr, machine shop, 1008 Main
Shaddock, Mary E, 1008 Main
Shaddock, William, 1008 Main
Shafer, J Gilbert (Betty), electrician, 915 Charles
Shearer, Wave, 607 Water
Sheckells, Annie L, 1806 Princess Anne
Sheckells, Hilda, emp pants factory, 1806 Princess Anne
Sheckells, John A, machinist, 1806 Princess Anne
Sheckells, Walter A, emp pants factory, 1806 Princess Anne
Shellhorse, George W Jr, treas, Spotts Power Co, Lee av
Shellhorse, Mary C, Lee av
Shelton, Aggie, emp pants factory, 203 Factory
Shelton, Alice, Lee av
Shelton, Anna, 1705 Charles
Shelton, Andrew (Martha), carpenter, 116 Main
Shelton, Arthur, laborer, 814 Water
Shelton, Bessie, emp shirt factory, New
Shelton, Bessie B, 214 Princess Anne
Shelton, Bessie, emp silk mill, 1705 Charles
Shelton, Bunny, govt clerk, New
Shelton, Carrie, 217 Charles
Shelton, Charles M, drayman, 217 Charles
Shelton, Charles M, clerk, 102 George
Shelton, Clarence, clerk, 532 Shepherd
Shelton, Clarence N, student, 1705 Charles
Shelton, Dora, 412 Commerce
Shelton, Earl, Doswell Field
Shelton, Edmonia, Doswell Field
Shelton, Emma, presser, 217 Charles
Page 87

Shelton, Ethel, 116 Main
Shelton, Ester M, 102 George
Shelton, Evans, ins agent, Lee av
Shelton, Fanny, Doswell Field
Shelton, Fenton S, 702 Princess Anne
Shelton, Gilbert, auditor, P F & P R R, Lee av
Shelton, Harris, 116 Main
Shelton, Henry, Doswell Field
Shelton, James, emp pants factory, 1705 Charles
Shelton, James, baggage master, Doswell Field
Shelton, James F, shoemaker, 214 Princess Anne
Shelton, John B, laborer, Lee av
Shelton, Josephine, Lee av
Shelton, Lillie P, emp pants factory, 1705 Charles
Shelton, Lloyd, emp pants factory, 1004 Water
Shelton, Lucy (Mrs), 1004 Water
Shelton, Mae, presser, 217 Charles
Shelton, Mamie, clerk, 702 Princess Anne
Shelton, Maurice, 217 Charles
Shelton, Mary J, Lee av
Shelton, Mary K, 102 George
Shelton, Nora, 1705 Charles
Shelton, Oliver C, laborer, 532 Shepherd
Shelton, Peter M, shoemaker, 214 Princess Anne
Shelton, Philip, emp silk mill, 1705 Charles
Shelton, Robert L, student, 1705 Charles
Shelton, Sarah, waitress, 116 Main
Shelton, Smith, operator, Doswell Field
Shelton, Vira, 532 Shepherd
Shelton, Walker, laborer, Doswell Field
Shelton, Walter, cleaner, 214 Princess Anne
Shelton, William B, 702 Princess Anne
Shelton, William E, carpenter, 412 Commerce
Shepherd, Annie, shoe factory, 702 Commerce
Shepherd, Betty, 706 Amelia
Shepherd, Charles, shipping clerk, 702 Commerce
Shepherd, Clementine, 702 Commerce
Shepherd, George W (Mary), bank president, Washington av
Shepherd, G H, car inspector, Wolfe
Shepherd, Gordon (Lizzie), plasterer, 607 Amelia
*Shepherd, Gracie, student, 610 George
Shepherd, Judith, 1201 Princess Anne
*Shepherd, Lizzie, washerwoman, 610 George
Page 88

Shepherd, Margaret, 1201 Princess Anne
Shepherd, Maud, shoe factory, 702 Commerce
*Shepherd, Susie, washerwoman, 610 George
Shepherd, Thos, clerk, 901 Main
Shepherd, Wilbur (Alice Lucille), clerk, 312 Commerce
Shepherd, William, plasterer, 702 Commerce
Shepherd, William, silk mill, Cedar Lane
Shepherd, Willie, Cedar Lane
*Shiloh Baptist Church (Colored) Old Site, Water and Hanover
*Shiloh Baptist Church (Colored) New Site, Princess Anne
Shipley, Virginia, 1312 Main
Shisler, Edw (Bessie), carpenter, 1300 Main
Sibley, Florence, milliner, 109 Main
Sibley, Herbert (Alice), laborer, 502 Dixon
Siegler, Charles H (Orpha), merchant, 557 Nat Boulevard
Siegler, Starling, salesman, 557 Nat Boulevard
Simpson, Richard, laborer, 521 Main
Singer Sewing Machine Co, 903 Main
Skinner, Andrew, laborer, 515 Main
Skinner, Anne E, 100 Lafayette
Skinner, Annie, Doswell Field
Skinner, Benjamin (Elizabeth), watchman, 515 Main
Skinner, Betty, Dunmore
Skinner, Charles, pants factory, Doswell Field
Skinner, Charles L, painter, 924 Liberty
Skinner, Ernest, salesman, Doswell Field
Skinner, Eugene, electrician, 515 Main
Skinner, George (Bessie), fisherman, 715 Amelia
Skinner, George (Elizabeth), baker, 100 Lafayette
Skinner, Herbert, salesman, Doswell Field
Skinner, Hugh, laborer, 515 Main
Skinner, James (Blanche), laborer, 120 Main
Skinner, Mary J, dressmaker, 924 Liberty
Skinner, Sarah E, 1307 Main
Skinner, Walter B, baker, 515 Main
*Slaughter, Amie, 203 Ferdinand
*Slaughter, Carrie, 203 Ferdinand
*Slaughter, George, laborer, 203 Ferdinand
Slaughter, Hannah B, 709 Main
Slaughter, Janie, 203 Ferdinand
Page 89

