Inventory of John M. Wood

Franklin County
February Term AD 1847
Page 395
Samuel Dunn and Robert McGaughey, two reputable freeholders in the neighborhood of the late John M. Wood, dec'd and were by me duly sworn faithfully and impartially and to the best of their ability and judgment to appraise the goods, and chattels, belonging to the estate of the said John M. Wood, dec'd, and further say not. Robert McGaughey, Samuel Dunn. Sworn and subscribed before me this 22nd day of Feb'ry 1845, John Wynn, Justice of the Peace

1 horse 35.00
1 man's saddle 3.00
1 lot of plank at mill 8.12
1 saw log 0.75
1 circular saw 0.75
1 chopping axe 1.00
1 hand saw 0.50
1 lot of turning tools 2.00
1 lot of medicine and saddle bags 1.50
deceased wearing apparel 1.00
1 bible 4.00
1 encyclopedia 4.00
total amount of appraisement $59.67

made by us on the 22nd day of Feb'y 1845.

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