Fredericksburg, Virginia

City Directory, 1892

Central Rappahannock Regional Library (CRRL), 1201 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia, has a xeroxed copy of a printed "Fredericksburg Directory, 1892." Although no further information is available, it is the earliest surviving directory with street numbers. African-American residents were noted in the original as "col." However, for consistency this index uses the "*" as did the 1888 Directory. In addition, the street names have been changed from the original document, to reflect current names. In 1891, the City Council had changed to a system of lettered and numbered streets. Lettered streets were north-south beginning at the Rappahannock River. Numbered streets were East-West streets beginning at the southern end of Town. A conversion table is available.

Square brackets "[]" indicate that there was an error in the original that is left unchanged.

The electronic version was created by the Center for Historic Preservation at Mary Washington College by scanning a copy of the text and then modifying the format to fit a table. Comments, or corrections to this index should be sent to Gary Stanton at Mary Washington College.

The paper copy of the Fredericksburg Directory, 1892," is available in Fredericksburg at the Virginianna Room of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library.

Name First name occupation office home
Adams Joseph W.     413 Main st
Adams Lewis clerk City P.O.   413 Main st
Adams J. Willard bookseller   1500 Main st
Adams J. Willard Jr. bookseller   1500 Main st
Adams Samuel A. painter   133 Main st
Aldridge Page Hulda widow   1211 Main st
Aldridge Frederick M. cigar maker   1211 Main st
Aldridge F. M. reporter   1211 Main st
*Alexander George barber   1104 F st
Allen Nellie Mrs.     716 Main st
Allison Emmitt shoe cutter   401 Frederick st
Allison John W. spinner   1710 Princess Anne st
Allison John W. Jr. spinner   1710 Princess Anne st
Allison William O. cutter   1710 Princess Anne st
*Alsop Wavey lab   521 Hanover st
Amiss William L. livery   604 Main st
*Anderson James lab   713 Sophia st
Anderson John F. clk   705 Main st (boards)
Anderson John K. clerk 311 Commerce st  
Anderson William plasterer   1402 Main st
Ashby Sallie E. widow   214 Main
Baker Ellis T. dry goods   1208 Princess Anne st
Baker Joseph W. miller   140 Main st
Baker E. L. clerk   700 Main st (boards)
Baker Richard W. lab   605 Amelia st
Ball Powell     543 Willis st
Ballard Arthur drayman   701 Commerce st
Ballard William G. clerk   906 Main st
*Banks Joe lab   320 Charles st
BARNEY JOSEPH N. insurance agent   1018 Princess Anne st
Barton Gen. S. B.     904 Princess Anne st
Barton William     412 Sophia st
Barton Judge William S.     904 Princess Anne st
Baseler Helen M. Mrs. widow   612 Main st
Bastable Catherine M. Mrs. widow   501 Hanover
Bauman Rosina Mrs. widow   401 Dixon st
*Baylor William H. barber 210 Commerce st 230 Princess Anne st
Bayne Edgar C. carp   1108 Sophia st
Beale Robert C.     1200 Charles st
Beale Robert C. Jr. clerk   1200 Charles st
Beale Samuel H.     303 Lewis st
Beckwith Franklin confectioner   417 Commerce st
Bell W. A. clerk   1300 Main st
Bell E. C. clerk   1300 Main st
Bell W. F. grocer   1300 Main st
Berrey James R. clerk   620 Princess Anne st
Berrey John J. bookkeeper   620 Princess Anne st
Berrey John J. Jr. bookkeeper   908 Princess Anne st
Berrey Robert B. clerk court   1312 Main st
Berry John S. clerk   907 Charles st
Berryman Eliza L. Mrs. widow   216 Main st
*Bingom George lab   602 George st
Birdsall Andrew J. supt U S Nat Mil Cemetery  
*Blackwell Thornton lab   518 Hanover st
Blake William N. clerk   707 Main st (boards)
Blowers George W. lab   601 Commerce st
Blowers Sidney carpenter   601 Commerce st
Bode Eugene grocer 600 Commerce 922 Liberty st
Botts A. B. & Co insurance agents    
Botts Albert B.     609 Main st
Botts Charles Minor     609 Main st
Bowering Andrew B. Jr. clk   700 Prince Edward
Bowering Andrew H. clerk   700 Prince Edward
Bowering Benjamin supt Progress Engine and Machine Works 700 Prince Edward st
Bowering Robert S. clerk   700 Prince Edward st
Bowling Andrew carp   1205 Main st
Bowling Lewis lab   804 Hanover st
Boxley J. C.     726 Commerce st
Boxley Walter     911 Hanover st
Boyer John clerk   829 Main st
Bozel Eugene clerk   912 Hanover st
Bozel Robert E. clerk   1015 Main st
Bradley Lucilla S. Mrs. widow   1103 Prince Edward st
Bradley William E. manager Free Lance 1101 Prince Edward st
Bragdon Charles E. clerk   207 Main st
Brannan William gunsmith   1003 Main st
Brannan William L. grocer   1003 Main st
Brauer John plasterer 917 Hanover st  
Braxton A. M. Mrs. widow   206 Main
Brendt T. barber   806 Main st
Brent Thos N. dry goods   608 Princess Anne st
*Brooke Ellen A.     511 Fauquier st
*Brooks John cooper   505 Amelia st
Browne Charles     1409 Princess Anne st
Brown Frank     101 Fauquier st
Brown J. Frederick Woodford & Brown   918 Main st
*Brown J. E. Rev.     207 Prince Edward st
*Brown Polly     516 Princess Anne st
*Brown Shepherd 506 Princess Anne    
Brulle E. A. miller   919 Main st