Slaughter, Maggie, cook, 600 George
Slaughter, Thomas, laborer, 203 Ferdinand
Slaughter, Will, laborer, 600 George
Slyman, Hassan (Lucy), Parlor Grocery Stores, 502 Dunmore
Smallwood, Daniel (Mary), cook, 608 George
Smith & Swift, insurance, Law Building
Smith, Agnes, 525 Main
Smith, Alice B, 404 Main
Smith, Albert, laborer, 924 Liberty
Smith, Ann C, 1010 Prince Edward
Smith, Arthur R, 404 Main
*Smith, Andrew (Ida), transfer man P O, 1101 Douglas
Smith, Bernard, watchman, 917 Barton
Smith, Chas, merchant, 1010 Prince Edward
Smith, Dr C Mason (Emma), physician, 1120 Prince Edward
Smith, Daisy, saleslady, 1010 Prince Edward
Smith, Dudley, laborer, 525 Main
Smith, Edward, chauffeur, 710 Amelia
Smith, Edward, silk mill, 101 Amelia
Smith, Edward G, 404 Main
Smith, Edward (Lucy) clerk, 525 Main
*Smith, Elizabeth, 1101 Douglas
Smith, Eva, 819 Nat Boulevard
Smith, Evelyn, 525 Main
*Smith, Florence, 1617 Princess Anne
Smith, George, laborer, 924 Liberty
Smith, George, shoe repairer, 311 Charlotte
Smith, Gilbert B, 404 Main
Smith, Harry G (Marie H), clerk, 311 Charlotte
Smith, Herbert S, 404 Main
Smith, Howard, clerk, 404 Main
Smith, Hilda, saleslady, 555 Nat Boulevard
Smith, Hilter, practice nurse, 1617 Princess Anne
Smith, James L, mechanic, 706 Main
Smith, Jesse, laborer, 707 Water
Smith, John, laborer, 620 George
Smith, John, emp pants factory, 101 Amelia
Smith, John P, clerk, 819 Nat Boulevard
Smith, Joseph B (Ida E), mechanic, 521 Main
Smith, Julian B, 404 Main
Smith, Louis (Grace), laborer, 202 Amelia
*Smith, Lucian, chauffeur, 707 Water
*Smith, Lucy, servant, 1416 Princess Anne
Page 90

Smith, Lucy W, 1116 Prince Edward
Smith, Margaret, 1010 Prince Edward
Smith, Margaret, 525 Main
Smith, Mary E, 709 Main
Smith, Mary, 1101 Douglas
Smith, Mary H, agent extracts, 1202 Prince Edward
Smith, Milton (Ada), laborer, 910 Charles
Smith, Montague (Rena), printer, 609 Fauquier
Smith, Natalie F, 1310 Main
Smith, Rebecca, 101 Amelia
Smith, Rena, 924 Liberty
Smith, Robert E (Gussie B), manager, 404 Main
Smith, Ruth, 1010 Prince Edward
Smith, Ruth, M W Hospital, 1308 Water
Smith, Sarah, washerwoman, 620 George
Smith, Sarah C, 501 Fauquier
Smith, Stuart, 1010 Prince Edward
Smith, Wilbur, clerk, 101 Amelia
Smith, Will, photographer, 1010 Prince Edward
Smith, William C (Ettie A), shoemaker, 717 Main
Smith, Wm Mayo (Grace), asst bank cashier, 1310 Main
Smith, Wm S (Elizabeth), teamster, 311 Charlotte
Snellings, Alvin (Daisy L), laborer, 109 Lafayette
Snellings, Alvin, laborer, 109 Lafayette
Snellings, Annie, 511 Nat Boulevard
Snellings, Arie, 804 Nat Boulevard
Snellings, Arthur, carpenter, 415 Commerce
Snellings, Beryl, clerk, 109 Lafayette
Snellings, Burrows, merchant, 600 Commerce
Snellings, Elsie, spinner silk, 804 Nat Boulevard
Snellings, Estelle, 1708 Princess Anne
Snellings, Felton (Janie), laborer, 541 Willis
Snellings, Geo H (Victoria), plumber, 511 Nat Boulevard
Snellings, Geo H Jr, 511 Nat Boulevard
Snellings, Helen, garment cutter, 804 Nat Boulevard
Snellings, Henrietta, garment cutter, 804 Nat Boulevard
Snellings, Lee B, laborer, 107 Lafayette
Snellings, Lester, emp silk mill, 1708 Princess Anne
Snellings, Liza, 604 Commerce
Snellings, Lula E, laborer, 107 Lafayette
Page 91

Snellings, Madalene, 600 Commerce
Snellings, Maurice, 600 Commerce
Snellings, Nellie, 109 Lafayette
Snellings, Oscar (Bessie), boiler maker, 505 Nat Boulevard
Snellings, Rosa, 541 Willis
Snellings, Sidney, 109 Lafayette
Snellings, Stanley, 600 Commerce
Snellings, Vernon E, 600 Commerce
Snellings, Violet, emp pants factory, 1700 Princess Anne
Snellings, Walter (Beatrice), carpenter, 802 Nat Boulevard
Snellings, Welford (Sarah), drayman, 600 Nat Boulevard
Snellings, Will (Mary), 509 Nat Boulevard
Snellings, William H, plumber, 107 Lafayette
Snellings, William P, 804 Nat Boulevard
Snyder, Mary, Washington av
Solomon, Joseph, merchant, 602 Commerce
Southall, Douglas (Daisy E), machinist, 609 Spottswood
Southall, James, 609 Spottswood
*Southerland, David, cook, 1313 Charles
Southworth, Bartlett (Mary), steamfitter, 1605 Princess Anne
Southworth, R N (Ida B), rwy brakeman, 1515 Princess Anne
Southworth, Richard, painter, 1515 Princess Anne
Sparks, Robert, auto mechanic, 411 Commerce
Spicer, Elizabeth, 1004 Prince Edward
Spicer, Samuel (Lula), traveling salesman, 1004 Prince Edward
Spillman, Nettle, nurse, 311 Fauquier
Spitler, John, clerk, Hanover
Spottsylvania Power Co, plant, Upper Main, Law Building
Sprow, Charles, Mayfield
*Sprow, John (Lillie), laborer, 905 Liberty
*Sprow, Richard, cleanser, 1403 Charles
*Sprow, Susie, laundress, 1403 Charles
*Stafford, Jennie, servant, Mayfield
Standard Oil Co, Guy Cross, mgr, Princess Elizabeth
Stanley, Annie, cook, 222 Princess Ann
Stanley, Annie, 300 Charles
Stanley, Ernest, 300 Charles
Stanley, Henry, 300 Charles
Stanley, Ida, 300 Charles
Stanley, John H, laborer, 300 Charles
Stanley, Leroy, 300 Charles
Page 92

