Fredericksburg, Virginia

City Directory, 1888-89

Central Rappahannock Regional Library (CRRL), 1201 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia, has a xeroxed copy of "Chataigne's Fredericksburg Directory, 1888-'89." This is both a personal listing and business directory. Although no further information is available, it is the earliest known and surviving directory. African-American residents were noted in the original with an asterisk "*.

The City had not yet created addresses for properties--locations are indicated by directions from the cross streets, i.e. ab (above) Dixon would be between Dixon and Princess Elizabeth; bel (below) William would be between William and George streets; ab Main would be between Caroline and Sophia; bel Princess Anne would be between Princess Anne and Charles. Also used are "nr" for near, and "cor" for corner. A street listing, south to north, and east to west is available is available.

The electronic version was created by the Center for Historic Preservation at The University of Mary Washington by scanning a copy of the text and then modifying the format to fit a table. Comments, or corrections to this index should be sent to Gary Stanton at The University of Mary Washington.

The paper copy of the Fredericksburg Directory, 1888-89," is available in Fredericksburg at the Virginiana Room of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library.

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