Brulle Frederick confectioner   919 Main st
Brulle William F. clerk   919 Main st
Brummett John O. lab   1108 Sophia st
*Bryant Moses     622 George st
Bryant William Alfred. lab   109 Hawke st
Buchanan Henry porter   1309 Main st
Buchanan Nicy A. Mrs. widow   1309 Main st
Buck Agnes widow   820 Main st
Buck Anthony clerk   820 Main st
*Buckner Robert lab   506 Spottswood st
*Bundy Asberry     912 Liberty st
*Bundy Harrison lab   608 George st
Burke Louis printer   130 Main st
*Burrell Meggs lab   703 Amelia st
*Burrell William lab   1017 Winchester st
Burruss Walter L. bookkeeper   1408 Main st
*Burton John lab   523 Hanover st
Burton William W. blacksmith   704 Amelia st
*Butler Edward lab   307 Pr Edward st
*Butler Thomas lab   1106 G st
*Byrd Henry hackman   701 Amelia st
Calhoun John A. moulder   202 Charlotte st
Calhoun Sophia Miss. confectioner 716 Main  
Carmichael Charles C. bookkeeper   309 Hanover st
Carmichael Nellie Mrs. widow   1205 Pr Edward st
Carmichael Richard H.     1205 Pr Edward st
Carmichael Spotswood W. Dr.     309 Hanover st
Capito Joseph moulder 1809 Princess Anne st  
Carper Ira R. miller   211 Pitt st
*Carter E. T.     610 George st
Carter William C. druggist   801 Main st
Cash Charles W. driver Adams' Express 815 Sophia st
CENTRAL HOTEL Charles F. Barlosius propr 712 Main st  
Chancellor Melvi S. Rev     406 George st
Chancellor M. S.   822 Main st  
Chancellor & Rawlings   grocers corner Charles & Commerce sts  
Chesley John R.     1011 Princess Anne st
Chewning George H. Dr. dentist 922 Main st 404 Hanover st
Chiverell James lab   507 Main st
Chinn Florence L. Miss     1015 Charles st
Clark William M. Rev.       303 Hanover st
Coates George H. bricklayer   305 Prince Edward st
Coates James M. bricklayer   305 Prince Edward st
Coates James T. bricklayer   305 Prince Edward st
Coates William F. PF&PRR   1213 Prince Edward st
Coghill Lawrence L. (Smith & Coghill)   214 Main
Colbert Chastine clerk   707 Main st (boards)
Colbert James B. dry goods cor Main & Commerce 607 Fauquier st (boards)
Colbert Joseph W. grocer 207 Commerce st 1601 Main st
Colbert Newton A. internal revenue collector 207 Commerce 1601 Main st
Cole Charles E. clerk   813 Sophia st
Cole C. L. Mrs. widow   523 Princess Anne st
Cole Columbus L. grocer 915 Liberty 1102 Prince Edward st
Cole De Witt C. clerk   609 Fauquier st
Cole Edward Dorsey grocer 404 Commerce 1201 Prince Edward st
Cole George E. insurance   609 Fauquier st
Cole Sarah E. widow   422 Commerce st
Coleman C. Samuel sexton   101 Wolfe st
*Coleman Henry lab   107 Frederick st
*Coleman James lab   1307 Charles st
*Coleman John S. lab   715 Amelia st
*Coleman Marcellus lab   1511 Princess Anne st
Coleman Thomas T. pump fixer   101 Wolfe st
Compton Everett     213 18th st
Compton M. F. Mrs. widow   1706 Princess Anne st
Compton Samuel     107 Main st
Conway Bettie C. Mrs. widow   613 Main st
Conway Gordon & Garnett bankers 204 Commerce st  
Conway John clerk   803 Main st (boards)
Conway Peter V. D.   808 Charles st  
Copenhaver & Myer stoves and tinware 216 Commerce st    
Copenhaver John     827 Main st
*Corey Benjamin lab 1111 G st 1111 G st
Cornell Edward T. lab   924 National blvd
Cotton Leander Exchange Hotel cor Hanover and Main sts  
COTTON & HILLS   proprs, Exchange Hotel cor Hanover and Main sts  
Cox Abraham     717 Main st
Cox C. C. agt RF&PRR   303 Princess Anne (boards)
Cox Cassius painter   312 Princess Anne st
Cox James A. carp   809 Sophia st
Cox Jefferson painter   312 Princess Anne st
Cox John B. clerk   601 Spottswood st
Cox Robert C. clerk   717 Main st
Cox Wesley painter   102 George st
Cox Wesley Jr. clerk   102 George st
Crismond Horace F. grocer   505 Hanover st
Crutchfield Edgar M. insurance agt 302 Commerce st 1202 Prince Edward st
Cunningham Jane M. Miss clerk   1103 Main st
Cunningham Mary E. Miss clerk   1103 Main st
Cunningham T. Norman clerk   1013 Charles st
Cunningham William H. dry goods   1103 Main st
Currell Benjamin F. carpenter   225 Princess Anne st
Curtis T. J. drayman   1517 Princess Anne st
Daniel Maria K. Mrs. widow   1300 Charles st
Daniel Peter V. clerk   1300 Charles st
Daniel Samuel G. agent PF&PRR 207 Pitt st
Dannehl Henry propr Hotel Dannehl 408 Princess Anne st
Danson James B. carpenter   501 Princess Elizabeth st
Danson Joseph W. clerk   501 Princess Elizabeth st
DAMM WILLIAM barber 806 Main st 118 Main st
Davis Benjamin clerk   311 Prince Edward
Davis Charles F. clerk   119 Main st
Davis Daniel M. capt   119 Main st
Davis George S.     618 Princess Anne
Davis W. J. tinner   119 Main st
*Day Henry lab   411 Princess Anne st
*Dean Henry lab   538 George st
De Atley James T.     519 Princess Anne st
De Atley Thomas B.     519 Princess Anne st
Decker & Alrich   plows &c 407-409 Commerce st  
Dent Richard lab   804 National Blvd
Deshazo Samuel lab   417 Main st
Dickinson A. C.     715 Main st
DICKINSON ABNER H. lawyer   616 Princess Anne st
Dickinson John R. carpenter   1207 Pr Edward st
Dignum Lydia M. grocer   500 Princess Anne st
Dignum Robert E. clerk   500 Princess Anne st
Dix William T. traveling salesman   1111 Pr Edward st
*Dixon George L. Rev     1121 Winchester st