Stans, Edward, emp pants factory, 1806 Princess Anne
*Stanton, Anna R, washerwoman, 910 Liberty
*Stanton, Mitchell, chauffeur, 910 Liberty
Star-Lance Publishing Co, A P Rowe, mgr, 383 Commerce
Stearnes, Franklin (Florence), grain dealer, Washington av
Stearns, Elizabeth, student, 722 Commerce
Stearns, Emmeline, student, 722 Commerce
Stearns, Frank (Betty), contractor, 722 Commerce
Stearns, Helen, stenographer, 722 Commerce
Steinmetz, Clareta, hospital, 1308 Water
Stephens, Agnes, 807 Main
Stephens, Amos (Maggie), laborer, Doswell Field
Stephens, Chas, laborer, Doswell Field
Stephens, Edna, Doswell Field
Stephens, Elizabeth, 517 Hanover
Stephens, Elwood, Doswell Field
Stephens, Embrey, salesman, 601 Hawke
Stephens, Emma, Doswell Field
Stephens, Herman, Doswell Field
Stephens, Jesse, Doswell Field
Stephens, John, carpenter, 807 Main
Stephens, John (Elma), laborer, 704 Commerce
Stephens, Kate H, 517 Hanover
Stephens, Leonard, Doswell Field
Stephens, Lewis L, laborer, 807 Main
Stephens, Lillian V, clerk, 1312 Main
Stephens, Mabel, Doswell Field
Stephens, Margaret, emp pants factory, 1312 Main
Stephens, Mary, 704 Commerce
Stephens, Roland, 704 Commerce
Stephens, Russell, Doswell Field
Page 93

Stephens, Ruth, pants factory, Doswell Field
Stephens, Turner, laborer, 415 Commerce
Stephens, Vera, pants factory, Doswell Field
Stephens, Virginia, 807 Main
Stephens, William, engineer, 207 Princess Anne
Stephens, William (Lizzie), carpenter, Doswell Field
Stern, Philip (Mary G), architect, Law Bldg, 1201 Princess Anne
*Steuart, Adam, teamster, 906 Liberty
*Steuart, Andrew, 915 Barton
*Steuart, Bernard E, garage, 915 Barton
*Steuart, Clarence, 915 Barton
*Steuart, Corinne, 906 Liberty
*Steuart, Ellen, 906 Liberty
*Steuart, Elizabeth, 915 Barton
*Steuart, Jeanette, 915 Barton
*Steuart, Jennie, washerwoman, 906 Liberty
*Steuart, Matilda, washerwoman, 915 Barton
Stevens, Audrey, student, 611 Prince Edward
Stevens, Charles H, laborer, 816 Main
Stevens, Charles E, 816 Main
Stevens, Dorothy, 605 Wolfe
Stevens, Eugene (Pearl), clerk, Shepherd
Stevens, Eugene, laborer, 611 Prince Edward
Stevens, Evelyn, 605 Wolfe
Stevens, Fleming, laborer, 611 Prince Edward
Stevens, Florence, seamstress, 201 Factory
Stevens, Frank, shipping clerk, 611 Prince Edward
Stevens, George (Ruth), salesman, 904 Main
Stevens, Lee, 201 Factory
Stevens, Lloyd, salesman, 611 Prince Edward
Stevens, Lloyd, pharmacist, 901 Main
Stevens, Maud S, 816 Main
Stevens, Morris, foreman pants factory, 201 Factory
Stevens, Nannie, 605 Wolfe
Stevens, Samuel H (Edith May), electrician, 211 Pitt
Stevenson, Reva, 1403 Main
Steward, Paul (Addie), laborer, 409 Elizabeth
St George Charity School, 1119 Main
St George's Episcopal Church, Princess Anne and George
Stiff, John P (Nannie B3), dentist, Main, 1208 Prince Edward
Stoffregon, Ernest L (Eva), electrician, 122 Main
Page 94

Stoffregon, Evelyn L, 122 Main
Stoffregon, Frances, bookkeeper, 1104 Charles
Stoffregon, Freda L, 122 Main
Stoffregon, Gilmore M, 1100 Main
Stoffregon, Hugh M, salesman, 1100 Main
Stoffregon, Jeannette M, 1100 Main
Stoffregon, R Lee, rwy ins inspector, 1100 Main
Stone, Alexander, plumber, 102 Wolfe
Stone, Aubrey J, policeman, 1106 Water
Stone, Charley (Lydia), painter, 701 Water
Stone, Edward G (Cora L), laborer, 202 Main
Stone, Edward G, laborer, 202 Main
Stone, Ellen F, 1106 Water
Stone, Harry B, 202 Main
Stone, Herbert M, clerk, 102 Wolfe
Stone, James Bernard (Ada M), salesman, 1106 Water
Stone, James B Jr, 1106 Water
Stone, Jessie L (Mildred A), watchman, 616 Main
Stone, John R, 202 Main
Stone, Lulu M, 1106 Water
Stone, Margaret W, 202 Main
Stone, Randolph, 701 Water
Stone, Randolph, freight clerk, 916 Hanover
Stone, Robert L (Kate), plumber, 916 Hanover
Stone, Vincent, 701 Water
Stone, Virginia, 202 Main
Stone, Virginia L, 202 Main
Stoner, Letcher, clerk, Weedon
Stradtman, George (Helen), merchant, 820 Nat Boulevard
Strangham, Allen, 508 Spottswood
Strangham, Joseph, 508 Spottswood
Strangham, Lizzie, 508 Spottswood
Straughan, Sarah, Hanover
Strout Farm Agency, E H Reynolds, mgr, Bradford Bldg
Stuart, John (Mary), teamster, 303 Charlotte
Stuart, Mollie A, cook, 303 Charlotte
Stuart, Vicea, servant, 306 Pitt
Stubbs, Bryant, chauffeur, 508 Spottswood
Stubbs, J T (Lulu), plumber, 508 Spottswood
Styles, Elizabeth, 305 Canal
Styles, Thomas (Agnes), emp pants factory, 305 Canal
Sweetser, Houston K (Mary), stock broker, 1104 Prince Edward
Swift, Duane, teamster, 914 Mercer
Swift, Rev Emerson L (Marian G), pastor, Baptist, 1103 Princess Anne
Swift, Florence, Washington av
Swift, Granville R (Lillian), atty at law, Law Bldg, Washington av
Swift, William E, 1103 Princess Anne
Swift, Willie J (Lillian), lumber insp, 914 Mercer
Sullinger, Anna, 1314 Main
Sullinger, Bessie, 612 Main
Sullinger, Burrows, 612 Main
Sullinger, Warren, shoemaker, 1314 Main
Page 95

