Inventory of Jacob White

Franklin County
March Term A.D. 1852
Pages 378-379

On the 7th day of July AD 1848 the said administration filed in the Clerks office of the Court aforesaid the following inventory and appraisement Bill to wit: The state of Indiana, Franklin County: Personally appeared before me Timothy C. Cooley, a Justice of the Peace in and for the county aforesaid a F. St. Johns and D. B. C. Bayless two disinterested freeholders of the neighborhood who being duly sworn according to law on their oath say that they will well and truly and impartially appraise the property belonging to the estate of Jacob White, late of said County, deceased, according to the best of their ability D. B. C. Bayless, A. F. St. John. Sworn and subscribed before me this 7th day of July A. D. 1848. T. C. Cooley. Inventory and appraisement bill of the goods chattels, rights, credits, moneys and effects which were of Jacob White, late of the County of Franklin and State of Indiana, deceased, taken by John H. Shirk, administrator of said Estate, and A. F. St. John and D. B. C. Bayless appraisers two

Articles Value
1 bed & bedding 12.00
5 quilts 8.00
Page 378  
1 lot of clothing 4.50
1 lot of bed clothing 10.62
1 trunk & clothing of deceased 17.00
2 pair of saddle bags 2.00
1 broad axe 1.25
1 note on William Morford & John Thomas due Jan 1st 1849 3.00
1 note on Aaron Malson & Richard Davidson for $27 due Jan 1st 1849 27.00
amount carried over 85.37
1 note on James Drury & Thomas Danathan for $11.19 due 1 January 1849 11.19
1 note on William Lipscomb & Sanford Lipscomb for $7.97 dury January 1, 1849 7.97
1 note on Samuel Lewis & James Drury for $11.82 due January 1, 1849 11.82
1 pocket book .10
1 dollar bank bill on the State Bank of Indiana 1.00
$6.01 in silver and coppers of the value of 6.01
1 print .05
1 keg & lard .45
1 lot of wheat in the sheaf 20.00
total amount of personal property $143.96
The NW quarter of the NE Quarter of Section No. 22 Town 11, Range 12 East & cont. 40 acres in Franklin County in the State of Indiana 175.00

July 7th 1848
D. B. C. Bayless
A. F. St. John, appraisers

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