Doggett Andrew C. Dr.     303 Amelia st
Doggett Hugh S. grocer   1100 Charles st
Doggett Leroy B. grocer   304 George st
Doggett Osceola J. grocer   304 George st
Donahoe Arthur B. saddle and harness   1411 Main st
Donahoe John T. harness maker   1411 Main st
Doswell James Temple.     1108 Princess Anne
Downing George T. marble works   510 Main st
Downs George M. clerk   818 Sophia st
Downs Willard A. clerk   818 Sophia st
Downs William lab   818 Sophia st
Dunaway Thomas S. Rev     1208 Princess Anne st
Eagle Shoe Co     208 Hanover st  
Earley Thomas shoemaker   205 Hanover st
EASTBURN SAMUEL E. grocer 422 Commerce st 1201 Prince Edward st (boards)
Ebert Henry grocer   918 Hanover st
Eckenrode H. J. Mrs.     1101 Main st
Eckenrode Hamilton J. shoes   1101 Main st
Eckenrode H. Myers clerk   1101 Main st
Edrington Charles W. city sergeant   1106 Princess Anne st
Elder John A. artist   1111 Main st
Ellis Ann P. Miss     312 Commerce st
Ellis Ellen B. Miss     312 Commerce st
Embrey J. J.     700 Fair st
Embrey Lucinda Mrs. widow   700 Fair st
Embrey Wilfried S. railroad ties 311 National Blvd  
England Anna E. Mrs. widow     1305 Main st
England Richard confectioner   206 Commerce st
English John A. real estate   1215 Main st
Ennis David driver   530 George st
Ennis E. J. Mrs. widow   1323 Main st
Erickson Gustavus painter   708 Amelia st
Estes John lab     1509 Main st
Estes Richard grocer   415 Princess Anne st
FICKLEN JOSEPH B. mngr, Bridgewater Flour Mills   308 Amelia st
Ficklen Carrie S. Miss     308 Amelia st
Fisher Pierson O. carder and spinner   1712 Princess Anne st
Fitchett James flagman RF&PRR  
Fitchett William C. engineer PF&PRR 1010 Winchester st
Fitzhugh Anne Miss     1018 Main st
Fitzhugh Mary A. widow   402 Hanover st
Fitzhugh St. George R. lawyer, Eagle Shoe Co   613 Main st
Fitzhugh Samuel laundry   1314 Main st
Fitzpatrick William city gas works   126 Main st
Fleming David E. Supt city gas-works   607 Sophia
Fleming Vivian M. Eagle Shoe Co   503 Hanover st
Forbes David S.     501 Hanover st
Forbes Frank T.     cor Princess Anne and Hanover
Ford Ellen C. widow   1022 Main st
Ford Mollie T. Miss     1022 Main st
Ford Nellie O. Miss     1022 Main st
Foster Eugene S. clerk City   133 Main st
Foster Frederick O. jeweler   Hotel Dannehl (boards)
Foster George W. boot and shoemaker   311 Princess Anne st
Foster Oregon D. postmaster and grocer   133 Main st
Foster W. D. clerk   321 Frederick st
Franklin Charles L. butcher   1617 Princess Anne st
Franklin James W. spinner   1614 Main st
Franklin J. Harris Mrs. widow   712 Main st
Franklin Thomas H. drayman   1617 Princess Anne
*Frazier Daniel trucker   613 Prince Edward st
Frazier Nannie Mrs. widow   708 Main st
*Freeman George lab   507 Princess Elizabeth st
Freeman George Sr. woodyard   907 Hanover st
Freeman George Ward & Freeman, grocers 900 Hanover st 907 Hanover st
Freeman John W. clerk   907 Hanover st
Gallahan James H. wood worker   1302 Sophia st
Garner Alexander M. contractor and builder   217 Princess Anne st
Garner William T. carpenter   209 Princess Ann st
Garnett Henry clerk   707 Main st (Boards)
*Garnett Matthew lab   604 Spottswood st
Gately James E. lab   417 Main st
Gately Matthew J. clerk   417 Main st
Gately Michael A. police officer   417 Main st
Gately M. A. lab   417 Main st
Gately T. J. RF&PRR   417 Main st
Gee Ellen C. widow milliner 528 Main st
Genther Henry D. harness and saddles   518 Main st
Genther John W. photographer   518 Main st
Genther Oscar clerk   518 Main st
George M. Lee painter   105 Main st
Gibson John S. Rev. Rector, Trinity Church   706 Pr Edward st
Godfrey E. J. miner   138 Princess Anne st
Goldsmith Benjamin clothier 920 Main st 823 Main st
Goldsmith Jacob clerk   823 Main st
Goldsmith William roadmaster   509 Princess Anne st
Goldsmith William H. PF&PRR   509 Princess Anne st
Goodrick James machinist   801 National Blvd
Goodrick & Layton   plumbers 222 Commerce st  
Goodrick Edgar H.     526 Main st
Goodwin Bettie C. Miss     1202 Charles st
Goodwin Nannie S. Miss     1202 Charles st
Goolrich John T. lawyer   907 Charles st
GOOLRICK WILLIAM B. druggist cor George and Main 310 Hanover st
Gordon Eva W. Miss boarding house 1204 Charles st  
Gordon Fannie H. Miss boarding house 1204 Charles st  
Gordon Jane L. Miss teacher, boarding house 1204 Charles st  
Gordon Mary A. Miss boarding house 1204 Charles st  
Gouldman Douglas     130 Main st
Gouldman Frank clerk   130 Main st
Gouldman George T. harness maker   703 Commerce st
GOULDMAN HENRY R. tailor 824 Main st 130 Main st
Gouldman Henry R. shoes   820 Main
Gouldman Henry R. Jr. clerk J. T. Lowery & Co. 130 Main st
Gouldman John. F. shoes   606 Main st
Gouldman Roy tinner   130 Main st
Gravatt Dabney L. carriages &c.   610 Princess Anne st
Gravatt Ira L. carriages &c.   610 Princess Anne st
Gravatt Herbert H. carriages &c.   610 Princess Anne st
Gravatt M. E. Mrs. widow   610 Princess Anne st
Gray George     1410 Princess Anne st
*Grayson Charles lab   309 Princess Anne st
Green Duff     408 Hanover st
Green James L.     408 Hanover st
Griffin John M. groceies liquors &c. 600 Main st 602 Main st