Sullinger, William, laborer, 612 Main
Sullivan, Alexander (Calcine), laborer, 908 Barton
Sullivan, Alice, 1215 Fauquier
Sullivan, Bessie, mach operator, 804 Mercer
Sullivan, Broaddus, salesman, 804 Mercer
Sullivan, Charles, laborer, 405 Elizabeth
Sullivan, Dennis, 804 Mercer
Sullivan, Edwin, 804 Mercer
Sullivan, Eugie, Commerce Extended
Sullivan, Frederick, laborer, 1408 Princess Anne
Sullivan, George, stockman, 550 Nat Boulevard
Sullivan, Grace, 1215 Fauquier
Sullivan, Harry, Doswell Field
Sullivan, Harry, shoe repairer, 804 Mercer
Sullivan, Herman (Emma), shoe repairer, 802 Mercer
Sullivan, Jackson (Susie), shoe repairer, 804 Mercer
Sullivan, Lona, Commerce Extended
Sullivan, Louise, silk mill, Doswell Field
Sullivan, Mary V, 405 Elizabeth
Sullivan, Mary W, Commerce Extended
Sullivan, Maude, 125 Main
Sullivan, Pearl, Commerce Extended
Sullivan, Perry (Cora), tree agent, 419 Commerce
Sullivan, Richard, laborer, 1408 Princess Anne
Sullivan, Sarah, seamstress, 405 Elizabeth
Sullivan, Stansbury (Elizabeth), electrician, 1214 Main
Sullivan, Stuart, shoe repairer, 804 Mercer
Sullivan, Wade (Maggie), chauffeur, 611 Spottswood
Sullivan, Webster, 804 Mercer
Sutton, Montgomery (Maggie), 1305 Fauquier
Tackett, Mrs Charles, 612 Prince Edward
Taft, Sallie, 619 Main
Tahon, Anast, clerk, 800 Main
Talbott, Samuel, 702 Amelia
Talbott, Sarah, saleslady, 702 Amelia
Taliaferro, Martha, Hanover
Taliaferro, Mary, 1507 Princess Anne
Talley, Annie, saleslady, 907 Nat Boulevard
Talley, Charles S (Mary), merchant, 907 Nat Boulevard
Talmadge, Alice, silk weaver, 302 Charles
Talmadge, Will, laborer, 302 Charles
Tansil, Annie L, 613 Fauquier
Tansil, Mattie, teacher, 613 Fauquier
Tansil, Wallace N, policeman, 607 Fauquier
Tansil, William, 613 Fauquier
Tankard, Mrs Mollie, 1205 Charles
Tankard, Nellie O, 1205 Charles
Tankard, Roland, insurance agent, 1205 Charles
Tate, Stuart (Stella), pharmacist, 207 Lafayette
Page 96
Taylor, Andrew, barber, 508 Main
Taylor, Bernard C (Annie P), painter, 1307 Fauquier
*Taylor, Chas, chauffeur, 603 Commerce
Taylor, Frank W, 1307 Fauquier
*Taylor, George, 919 Liberty
Taylor, Hazelene, 612 Lewis
Taylor, J Upton, 1200 Princess Anne
Taylor, John, brakeman, Wolfe
*Taylor, Lillie, 919 Liberty
Taylor, Louise, 1307 Fauquier
Taylor, Madge M, 301 George
*Taylor, Mary, cook, 919 Liberty
Taylor, Mollie, 508 Main
Taylor, Nellie, washer, 720 Water
Taylor, Oswald, tailor, Guest
Taylor, Pearl, 508 Main
Taylor, Robert, 720 Water
*Taylor, Wilmer, 919 Liberty
Terry, Robert, hospital orderly, 1308 Water
Thacker, Dallas, laborer, 505 Main
Thacker, Jack (Minnie), laborer, 505 Main
Thacker, Lucy, spinner, 602 Spottswood
Thomas, Annie M, 523 Water
Thomas, Bertie, 1311 Main
Thomas, Charles W, 107 Water
Thomas, Edward (Elnora), waiter, Guest
Thomas, Esther, bookkeeper silk mill, 1311 Main
Thomas, Harvey (Louise), salesman, 313 Dixon
Thomas, Henry J (Hattie L), laborer, 210 Princess Anne
Thomas, James O, 107 Main
Thomas, Laura, 203 Ferdinand
Thomas, Lottie, 1311 Main
Thomas, Marie, 302 Princess Anne
Thomas, Mary, 1311 Main
Thomas, Mary M, 210 Princess Anne
Thomas, Robert (Alice), laborer, 523 Water
Thomas, Sarah, Spottswood
Thomas, Thelma, 523 Water
Thomas, William (Carrie), laborer, 107 Main
Thomas, William (Melva), 523 Water
Thompson, Bertie W (Jennie D), laborer, 713 Main
Thompson, Emmet, 208 Main
Thompson, Ernest, 806 Nat Boulevard
Thompson, Fanny, 1023 Main
*Thompson, James (Lelia), expressman, 1312 Charles
Thompson, Mary, 1023 Main
Thompson, Otis M, laborer, 814 Water
Thompson, Richard G (Pearl), painter, 806 Nat Boulevard
Thompson, Snowden, laborer, 806 Nat Boulevard
Thompson, Wheeler, student, 208 Main
Thompson, William (Nannie), teamster, 815 Hanover
Thompson, Wyatt L (Wilma), mgr, Wheeler & Thompson, 208 Main
Thornton, Arthur P (Lillie), commercial traveler, 1112 Prince Edward
Thornton, Barbour, student, 1112 Prince Edward
Page 97

Thornton, Beatrice, student, 1012 Prince Edward
Thornton, Elizabeth, student, 1012 Prince Edward
Thornton, Frances, student, 1112 Prince Edward
Thornton, L A, nurse, 1021 Main
Thornton, Louise, 1012 Prince Edward
Thornton, Tillie, 1200 Prince Edward
Thurman, John R (Mary W), 1207 Prince Edward
Timberlake, Edna, 605 Hawke
Timberlake, Frank (Allie), merchant, 1111 Prince Edward
Timberlake's Dry Goods Store, 922 Main
Timberlake, George H (Amanda), 524 Main
Timberlake, Helen, bookkeeper, 1111 Prince Edward
Timberlake, J Edward (Nannie), shoe merchant, 605 Hawke
Timberlake's Shoe Store, 904 Main
Timberlake, Leo, printer, 526 Main
Timberlake, Vernon, 1111 Prince Edward
Timberlake, William H (Julia), Commercial Ptg Co, 526 Main
*Tolliver, Arthur (Bettie), janitor, 316 Wolfe
*Tolliver, Dolly T, teacher, 316 Wolfe
*Tolliver, Namsey, porter, 316 Wolfe
*Tolliver, Sadie, teacher, 316 Wolfe
Tompkins, Amanda, 613 Fauquier
Tompkins, Henry (Louise), 607 Fauquier
Tompkins, J Edward, auto dealer (Briscoe), 1102 Prince Edward
Tompkins, Mary F, 1102 Prince Edward
Tompkins, Ophelia, 607 Fauquier
Tompkins, Robert H, 1102 Prince Edward
Tompkins, W P, 1102 Prince Edward
Tompkins Motor Co, Main
Toombs, Alice, Doswell Field
Toombs, Andrew, Mayfield Road
Toombs, Broaddus H (Nellie), laborer, Mayfield
Toombs, Bryant, Mayfield
Toombs, Chester (Cora), Doswell Field
Toombs, Colston, Doswell Field
Toombs, Gladys, Doswell Field
Toombs, Hilda, Doswell Field
Toombs, Lawrence, laborer, Doswell Field
Toombs, Robert, silk mill, Doswell Field
Toombs, Roland D, fireman, Mayfield
Toombs, Samuel, Doswell Field
Toomby, Julia, drug clerk, 603 Wolfe
Toote, Wallace F, 503 Main
Towles, Charles, flagman, 303 Main
Towles, Edward (Virginia), brick mason, 218 Princess Anne
Page 98

