Table of Contents 
  • When Design Review is Required

    Historic Growth and Development

    Periods of Significance
    • Exploration and Settlement: 1608-1750
    • From Colony to Nation: 1750-1789
    • The Early National Period: 1789-1830
    • The Antebellum Years: 1830-1861
    • The Civil War: 1861-1865
    • Reconstruction and Growth: 1865-1914
    • World War I to World War II: 1914-1945
    • The New Dominian: 1945-Present

    The Old and Historic Fredericksburg District
    Why the Historic District was Established 
    Response to Threat 
    Initial Planning 
    The Old and Historic Fredericksburg District 
    How the Historic District has been Maintained 
    Historic District Integrity 
    Zoning and the Architectural Review Board 
    Historic Districts Guidelines
    Standards of Rehabilitation
    Criteria for New Development
    Architectural Review Board Evaluation
    Site Planning
    Building Scale
    Building Massing
    Window Shutters
    Exterior Architectural Elements
    Appendix A - Fredericksburg's Architectural History
    Colonial Vernacular: 1700-1800 
    Georgian: 1740-1820 
    Federal: 1790-1820 
    Greek Revival: 1810-1860 
    Gothic revival: 1830-1870 
    Romanesque Revival: 1840-1900 
    Italianate: 1850-1900 
    Second Empire: 1860-1885 
    Colonial Revival: 1876-Present 
    Queen Anne: 1880-1920 
    Neo-Classical/Beaux Arts: 1890-1930 
    American Foursquare: 1900-1930 
    Bungalow: 1910-1940 
    Art Deco: 1923-1935 
    Streamline Moderne: 1930-1945 
    International Style: 1945-1960 
    Appendix B- Glossary of Terms
    Appendix C- References
    Appendix D- Guide to Successful Exterior Painting
    Appendix E- House Inspection Checklist

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