Griffin Mary M. Mrs. widow   602 Main st
Grotz Susan Miss confectioner   517 Main st
Grundler Jacob lab   903 Hanover st
*Gunn James drayman   619 Spottswood st
Gurley Capt Mason W.     306 Main st
Hable Joseph clothier cor Main & Commerce 1021 Main st
*Hailstalk Charles cooper   1305 Charles st
*Hailstalk John lab   1316 Charles
Hall Horace B. (J. B. Hall's Sons)   1106 Charles st
Hall Marshall C. (J. B. Hall's Sons)     309 George st
Hall Robert R. (J. B. Hall's Sons)     1027 Main st
Hall William carpenter   514 Willis st
Hancock John F. carp, Hancock & Stearns   1306 Sophia st
*Handy John lab   510 Princess Anne st
Hanover Club     815 Hanover st  
Harding J. B. lab   1414 Princess Anne st
Harding Thad lab   1605 Main st
Harris John A. grocers, (Harris & Bro) 615 Commerce st  
Harris John J. porter Hanover Club 917 Liberty st
Harris J. W. Racket Store     602 Commerce st
Harris William (H. & Bro) 615 Commerce 724 Commerce st
Harrison Nannie Mrs. widow   320 Princess Anne st
Harrison W. J. Mrs. widow   209 Pitt st
*Hart Edgar porter   707 Amelia st
Hart Lelia R. Miss     1407 Main st
Hart Sarah G. Miss     1204 Charles st (Boards)
Hart Selina C. Miss     1407 Main st
Hartman John     503 National Blvd
Hatch Sophia A. Miss     212 Princess Anne st
Hay Virginia Miss     1025 Main st
Haydon John blksmith   609 Princess Anne st
Haydon Thomas J. livery stable   700 Princess Anne st
Haydon Thomas J. Jr. clerk   700 Princess Anne st
Hazard Josiah bookkeeper   303 Main st
Hazard Josiah Jr. bookkeeper   303 Main st
Heflin Absalom P. saw mill   903 National Blvd
Heflin A. E. Mrs widow   901 National Blvd
Heflin Charles G. carpenter   512 Willis st
Heflin John J. carpenter     905 National Blvd
Heflin Robert L. tinner   901 National Blvd, (boards)
Herndon B. S. Mrs. widow   1013 Pr Edward st
Herndon Charles Conway Gordon & Garrett   408 Hanover st
*Herndon John lab   618 George st
Herndon K. E. City Park Hotel 507 Commerce st  
Hewlett Benjamin     113 Main st
Hewlett Robert B. lab   411 Princess Elizabeth st
Hicks Benjamin F. lab   517 Hanover st
Hicks George W. lab   504 Spottswood st
Hicks Granville lab   600 Princess Anne st
Hicks Jefferson     407 Dixon st
Hicks Richard grocer   304 Princess Anne st
Hicks Wade drayman   407 Dixon st
Hicks W. H. lab   707 Commerce st
Hills William A.   Exchange Hotel  
Hirsh David (Simon Hirsh & Bro)     1011 Pr Edward st
Hirsh Isaac dry goods &c   924 Main st
Hirsh Maurice clk   924 Main st
HIRSH SIMON & BRO grocers &c Commerce cor Pr Edward  
Honey H. C. lab   523 Sophia st
Honey William S. grocer   412 Commerce st
*Howard Essex lab   512 Princess Anne st
Howard S. Willis agt Adams Express Agent 807 Main st
Howard William Key     Lewis cor Washington ave
Howe Robert lab   1406 Sophia st
Hoyer Lydia C. widow   107 Main st
Hudson M. A. Mrs. widow   1416 Princess Anne st
Hughes R. A. clerk   133 Main (boards)
Hughson Edgar B. lab   807 George st
Humphreys James T. lab   1319 Main st
Humphries Mary Miss     1210 Charles st
Humphries Metta Miss     1210 Charles st
Hunt George M. carpenter   704 Commerce st
Hunter Charles E. plow works   1011 Main st
Hunter George L. moulder   1215 Main st
Hurkamp Charles tanner &c   406 Hanover st
Hurkamp John G. tanners, office 319 Commerce st  
Hurkamp William H. tanner &c   408 Hanover st
Hutcherson David W. tanner   1011 Pr Edward st
Ingram Addison lab   408 Main st
Ingram Addison Jr. fireman   408 Main st
Ingram John lab   408 Main st
Ingram William lab   408 Main st
*Jackson Allen lab   513 Princess Anne st
*Jackson Robert lab   314 Frederick st
Jackson Thomas shoemaker   1706 Princess Anne st
*Jackson William lab   612 George st
Jacobs Benjamin H clothier 821 Main st  
Jefferson James D. painter   Sophia cor Commerce
Jefferson William A. painter   1515 Main
Jefferson R. L. painter   Sophia cor Commerce
Jeffries Mary E. widow   1106 Pr Edward st
Jenkins Alexander driver   501 Sophia st
Jenkins Hugh McD. printer   410 Sophia st
Jenkins J. carpenter   410 Sophia st
Jenkins Mortimer lab   313 Sophia st
Jenkins William lab   401 Sophia st
Jenkins William D. sailor   111 Frederick st
Jenkins Zachariah T. lab   410 Sophia st
Jennings George shoemaker 210 George st 1106 Sophia st
Jett Dora Miss     1015 Charles st
Jett Edith Miss     1015 Charles st
Johnson Charles E. shoe maker   514 George st
*Johnson Given lab   305 Charlotte st
*Johnson James lab   1108 G. St
*Johnson John barber   409 Princess Anne st
Johnson L. G. miner   806 Charles st
*Johnson Moses lab   511 Princess Anne st
Johnson William P. master mechanic PF&PRR 551 National Blvd
*Johnson W. F. lab   317 Wolfe st
Johnston Fayette W. clerk   306 Charlotte st
Johnston F. W. Mrs. widow   306 Charlotte st
Johnston H. Hoomes (Johnston & Pearson)   306 Charlotte st
Johnston James L. restaurant Commerce cor Pr Edward sts  
JOHNSTON & PEARSON   drugs &c Commerce cor Princess Anne  
Jones A. B. & H. F. cigars tobacco 923 Main st  
Jones Edward W. clerk   923 Main st
Jones Henry     923 Main st
Jones James L. lab   539 Willis st
Jones Roy Mrs. widow   503 Main st
Kahill Martin policeman   814 Hanover st
Kaufman Herman clerk   704 Pr Edward