Towles, Mary E, 218 Princess Anne
Townes, Myrtle, teacher, 1023 Main
*Trent, Esther, 902 Liberty
Trigger, Amos (Mary L), foreman silk mill, Doswell Field
Trigger, Austin, 217 Prince Edward
Trigger, Bennie (Sally), laborer, 223 Charles
Trigger, Chas L, Doswell Field
Trigger, James H, laborer, 217 Prince Edward
Trigger, Mae, 217 Prince Edward
Trigger, Samson, laborer, 217 Prince Edward
Troland, Eleanor, companion, 303 Main
Trolon, Edw M (Hattie), salesman, 1312 Winchester
Trolon, Charles, 1312 Winchester
Trolon, Julia, 1312 Winchester
Trill, James, 510 Main
Tull, Joyce, 510 Main
Tull, J Sterling (Ruth), welder, 510 Main
Turner, Cloyd, 601 Water
Turner, Edgar H (Mamie), carpenter, 601 Water
Turner, Eugenia, seamstress, 601 Water
Turner, Irena, 601 Water
Turner, James N, laborer, 207 Third
Turner, Mary A, 1513 Main
Turner, Minor (Vera), laborer, Shepherd
Turner, Sarah, laundress, 1413 Charles
Turner, W A (Mary), carpenter, 213 Factory
Turner, William, carpenter, 702 Commerce
*Tyler, Elmore, porter, 1200 Prince Edward
Tyler, Frank (Julia), hardware, Main, 609 Hawke
*Tyler, Gosnold (Julia), mail carrier, 203 Prince Edward
*Tyler, Martha E, insurance agt, 203 Prince Edward
*Tyler, Priscilla, 203 Prince Edward
Tyler, Sadie, stenographer, 609 Hawke
Tyson, Billy E, 219 Charles
Tyson, Ginevra E, Doswell Field
Tyson, Lee (Eva), carpenter, 219 Charles
Tyson, Mary A, Doswell Field
Tyson, Muriel, 219 Charles
Tyson, Robert (Grace), pants factory, Doswell Field
Ulman, Carl, bookkeeper, 1110 Charles
Ulman, Hannah, stenographer, 1110 Charles
Ulman, Henry, cigar manufacturer, 1110 Charles
Ulman, Ida, 1110 Charles
Ulman, Jerome, salesman, 1110 Charles
Ulman, Rose, 1110 Charles
Ulman, Selma, teacher, 1110 Charles
Ulman, Simon, salesman, 1110 Charles
Underwood, Cora, clerk, 124 Main
Union Supply Co, groceries etc, 712 Main
Page 99

*Upshur, Edgar ( Lenora), chauffeur, 1108 Winchester
Van Auken, Russell (Rosa), tel operator, Mercer
Vandenberg, Elizabeth, 601 Spottswood
Vandenberg, Helen, 601 Spottswood
Vandenberg, Horton, 601 Spottswood
Van Shiver, George (Susan), laborer, 103 Lafayette
Varden, Francis, 1211 Main
Varden, Mary, 1211 Main
Venable, John, flagman, 701 Prince Edward
Venable, John Jr, 701 Prince Edward
Ventura, Pal, 813 Main
Ventura, Solly (Lilly), fruit merchant etc, 813 Main
Ventura, Vincent, 813 Main
Veorse, James (Helen), laborer, 701 Main
Veorse, Samuel, clerk, 701 Main
*Vergis, Ellen, 1117 Winchester
*Vergis, Howard (Julia), machinist, 1117 Winchester
Vesper, John H (Gladys), clerk, 1309 Fauquier
Virginia Cafe, 812 Main
Virginia Excelsior Co, Main at RR
Virginia House, boarding and meals, 701 Main
Virginia Supply Co, 213 Commerce
Vint, Geo L (Margaret), carpenter, 415 Dixon
Virvos, George, prop A No 1 Cafe, 208 Main
Vizzi, Henry, 813 Main
Vizzi, Joseph, tailor, 813 Main
Vizzi, Lilly, 813 Main
Vizzi, Pal, 813 Main
Page 100

Wafle, Gladys L, 405 Main
Wafle, Grace, 405 Main
Wafle, Joseph, painter, 405 Main
Wafle, Learris, 405 Main
Waite, Ophelia, 510 Lewis
Walker, Ada, servant, 311 Hawke
Walker, Andrew, Hunter's Foundry, 1206 Water
Walker, C H (Bertha), carpenter, Lee av
Walker, Carol, 703 Main
*Walker, Clifton, 808 Nat Boulevard
Walker, Dorothy, student, 703 Main
Walker, Ford, auto mechanic, 809 Charlotte
Walker, Frank, laborer, 311 Hawke
Walker, Fred (Virginia B), govt clerk, 1206 Winchester
*Walker, George, laborer, 530 George
Walker, George A (Jennie), 703 Main
Walker, Henry (Betty), moulder, Doswell Field
Walker, Herman W (Alice), clerk P O, 807 Charlotte
Walker, Horace, clerk, 809 Charlotte
Walker, Irvin L, clerk, 801 Main
Walker, James (Louise), painter, 138 Main
Walker, John C (Sarah), 409 Pitt
*Walker, Joseph (Mary), janitor, 709 Amelia
Walker, Joseph, emp silk mill, 1206 Water
Walker, L E, Lee av
*Walker, Lettie, cook, 530 George
Walker, Lizzie J, milliner, 138 Main
*Walker, Lola, student, 530 George
Walker, Lucy, 801 Main
Walker, Minnie, 1206 Water
Walker, S C (Elizabeth), moulder, 1206 Water
Walker, Silas (Annie), telegraph operator, 601 Hawke
*Walker, Stape, student, 530 George
Walker, Susie, dressmaker, 801 Main
*Walker, Thomas (Annie), hostler, 808 Nat Boulevard
Walker, Thomas T (Lottie), P O janitor, 809 Charlotte
Walker, William, 103 Commerce
*Walker, William, student, 530 George
Wallace, A Hansford (Lulu), insurance agt, 406 George
Wallace, Alexander W (Victoria), 308 George
Wallace, Charles, 1024 Princess Anne
Wallace, Ellen B, 306 George
Wallace, H Lewis, pres National Bank, 306 George
Wallace, Lillian, student, 1024 Princess Anne
Wallace, May, 1024 Princess Anne
Wallace, Nannie, student, 1206 Princess Anne
Wallace, Samuel, Baker & Wallace, 1200 Princess Anne
Wallace, Sue, 1206 Princess Anne
Wallace & Co, shoes etc, 927 Main
Page 101

