Inventory of Caleb Yocum

Franklin County
July Term A.D. 1859
Pages 351-352

We, Ira Willson and Greenup Rairdon solemnly swear that we will honestly appraise the personal property which was of Caleb Yocum late of said county deceased which may be exhibited to us for appraisement. Ira Willson, Greenup Rairdon
Sworn to and subscribed before me the undersigned Justice of the Peace of said County this 24th day of March 1858. Aaron C. Miller J.P.

Description of the Property Value
1 bureau 3.00
1 clock 2.00
1 bed and stead 6.00
1 dining table 3.00
[Page 351]
settee 1.50
small table .25
breakfast table 1.00
cupboard and ware 6.00
3 old charrs .50
tin ware & smoothing irons .75
some books 1.50
lot of tools 1.00
lot of crocks .75
fruit cans and glass 1.00
6 new chairs 5.00
2 rocking charrs 2.25
bed clothes 5.00
window curtains 1.25
carpets 8.00
new carpeting 7.50
carpet rags 3.00
quilt? .25
lot of things in the garret .50
1 axe 1.00
shovel & tongs 1.25
coffee mill .15
grind stone .75
wash tubs .20
3 barrels .15
old irons .25
copper kettle 2.00
1 pot .15
garden hoes and rake .25
1 lot of lumber .50
[no total given][widow takes entire estate] nd

Received of Joseph G. Clarkson, administrator of Caleb Yocum deceased the above property as appraised, March 24th 1858.
Mercy Yocum

I Joseph G. Clarkson, Administrator of the estate of Caleb Yocum deceased swear that the foregoing is a complete inventory of all the personal estate of said decedent which has come to my knowledge the same being taken by the widow at the appraisement (except the debts & accounts)
J. G. Clarkson

Sworn to & subscribed before me, this 22 day of April 1858
J. M. Johnston, Clk

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