Kearsley L. T. Mrs.     1018 Main st
Keene Samuel confectioner   413 Commerce st
Keene Samuel A. oysters &c.   706 Main st
*Kellam Samuel waiter   311 Wolfe st
Kelly J. Harrison     915 Main st
Kendall Samuel H. printer   315 Princess Anne st
King Charles A. paints &c   608 Main st
King Charles D. clerk   307 Frederick st
King George P. Mrs.     822 Main st
King George P. Jr. clerk   822 Main st
King George W. RF&PRR   307 Frederick st
King John H. moulder   307 Frederick st
King R. H. clerk   822 Main st
King Thomas C. carriage trimmer   316 Charles st
King William I.     525 Main sr
KING WILLIAM I. & Co   Frederick cor Princess Anne  
Knight John T.     210 Pr Edward st
Knox Douglas H. grocer 405 Commerce st 1200 Princess Anne st
Knox James S. (R. T. K. & Bro)   1200 Princess Anne st
Knox Robert T.     1301 Pr Edward st
Knox R. T. & Bro     Commerce cor Charles  
Lane Harry B. clerk   1106 Charles st
Lane Helen Mrs. widow   1106 Charles st
Lang William E. furniture &c 825 Main st  
Lange William confectioner 803 Main st  
Larkin John B. carpenter   503 Princess Elizabeth st
Larkin Thomas M. clerk   702 Commerce st
Latham Fannie Mrs. widow   1508 Main
Latham Maclee molder   712 Commerce st
Lawson Caleb lab   717 Sophia st
Lawson Catlett butcher   309 Sophia st
Layton Andrew L. lab   210 Princess Anne st
Layton C. E. clerk   136 Main st
Layton E. A. Mrs. widow   200 Princess Anne st
Layton James L. tinner   136 Main st
Layton James T. clothier 906 Main st 136 Main st
Layton Joel capt   521 Princess Anne st
Layton Lewis L. drayman   200 Princess Anne st
Layton Louis H.     521 Princess Anne st
Layton William G. clerk, Weem's Line   115 Main st
Leacock F. W. drayman   125 Main st
Leacock J. L. clerk RF&PRR   125 Main st
Leacock Preston W. lab   125 Main st
Leacock William F. tinner   125 Main st
Leavell J. T. carpenter   811 Hanover st
*Lee John H. lab   228 Princess Anne st
Lee Peter lab   912 Barton st
Lee Philip L. grocer   912 Barton st
Lee William L.     1112 Washington ave
Leitch Franklin P. driver   511 Hanover st
Leitch James R. shoe heeler   905 National Blvd
Leitch W. T. shoe laster   305 Charles st
Leonard John S. lab   501 Princess Anne st
LEONARD MARTINA A. Mrs. widow, grocer   501 Princess Anne st
*Lewis Alfred lab   705 Amelia st
Lewis Charles L. carpenter   311 Sophia st
*Lewis Frank grocer   1105 George st
Lewis Magnus M. drugs &c 829 Main st 301 Hanover st
Lewis William lab   407 Princess Anne st
Limerick Rufus blksmith 1003 Sophia st 1209 Main st
Linsey David grocer   227 Princess Anne st
Little A. J. Miss     405 Hanover st
Little Medora Mrs. widow   405 Hanover st
Little William A.     1107 Princess Anne st
Little William A. Jr.     1107 Princess Anne st
Little & Little   lawyers office Commerce cor Princess Anne  
Livingston William car builder   501 Princess Anne st
*Lomax John lab   917 Barton st
Long Michael prop'r, Virginia Hotel   916 Main st
Lowe William S. jeweler 1006 Main st  
Lowery James T. dry goods 818 Main st  
*Lucas Andrew plasterer   1110 Douglas (?) st
*Lucas Cornelius S. restaurant 220 Commerce st 1110 Douglas (?) st
*Lucas Robert plasterer   602 Spotswood st
*Lucas Robert H. shoemaker   511 Sophia st
*Lucas William lab   309 Wolfe st
McCalley Charles F. traveling salesman   1618 Main st
McCalley Frank G. saddler   100 Hanover st
McCalley G. A. lab   100 Hanover st
McCalley Gray clerk   100 Hanover st
McCalley Harvey W. printer   100 Hanover st
McCalley Herbert A. tinner   100 Hanover st
McCalley Joseph M. carpenter   922 George st
McCalley Robert B. reporter   413 Commerce st, (boards)
McCalley W. J. printer   100 Hanover st
McCarty N. A. Mrs. widow   305 Main st
McCarty Sarah, Mrs. widow   600 Princess Anne st
McCord Jake lab   512 National Blvd
McCracken Mary F. wid Bernard   709 Princess Anne st
McCracken Melvin H. clerk   604 Main st
McCracken P & Bro   grocers 311 Commerce st  
McCracken Terence     707 Main st
McDonnell James W. contractor   923 George st
McDonnell John M. carpenter   923 George st
McDonnell Michael P. carpenter   609 Amelia st
McDonnell R. J. clerk   923 George st
McDonnell T. J. clerk   923 George st
McDowell Irene Mrs. widow   1007 Main st
McGee Richard lab   501 Main st
McGee R. H.     1304 Main st
McGee T. J. drayman   809 Hanover st
McGovern Joseph telegraph operator   401 Main st, (boards)
Magrath Lewis O.     903 Main st
MAGRATH & CHESLEY   grocers 213 Commerce st  
Mander Charles news dealer 212 Commerce st 1312 Sophia st
Mander Emily Miss teacher   305 Wolfe st
Mander Kate Miss teacher   305 Wolfe st
Mander Mollie Miss teacher   305 Wolfe st
Manuell M. A. Mrs. widow   509 Hanover st
Marsh Clem lab   314 Charles st
Marshall Booker J.     705 Main st, (boards)
Martens Gus gunsmith   810 Sophia st
Martens Henry C. gunsmith 211 Commerce st  
Martin Frank J. grocer 200 Charles st 401 Dixon st
Martin Hugh McD. physician   1103 Princess Anne st
Marye John L. lawyer   1109 Princess Anne st
Marye & Fitzhugh   law office Princess Anne cor Hanover  
*Mason Adam lab   1113 G st
Mason John E. PF&PRR   553 National Blvd
Mason Joseph S. shoemaker   919 Liberty st