Waller, Arthur (Dora), plumber, Charlotte
Waller, Esther, 406 Amelia
Waller, Rena, machine operator, 611 Spottswood
Waller, Ruth C, M W Hospital, 1308 Water
Waller, Wilson, carpenter, 914 Mercer
Walters, Eddie, agent, 515 Princess Anne
Warden, Sarah, Lower Princess Anne
Ware, Albert, laborer, 209 Hanover
Waring, Lucia, stenographer, 1200 Charles
Warfield, John (Florence), civil engineer (govt), 1200 Winchester
*Washington, Clarence, auto mech, 305 Wolfe
Washington, Delphi, 1009 Winchester
*Washington, Edna, laundress, 305 Wolfe
*Washington, Ellen, 315 Princess Anne
*Washington, Elsie, 206 Charles
*Washington, Fostina, cook, 305 Wolfe
*Washington, Georgie, 307 Prince Edward
*Washington, Henry, 305 Wolfe
*Washington, John, clerk, 315 Princess Anne
Washington, Marie, 303 Prince Edward
*Washington, Martha, laundress, 206 Charles
*Washington, Mary, 208 Charles
*Washington, Minnie, laundress, 305 Wolfe
*Washington, Nellie, 206 Charles
*Washington, Nettie, washerwoman, 315 Princess Anne
*Washington, Samuel, 315 Princess Anne
Washington Woolen Mills, Main and Factory
*Watts, Augustus (Admonia), laborer, 918 Liberty
*Watts, Floyd, 918 Liberty
*Watts, James (Lucy), 920 Liberty
Way, Earl, student, 205 Hawke
Way, Ella D, 608 Princess Anne
Way, Emma, 205 Hawke
Way, R L (Florence), wood cutter, 205 Hawke
Webster, Robert K, clerk, Hanover
Weedon, Amy M, 207 Pitt
Weedon, Ashby, Doswell Field
Weedon, Cora, clothing factory, 1004 Douglas
Weedon, Enoch (Lelia), gardener, Doswell Field
Weedon, Enoch (Lea), driver, Doswell Field
Weedon, George M, salesman, 207 Pitt
Weedon, Grover (Cassie), carpenter, Weedon
Weedon, Jennings, Doswell Field
Weedon, Lottie, 207 Pitt
Weedon, Madison, Lumber Co, Doswell Field
Weedon, Marion M, student, 207 Pitt
Weedon, Rebecca, clothing factory, 1004 Douglas
Weedon, Sadie, pants factory, Doswell Field
Weedon, Sidney, Doswell Field
Page 102

Weedon, Virginia, Doswell Field
Weedon, Warren C, (Elsie) teamster, 528 Shepherd
Weedon, Willie, Doswell Field
Weiser, Archibald L (Nellie), baker, 608 Main
Wells, Ernest, operator, 706 Main
Wenger, Evelyn, clerk P O, 715 Commerce
Western Union Telegraph Co, Gilmore Harrison, Mgr, 723 Main
Wharton, Claude (Irene), laborer, Doswell Field
Wharton, Dorothy, Doswell Field
Wharton, Ernest, Doswell Field
Wharton, Edna, pants factory, Doswell Field
Wharton, Ida, Doswell Field
Wharton, Josephine, Doswell Field
Wharton, Nettie, Doswell Field
Wharton, Robert, laborer, Doswell Field
Wheeler, Addie, servant, 511 Water
Wheeler, Carroll, 305 Charles
Wheeler, Harry (Minnie), fireman, 411 Princess Anne
Wheeler, Harry, 411 Princess Anne
Wheeler, James A (Edmonia), electrician, 1603 Princess Anne
Wheeler, Magdeline, 305 Charles
Wheeler, Margaret, 511 Water
Wheeler, Nannie (Wid Gen Dan'l D), Lower Main
Wheeler, Richard (Pearl), laborer, 410 Dunmore
Wheeler, Richard (Sarah), laborer, Sunken Road
Wheeler, Sallie, 1107 Prince Edward
Wheeler, Thelma, 410 Dunmore
Wheeler, Wm T (Bettie) laborer, 305 Charles
Wheeler, Willie, 305 Charles
Whitbeck, Bertha, student, 512 Lewis
Whitbeck, Donald, student, 512 Lewis
Whitbeck, Dorothy, student, 512 Lewis
Whitbeck, H A (Mildred), Pres, Wash Woolen Mills, 512 Lewis
White, Anne D, 203 Pitt
White, Annie E, 602 Commerce
*White, Bacchus (Louise) Cook, 512 Amelia
White, Bernard, carpenter, 524 Shepherd
*White, Bernard (Irene), barber, 321 Wolfe
White, Bessie D, servant, 606 Commerce
White, Braudie (Laura), operator shoe factory, 602 Commerce
White, Brodie, shoe factory, 605 Amelia
White, Charles, Lee Ave
White, Charles, laborer, Cedar Lane
White, Collins, chauffeur, Wolfe
White, Ellen, 1103 Douglas
White, Emma, 614 Lewis
White, Eugene (Lena), fireman, 706 Commerce
White, Gracie, Cedar Lane
White, Harry D, 606 Commerce
White, Helen B, stenographer, 203 Pitt
White, Howard G, 602 Commerce
White, James (Mollie), 215 Charles
Page 103