Mason Lottie T. Miss     300 Hanover st
Mason Monimma Miss     300 Hanover st
Masters J. W. merchant 419 Commerce st 1303 Washington ave
Melton Bernard L. tel operator RF&PRR Princess cor Hanover
Melville John C. Woolen Mills   1706 Princess Anne st
Melville John G. Woolen Mills   1706 Princess Anne st
Merchant Rufus B. editor and proprietor Fredericksburg Star 304 Amelia st
Merchant W. Hampton mangr Star 304 Amelia st
Miller Henry confectioner 604 Commerce st  
Miller Henry A. Jr. baker and confectioner 812 Main st  
*Miller Stapleton shoemaker   309 Charles st
Millhauser Henry clothier   908 Main st
Mills Alexander lab   1610 Main st
Mills Charles H. harnessmaker   220 Charles st
Mills Edward W. clerk   1601 Main st, (boards)
Mills Frank lab   1412 Princess Anne st
Mills George A.     413 Commerce st, (boards)
Mills George W. shoe factory   1517 Main st
Mills James H. grocer   1417 Main st
Mills John Thomas lab   1700 Princess Anne st
Mills John Wesley cooper   910 Liberty st
*Minor John drayman   806 National Blvd
Minor John J. drayman   212 Dixon st
Mitchell W. B. teller   209 Pitt st
Monroe John F. grocer 313 Commerce st  
MONTAGUE T. C. Dr. druggist 415 Main st  
Moon William J. jeweler 814 Main st  
Moore Charles W. moulder   806 Hanover st
Morgan Eliza Mrs. widow, grocer   521 Main st
Morris Walter C. operator boards   700 Main st
Morris W. F. carpenter   232 Princess Anne st
Morrison & Landram   mfg's spokes &c 533 National Blvd  
Moss Alfred T. transman   407 George st, (boards)
Mullen George brick mason   302 Charles st
Mullen Lucy D. Miss dress maker   508 Main st
Murdaugh E. C. Mrs widow   712 Main st
Murray Andrew jeweler 300 Commerce st 1016 Main st
Musselman James W.     1301 Main st
Musselman John     1308 Main cor Fauquier
Myer John H.     1101 Main st
Myer John H. Jr. Copenhaver & Myer   1101 Main st
Myer & Brulle Germania Flour Mills office 317 Main st  
*Myers Cornelius lab   603 Amelia st
*Nelson Luther lab   526 George st
Ninde Eugene C. furniture &c 917 Main st  
Nosset George undertaker   719 Main st
Nosset John R. painter   1007 Sophia st
Nosset Peter laster   1007 Sophia st
Nossett William undertaker   719 Main st
O'Bannon Mary E. widow   708 Main st
O'Bannon E. F. clerk   708 Main st, (boards)
O'Bannon Walter clerk   708 Main st, (boards)
O'Connor Ella     1307 Princess Anne st
Oswald Walter C. clerk   555 National Blvd
Owens Oncken J. lab   715 Amelia st
*Palmer George blacksmith 320 Dixon st  
Pates Bailey S.     915 Hanover st
Patrick R. B. dyer   1323 Main st
Patterson Benjamin B. grocer   216 Princess Anne st
Patton Anthony     407 Hanover st
Payne Joseph lab   507 Commerce st
*Pearce William lab   515 Princess Anne st
Pearson George B. (Johnston & Pearson)   814 Main st
Penn William moulder   1410 Sophia st
Perry Henry lab   1420 Princess Anne st
Perry Julia A. widow   818 Sophia st
Perry Lawrence tailor 910 Main st 120 Main st
Perry Robert O. tailor   114 Main st
Perry William S. engineer   1406 Princess Anne st
Pettit John miller   1020 Main st
PETTIT CHARLES H. miller   309 Main st
Phillips Alexander K. commission merchant     215 Main st
Phillips Alexander K. Jr. insurance agent   215 Main st
*Phillips Frank grocer 400 Commerce st 1515 Princess Anne st
Pittman Elizabeth A. widow   401 Main st
Pollock Atcheson meal &c   1113 Main st
Pollock Gray     1113 Main st
Pollock James Jett. clerk   1113 Main st
Pollock William clerk   1113 Main st
*Pool Joseph hackman   511 Main st
Portch E. F. carpenter     309 Princess Anne st
Post Office 1009 Main st      
Potomac Fredericksburg and Piedmont R R Co. offices shops and depot National Blvd and F st  
Powell Hezekiah lab   217 Pr Edward
Powell James K. lab   1308 Princess Anne st
Proctor George W.     1300 Princess Anne st
Proctor Harvey W. clerk   520 Main st
Proctor John L. machinist   515 National Blvd
Proctor Martha S. Mrs.     1300 Princess Anne st
Proctor Thomas F. shoe maker   541 Willis st
Quinn Sylvanus J. Supt water works   700 Commerce st
RACKET STORE M. E. Harris prop'r 809 Main st  
Raines Margaret E. widow   610 Main st
Raines Robert T. miller   221 Princess Anne st
Rappahannock Electric Light and Power Company     head Main st  
Rawlings H. G. Miss matron, Female Charity School   1119 Main st
Rawlings James R. Chancellor & Rawlings   Charles cor Fauquier sts
Ray James Dudley flour and feed 304-306 Commerce 211 Main st
Ray James Dudley Jr. clerk   211 Main st, (boards)
Read James G.     205 Princess Elizabeth st
Reamy Elizabeth Mrs. widow   1413 Main st
REED JAMES E. grocer 522 Commerce st  
Rennolds C. F. Mrs. widow   301 Main st
Revere Frank H. tailor   103 Main st
Revere Marian S. Mrs. widow   103 Main st
Rice John Capt. RF&PRR   819 Sophia st
Rice William H. clerk RF&PRR   819 Sophia st
Richards William H. genl mngr PF&PRR   401 Hanover st
Richards William H. Jr clk PF&PRR 401 Hanover st
Richardson George R. clerk   700 Main st, (boards)
Robb James     700 Main st
Robb John P. Dr.     700 Main st
Roberts Nellie C. Miss     705 Main st
Robinson John H. constable   614 Main st
*Robinson Lindsay carp   1317 Charles st
*Robinson Nelson lab   303 Pr Edward st
*Robinson Willis Rev.     314 Wolfe st
Rodgers John E. moulder   1104 Pr Edward st
Rodgers John P. painter   507 Princess Anne st
Rodgers John W. painter   213 Princess Anne st
Rodgers Thomas L. painter   211 Princess Anne st
Rodgers William H. moulder   307 Princess Anne st
Rose Eliza S. Mrs. widow   301 Hanover st
Rose Lawrence B.     301 Hanover st
Rose Powell lab   814 Hanover st
*Ross Benjamin barber   514 Princess Anne st
Rouzie Arthur F. clerk   20 Main st
Rouzie Virginia A. Mrs. widow   202 Main st
Row James W.     704 Main st
Rowe A. Prescott mayor of Fredericksburg   801 Hanover st
Rowe A. Prescott Jr. City Collector   801 Hanover st
Rowe Edgar C. R R mail clerk   524 Main st
Rowe Joseph M. B. Rowe & Co   801 Hanover st
ROWE M. B. & CO      
Ruggles Daniel Gen.     801 Main st
Russell D. S. clerk 214 Commerce st 1205 Pr Edward st
Russell William H. hardware 214 Commerce st 1007 Main st
Ryan James brick mason   1513 Main st
Sacrey Ben Mrs.     404 Main st
Sacrey N. S. clerk   404 Main st
Sacrey John H. brick mason   305 Frederick st
St. John Ella J. widow   623 Main st
Sanders Priscilla widow   509 Main st
Saunders A. P. Rev.     402 George st
Schepmoes J. D. dentist   1017 Main st
Schooler George F. clerk Exchange Hotel 1303 Main st
Schooler Maria E. Mrs. widow   1303 Main st
*Scott Ajah N. eating house 207 Prussia st  
Scott Charles W. laster   813 Hanover st
*Scott Daniel lab   300 Charles st
*Scott Edward lab   620 George st
*Scott Frank lab   1509 Princess Anne st
SCOTT JOHN F. hardware 925 Main st 1208 Charles st
Scott John W. shoemaker   813 Hanover st
Scott Marian Mrs. widow   1208 Charles st
*Scott Moses lab   507 Princess Elizabeth st
*Scott Norman lab   317 Wolfe st
[*]Scott William grocer 205 Commerce 1100 Charles st
Scott William D. agt Weem's line steamers   300 Princess Anne st
Scott W. Seymour lab   813 Hanover st
Shackelford Elizabeth Mrs. widow   417 Dixon st
Shackelford Maggie Mrs. widow   415 Dixon st
Shelton James A. lab   910 Liberty st
Shelton Richard carpenter   702 Commerce st
Shenton R. C. Weem's line   503 Main st, (boards)
Shepherd Charles F. shoemaker   706 Commerce st
Shepherd George W.     1201 Princess Anne st
Shepherd George W. Jr. clerk   1201 Princess Anne st
Shepherd William C. lab   903 Liberty st
Shipley Henry L.     1207 Main st
Skinner James C. lab   317 Pr Edward st
Skinner Sarah A. Mrs. widow   317 Pr Edward st
Skinner Sarah E. Mrs. widow   1307 Main st
Skinner William S. lab   317 Pr Edward st
Slaughter Fannie S. Miss     216 Main st
Slaughter Lucretia widow   307 Main st
Slaughter Montgomery Judge     216 Main st
Slaughter William L. trav salesman   711 Main st
SMITH & COGHILL shoes hats   911 Main st
Smith Edward J. Smith & Coghill   1010 Pr Edward st
Smith H. C. tailor   904 Main st
Smith J. Milton grocer 218 Commerce st  
Smith Nellie R. Mrs. widow, boarding house   707 Main st
Smith Rebecca Miss     307 Amelia st
Smith R. E.     304 Main st
Smith William C. lab   1100 Pr Edward st
Smith William H. grocer 316 Princess Anne st 304 Main st
Smith W. S. grocer   608 Commerce st
Smith William S. tanner   714 Commerce st
Smith W. T. mgr, Davis photo gallery   514 Main st
Smithson Rumsey Rev.     403 Hanover st
Snellings J. W. engineer   502 Main st
Snellings Robert moulder   222 Charles st
Solan Emmet A. P. McCracken & Bro   1203 Charles st
Southworth Robert carpenter   522 Willis st
*Sprowl Edward lab   534 George st
Stearns Frank P. Hancock & Stearns   716 Commerce st
Stearns Edgar W. clk   1009 Pr Edward st
Stevens E. W. shoe factory   815 Hanover st
Stevens John F. moulder   711 Amelia st
Stevens M. lab   600 Princess Anne st
Stevens William laster   207 Princess Anne st
Stiles Wesley lab   1612 Main st
Stoffregen Charles J.     314 Princess Anne st
Stoffregen Louis F. clerk Central Hotel 302 Wolfe st
STOFFREGEN ROBERT LEE stoves &c 307 Commerce st 302 Prussia st
Stokes Elmo K.     Pitt and Washington ave, (boards)
Stone James A. lab     607 Amelia st
Stone James E. Mrs.     505 National Blvd
Stone John A. hardware 314 Commerce st 1410 Main st
Stone John H. lab   302 Wolfe st
STONE R. LUTHER stoves &c 203 Commerce st 916 Hanover st
Stone R. J.     916 Hanover st
Stone Sanford A.     507 Main st
Stone William lab   313 Sophia st
Stonebraker T. F. agricultural implements 309 Commerce st 200 Main st
Sullinger John carpenter   913 Pr Edward st
Sullinger John W.     620 Main st
Sullinger Warren laster   913 Pr Edward st
Sullinger William clerk   913 Pr Edward st
Sullivan Richard A. butcher   622 Main st
*Taliaferro Arthur waiter   316 Wolfe st
Taliaferro John S. clerk   723 Main st
Taliaferro Lawrence assistant postmaster   209 Hanover st
Taliaferro Rebecca S. widow   209 Hanover st
Taliaferro Ruggles clerk, Weems Line   209 Hanover st
Tapscott Albion D. Eagle Shoe Co.   205 Main st
Tayloe Delia S. widow     503 Hanover st
Tayloe Edward I. clerk   503 Hanover st
Taylor John Arthur cashier, Nat Bank Fredericksburg   303 George st
Taylor R. Innes farmer   407 George st
Tansill Wallace W. drayman   412 Commerce st
Thomas Alfred M. merchant   1318 Main st
Thomas James W. shoes and hats   703 Main st
Thomas William H.     1318 Main st