*White, Jim, laborer, 1017 Winchester
White, John A, moving pictures, 606 Commerce
White, John G, watchman, 606 Commerce
White, John G, Cedar Lane
White, Leroy, Doswell Field
White, Margaret, Cedar Lane
White, Mrs Mary B, 203 Pitt
White, Morris, shoemaker, Cedar Lane
White, Pauline, Lee Ave
White, Pearl, 1106 Douglas
White, Preston, 706 Commerce
White, Ranny, 606 Commerce
White, Richard, 602 Commerce
White, Rosa, Mayfield
White, Rosabel, 614 Lewis
White, Rufus (Florence), 905 Barton
White, Russell, electrician, Cedar Lane
White, Virginia, shirt factory, Doswell Field
White, Walter, shoe factory, 415 Commerce
White, William, Doswell Field
White, William, shoe factory, 702 Amelia
White, Willie, Cedar Lane
Whitehouse Dry Goods Store, 207 Commerce
Whitehouse, Alton, agent, 119 Main
Whitehouse, Benjamin, 119 Main
Whitehouse, Ernest, 119 Main
Whitehouse, Edwin, manager, 119 Main
Whitehouse, Edwin B (Hattie E), traveling salesman, 119 Main
Whitehouse, Francis, manager, 119 Main
Whitely, Philip C (Lucy), chauffeur, Wolfe
Wiggington, Augustine (Ida), laborer, 523 Water
Wiggington, Ella, 523 Water
Wiggington, George, laborer, 523 Water
Wiggington, Nannie, 623 Water
Wiggington, Olie, 523 Water
Wilder, Emma L, mch operator, Nat Boulevard
Wilder, William H (Rosa B), bricklayer, Nat Boulevard
Willard, Charlie, laborer, 604 Nat Boulevard
Willard, Lessee, mch operator, 604 Nat Boulevard
Willard, H H (Lucy), laborer, 604 Nat Boulevard
Willard, Theodore, laborer, 604 Nat Boulevard
Willcox, Sallie T, 715 Main
Willcox, Sarah, student, 715 Main
Willcox, student, 715 Main
Williams, Addel, maid, 103 Hanover
Williams, Addie, mch operator, Nat Boulevard
Williams, Annie, 1300 Winchester
*Williams, Charles (Lelia), laborer, 307 Fauquier
Williams, Charlie (Bettie), laborer, 201 Ferdinand
Williams, Chas Insco, promoter and manufacturer, Prince Edward at Charlotte
Page 104

Williams, Mrs Chas Insco, teacher Latin H S, Prince Edward at Charlotte
*Williams, Clarence (Clara), chauffeur, 313 Wolfe
Williams, Edgar, laborer, 617 Spottswood
Williams, Edgar J, laborer, 617 Spottswood
*Williams, Edward (Carrie), laborer, 536 George
Williams, Elizabeth, vocal teacher, 1300 Winchester
*Williams, Emily, 304 Wolfe
Williams, Ennes D, laborer, 105 Hawke
Williams, Erwin Wood, student, Prince Edward at Charlotte
Williams, Ethel, garment cutter, Charlotte
Williams, Fanny, 107 Amelia
Williams, Fate, 205 Ferdinand
Williams, Floyd J, laborer, 105 Hawke
Williams, Frank, 103 Hanover
Williams, Fred, chef, 103 Hanover
Williams, Harry, laborer, 617 Spottswood
Williams, Harry, laborer, 103 Hanover
Williams, Howard, 213 Charles
Williams, Irma, 205 Hanover
*Williams, James, laborer, 213 Charles
Williams, Josephine, servant, 213 Charles
Williams, Lawrence, stone cutter, 209 Pitt
Williams, Leroy, electrician, 1014 Princess Anne
*Williams, Lillian, 907 Liberty
Williams, Lizzie, 209 Pitt
Williams, Louise, cook, 103 Hanover
Williams, Mary, 205 Ferdinand
Williams, Mason (Nettie), stone cutter, 209 Pitt
*Williams, Oscar (Lillie), cleanser, 907 Liberty
*Williams, Oscar Jr, 907 Liberty
Williams, P L, meals, fishing tackle, tobacco, 206 Commerce
Williams, Percy V, farmer, 105 Hawke
Williams, Queen Victoria, 105 Hawke
Williams, Robert, laborer, Doswell Field
*Williams, Rose, 907 Liberty
Williams, Sallie, laundress, 302 Charlotte
Williams, Stanley, laborer, 105 Hawke
Williams, Susan, servant, 213 Charles
Williams, Susie, student, 536 George
Williams, Susie A, 202 Amelia
*Williams, Thomas, 907 Liberty
Williams, Virginia, student, Prince Edward at Charlotte
*Williams, Vina, 523 Water
Williams, William, stone cutter, 209 Pitt
Williams, Willie, laborer, 205 Ferdinand
Williams & Mullen, stone yard, Canal
Willis, Benj P (Edna), atty, 914 Pr Anne, 1105 Princess Anne
*Willis, Bessie, servant, 519 Amelia
Willis, Catesby W, teacher, 1105 Princess Anne
*Willis, Charlotte, 519 Amelia
*Willis, Fanny, 519 Amelia
*Willis, Gordon, lumber co, 519 Amelia
Page 105

*Willis, Gordon, auto mechanic, 904 Liberty
Willis, Jere M H, Attorney at Law, 1105 Princess Anne
Willis, John C, hardware store, 214 Commerce
*Willis, Lillie, 519 Amelia
Willis, M G, fertilizer and seed, Commerce, 1106 Princess Anne
Willis, M G Jr (Carrie H), fertilizer, Commerce, 1106 Princess Anne
*Willis, Madge, 519 Amelia
*Willis, Maria, washerwoman, 904 Liberty
Willis, Mason H (Beryl), mgr, John C Willis hdw, 1211 Prince Edward
*Willis, Nannie, 519 Amelia
Willis, Nora, piano teacher, Normal School, 1209 Prince Edward
Willis, Sallie (wid John C), 1209 Prince Edward
*Willis, Solomon, pickle factory, Wolfe, 519 Amelia
Willoughby, Leslie, 118 Main
Willoughby, Samuel (Annie), flagman, 118 Main
Willoughby, Samuel Jr, 118 Main
Willoughby, Walter, plumber, Charlotte, 118 Main
Wilson, Alfred (Edna), doctor, 712 Main
Wilson, Ashton, salesman, 607 Hawke
Wilson, Bertha, 712 Main
Wilson, Esther, 1200 Winchester
Wilson, Fielding, student, 607 Hawke
Wilson, Harold, 712 Main
Wilson, Harry, 712 Main
Wilson, Howard, 712 Main
Wilson, Lillian, 1200 Winchester
Wilson, Newton F, 1303 Fauquier
Wilson, Sadie, teacher, 607 Hawke
Wilson, Sarah, 607 Hawke
Wilson, Sarah S, 1303 Fauquier
Wilson, Susan (wid), 1414 Princess Anne
Wilson, Thomas B (Janet), bottling wks, [Nat] Boulevard, 1200 Winchester
Wilson, Trent, student, 607 Hawke
Wine, Chas, Govt clerk, Doswell Field
Wine, Gilmore, clerk, 1700 Princess Anne
Wine, Marcellus (Gertrude), carpenter, Doswell Field
Wine, Robert, carpenter, Doswell Field
*Winslow, Julia, laundress, 219 Ferdinand
Wise, Prince (Mary E), broker, 919 Hanover
Wissner, Bettie F, 129 Main
Wissner, Nannie F, 129 Main
Withers, Al, chauffeur, 408 Hanover
Woelfer, Augusta, Charlotte
Wood, Julia A, 1215 Main
Wood, Robert L (Emma), grocer, 1215 Main
Wood, Robert L Jr, emp pants factory, 1215 Main
Wooddell, Emma, Doswell Field
Wooddell, Preston (Anna), silk mill, Doswell Field
Wooddy, J B (Mary), lumber dealer, 1014 Princess Anne
Page 106