Thomas William H. Jr. merchant   1311 Main st
Thompson James F. dentist   1023 Main st
*Thornton James blacksmith 605 Commerce st  
Timberlake George coachsmith   519 Main st
Timberlake George F. clerk   519 Main st
Timberlake John Edward. clerk   519 Main st
Timberlake S. A. Mrs. widow   609 Main st
Timberlake William H. printer   417 Main st
Tompkins J. Edward physician 804 Commerce st 816 Main st
Tompkins Mary E. Mrs. milliner   816 Main st
Toombs Andrew drayman   226 Princess Anne st
Toombs Brodie lab   226 Princess Anne st
Toombs Thomas C. drayman   226 Princess Anne st
Totty H. Edward drug clerk   705 Main st, (boards)
Towles Charles O. boot maker 1008 Main st  
Towles Oliver brick mason   219 Princess Anne st
*Triplett George drayman   1611 Princess Anne st
Turner James A. clerk   703 Main st
Turner James N. hoop poles &c.   207 Princess Elizabeth st
Turner W. G. mgr cigar factory 104 George st
Tyler Frank K. Eagle Machine Works   1012 Pr Edward st
Tyler L. E. clerk   1708 Princess Anne st
Tyler Meredith J. clerk   1708 Princess Anne st
*Tyler Samuel lab   203 Pr Edward st
Tyler Walter B. Progress Engine Works   1019 Main st
ULMAN BROTHERS   wines and liquors 1005 Main st  
Ulman Henry (Ulman Bros)     824 Main st
VIRGINIA HOTEL Michael Long prop'r 916 Main st  
Van Dusen C. porter Exchange Hotel 1102 Prince Edward st
Von Schon H. architect 305 Commerce 1206 Charles st
Walker Alexander lab   City Park Hotel, (boards)
Walker A. B. lab     222 Princess Anne st
Walker George A. tailor   138 Main st
Walker Gilbert C. moulder   600 Commerce st
Walker James P. painter   138 Princess Anne st
Walker Jane L. Mrs. widow   138 Main st
*Walker Joseph sexton   709 Amelia st
Walker L. C. printer   702 Amelia st
Walker William F. city gas works   110 Main st
Walker William H. harness maker   220 Princess Anne st
Wallace A. Wellington judge, Corporation Court   308 George st
Wallace Charles president, National Bank   1015 Princess Anne st
Wallace Charles & Bro grocers Main cor Commerce sts  
Wallace C. Wistar     Main bel Commerce
Wallace H. Lewis teller National Bank 1012 Main st
Wallace Howson H. Charles W. & Bro   1012 Main st
Wallace John Stansbury book keeper, C. W. & Bro   1015 Main st
Wallace Michael clerk   927 Main st, (boards)
Wallace Samuel G. dry goods 926 Main st 927 Main st, (boards)
Wallace Thomas P. attorney-at-law 927 Main st  
Waller James W. lab   921 Liberty st
Waller William B. laster   207 Princess Anne st
Ward & Freeman   grocers 900 Hanover st  
Ward John W. R R Ties &c. 607 Main st 705 Main st, (boards)
Ward Joseph A. clk   705 Main st, (boards)
Washington Elmo     309 Pr Edward st
Washington William lab   1007 Winchester st (f st)
Washington Woolen Mills     head of Main st  
Watson James W. carpenter   507 National blvd
Watson W. L. grocer 305 Commerce st  
Way William H. printer   814 Sophia st
WEEMS' LINE STEAMERS Wm D. Scott agt foot of Sophia  
Western Union Telegraph Office 827 Main st      
Wheeler Emmett K. undertaker 701 Main st  
Wheeler Charles H. lab   410 Dunmore st
Wheeler James A. lab   410 Dunmore st
White Brodie H. laster   505 Commerce st
White Charles P. laster   505 Commerce st
White John A. moulder   1004 G st
White John J. cutter   905 Liberty st
*White Silas driver   517 Princess Anne st
White W. Seymour attorney-at-law   Pitt cor Washington ave
White William T. laster   505 Commerce st
Willenbuecher Henry W. foreman Eagle Shoe Co. 223 Princess Anne st
Williams Charles lab   625 George st
Williams Henry D. cigar maker   1111 Main st
Williams James H.     504 Main st
Williams James W. moulder   1515 Princess Anne st
*Williams Joshua lab   1310 Princess Anne st
*Williams Oscar lab   606 Pr Edward st
Williams O. N. clerk   1109 Main st
Williams Oswald W. picker hand   head Main
*Williams Peyton lab   1312 Charles st
Williams Robert A. lab   1507 Princess Anne st
Williams Robert L. cigar maker   1111 Main st
*Willis John restaurant 410 Charles st  
Willis John C. shoes   1209 Pr Edward st
Willis Marion G. (W. & Crismond)   1106 Princess Anne st
Willis & Crismond (Marion G. Willis and Horace Crismond)   grocers Commerce cor Pr Edward  
Wilson Isaiah blacksmith   707 Sophia st
Wilson T. J. Rev.     706 Princess Anne st
Wissner Henry boots and shoes 819 Main st 718 Main st
Woltz James M. printer   201 Pr Edward st
Woltz John W. editor Free Lance 201 Pr Edward st
Wood Keziah L. Mrs. widow   701 Sophia st
Wood Robert L. confectioner 212 Commerce st   1214 Main st
Wooddy James P.     508 Spotswood st
Woodford & Brown shoes and hats 918 Main st    
Woodford Percy M. Woodford & Brown   700 Main st, (boards)
*Wormley Lindsay lab   601 Amelia st
Wright Allie moulder   425 Commerce st, (boards)
Wright Jane Mrs. widow   319 Pr Edward st
Wright Robert RF&PRR   101 Prussia st
Wright Robert P. lab   707 Main st
Wright Thomas B. moulder   309 Prussia st
Wright William. lab     309 Prussia st
Wroten George W. contractor and builder   512 Main st
Wroten Harvey S. carpenter   512 Main st
Wroten John W. carpenter   417 Main st, (boards)
Wroten Preston L. carpenter   512 Main st

Last Updated on 3 January 2011
By Gary Stanton