Wooding, A C & Bros, dry goods and furnishings, 309 Commerce
Wooding, Aubin C (Emma), merchant, 1203 Prince Edward
Wooding, Augusta, express messenger, 1203 Prince Edward
Wooding, Ida M, 1203 Prince Edward
Wooding, Louise E, merchant, 1203 Prince Edward
Woods, J S (Mary W), miller, 405 George
Woods, Lily, 405 George
Woodward, Dewey, chauffeur, 1711 Charles
Woodward, Edward J (Doris), pants factory, 1711 Charles
Woodward, Pearl, 1711 Charles
Woodward, Rosa, pants factory, 1711 Charles
*Woody, Annie, washerwoman, 921 Liberty
*Woody, Grace, waitress, 921 Liberty
*Woody, Hattie, 921 Liberty
*Woody, Thelma, waitress, 921 Liberty
*Wormley, Dixie, 1015 Winchester
Wormley, Elsie, 1113 Winchester
Wormley, Harriett, washerwoman, 1008 Winchester
*Wormley, James, 1113 Winchester
*Wormley, John D (Priscilla), barber, 1109 Winchester
*Wormley, Lindsay, laborer, 1015 Winchester
*Wormley, Livingston, baker, 1015 Winchester
*Wormley, Robert E (Rosa), waiter, 1113 Winchester
*Wormley, Stuart, cook, 1008 Winchester
*Wormley, William, waiter, 1008 Winchester
*Wormley, William B, chauffeur, 1008 Winchester
*Wormley, Willie (Mary), 1015 Winchester
Wright, Annie, 816 Nat Boulevard
Wright, Aubrey (Laura), laborer, 816 Nat Boulevard
Wright, Bertha, emp silk mill, 1006 Main
Wright, Charles M (Josephine), laborer, 106 Lafayette
Wright, Charles M (Blanche), bookkeeper, 609 Wolfe
Page 107

Wright, Curtis Jr, 529 Main
Wright, Curtis (Marrita), barge captain, 529 Main
Wright, Douglas E, 106 Lafayette
Wright, Edward, 524 Water
Wright, Edward, 529 Main
Wright, Elmer, 816 Nat Boulevard
Wright, Elsie, stenographer, 1110 Winchester
Wright, Emily, 1006 Main
Wright, Emsie, 106 Lafayette
Wright, Fanny B, 307 Amelia
Wright, Francis, 529 Main
Wright, Grant, Princess Anne
Wright, Hazel, 816 Nat Boulevard
Wright, Henrietta, 1312 Charles
Wright, Hilda, 529 Main
Wright, Irvin, 816 Nat Boulevard
Wright, James, Princess Anne
Wright, Jennie A, seamstress, 106 Lafayette
Wright, John M, engineer, 106 Lafayette
Wright, John R, 106 Lafayette
Wright, Louicine L, 732 Main
Wright, Madia L, stenographer, 732 Main
Wright, Mary, saleswoman, 1110 Winchester
Wright, Mary, seamstress, 106 Lafayette
Wright, Rena, bookkeeper, 1110 Winchester
Wright, Thomas (Bertha), emp silk mill, 1006 Main
Wright, Welborn, Princess Anne
Wroten, Ellen B, 512 Main
Wroten, Harvey (Minnie) carpenter, 512 Main
Wroten, John W, carpenter, 501 Main
Yates, Arthur B (Susan), retired, 1103 Prince Edward
Yates, Lucilla, 1103 Prince Edward
Yerby, Lelia, 614 Prince Edward
Yerby, Patsy, 614 Prince Edward
Young, A B (Mary V), furniture merchant Main, 1301 Main
Young, Betty, Doswell Field
Young, Charles (Lillian), bakery, 915 Charles
Young, Charlie, 718 Water
Page 108

Young, Constance, student, 1014 Prince Edward
Young, Doris, bookkeeper, 1017 Main
Young, Edgar M (Mattie), capitalist, 1014 Prince Edward
Young, Edmund J, 718 Water
Young, Eleanor, Young's Bakery, 1017 Main
Young, Elizabeth, student, 1014 Prince Edward
Young, Francis, 1017 Main
Young Furniture Co, A B Young, 827 Main
Young, Gaynell, Young's Bakery, 1017 Main
Young, Glen, Doswell Field
Young, Grafton, clerk, Quantico Laundry, 1017 Main
Young, Helen, 718 Water
Young, Henry, Doswell Field
Young, Hubbert (Alice), silk mill, Doswell Field
Young, Julian (Lottie), laborer, 1315 Charles
Young, Marion, 1315 Charles
Young, Mary, shirt factory, Doswell Field
Young, Mattie, 711 Main
Young, Rose, student, 1017 Main
Young-Schoonover Co, lumber mill, end Nat Boulevard
Young, William (Alice), laborer, 718 Water
Young-Sweetser Co, grain elevator, R R at Charles
Young, William (Rosa), agt, Corby's Bread, 1017 Main
Young, William D, 718 Water
Page 108

The Central Rappahannock Regional Library (CRRL), 1201 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia, has a printed "Fredericksburg Directory, 1920.

Square brackets "[]" indicate that there was an error in the original that is left unchanged.

The electronic version was created by the Center for Historic Preservation at Mary Washington College by scanning a copy of the text. Comments, or corrections to this index should be sent to Gary Stanton at Mary Washington College.

The printed copy of the Fredericksburg Directory, 1920," is available in Fredericksburg at the Virginiana Room of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library.
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By Gary Stanton